Time to ignite an African solar power revolution

A recent World Energy Outlook report found that over two-thirds of people in Africa live without electricity, a shocking statistic that costs the continent in health; investment, pollution and education opportunities. This lack of energy infrastructure has stalled GDP growth across the continent and underlined the need for an African solar power revolution to fill the energy. [Read more…]

Kenya’s micro solar lamp revolution lights up the nation

a solar panel on a Kenyan roof

A typical residential solar system in Kenya! flickr: jbarrie

One of your correspondent’s favourite pastimes at the end of a furiously scribbling day is to relax by listening to podcasts from around the world. Whether it be catching up with the latest world news or getting the dirt on the latest papal conspiracy/financial meltdown/political affray, you can find me in my comfy armchair during the late afternoon plugged in to the world. Never a dull moment I always say! Of course podcasts are also a great research tool and solar energy radio shows are always at the top of my subscription list. [Read more…]

Innovative solar energy project to aid off-grid rural communities in Africa

The British-based solar energy charity organisation SolarAid has teamed up with Cambridge-based solar technology company Eight19 to provide solar energy at affordable prices to poorer people in rural parts of Africa.

SolarAid are a charity group working in rural areas throughout eastern and southern Africa with a bunch of great ideas. According to their website they believe jobs and business opportunities for poorer people in the rural areas of Africa is important. [Read more…]