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Absolute Solar Power Basics – The Difference Between Power And Energy

Solar : energy vs. power

When it comes to solar power, the absolute fundamental thing you need to know is the difference between power (kW) and energy (kWh) says SolarQuotes founder Finn Peacock in his latest video.

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Security Jitters: Can They Hack My Solar Power System?

Solar power system security and hackers

Last week’s post about solar inverter security sparked a lot of interest and a few good questions I’d like to answer; starting with one from TJ that reminded me people are justifiably and genuinely worried.

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SA Energy Minister — Dan Pellekaan — Says $9,300 For A Tesla Powerwall 2 Is “Very Expensive”

Dan Van Holst Pellekaan - Home Battery Forum

Last month my boss, Finn, received a letter inviting him to a “Home Battery Forum” hosted by South Australia’s Minister for Energy and Mining, Daniel Cornelius van Holst Pellekaan, at the Marion RSL.  As Finn couldn’t make it and I was curious what the Dutchest of all Australian Energy Ministers had to say, I attended.

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Victoria’s Day Of Solar Action This Thursday

Victorian Solar Rally

A rally on the steps of Victoria’s Parliament House this Thursday will endeavour to get it through the Victorian Government’s skull that not only is the nature of the Solar Homes PV rebate crippling the state’s solar industry, many Victorians are missing out on reaping the benefits of solar power.

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A Big Week For Big Solar In Australia

Large-scale solar energy in Australia

A lot has been happening on the large-scale solar energy front in Australia in the past week – here’s a roundup of some of the notable events.

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Inquiry Into Sustainability Of Energy Supply And Resources In NSW

Renewable energy in New South Wales

A new inquiry by the New South Wales Legislative Assembly’s Environment and Planning Committee is delving into the economic opportunities for renewables in the state, and how to support communities affected by changing resource markets.

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Cedar Grove Environmental Centre Construction Update

Cedar Grove Environment Centre

Construction of a wastewater treatment facility with a curious name – Cedar Grove Environmental Centre – is 40% complete says Queensland’s Logan City Council.

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Rebate Rage: The Battle To Save Victoria’s Residential Solar Industry

Victoria solar energy industry crisis

Workers are being laid off and solar businesses are closing their doors in Victoria. Solar buyers, system owners and the Victorian community in general should also be worried as the crisis will have some serious knock-on effects.

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Charging Your EV From The Grid Is Cheaper & Greener Than Charging From A Home Battery

Charging electric car from a solar battery

The first thing I’ll do in this article is point out it’s difficult to fit caveats into a headline.  The second thing I’ll do now I’m writing the article and have the space to explain is state there are exceptions to the two main points I am about to make, which are: It doesn’t make […]

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Noosa, City Of Melbourne Councils Declaring Climate Emergencies

Climate Emergency Declaration

Two more Australian councils are joining the growing number of local governments to declare climate emergencies – Noosa Shire and City of Melbourne.

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