Understanding Australian Solar in 2024: Three Key Concepts to Master

3 solar curtailment retailed terms: export limiting, dc coupling, flexible connections

As we enter 2024, Australia’s solar capacity is so high that curtailment is sometimes necessary. [Read more…]

The Solar Inverter Dilemma: Struggling to Match Modern Panel Output

Solar panel technology has made incredible strides in recent years, significantly boosting rooftop energy production. Solar panel manufacturers have achieved this mostly by optimising their panels to push out more current than ever before. [Read more…]

Why You Can’t Have Enphase Sunlight Backup

screen-grab from Enphase website spruiking sunlight backup

You may have seen inverter companies promoting “battery-less backup” – a feature that lets you power lights and appliances with your solar panels during grid outages and without the need for batteries.
[Read more…]

The Pleasures And Sorrows Of Enphase

Enphase - pros and cons

Thanks for the image, Matt Hines

Certain products earn a loyal following for a reason, and Enphase, the world’s biggest microinverter maker, is no exception.

[Read more…]

SMA Unveils Its Long-Awaited Hybrid Inverter & Battery Range

SMA hybrid inverter, backup box and batteries

Image: SMA (modified)

Got an old red SMA solar inverter that’s still kicking? These tough-as-nails units are a testament to when SMA ruled the roost in grid-connected solar tech in Australia. [Read more…]

How To Set Up Sungrow iSolarCloud Monitoring For Useful Alerts

Solar monitoring - useful alerts

Rooftop solar and battery owners often use monitoring apps to track energy, yet many neglect the apps’ full capabilities. Beyond mere tracking, these apps can be crucial for setting up fault alarms and alerts. [Read more…]

AER Finally Gets to Work on Flexible Export Rules

AER flexible export limits paper

Regulations to govern Flexible Exports of household solar PV to the grid took a step forward this week when the AER published its “final response” to a consultation conducted late last year. [Read more…]

Sungrow Hybrid Inverter Review: A Deep Dive into the SH5.0RS

sungrow sh5.0rs inverter installed

This post is part of our reviews of hybrid solar inverters – which when paired with a battery – can be good Tesla Powerwall alternatives. Here, I’m taking a closer look at the Sungrow SH5.0RS. [Read more…]

Solar Analytics Integrated Review: Better Than Sungrow Monitoring?

Solar Analytics vs Sungrow iSolarCloud Apps

If you have decided to invest in a hardware consumption monitor to measure your solar energy flows, there are three prominent options on the market: [Read more…]

Did Solar Analytics Just Kill The Solar Consumption Meter?

solar edge smart meter

Last week, monitoring software company Solar Analytics announced they can monitor solar consumption in homes without a consumption meter. [Read more…]

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