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Solar energy has certainly powered ahead in Victoria and the future continues to look bright for PV in the state. Data from Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator indicates more than 691,354 systems (small-scale <100kW) had been installed in VIC by the beginning of July 2023. 

Collectively, these systems represent 4.02GW of capacity. Based on a population of 6,704,300 – (December 2022 – ABS), this works out to 600 watts of solar installed for each woman, man and child in the state compared to the Australian average of approximately 780 watts per person. 

While Victoria certainly doesn’t lead the states in this regard, we can expect the per capita capacity figure to rise rapidly as the Solar Homes program continues to operate in the years ahead.

Solar Homes Package

In August 2018, the Victorian government announce an initiative whereby it would provide a very generous subsidy on solar power systems. This is in addition to Australia’s major PV subsidy and any other program Victorians may be eligible for. The initiative is called the Solar Homes Package and its goal is to see a total of one million households with panels on their rooftops over a decade. 

Currently, around 25.4% of dwellings in the state have solar panels (Source: APVI – September 2022), but this initiative will see that figure continue to grow – and quite rapidly given interest.

Added to the very generous incentives on offer, owners of systems in Victoria can be paid for the surplus electricity they export to the mains grid via a mechanism called a feed in tariff.

It really is a great time to install an electricity bill busting solar power system in Victoria, and with the initial rush on the state’s subsidy over, you should be able to get an installation performed fairly quickly.

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