Fronius Study: Energy Payback Of Solar Is Under 1 Year In Australia

Fronius study - solar energy and emissions payback

Image Credit: Finn Peacock + AI

Fronius says Australian rooftop solar + inverter has CO2 & energy payback under one year.

Last month, a huge, hulking Austrian handed me a physical report called: [Read more…]

Good News! Rare Earth Elements Are Not Rare

Rare earth elements (REE), renewables and electric vehicles

Powerful permanent magnets made from Rare Earth Elements (REEs) give us cheaper, lighter and more efficient generators and motors for wind turbines and electric cars. [Read more…]

Reduce Gas Use For Ukraine!

Help Ukraine by reducing gas use

Do you want to weaken Putin’s hand while making European nations more willing and able to cope with disruptions in their energy supply? 

Of course you do! One simple way to help Ukraine is to stop using gas.  

You can start immediately. [Read more…]

Do We Have Enough Critical Minerals For A Solar & Battery Powered Future?

Critical minerals for solar panel and battery production

Last year the International Energy Agency (IAE) published a report titled…

The Role of Critical Minerals In Clean Energy Transitions

I recently dived deep into its 260 pages to see if a shortage of critical minerals threatens the world’s transition to a renewable future. [Read more…]

Tonga Eruption Won’t Cool Planet Or Reduce Solar Output

Tonga eruption impacts on cooling and solar power

After I heard about the Tongan volcanic eruption, the first thing I did was determine if the Tongans I knew were all right.  While conditions there are serious, they aren’t as bad as they could have been, so they’re probably okay.  Australia and New Zealand are sending relief, which is a relief.  [Read more…]

Coal Uses 100x More Mined Material Than Solar Per kWh Generated

Coal vs. solar power - mining materials

On Christmas Eve, on Twitter, DaveMySpace asked this question: [Read more…]

COP26: Australia Stupid Not To Join Global Methane Pledge

Global Methane Pledge - Australia

Last week at the COP26 in Glasgow, more than 100 nations took the Global Methane Pledge and committed to reducing emissions of this dangerous greenhouse gas 30% by 2030.  It was a shining moment in history as the world’s people came together to act for the common good.

When I say “the people of the world”, I actually don’t mean all of them. [Read more…]

Biden Wants US To Go 40% Solar By 2035

USA solar power goal

You may have noticed the US President is looking less orange these days.  Now that “sleepy” Joe Biden is in the White House’s egg-shaped office, American climate change policy is moving in the right direction. [Read more…]

Wind & Solar Power Use Far Less Land Than Coal

Wind and solar energy vs coal - land use

The lowest cost way to replace the coal power now providing 63% of Australia’s electricity is to replace it with a combination of wind and solar generation plus energy storage.  [Read more…]

Satellites Show Sea-Level Rise Of Almost 10 cm In 28 Years

Sea level rise - climate change

I’m not going to prevaricate.  I won’t even waste time using large words I hardly understand.  I’m going to come right out and say it.  The world’s oceans have problems — big problems as in they’re getting bigger.  [Read more…]