The Good Solar Guide – Table Of Contents

The Good Solar Guide was the first hard-copy book of its type published in Australia. It guides Australians step-by-step through the process of determining if solar power is right for them – and how to go about selecting a good quality system that will achieve tiny electricity bills for many years to come.

But information wants to be free – while you can still buy The Good Solar Guide in paperback or for the Kindle, it was always my intention for the book to be available to all – in a free, online version. The information it contains is too important to be locked away in a physical (or electronic) book available to only a comparative few.

And here it is! The complete, online version of the Good Solar Guide – free.

To kick off, you may wish to read a brief history of solar power in Australia, why I wrote this book and how to use it.

With that done (or if you want to skip over the above – but I recommend you don’t), let’s get into it!

Step 1 : Essential Knowledge

In this section, I provide an overview of important solar basics you need to know – such as the difference between power and energy, the solar rebate vs. the feed in tariff, the different types of solar power systems – and which will best suit you.

Step 2: Measuring Your Energy Use

Here we delve into measuring your home’s energy consumption and I provide a step-by-step guide on how you can perform your own energy audit. This is an important step before buying a solar power system – and if you follow my tips, it’s easy to do.

Step 3: Heating Your Water

Heating water is one of the most energy-intensive applications in a home, so you need to know how to factor in hot water issues as part of your journey towards installing a solar power system.

Step 4: Show Me The Money!

I’ll show you how to accurately estimate the financial return of a solar power system in your circumstances, which will help you decide if acquiring one is right for you. I also address the buzz about batteries – do they make solar payback even more attractive? A must-read if you’re considering energy storage to go with your system.

Step 5: Choosing Your Hardware

While there are few major components in a solar power system, it’s crucial you choose the right types and brands. Choosing panels and inverters doesn’t need to be confusing, and after reading this section, you’ll be clear on what to look for and what to stay away from. I also cover topics including panel-level optimisation, battery configurations and the importance of getting a good monitoring system.

Step 6: Getting Quotes

Armed with the knowledge you’ve gained in the previous 5 steps, you’ll now be ready to get some solar quotes – but from whom? And what should be in a quote? This section reveals all.

Step 7: After The Install

Congratulations – your system is now installed! Here’s some things to check over and tips on making the most from your system.

As mentioned, if you’re not one for staring at a screen for long periods and prefer a physical book, or would like to buy a copy for your kindle, you can order one here.

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