VIC Remote Solar Shutdown Rules: Everything You Need To Know

a hand pressing an emergency stop button

Victoria has launched a consultation (open until August 2, 2023) about their upcoming remote solar shutdown rules. [Read more…]

Fronius Gen24 Review: A Solar Installer’s Considered Opinion

Today I’m reviewing the Fronius Gen24 inverter – Fronius’ latest solar inverter – which supersedes their wildly popular and ever-dependable SnapINverter range in Australia.

Based on my experience in the field, I’ll be looking at the pros and cons and the technical specifications to help you decide if the Gen24 is the right fit for your own solar energy system. [Read more…]

Selectronic SP PRO: My Favourite Powerwall Alternative

Selectronic SP-PROs

If you are looking for the ultimate solar and battery system, whether on or off the grid, then in my opinion you should build it around the Selectronic SP PRO inverter. It is in a class of its own. I mean that in more ways than one, but you’ll have to indulge me while I explain. My personal favourite battery inverter, the Selectronic SP PRO is an Australian-made grid forming inverter that can equally be used as a grid hybrid or stand-alone supply. [Read more…]

Are Growatt Inverters Any Good? Here’s An Installer’s Opinion

Growatt Are Growing Up. About Time.

Here’s my review of Growatt inverters: I’ve always thought they were rubbish. Aside from the one in the cover image that has clocked up 11 years and is still plugging away to this day.

Want to know why I have this opinion? Pull up a chair, and I’ll start at the beginning. [Read more…]

Sungrow Warranty: Inverter = Good. Internet Dongle = Crap.

Sungrow warranty analysis

Sungrow is a giant manufacturer of solar inverters.  A huge number are installed on and in homes across the country, so it’s a good thing their written warranty is among the best in the industry.  Unfortunately, the warranty is still far from perfect. [Read more…]

An Installer’s Take On Sungrow Inverters & Batteries

Sungrow inverters and home batteries

Sungrow inverters and batteries are a popular choice for Australian solar systems thanks to their proven performance and accessible pricing. I thought I’d take a closer look at what makes Sungrow inverters such great value, along with some of their limitations. [Read more…]

What Solar Installers Want From A Solar Inverter

What solar installers want from inverters

I asked fellow installers what they wanted from a solar inverter, and they answered decisively:

More current, please. [Read more…]

A Deep Dive Into Sungrow Solar Inverters

An in-depth look at Sungrow solar inverters

Sungrow is either the largest or second-largest solar inverter manufacturer in the world.  They’re duking it out with Huawei, and it isn’t clear who’s winning. [Read more…]

Why Australian Solar Installers Love Austrian Fronius Inverters

Fronius inverters - an Australian solar installer favourite

Fronius for the win! 

Not everyone in Australia is engaged with SolarQuotes and the gongs we hand out. But for Fronius to win our top spot for the third year in a row with nigh on half of all votes cast is something that can’t be ignored. [Read more…]

Fronius Warranties Deep Dive: Better Than Most, But Still Pretty Lousy.

Fronius solar inverter warranty review

Image: Midjourney “a bearded man underwater with a Fronius Gen24 inverter”

Fronius is an Austrian company that makes high-quality solar inverters.  They’re in demand by installers here in Australia because: [Read more…]

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