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Green Power Vs. Rooftop Solar: Solar Easily Wins But Having Both Is Greenest

GreenPower vs. solar power - which is greenest?

A while back a reader asked me for a post on rooftop solar vs. Green Power.  Or, if you spell as badly as a government national program — GreenPower.  So here it is:

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Sunpower To Territorians: Maxeon 3 Will Get Cyclone Rating Soon

Sunpower - Maxeon 3 - cyclone rating

Sunpower’s recent launch of the Maxeon range of PV panels has caught customers and installers in the Top End in a bit of a bind: the Maxeons replace the venerable but popular E-Series panels, but they haven’t yet obtained the rating needed to get approval in cyclone areas such as Darwin (or for that matter […]

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Britain Goes Two Weeks (Plus) Without Coal Power

Coal power in Britain

Britain has gone 16 days without using coal power for electricity generation – and according to the latest update, the coal-free run isn’t over yet.

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Byron Shire Council Commits Cash For 5MW Solar Farm Project

Byron Shire Council - solar energy

The planning, design and tender process will soon get under way for Byron Shire Council’s 5MW solar farm, which will be the largest PV power plant in the region.

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WA Councils Again Call For State Renewable Energy Target

Western Australia - renewable energy

21 councils in Western Australia are putting pressure on the McGowan Government to implement a state level emissions reduction and/or renewable energy target.

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Silly Queensland Solar Rule Determined Invalid

QLD solar rule change invalid

The Supreme Court of Queensland yesterday ruled a recently introduced regulation resulting in extra costs in the construction of large-scale solar energy facilities in the state is invalid.

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Australia’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Were Up Again In 2018

Australia Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2018

Preliminary estimates submitted by the Australian Government to the UN indicate the country’s greenhouse gas emissions were up again last year – the fourth year in a row.

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Delta and Huawei Commercial Inverters Beat Fronius & SMA In PVEL Testing

PVEL testing - top performing solar inverters

I have good news.  PVEL —  a standards testing company — has released a solar inverter scorecard.  It describes how a dozen different tests were performed on a variety of inverters and which were the top performers

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New World Record Claims By Canadian And Trina Solar

Canadian Solar and Trina Solar

Solar panel manufacturers Trina and Canadian solar have both laid claim to new solar cell efficiency records. Brace yourself for technobabble.

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Victorian Budget Funds For Renewable Newstead Solar Farm Project

Renewable Newstead - solar energy

Monday’s budget held good news for solar buyers throughout Victoria, but the town of Newstead had an additional reason to celebrate with the honouring of an election commitment.

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