Why REC Won Best Panels & Support: 2023 SQ Installers’ Choice Awards

why REC won best solar panels and support 2023

And the winner of SolarQuotes Installers’ Choice Awards 2023 for “Best Solar Panels” is… drum roll… REC (Renewable Energy Corporation). Not only did they steal the number one position this year, but they were also the winner in the “Best Support” category. [Read more…]

A Deep Dive Into REC Solar Panel Warranties

A deep dive into the warranty for REC solar panels

Image: Midjourney, Prompt “a bearded man diving into a warranty document”

REC produces premium solar panels. That means they’re not cheap, but they are high quality.  The company was Norwegian, but its headquarters are now in Singapore, along with its sole factory.  This article will be a deep dive into REC solar panel warranties.  [Read more…]

The Best Solar Panels In 2023: According To Aussie Installers

Best Solar Panels 2023 - Installers' Choice Awards

For three years now, we’ve asked our network of 500+ solar installers what brands of solar panels they’d choose to install on their own homes. [Read more…]

Yes, Heat Reduces Solar Panel Output. But Not Enough To Worry About

Solar panels in summer - heat impact on performance

Solar panel temperature is typically at least 20ºC above ambient temperature.

Solar panel output is hurt by heat. The hotter they are, the lower their efficiency. This seems like a major drawback for something deliberately exposed to the Australian sun. In practice, it’s not something anyone with a solar power system needs to worry about. This is because our hottest days … usually have the most sunshine. [Read more…]

How To Beat The Solar Panel Oversize Rule With Grid-Tied Solar And Batteries

Australian solar oversize rule

Breaking the infamous ‘133% / 75% Solar Oversize Rule’ won’t get you in trouble if you add a battery. Or will it?

It depends on who you ask… [Read more…]

Most Solar Panel Warranties Voided By Shading

heavily shaded solar panels

Shade is bad for solar panels. They work by changing light energy into electrical energy, so any shade reduces output.  This makes it a bad idea to locate panels anywhere they’ll be out of direct sunlight for a significant part of the day. [Read more…]

Torture Testing Reveals Modern Solar Panels Are Tougher Than Ever

PVEL 2022 PV Module Reliability Scorecard

PVEL 2022 PV Module Reliability Scorecard — More Panels Pass All 5 Main Tests Than Ever Before.

PVEL stands for PV Evolution Labs.  Their speciality is torturing solar panels to determine how tough they are.  Every year they publish a report that separates Top Performing panels from those they don’t call Top Performing.  This year was no different — except in the ways it wasn’t the same. [Read more…]

These Are The Best Solar Panels To Buy In 2022 – According To The Pros

What are the best solar panels to put on an Australian roof in 2022?

I think the best people to answer that question are professional, Australian installers. [Read more…]

Why Now Is The Time To Buy Solar Panels With 25 Year Product Warranties

Solar panels - 25 year warranty

Many premium solar panels are now warranted until…2046.

Solar panel prices have recently risen… except those with 25 year product warranties. 

The pandemic’s economic slowdown was severe. But it’s hard to keep humanity’s lust for stuff down, and the economy is bouncing back.  The rebound caught many off guard, causing shortages and price rises across an array of industries.  Solar is no exception. 

[Read more…]

2021 Solar Panel Torture Testing: ET, & SunPower Do Well

PVEL 2021 PV Module Reliability Scorecard report

At the moment we’re locked down in Adelaide.  Because I’m no longer able to smuggle badgers across the border in my beard as I’d planned, I’m catching up on stuff I should have written about weeks or months ago. 

One of these things is the PVEL 2021 Module Reliability Scorecard report that came out in May.  While I’ve been tardy bringing it to your attention, it’s far too interesting to let slip by. [Read more…]

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