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Instant Asset Write-off For Commercial Solar Boosted

Commercial solar instant asset writeoff

The extension and expansion of Australia’s instant asset write-off scheme could be of significant benefit to businesses considering installing solar power.

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Survey Results – Home Solar Battery Interest In Queensland

Solar batteries in Queensland

The latest annual Queensland Household Energy Survey indicates while many QLD solar households may be interested in buying a home battery, that purchase could still be a while off.

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$1.45 Million For More Solar Power At Flinders University

Solar power at Flinders University

Flinders University announced the release of its new sustainability plan at the formal launch of its huge solar carpark last week.

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Australian Solar Systems Interest Index – April 2019

auSSII solar report

Judging by visitor and quote request activity on SQ during the month of March, Australia’s rooftop solar power rush is far from over.

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Dubbo Council Looking For More Cash From Solar Developers

Dubbo Regional Council - Solar Farms

Solar farm developers with projects in the Dubbo Regional Council area may soon need to dig deeper into their pockets for contributions to the local community.

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SolarQuotes Bonus Vodcast: Smart Energy Conference

SolarQuotes vodcast - Smart Energy Conference

Join the SQ gang for a quick-and-dirty, on-the-road vodcast covering their first day at the Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition in Sydney, held earlier this week.

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“Smart Inverters” To Be Mandatory Under Victoria’s Solar Homes Package

Solar Victoria - smart inverters

Victoria’s government has announced changes to the state’s Solar Homes Package that will make smart inverters mandatory for solar power systems installed from the beginning of July under the program. So, what is a smart inverter?

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NPI Report Highlights Need For Coal Power Pollution Crackdown

Coal power and air pollution in Australia

Environmental Justice Australia states this year’s National Pollutant Inventory report results strengthens the case for getting tough on air pollution created by the nation’s coal-fired clunkers.

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530,000 Potential Pumped Hydro Energy Storage Sites Globally

Pumped Hydro Energy Storage (PHES)

Building on research carried out for Australia, ANU researchers say they have identified more than enough potential pumped hydro storage sites globally to make a world running on 100% renewables-based electricity a reality.

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SolarQuotes Vodcast Episode 10: Grid Management By Press Release

SolarQuotes Vodcast Episode 10

In Episode 10 of the SolarQuotes vodcast, Finn and Ronald comment on “truth hygiene” issues in energy-related press releases from politicians and discuss other articles recently published on the SQ blog.

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