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Incompetent Andrews Government Refuses To Admit Mistake. Would Rather Hurt Victorians.

Well, that’s it.  They have made their decision.  The Andrews Government in Victoria had a clear moral choice.  They could either…

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Moody’s Economic Report On Climate Change: $100 Trillion In Economic Damage By 2100

Moody's Economic Report On Climate Change

Attention, fellow capitalists!  Our god, the Moody’s rating agency, has put out a report on the economic effects of climate change and — in return for a small fee — I will tell you all about it.  Just put $50 in an envelope and mail it to me and then keep reading.  I trust you.

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Is GST Included On Ergon Feed-In Tariffs? It Depends Who You Ask

This post arises because of a query from a Queensland Ergon customer, who has discovered the solar feed-in tariff set by the state’s competition regulator doesn’t make provision for GST.

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Gone In 90 Minutes: Victoria’s Solar Rebate

Victorian solar rebate

July’s allocation of Victoria’s solar power rebate went fast, but it had nothing on the speed August’s quota flew out the door – again leaving many disappointed and the state’s home solar sector deeper in crisis.

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Enphase Going Gangbusters

Enphase microinverters

Enphase has released its financial results for the second quarter of 2019 – and the market was very pleased with what it saw.

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City Of Darwin Declares Climate Emergency, Brisbane City Council Doesn’t

Climate emergency declaration

Darwin’s Mayor has declared a climate emergency, while Brisbane City Council’s failure to do so has landed it in hot water with Keep Queensland Beautiful.

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Tesla Megapack Unveiled

Tesla Megapack - Utility Scale Energy Storage

The interwebs were abuzz yesterday with news Tesla Powerpack now has a (much bigger) brother – the Megapack.

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Horizon Power Selects SwitchDin For Onslow Microgrid Tech

Horizon Power and SwitchDin - Western Australia

Western Australia’s Horizon Power has tapped SwitchDin to provide special controllers to accommodate high levels of small-scale solar and batteries in the Onslow region.

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Solar Panels Powering Penguin Parade Visitor Centre

Solar energy - Phillip Island Visitor Center

A new $58.2 million visitor centre on Victoria’s Phillip Island featuring a large-scale solar panel installation was officially opened last week by Premier Daniel Andrews and Minister for Environment, Energy and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio.

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Solar Power For Wodonga’s Sewage Treatment Plant

Solar energy for Wodonga sewage treatment facility

The construction of a 3MW solar farm to help power Wodonga’s sewage treatment plant should commence this year according to North East Water.

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