Should You Get Solar Tiles Instead Of Solar Panels?

Tesla solar roof tiles

A Tesla Solar Roof. Image: Tesla

I recently attended the 2022 All Energy Australia conference in Melbourne.  There was a lot on display, including some Building Integrated PV (BIPV) I hadn’t seen before.

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Revealed: The Pioneers Of Australian Solar Energy

Australian solar energy pioneers

This article celebrates some of the events and people who pioneered the modern solar energy revolution in Australia over the past 80 years. Without these pioneers, Australia would not be the world leader in residential solar that it is today. [Read more…]

Elon Musk Delivers Surprise “Resilience Day” Presentation

Tesla's Elon Musk - Resilience Day presentation

This morning, at 2:00 am Adelaide time, I watched Elon Musk’s “Resilience Day” announcement.  I wasn’t happy about the timing.  I had under four hours warning of the event and less than 3 hours sleep. 

But I made the sacrifice so I could tell you not only how Tesla is coping with supply chain disruptions and raw material price increases, but also how Elon Musk is working to ensure humanity’s long term survival. [Read more…]

Nemy: Telling You When Electricity Is Green (And Cheap)

nemy - a nifty way to monitor electricity prices and the energy mix

Take a couple of electrical engineers sharing a home, add lockdown boredom, and what you might get is a nifty way of using electricity market information to help customers consume electricity when it’s green. And where their electricity retailer passes on real time wholesale electricity prices, cheap. [Read more…]

Australian Solar Design Tool Adds Remote Shading Analysis

Remote solar panel shading analysis

Some of you will be aware of — or be users of — Pylon’s solar design and quoting tool: Pylon Observer. This year, the company announced an important new tool as part of Observer – remote solar shading analysis. [Read more…]

Tesla Finally Launch Solar Tiles In Australia With Insane Bonus For Early Adopters

Tesla Solar Roof tiles

Tesla’s solar tiles are finally coming to Australia. You won’t believe what Elon Musk has promised the first thousand buyers… Note: There are no Tesla Tile installs in Australia at the moment, and this picture is of Tractile Solar Tiles in Marino, SA.

Note: This post was published on April the first 2021

When Elon Musk launched Tesla Solar Roof Tiles four and a half years ago, there was only one question his Australian fans were desperate to know: [Read more…]

Catch Solar Relay: Load Diversion For Local Grid Stability

Catch Solar Relay

A properly configured Catch Solar Relay can help increase your solar energy self-consumption and individually make a small contribution towards grid stability.

Australian solar owners: you now have a new option to put your self-consumption on autopilot while helping both stabilise the grid and enabling more of your neighbours to install solar power systems. [Read more…]

Amber Electric’s SmartShift Can Sync Your Loads To Wholesale Electricity Prices

Amber Electric SmartShift

Maverick electricity retailer Amber Electric can automatically switch on your appliances when wholesale electricity prices are low or negative.

Years ago when people first started talking about exposing consumers to the wholesale electricity price, I thought it was a bad idea as I felt most households weren’t up to the challenge of managing the risk of price spikes. [Read more…]

Revealed: How SA’s Grid Will Accommodate The Relentless Uptake Of Rooftop Solar

SAPN plan for solar exports

The famous, termite-proof South Australian Stobie Pole that holds SA’s distribution network off the ground.

The most interesting presentation at this year’s Smart Energy virtual conference was only 9 minutes long and by Future Networks engineer, Cathryn McDonald.  [Read more…]

Ingenious Self-Closing Vents Make Ducted Air-Conditioning More Solar Friendly

Self-closing ducted air-conditioning vents

A big problem with ducted air-conditioning is the ducts compromise the thermal envelope of the room, wasting precious energy. A new Australian invention solves that problem.

An asthma attack following a child’s night-time popcorn mishap set Adelaide engineer Dean McGurgan wondering why, in his ducted-aircon-equipped home, he even copped smoke exposure all the way from the kitchen to the bedroom.

And that set him on a development project he reckons could save money for others with ducted air-conditioning. [Read more…]

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