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Solar panels can be seen on the rooftops of homes just about everywhere you look in South Australia – SA’s residents are very switched on to the savings that installing PV can bring.

More than 379,860 systems had been installed across South Australia as at early July 2023 according to Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator, representing more than 2.186 GW of capacity.

Given SA’s population of 1,834,300 (December 2022 – ABS), this breaks down to a very impressive 1,192 Watts of small-scale solar installed per capita, blasting past the national average of 780 watts. Approximately 44% of dwellings in South Australia have systems installed, making it second in the country for residential PV installation saturation.

SA’s love affair with solar power shows no signs of slowing – and why would it when the costs of large systems are so low now, thanks in part to Australia’s generous solar subsidy that is still available.

While SA has always had high electricity prices, the reason for this isn’t renewable energy – it’s *why* the state has so much renewable energy.

A 6.6kW system installed in Adelaide can generate around 28kWh of clean electricity a day on average over a year. That’s significantly more than the average household uses. Any surplus electricity generated can receive a solar feed in tariff in SA – a payment for electricity that is exported to the mains grid.

To achieve this sort of performance  – and do it year after year, aside from having a suitable rooftop you need the right system installed by the right company. 

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