Is crowdfunding solar power the future financing model?


a crowd in front of solar panels

Crowd Funding Solar Is A Growing Trend

Will crowdfunding solar replace more traditional methods of funding solar energy readers?

At the time of writing we appear to be headed for a clean sweep of conservative governments across Australia (with the exception of the outpost of ACT). Though it is possible that the relatively progressive Weatherill government may retain government in South Australia through postal votes, it must be considered that the governments throughout the country will trend away towards support for renewable energy including solar.

Perhaps the relevant question is: Would this be a bad thing? [Read more…]

Innovation rules OK? Charity’s approach to clean energy fundraising pays dividends

CORENA - Citizens doing it for themselves

CORENA – Citizens doing it for themselves

Two subjects we always like to cover in these pages are good news Australian solar stories and innovation and inventiveness with regard to clean energy fund raising. So the planets must have been in alignment when Finn bailed up your correspondent this week at the SQHQ water cooler and told me about CORENA.

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Innovative solar energy project to aid off-grid rural communities in Africa

The British-based solar energy charity organisation SolarAid has teamed up with Cambridge-based solar technology company Eight19 to provide solar energy at affordable prices to poorer people in rural parts of Africa.

SolarAid are a charity group working in rural areas throughout eastern and southern Africa with a bunch of great ideas. According to their website they believe jobs and business opportunities for poorer people in the rural areas of Africa is important. [Read more…]