Copper Hot Water Systems & Solar: A Timeless Combination

Hot water copper tank

Finally, something that’s genuinely German in the solar industry… sheet copper is no longer made in Australia, sadly.

If we’ve noticed anything of late in the SolarQuotes office, it’s that water heating isn’t just a mundane task; it’s a subject passionately debated and deeply entrenched. Who would have thought? [Read more…]

Are Hot Water Heat Pumps All They’re Cracked Up to Be?

simplified schematic of heat pump hot water operation

Last week, I extolled the virtues of heat pumps, lauding their unparalleled efficiency. As promised, it’s time to investigate why these newfangled appliances might not be as splendid as they seem. [Read more…]

Hot Water Heat Pumps: Choose Your Refrigerant & Brand Wisely!

reclaim heat pump

Having observed countless passionate discussions in various online forums on hot water heat pumps, it’s clear to me that people care – a lot – about this seemingly mundane subject.

[Read more…]

What’s Better? Heat Pump Or Conventional Hot Water + Solar?

Heat pump vs electric element storage HWS

Evaluating the Cost-effectiveness of Heat Pumps vs. Solar and Resistive HWS [Read more…]

Premium Feed Tariff & New Hot Water System? Don’t Make This Mistake!

Hot water systems and premium solar feed in tariffs.

A well-meaning plumber recently made a mistake that could have cost a friend hundreds of dollars. Fortunately for her, I was on hand to save the day by explaining that because of her high solar feed-in tariff, her hot water system should only be turned on at night. [Read more…]

Are Off Peak Hot Water Tariffs A Waste Of Time For Solar Owners?

Off peak hot water tariffs and solar power

Last week Finn got me into hot water.  He did this by referring me to a study called::

“Analysis of electricity consumption and thermal storage of domestic electric water heating systems to utilize excess PV generation”

Let me translate that from Academeze into English for you:

Are electric hot water systems any good at soaking up excess solar electricity?

Here are some of the findings: [Read more…]

Tales From The Customer Frontline: How Rocco Was Burned By Feed-in Tariff/Hot Water Rules, And Won

Solar feed-in tariff and hot water rules

Rocco was burned by rules saying he could not have a solar feed-in-tariff AND off-peak hot water.

Updated with comment from United Energy: A tale brought to our attention by reader Rocco is a handy reminder customers and retailers need to read the fine print of their solar feed-in-tariff contracts – and also brought to our attention how complex wholesaler and retailer rules can get. [Read more…]

The New Catch Power Green Hot Water Diverter Reviewed: Smaller, Cheaper, Cuter

Catch Power Green Catch PV diverter review

Hot water diversion is now more affordable with the new Catch Power ‘Green Catch’

Hi everyone.  Happy New Year!  This is a short article about a new hot water diverter developed by Australia’s Catch Power.  I’m just letting you know it’s available and because I don’t really have anything bad to say about it this may seem like an advertisement.  [Read more…]

Conserving Hot Water Gives A Better Return Than Any Diverter, Relay, Or Heat Pump Hot Water System

shower of money

In all the excitement that is solar hot water, simple efficiency often gets forgotten.

I’ve been writing a lot about hot water lately and how to use the energy of the sun to get it.  In fact, I’ve been concentrating on it so much I’ve neglected my other duties and gotten into hot water as a result.  Mind you, this may have all been part of my cunning plan, as I do enjoy a hot spa.  And if it is heated by people’s hot tears of rage and frustration over my failure to do as I have promised, well that’s just me being energy efficient.

Because that’s the kind of guy I am — efficient. [Read more…]

Is The Most Efficient Hot Water System A Solar PV Powered Heat Pump?

pv powered heat pump hot water

Heat Pump Hot Water. Power it with Solar PV and its efficiency cannot be beaten by solar thermal. Bloody expensive though.

If you are looking for the most efficient solar hot water system then solar PV panels powering a heat pump are hard to beat.

While both the panels and heat pump will need to be proficient performers, it is possible for the combination to beat solar thermal hot water which is widely considered the most efficient method. [Read more…]

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