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To help you find trusted solar installers in the SolarQuotes network servicing your area and request quotes from these businesses, we've developed this very easy-to-use tool. 

NOTE: If you would prefer we choose installers to quote for you based on your requirements, then click here.

To get started using the search tool, simply enter your location and click the "search" button. For further information about using the tool, see below the map.

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Cards with a blue border indicate SQ verified installers

Cards with a blue border indicate SQ verified installers

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More Information On Using The Search Tool

There are thousands of Australian PV installation companies listed on my website, accompanied by tens of thousands of solar installer reviews. It's a lot to search through! But by using this search tool, you'll be able to quickly find solar installers in your location I've pre-vetted and who want your business.

After entering your location and clicking "search", the map will display installers in your immediate area marked with red spanner icons. If you can't see any in your location, use the map zoom function and zoom out to view those outside your area that currently service it.

NOTE: By default, the search results will only include installers that are part of our network and currently providing quotes through our service. However, you can also choose to see all installers in our database that have noted they service your location by using the "all installers" toggle switch.

Click on the spanner markers to see summary information about the companies, or switch to card view for an at-a-glance look at all solar installers matching your search criteria. The cards display basic details on the companies and you can click through to their reviews pages for more detailed information.

You can also use the search tool to select up to 3 SolarQuotes-approved companies to request quotes from within the search results. But if you prefer we match you to up to 3 installers for quotes, then click here.

Further Refining Your Installer Search

There are a bunch of additional options for narrowing your search, using the "filter results" function. For example, you can choose to only display installers offering particular brands of solar panels or inverters, and/or offer battery storage in the search results.