Pint Glasses to Power Grids: Explaining kW and kVA

beer glass explaining kVA

Electrical devices have many different ratings, but one of the most confusing distinctions for the average consumer is between kilowatts (kW) and kilovolt-amperes (kVA).

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Dynamic Solar In Queensland? Redback Have Got Your Back

The Sunshine State puzzles me sometimes. [Read more…]

Are Microinverters Or Optimisers Worth It?

Solar panels with Enphase microinverters and panel level monitoring.

Today I’ll explore optimisers and micro inverters, just how they differ from more conventional solar gear, their advantages and their flip side: being complex and more expensive. [Read more…]

What Happens When Your Solar Inverter Gets Too Hot?

sohott inverter
As the mercury climbs and solar yields improve around the Summer solstice, spare a thought for your inverter, steadfastly sweating away on the wall. High temperatures aren’t just an inconvenience, they’re an electronic health hazard, shortening the lifespan of your inverter. Read on while I explain how heat saps your inverter’s efficiency—and your wallet. [Read more…]

Want 3-Phase Battery Backup? Here Are Your Options In 2024

3 phase wiring diagram for full home backup from Sungrow

So you have a 3-phase supply to your place, and you’d like solar with battery backup?

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ACCC Recalls Dangerous Growatt & GoodWe Inverters

Important Clarification;

The ACCC has issued an urgent recall for some Growatt hybrid inverters. When badly installed, these units can expose the user to a live, hazardous voltage while operating.

GoodWe grid connect inverters have also been recalled for a non compliant plug assembly, exposing the user to a live, hazardous voltage; if the grid supply cable is disconnected.

More details below.
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Solar Backup Without Batteries: Revolutionary or Ridiculous?

Battery-less backup

Solar newbies are often bemused as to why their rooftop solar shuts down during a grid outage. It seems counterintuitive, given that the idea of an alternative power supply is to generate electricity separately from the grid. [Read more…]

Understanding Australian Solar in 2024: Three Key Concepts to Master

3 solar curtailment retailed terms: export limiting, dc coupling, flexible connections

As we enter 2024, Australia’s solar capacity is so high that curtailment is sometimes necessary. [Read more…]

The Solar Inverter Dilemma: Struggling to Match Modern Panel Output

Solar panel technology has made incredible strides in recent years, significantly boosting rooftop energy production. Solar panel manufacturers have achieved this mostly by optimising their panels to push out more current than ever before. [Read more…]

Why You Can’t Have Enphase Sunlight Backup

screen-grab from Enphase website spruiking sunlight backup

You may have seen inverter companies promoting “battery-less backup” – a feature that lets you power lights and appliances with your solar panels during grid outages and without the need for batteries.
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