Rimac Shifts Gears: From 400 kph Cars To 400 kW Grid Batteries

Rimac Sinestack battery

Image: Rimac

Electric supercar company Rimac has taken a step towards entering the stationary energy market, with the launch of the SineStack battery. [Read more…]

Munna Creek Solar Farm Signs Telstra To Take Half Its Output

Munna Creek Solar Farm Telstra PPA

Solar panels powering 5G networks? That’ll get the cookers going. (Image: a random solar farm – not Munna Creek, as it’s not built yet)

Telstra has taken another step in its long-standing commitment to renewable energy with its fifth power purchase agreement (PPA), this time with a solar farm near Gympie in Queensland. [Read more…]

Sunlight Into Broadband: NBN Co Locks In 90GWh Of Annual Solar

Wyalong solar farm

NBN Co has taken an important step towards its commitment to using 100% renewable energy, announcing that it’s now sourcing energy from the large-scale Wyalong Solar Farm. [Read more…]

Victoria’s Household Energy Bills Top $4,000 A Year: Vinnies

Household energy bills in Victoria

Victorian households are feeling hip-pocket pain, with some dual fuel (gas and electricity) household energy costs topping an eye-watering $4400 a year. This is a rise of more than $800 compared to last year according to the St Vincent de Paul Society. [Read more…]

Ausgrid Highlights Multi-Billion-Dollar Cyber Risks In Solar And Battery Tech

Solar and battery tech cyber security risks

The proliferation of grid-connected household solar PV/inverter systems poses a potential cyber-security risk, electricity providers have warned the federal government. [Read more…]

CEC Pushes To Add Home Batteries To Solar Rebate Scheme

The Clean Energy Council has responded to South Australia’s Green Paper on the Energy Transition, calling for a home battery rebate and better national technical standards for initiatives such as dynamic solar exports. [Read more…]

Auto Giants Back V2G Via Smart Cars & Dumb Chargers

Electric cars, V2G and OVGIP

Three heavyweights of the automotive industry – Honda, Ford and BMW – say they want to address one of the barriers to Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology: a lack of technical standardisation. [Read more…]

$1.8 Billion Transmission & Battery Investment Promise for NSW

Battery and electricity transmission investment in NSW

Given AEMO’s warning last week that Australia’s renewables rollout is lagging, this is timely: the NSW State Government is putting $800 million into its Transmission Acceleration Facility to speed up the transmission build between its Renewable Energy Zones (REZs) and the state’s grid. [Read more…]

$2,800 Victorian Apartment Solar Grants Announced

Solar rebates for Victorian apartments

The Victorian government, with backing from the federal government, is expanding access to solar power for apartment owners and renters. [Read more…]

Mission Australia Gets Help To Install Solar On Community Housing

Solar panels for Mission Australia social housing

Mission Australia social housing in Frankston. Image: Mission Australia

Mission Australia and Great Southern Bank have put together a sustainable housing partnership that will include solar power system installations for Mission’s community housing properties. [Read more…]

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