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Distributed Energy Resources Register Rollout Delayed

Distributed Energy Resources Register

Australia’s shiny new Distributed Energy Resources Register is having some technical problems, delaying implementation.

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Australians Want Businesses To Step Up On Renewable Energy

Commercial solar power in Australia

Poll results released yesterday indicate close to 79% of Australians agree companies should be using more renewables to power their operations.

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More Solar Energy On The Cards For Victoria’s Whitehorse City Council 

Whitehorse City Council - solar energy

Whitehorse City Council is implementing a $2 million energy performance contract (EPC) across eight of its sites in an effort to improve energy efficiency.

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Hybrid Thermal, Solar And Storage Power Plant For Resolute Mining

Hybrid power station - Resolute and Aggreko

Australia’s Resolute Mining Limited is partnering with Aggreko on a new hybrid modular power station project at Resolute’s Syama Gold Mine in Mali, West Africa that is expected to slash Syama’s electricity costs by approximately 40%.

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Climate Council 2019 Renewable Energy Scorecard Preview

Climate Council Renewable Energy Scorecard 2019

The Climate Council’s latest renewable energy scorecard will be released this morning. Here’s a look at some of the facts and figures that will be included in the report.

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What Happened At The 22nd COAG Energy Council Meeting

22nd COAG Energy Council Meeting

Energy Ministers met in Perth on Friday for the first COAG Energy Council meeting in more than 11 months. Here’s some of what happened.

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Tesla’s Beaut Cybertruck Ute:  Body As Tough As Steel, Windows As Weak As Glass.

Tesla Cybertruck electric ute / pickup

I am sitting in the SolarQuotes office awaiting revelation.  In just one hour, plus 20-30 minutes to allow for Tesla time, Elon Musk will reveal to the world the wonders of the Tesla electric ute.  The first wonder is it’s not called a ute, it’s called a Cybertruck.  Personally, I would have gone with Wonder […]

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Don’t Panic! Chinese Coal Construction Is Actually Slowing.

China coal power plant construction

I was chilling in the batcave yesterday when I was startled by the jangling of an alarm bell. “It’s the internet alarm, Batboy!” I cried.

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Australian Beyond Coal Campaign Launches

Beyond Coal - Renewable Energy

Seven major environmental organisations have kicked off a campaign demanding an end to coal fired power generation in Australia – sooner rather than later.

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DNVGL 2019 Battery Performance Scorecard: Cheaper, Better, Maybe Safer

DNVGL 2019 Battery Performance Scorecard

When it comes to battery technology the rate of change is hectic.  Chemistries are constantly being tweaked and changed to improve battery performance and lifespan.  They’re also getting cheaper at the rapid rate of around around 10% per year.  This is similar to solar cells and if it keeps up, in 7 years packs of […]

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