7 Tips For A You-Beaut, Energy-Efficient Aussie Christmas Feast

7 tips for a you-beaut, energy-efficient Christmas

We all know Christmas Down Under can be a ripper of a time, but between the cooking chaos and the relatives causing mayhem, thinking about energy efficiency might be the last thing on your mind. Fair enough, I get it. [Read more…]

Why Builders Get Solar Wrong And How You Can Get It Right

Getting solar power right when building a house.

Stink pipes, clear sheets, aerials, low pitch, small planes, a new roof, redeploy old solar panels …and add more capacity. This one had all the complexities.

In this series, I’m pitching a case for better buildings that can make housing more comfortable and more affordable to live in. [Read more…]

Talking Solar To Builders – We Need Better Thinking From the Roof Down

Solar panels and Australian roof designs

As a qualified solar electrician, roof plumber, licensed contractor and supervisor, I have seen the ugly truth behind Australian roofs first-hand. [Read more…]

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