LONGi Claims 33.9% Solar Cell Efficiency Record

longi people celebrating

It doesn’t quite rate a “record tumbles” headline, but LONGi has added a couple of extra points to solar cell efficiency: its crystalline silicon-perovskite (CSP) tandem cells have set a world record efficiency of 33.9 percent. [Read more…]

Canberra’s Mega Battery Hits Snag: Connection Delayed to Next Year

Neoen's capital battery under construction in December 2022

Neoen’s grid-scale battery planned for Canberra is built, but it will take until next year for it to be connected, due to delays in compliance testing. Known as ‘Capital Battery’, the battery packs are manufactured by CATL and can support 20% of ACT’s peak summer demand. [Read more…]

Sungrow Leads As Market For Giant Batteries Soars

Sungrow's power titan battery

The global Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) integration market is becoming dominated by five key players as deployments of grid-scale batteries take off worldwide. [Read more…]

Weathering the Storm: Innovations in Hail-Ready Solar Farm Technology

Given that climate change will cause more extreme weather events, hailstorms are bound to pose a growing challenge to solar farm operators. [Read more…]

Australia Progressing Solar Inverter Cybersecurity Standards

a hacker hacking solar panels

While political China-baiting in the solar market continues unabated, we learned last week that the government is moving ahead on the security of internet-connected inverters. [Read more…]

Australia Doubles Down on Critical Minerals to Counter China’s Dominance

Greenbushes lithium mine WA

Greenbushes lithium mine, WA

The federal government wants more of Australia’s critical minerals like lithium to stay on these shores for battery manufacture, rather than being sent overseas, and has devoted another $2 billion to the cause. [Read more…]

Corporate Australia Missing from Global Decarbonisation Call

globe with logos

More than 100 companies worldwide, including some of the world’s most recognisable brands, have co-signed an open letter calling on governments to accelerate decarbonisation and the switch to renewable energy. [Read more…]

EV Owners Triumph: High Court Strikes Victoria’s 2.8c Per Km Tax

Victoria's EV tax ruled unconstitutional

Victoria’s attempt to levy a 2.8c per kilometre tax on EV owners has ended, with the High Court not just striking down the law in Victoria, but ruling it amounted to an “excise” – which Australia’s Constitution forbids states from collecting. [Read more…]

Solar Industry Unites to Power Geelong Women’s Rehab Facility

Solar powered rehabilitation facility in Geelong

AI Artist’s impression: safety harnesses not illustrated.

In a collaboration marrying renewable energy with social good, several clean energy companies have teamed up to gift a 30kW solar power system to a soon-to-open women’s rehab facility in Geelong [Read more…]

SA Flexible Exports: Full-Capacity Exports 98% Of The Time

Flexible home solar exports in South Australia

SA Power Networks (SAPN) is arguably the Australian electricity network most advanced with its home PV integration strategy of flexible solar energy exports. [Read more…]

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