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Some might think installing a solar power system in Tasmania isn’t a good proposition, but this is an incorrect perception.

More than 50,571 systems had been installed throughout the Apple Isle up until  the beginning of July 2023 (Source: Clean Energy Regulator). All these systems add up to around 270 MW of electricity generation capacity. With a population of 571,600 (December 2022 – ABS), this works out to around 472 watts of small-scale solar energy capacity per Tasmanian. It’s well under the Australian average of around 780 watts, and the lowest among all the states and territories. 

The Australian Photovoltaic Institute puts the dwelling saturation level of PV systems in TAS at 19.4%. This means there’s certainly plenty more Tasmanian households that could be putting their valuable rooftop real estate to good use and saving them a significant chunk of change on their electricity. With Australia’s major solar subsidy still available and the cost of solar panels and other components so low, it’s a good time to make a move.

Hobart has a yearly average of 3.5 sun hours a day. Cooler temperatures are also beneficial as heat is the enemy of solar panels, reducing their efficiency. This means a good quality, well installed 6.6kW system can potentially generate around 8,400kWh of electricity a year in Hobart!  So, regardless what you may have heard, assuming your rooftop is suitable and you select a good installation company, a solar power system could prove to be a very wise investment.

What’s more is that Tasmanians can also be paid for the electricity surplus to their needs that they generate – this is known as a feed-in tariff. It’s not a huge amount, but it can accelerate payback time. 

The following video (and this guide) explain everything Tasmanians should know before getting quotes for solar panels.

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