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Ingeteam Tops 2GW Of AU Solar Inverter Capacity

Ingeteam solar inverters in Australia

Spain-headquartered Ingeteam says it has passed the 2 GW mark for solar inverter capacity supplied to the Australian market.

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Samsung Adds Solar Cells To TV Remotes

Samsung solar TV remote control

Samsung Electronics has unveiled its 2021 range of Neo QLED, MICRO LED and Lifestyle TVs – all of which will have what the company says is “game-changing” remote control technology.

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Improperly Disposed Pizza Boxes Thwart Solar Bins

Solar powered BigBelly bins in Lorne

BigBelly compacting bins have proven to be a useful tool for councils, reducing the number of waste collection trips needing to be made. But not even solar power can cure stupid.

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Australia’s VSUN Energy Progressing Residential Flow Battery

VSUN - vanadium redox flow battery

Australian Vanadium Limited (AVL) subsidiary VSUN Energy is continuing to chug along towards its goal of developing a residential flow battery system for the Australian market. This battery won’t just be big on capacity.

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Solar Power System Fires And Blasted Rooftop Isolator Switches

Solar rooftop DC isolator switch fire

There have been several fire incidents in New South Wales in the last week or so involving solar power systems – and at least two are thought to have been caused by rooftop isolator switches.

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Solar Panels Are A Great Deal, But They Aren’t “Almost Free”

Cost of solar in Australia

Over-promising and under-delivering isn’t a great way to win friends and influence people. For even crap solar to be “almost free”, it would need to be particularly crappy to the point of not being installed.

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Australia’s National Electricity Market – A Time For Tough, United Decisions

Energy Security Board - Australia's National Electricity Market

Reports just released by the Energy Security Board indicate while progress has been made in the NEM on various fronts, system security and investor confidence leave a lot to be desired.

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Australian Solar Systems Interest Index – January 2021

auSSII solar report - January 2021

Summer air-conditioning bills and the looming solar rebate reduction were likely on the minds of the many Australians wanting to go solar during December.

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Check Out This Novel Zenaji Battery Installation in WA

Zenaji battery installation - Australia

Jason Bertelsen isn’t a name in the renewables sector – he’s a customer. However, his story, in particular his decision to put money into Zenaji batteries, intrigued us enough to get in touch for an interview.

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Satellites Show Sea-Level Rise Of Almost 10 cm In 28 Years

Sea level rise - climate change

I’m not going to prevaricate.  I won’t even waste time using large words I hardly understand.  I’m going to come right out and say it.  The world’s oceans have problems — big problems as in they’re getting bigger. 

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