Is solar advocacy about to enter a brand new phase?


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You’ll never believe who is embracing solar…

This week we take a detour from our usual rants to look at an interesting emerging overseas trend. The changing face of solar advocacy.

Australia tends to follow most trends that start in the United States — some would say slavishly — so this recent article in the superb Grist magazine made me think that the very way solar is positioned may indeed be changing. Support for solar power has long moved from the fringes to being accepted by the mainstream.

But solar advocacy is now being embraced by ultra conservatives as a symbol of free enterprise!

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Using social media to sell solar

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We ‘like’ solar!

Solar fans who spend a lot of time on Facebook may have noticed how the number of pages with a solar energy theme have mushroomed over the past year or so. Whatever the concerns that may exist over Facebook’s looseness with personal security, and apparent inability to conduct a well-organised IPO, solar companies and other renewable organisations obviously feel it provides an excellent platform to promote the game changing qualities of renewable energy.

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