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Solar fans who spend a lot of time on Facebook may have noticed how the number of pages with a solar energy theme have mushroomed over the past year or so. Whatever the concerns that may exist over Facebook’s looseness with personal security, and apparent inability to conduct a well-organised IPO, solar companies and other renewable organisations obviously feel it provides an excellent platform to promote the game changing qualities of renewable energy.

The same can be said of other social media platforms. The ability to gain quick and cheap access to readers for news items or product innovations is perhaps the main advantage of using forums and social media. Perhaps another is the valuable interaction with readers that the platforms offer.

(WARNING: SHAMELESS PLUG) SolarQuotes is no different and we have long run an informative Facebook Page which runs news items, information on installing solar systems, interactive questionnaires and links to this page to keep solar fans well informed of events such as new innovations or the latest government backdown on feed-in tariffs (sigh).

Of special interest to readers is the regular series from SolarQuotes founder Finn Peacock who, using his experience in the solar industry, dishes out wisdom by the bucket load on such matters as the best solar system to suit your house or how to pick the right inverter or how to avoid the dreaded Solar Cowboys.

Your correspondent was considering the importance of social media and solar energy last weekend as he signed up to a new solar forum resource SolaMaps. The site claims to bring together people interested in solar energy and looks like a good resource centre for solar fans whether they are using solar systems or just interested in finding out more details. SolaMaps says its aim is to bring together people with an interest in solar energy to share thoughts, news, ideas etc, comparing it to a coffee shop for solar fans. I’m all for that concept.

While it sounds fine, I’ll reserve judgement on the site until I’ve used it for a month or two and then let you know folks! If you’d like to join up (it’s free, always a good start), or have experience with these type of forums, please let us know your opinion.

By the way we’d also love to hear from you on whether you do think social media in general works for you. If so, which platform do you prefer? Facebook? LinkedIn? Twitter? Your opinion on whether you believe that the social media “new kid on the block” Google Plus (with its bells and whistles and backed by the search engine giant) can help spread the word on solar energy is also welcome.

Enter your comments below or look out for a questionnaire on our Facebook Page.

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