Tasmania Solar Power System Grid Connection Rules & Process

In Tasmania, there is only one Distributed Network Service Provider looking after the “poles and wires” of Tasmania’s electricity network – TasNetworks.  Its permission is required before connecting a solar system to the mains grid. The following information, current as at August 2021, indicates TasNetworks’ limits for inverters.





Single phase: 10 kW inverter limit, 10 kW export limit.

Three phase: 30 kW inverter limit, 30 kW export limit.

Battery inverters do not count towards phase inverter limit. However, batteries are only approved automatically if they are zero export. If export is requested – requires manual assessment.

TasNetworks website

Tasmania Solar Grid Connection Process

Getting your solar power system grid connected in Tasmania is a relatively straightforward process, with much of the administrative side of it tasked to your solar installer.

1. Network Connection Approval

Your installer will need to submit a connection application to the state’s electricity distributor,  TasNetworks, on your behalf. Once TasNetworks assesses the application and accepts it, you’ll receive notification. Your system can then be installed.

2. Post-System Installation

Once installation is completed, your solar installer will submit an EWR (Electrical Work Request) to Aurora Energy and a Certificate of Compliance to TechSafe Tasmania. At this point, your system’s inverter will need to stay switched off. As tempting as it may be to switch it on – don’t.

3. Meter Changeover 

Aurora Energy is responsible for the management and installation of advanced meters that work with solar power systems. Metering Dynamics is Aurora’s authorised service provider in the regard.

Time-frames for meter changeovers at this point aren’t clear, however Aurora says “we endeavour to have meter exchanges completed around 15 business days from processing “. But from February 2019, this work must be either done on a date agreed upon with you or in the case that no date is set, then within 15 business days – assuming it is a simple meter exchange. More complex exchanges may take longer.

4. System Switched On

After the meter installation has been completed, you can turn on your solar power system – instructions will be in your handover manual on how to do so, but if you are unsure or have any issues, contact your solar installer. 

You’ll then be ready to join thousands of other Tasmanian households slashing their power bills through harvesting the energy of the sun.

Don’t forget to ensure your electricity account has been adjusted so that you are paid a feed in tariff for your surplus solar electricity. Your feed-in tariff total will appear as a negative amount on the back of your electricity bill; i.e. taken off the total for mains grid electricity you have consumed.

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