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5MW Solar Farm In Coal Country Nears Prime Time

Dr. Jerry Schwartz - solar energy

Work will soon be completed on a 5MW solar farm in Lovedale, near Cessnock in New South Wales’ Hunter Valley.

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EVs In The NT – Discussion Paper Released

Electric vehicles - Northern Territory

The Northern Territory Government is delving into the potential opportunities, benefits and challenges of supporting electric vehicle uptake in the Territory.

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City Of Sydney Council Signs Major Renewable Electricity Deal

City Of Sydney - Wind And Solar Energy

City Of Sydney announced yesterday it had sealed a $60 million deal that will see all Council’s electricity supplied from wind and solar energy sources from July next year.

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Free Solar For 3,000 Low Income Households In New South Wales

Solar energy for low-income households - NSW

The Berejiklian Government’s Solar for Low Income Households Trial, first announced last year, is now under way.

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SolarQuotes Vodcast Episode 33 – Dynamic Solar Stuff

SolarQuotes Vodcast Episode 33

In episode 33, Finn and Ronald discuss dynamic solar energy export limits, 25-year solar panel product warranties, 7 ways to get rid of unwanted solar panels and more.

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Bloody Hell! Fuel Economy Of Australian Cars Has Been Getting Worse Since 2015!

Australian vehicle fuel efficiency

I’ve got some bad news about vehicle efficiency in Australia.  It’s going backwards.  And I don’t mean cars are now driving in reverse, sucking up smog and spitting out petrol.  Despite the fact that we urgently need to slash our emissions, the average fuel efficiency of Australian vehicles has been getting worse.

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Clean Energy Regulator Targeting Misuse Of Solar Installer Information

Clean Energy Regulator - compliance

Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator announced last week that it and the Clean Energy Council are targeting the misuse of accredited solar installer details.

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Solar Batteries, Power And Energy – What You Need To Know

Solar batteries - power and energy

If you’re considering a solar battery for your home, before making a purchase decision you should consider how much power it can provide as well as how much energy it can store. Finn explains the difference in this video and transcript.

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Another Solar + Storage Stadium Project In Victoria

Solar energy for Echuca Stadium

Victoria’s Campaspe Shire Council has announced it will be installing a solar and battery storage system at Echuca Stadium.

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Australian Climate Emergency Petition Reaches 370,000 Signatures

Climate emergency - Australia

A petition calling on the House of Representatives to a declare a climate emergency attracted hundreds of thousands of signatures, but a recent motion in Parliament failed.

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