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Residential solar power systems installed across Western Australia are collectively saving their owners many millions of dollars a year – you can join them.

At least 472,375 systems had been installed across WA as at early July 2023 (Source: Clean Energy Regulator). These systems collectively boasted a total installed capacity of more than 2.4GW. In terms of capacity, rooftop solar collectively is WA’s biggest power station.

According to December 2022 ABS figures, WA’s population is 2,825,200. That calculates out to 850 watts of small scale solar energy capacity per person. This is well above Australia’s national average of 780 watts. WA is also a stand-out performer in terms of residential solar PV saturation. The Australian Photovoltaic Institute puts that figure at 39% – third among Australia’s states and territories.

There’s no signs yet of Western Australia’s residential solar power boom petering out as high electricity prices increasingly turn residents to the bill-busting technology. A 6.6kW system installed in Perth (a popular size that offers great bang for buck) can generate a whopping 31 kWh (daily average over a year). For the electricity you don’t use, you can receive a payment called a feed-in tariff – aka the Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme (DEBS).

But it’s important to get the right system for your needs installed by the right company in order to avoid headaches and maximise the benefits of harvesting the sun’s energy from your rooftop – and that’s what the SolarQuotes web site has been all about since it was launched back in 2009.

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While the following links just cover a couple of Western Australia’s major population centres, we have installers in our network for just about everywhere in the state.

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