Solar Helps Some Of The World’s Poorest Households Save $734,000 In 12 Months

Pollinate Group - solar power for the poor

Financial Year 2019-20 was a big year in SolarQuotes’ support for the NGO Pollinate Group, which supports low-income households in India by helping them replace expensive kerosene lighting with solar powered alternatives. By sending $1 to Pollinate Group for each quote request on this site, we’ve been able to send $64,655 their way in 12 months. [Read more…]

National Geographic Gives You A Peek At Your Hometown’s Climate – In 2070

Your Climate, Changed

What will your local climate be like in 2070?

Okay, this is cool: National Geographic’s latest contribution to climate change education is to try and give people a way to understand what their home cities will be like 50 years from now, if climate change follows the RCP 8.5 scenario. [Read more…]

Michael Moore Attacks Renewable Industry By Detonating His Own Credibility

Planet Of The Humans review

Planet Of The Humans:  Earth Day documentary by Jeff Gibbs and promoted by Michael Moore. It’s zero stars from me in this review.

Two days ago I watched a documentary called Planet of the Humans that was released on Earth Day on April 22.  It’s by Jeff Gibbs and promoted by Michael Moore, who was its executive producer. [Read more…]

‘Solar Lamp’ Social Enterprise Pollinate Needs Our Help For Its COVID-19 Work

Pollinate Group, solar lights and COVID-19

Pollinate Group distribute solar lights in India & Nepal. Those communities are being hit hard by COVID-19.

Regular readers will recall that SolarQuotes is a supporter of a remarkable enterprise called Pollinate Group, which supports communities in Nepal and India with solar lamps (comprising a 3.3 watt solar panel, a 3000mAh battery, 165 lumen LED and 2 USB charging ports)  to replace unpleasant and dangerous kerosene lamps. [Read more…]

Idiots Insisting “Over 20% Renewables Is Impossible” Go Into Hiding. Won’t Be Missed.

20 per cent renewable energy

A few years ago it was common to hear “Grids Can’t Handle More Than 20% Renewables”. South Australia (among others) would beg to differ.

I was talking to Finn on Sunday — electronically because computer viruses are less of a threat than biological ones these days — and I mentioned South Australia was producing much more electricity from renewables than it was consuming and that the surplus was being exported to Victoria.  There’s nothing unusual about this, especially on weekends, but it prompted Finn to ask… [Read more…]

Coronavirus: More Lives Saved Than Lost Due To Lower Air Pollution

coronavirus: COVID-19 and coal power

The coronavirus, or COVID-19 as all the cool epidemiologists are calling it these days, has at time of writing killed over 2,600 people in China and quarantine measures taken to slow its spread have led to the greatest economic downturn that country has seen since the Global Financial Crisis of 2008.

But in the wake of all this suffering and disruption, there is a silver lining saving many more lives than the virus is taking.  With power stations consuming half the coal they were at this time last year and road travel way down, lives saved from reduced air pollution should easily exceed those lost to the virus. [Read more…]

Solar Power And Bushfires: Safety, Shutdowns And Cleaning Off Soot

Cleaning bushfire ash from solar panels

Lately, Australia has been having a bit of a problem with bushfires.  You may have noticed.  It’s been on the telly.  Also, there’s a good chance you’ve been spluttering on vast clouds of smoke blowing across the country.  Smoke and fine ash from the fires can travel thousands of kilometers before settling and most of us now have a fine layer of soot on our solar panels, while those nearer to fires may have a thick layer of ash. [Read more…]

Australia Likely To Suffer 1,000 Or More Excess Deaths From Bushfire Smoke

Deaths from Australian bushfire smoke

Wagga Wagga yesterday. So smokey you can’t even make out a single Wagga.

According to UQ Economics Professor, John Quiggin, Australia is likely to suffer 1,000 or more excess deaths due to smoke pollution from the current disastrous bushfire season. [Read more…]

Tossing Old Solar Panels Into Landfill Is Greener Than Recycling Them

Is solar panel recycling miscycling?

The conventional response to criticism of solar waste is panels can simply be recycled. But is that the greenest option?

Recycling is a good thing.  Most of the time.  Humans have been reusing material for thousands of years, probably beginning on a large scale when early agriculturalists noticed poo is good for plants.  Ancient Greeks didn’t let pieces of broken pottery go to waste and used them like notepaper, while my father would collect (steal?) rubber bands because a dozen were worth a few cents back in 1950. [Read more…]

Don’t Panic! Chinese Coal Construction Is Actually Slowing.

China coal power plant construction

I was chilling in the batcave yesterday when I was startled by the jangling of an alarm bell.

“It’s the internet alarm, Batboy!” I cried. [Read more…]