Solar lighting: Mandarin 2 adds style to practicality

The Victorian Premier’s Design Awards are currently being judged. Not your usual port of call for this correspondent I hear you say but bear with me readers! That’s because one of the many excellent designs under consideration is the Mandarin 2 solar-charged light which is flying the flag for solar lighting under the category “product design”.

Described on the Design Awards site as a “simple” design that “works” under the toughest of conditions, the Mandarin 2, as its name implies, offers a robust solar lighting alternative to more expensive and polluting energy sources such as kerosene. The handheld solar charged light is described as durable and reliable and ticks that important box for SQ readers — powered by renewable source — solar. [Read more…]

Royal nod of approval as solar energy shines at Chelsea Flower Show


The winning entry. Credit RHS.

As regular readers would know, it is this column’s opinion that nothing beats a win over the Brits in an international comp. Now things haven’t gone so well in recent years with proud Aussies being forced to surrender the Ashes and we don’t want to talk about the Olympics! [Read more…]

Kenya’s micro solar lamp revolution lights up the nation

a solar panel on a Kenyan roof

A typical residential solar system in Kenya! flickr: jbarrie

One of your correspondent’s favourite pastimes at the end of a furiously scribbling day is to relax by listening to podcasts from around the world. Whether it be catching up with the latest world news or getting the dirt on the latest papal conspiracy/financial meltdown/political affray, you can find me in my comfy armchair during the late afternoon plugged in to the world. Never a dull moment I always say! Of course podcasts are also a great research tool and solar energy radio shows are always at the top of my subscription list. [Read more…]

Using social media to sell solar

liking solar on social media

We ‘like’ solar!

Solar fans who spend a lot of time on Facebook may have noticed how the number of pages with a solar energy theme have mushroomed over the past year or so. Whatever the concerns that may exist over Facebook’s looseness with personal security, and apparent inability to conduct a well-organised IPO, solar companies and other renewable organisations obviously feel it provides an excellent platform to promote the game changing qualities of renewable energy.

[Read more…]

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