The Best Solar Inverters In 2024: According To Aussie Installers

What are the best solar inverters in Australia in 2024?

I surveyed SolarQuotes’ network of over 500 Aussie solar installers to find out.

I asked the installers three questions:

  1. What inverter brand would you choose for your home if money was no object?
  2. Which one would you select if you were on a tight budget?
  3. Which brand offers the best warranty support?

Despite their busy schedules, around 100 installers voted. Let’s jump into the results:

Every Dollar Counts: The Best Value Solar Inverters

While everyone wants the best of the best, this category proves you don’t need to break the bank to get a reliable inverter.

Best value inverters 2024 award winners


Vote tallies for best value inverters in 2024

Bronze: Fronius (15% of the vote)

Fronius continues to impress, clinching the bronze for budget-conscious consumers.

A Fronius Gen24 Primo inverter on a wall

A Fronius Gen24 symo inverter showing off some quality workmanship by Goliath Solar

Fronius is lauded for its value despite its premium price, showing that investing in quality pays off. SolarQuotes, lists 7,795 Fronius inverter reviews, averaging 4.8/5.

Silver: Goodwe (21% of the vote)

Climbing the ranks from 3rd in 2023, Goodwe grabs silver in 2024.

A Goodwe solar inverter on a wall

A clean-looking Goodwe install from Perth Solar Warehouse

Known for its affordability and reliability, Goodwe has earned its reputation among budget-conscious installers. Consumers agree with Goodwe inverter reviews scoring 4.7/5 on SolarQuotes from almost 2000 ratings.

Gold: Sungrow (46% of the vote)

Dominating the best-value category for the fourth consecutive year, Sungrow takes home the gold. Offering a wide range of affordable products without compromising on quality, Sungrow is a favourite among installers.

A hybrid Sungrow solar inverter

My single-phase Sungrow Hybrid inverter, installed on my unit by DQ Electrical

Sungrow inverter reviews score 4.6/5 from nearly 3,000 consumer ratings on SolarQuotes.

Money’s No Object: The Best Solar Inverters

If you only want the best of the best, look no further than these brands:

Best inverters 2024 award winners

Vote tallies for best solar inverters in 2024

Bronze: Sungrow and SolarEdge (15% of the vote each)

Sungrow and SolarEdge share the bronze, showcasing the diverse preferences among high-end inverters. Sungrow’s value for money contrasts with SolarEdge’s advanced optimiser-based solution – which has the inverter on the wall and individual optimisers behind each panel. SolarEdge reviews score 4.7/5 from over 2,000 consumer ratings on SolarQuotes.

Individual SolarEdge optimisers behind each panel

Squint and you can see the SolarEdge optimisers!

Silver: Enphase (25% of the vote)

For the third year running, Enphase secures silver with its micro-inverters.

Finn holding an Enphase microinverter

I’ve got 35 of these on my roof, and they work a treat.

Perfect for complex roof layouts, Enphase’s technology is first choice for many installers despite its higher price point. Enphase customer reviews score  4.8/5 rating on SolarQuotes.

Gold: Fronius (38% of the vote)

Fronius has won top spot every year since we started these awards in 2021. And 2024 is no different, underscoring its legendary status among Australian installers.

Fronius is the go-to for those unwilling to compromise on their solar investment, balancing premium quality and cost. Their latest Gen 24 model allows you to buy it as a regular solar inverter to start with, and then pay to upgrade the software to a hybrid inverter when you add batteries later. The Austrian-made Gen24 inverter has a ginormous heat sink for reliability in the hottest parts of Australia , and works seamlessly with Fronius EV chargers and BYD batteries.

Best Inverter Support

Inverters work hard all day, and they are the major component most likely to fail. Which makes good, local support all the more important. And with an increasing need for battery and EV charger integration, good local support becomes even more vital.

Best inverter warranty support winners

Vote tallies for best inverter support in 2024

Bronze: Enphase (23% of the vote)

Silver: Sungrow (25% of the vote)

Gold: Fronius (29% of the vote)

Warranty support is crucial, and Fronius leads once more, with Sungrow and Enphase also providing exceptional service.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations to Fronius for winning Best Inverters and Best Inverter Support – and to Sungrow for winning Best Value Inverters.

Winners of the 2024 Inverter awards

If you want to compare every spec that matters between inverters, check out our comprehensive comparison table, and if you’re ready to get quotes for solar from installers I trust, just enter your postcode here.

A final congrats to all the winners this year – they’re the best solar inverters in Australia, as voted by Aussie installers.

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I'm a Chartered Electrical Engineer, Solar and Energy Efficiency nut, dad, and the founder and CEO of I started SolarQuotes in 2009 and the SolarQuotes blog in 2013 with the belief that it’s more important to be truthful and objective than popular. My last "real job" was working for the CSIRO in their renewable energy division. Since 2009, I’ve helped over 700,000 Aussies get quotes for solar from installers I trust. Read my full bio.


  1. Bob Hughes says

    What happened to SMA being the best or have they fallen off the purch so to speak

    • Finn Peacock says

      SMA’s are great inverters, but fell out of favour when they bought Zeversolar about 10 years ago, and then moved much of their production to China after spending years saying how superior German manufacturing was.

      They later moved production back to Germany, but never recovered their market share in Australia.

      It’s hard to build trust and all too easy to lose it.

      I have absolutely no problem with Chinese-made inverters, but I’m not a fan of hypocrisy.

  2. Alan Mainwaring says

    My biggest gripe is trying to get parts for repairing solar inverters. I have had two mpp solar inverters for over 5 years. Made in China by the way as nearly every inverter now is made in China. What happened was the lcd display unit went really dim. Tried to get a new display board. Result no way was advised to ungrade unit. Sounds easy but what really concerns me is electronic waste which to me goes against what renewable energy ,green house gases is trying to achieve. We must engage with a repair technology even cars are getting like throw away items

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