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True to its “sunshine state” label, there’s no doubt Queensland is a solar energy powerhouse. According to Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator, more than 962,990 small scale systems (<100kW) had been installed across the state as at the beginning of July 2023. Figures from the Australian PV Institute put the percentage of suitable dwellings with PV installed at 44.9% – making it the nation’s leader in this regard.

Small scale PV systems installed across the state collectively represent more than 5.54 GW of capacity. With a population of around 5.3 million (December 2022 – QLD Government Statistician’s Office), there’s been a little over 1kW of solar power capacity installed per capita (Australia’s average is around 780 watts based on population as at the end of last year). 

Added to this is the capacity of the many large-scale PV power stations popping up around the state. The Queensland Government has set a goal of 50 per cent renewable energy generation capacity by 2030 and solar energy plays an important role in this target.

In Brisbane, each kilowatt of panels you install (assuming good quality components professionally installed) will generate on average 4.2 kilowatt-hours of electricity a day. Many Queensland households are now opting for large systems (entry level is considered 6.6kW+ these days) to get the best bang for their buck.

As well as reducing mains grid electricity consumption, Queensland households can also be paid for the surplus energy they generate that is exported – this is known as a feed-in tariff. 

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