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Solar Inspections In Victoria Get A Boost

Solar inspections - Victoria

A pilot mentoring program seeks to create a more robust and streamlined solar power system inspection regime in Victoria under the state’s Solar Homes program.

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Australian Solar Systems Interest Index: October 2021

Australian Solar Systems Interest Index: October 2021

Solar systems are getting bigger and many Australian households are wanting to fill their rooftops with solar panels – find out more in the latest auSSII report.

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The Power Of Solar Energy Self-Consumption

Solar energy self consumption

Australian solar owners don’t need no stinking feed-in tariffs. No, that’s not accurate – they are certainly welcome, but a greater focus on solar energy self-consumption without a battery can pay big dividends.

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ABC Building Solar Battery Buzz

Home solar batteries in Australia

A couple of recent ABC reports will have more panel owners interested in solar batteries. So, what do Australians need to know about home energy storage before taking the plunge?

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When Is A German Solar Inverter Not German?

German vs. Chinese solar inverters

Perceptions matter – the provenance and pedigree of solar power system hardware can help it sell. But picking and choosing origins to mention can mislead.

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So, You Want To Switch Your Electricity Plan?

Switching electricity plans

If you’re the proud owner of solar power system and have found a more attractive electricity plan, here’s what you should know before you switch.

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Expensive And Cheapest Electricity Plans For Solar Owners Compared

Cheapest electricity plans for solar owners

The electricity plan Australian solar owners choose can make a big difference to the financial benefits they enjoy. On the wrong plan, the difference over a few years could translate to thousands of dollars in missed savings.

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Kiwi Startup Readies Three-Phase Power Balancer For Market

Red Phase Technology Three-Phase Power Balancer

Compared to Australia, New Zealand is a mere beginner in the adoption of household solar power – while Australia had 2.68 million installations at the end of 2020 (source: CSIRO), New Zealand had just 33,771 solar installations at the end of July 2021 (source: Electricity Authority).

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Smoky Creek Solar Power Station Update

Smoky Creek Solar Power Station

Edify Energy’s proposed Smoky Creek Solar Power Station in Queensland has been on the board for quite a while – what’s happening with this big solar project?

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Coal, COVID And Canavan

Senator Matt Canavan - net zero emissions

As grim acceptance among the Coalition of having to lift their game on climate change grows, so too have the rumblings from some members about the prying of coal out of cold, dead hands.

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