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New Zealand Edges Closer Towards Achieving Renewable Energy Target

Renewable Energy In New Zealand

40% of New Zealand’s total energy supply and 84% of electricity consumed in the country came from renewable energy sources in 2018 according to a new report.

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Banyule City Council Seeking Feedback On Carbon Neutral Goal

Banyule Council carbon neutrality

Victoria’s Banyule City Council aims to achieve carbon neutrality in relation to its own operations by 2028 and has released a draft plan outlining steps towards achieving the goal.

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Tonsley Innovation District Mega Solar Power Installation Begins

Tonsley solar energy project

In Adelaide, the first solar panels have been installed for what will be one of Australia’s biggest rooftop solar energy projects.

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Solar + Energy Storage + EV Charging At Diamond Creek Stadium

Community Bank Stadium solar + storage

A new solar + battery system along with an electric car charging station at Community Bank Stadium in Diamond Creek, Victoria were officially launched yesterday.

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Solar Energy Stars At Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre

Solar panels - Shoalhaven Council

Shoalhaven City Council has moved a step closer to its target of net-zero emissions with a solar installation on the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre in Nowra.

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$11.4 Million Tonsley Hydrogen Cracker is Crackers

Tonsley Hydrogen electrolyser project is crackers

The South Australian Government has given development approval to Australian Gas Networks (AGN) for an $11.4 million dollar electrolyser project. It will produce hydrogen in Adelaide’s not at all scenic suburb of Tonsley.

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Australian Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Standard Released

Australian battery standards

A standard covering new battery installations in Australia was published by Standards Australia last week – and while a lot of work has been done since the draft, some aren’t happy with the final product.

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What Type Of Solar Battery Backup Do You Need?

Solar battery backup

In this video, Finn discusses the different types of home solar battery backup and what happens with each in a mains grid blackout scenario.

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Check Out A Solar Farm In October

Solar farms open day

If you’ve always wanted to take a look around a solar farm, towards the end of October may offer you an opportunity to do so.

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Lithium Ion Battery Boffins Bag Nobel

Nobel prize for lithium ion battery pioneers

Three scientists who played key roles in making lithium-ion based energy storage the ubiquitous technology it is today have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2019.

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