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Climate Change Concerns Climb In Australia

Climate change attitudes in Australia

The level of concern among Australians regarding climate change and its impacts has increased significantly due to the nation’s bushfire crisis.

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Renewable Electricity Generation In Australia’s Water Utility Industry

Solar power and Australian water utilities

How much on-site renewables-based electricity is generated by Australia’s water and wastewater utilities? Researchers at the University of Queensland sought to find out.

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Bushfire Smoke Impact On Rooftop Solar Energy Output

Bushfire smoke and solar panels

A solar monitoring company has found output from rooftop solar panel systems in Sydney and Canberra was significantly impacted on recent heavy bushfire smoke haze days.

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Merredin Solar Farm Nears Completion

Merredin Solar Farm - Risen Energy Australia

Risen Energy Australia says its 132MW Merredin Solar Farm project in Western Australia should be connected to the grid next month.

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AGL Macquarie Cops $100,000 Coal Ash Penalty

Coal ash penalty

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) says AGL Macquarie has entered into an Enforceable Undertaking that will see it coughing up $100,000 after another breach of regulations concerning the management of coal ash.

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Solar Power And Bushfires: Safety, Shutdowns And Cleaning Off Soot

Cleaning ash from solar panels

Lately, Australia has been having a bit of a problem with bushfires.  You may have noticed.  It’s been on the telly.  Also, there’s a good chance you’ve been spluttering on vast clouds of smoke blowing across the country.  Smoke and fine ash from the fires can travel thousands of kilometers before settling and most of […]

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New Wind, Solar, Energy Storage And Gas Power For Esperance

Esperance Power Project

The town of Esperance in Western Australia is to benefit from a from a major project that will deliver cleaner and greener electricity at a greatly reduced cost.

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REC Offers Another Warranty Boost For Its Solar Panels

REC solar panels

Solar panel manufacturer REC last week announced improved warranty coverage for its products, but perhaps a little prematurely.

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SA Water’s Big Solar And Storage Push In 2020

SA Water - solar energy

SA Water says it is investing more than $300 million in solar power installations and energy storage during the course of this year.

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WA Government Funding Renewable Hydrogen Feasibility Studies

Renewable Hydrogen - Western Australia

Western Australia’s McGowan Government has stumped up $1.68 million to support renewable hydrogen feasibility studies across the state.

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