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Essential Solar Reviews

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About Essential Solar, Solar Installers

Essential Solar is a Solar Power Installation company based in Tullamarine and serves VIC. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Essential Solar Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Great service and quality. No complaints. Show additional information
From Sales to service, Essential Solar has been very pro-active in their follow-ups all the way through. They were thorough and knowledgeable in the entire process and always kept us informed of what's happening, as well as reminding us exactly what we need to do from our end. Highly recommended for all those who are considering solar installation. Show additional information
Was not made aware of the fees charged by Jemena to change 2 meters over to 1 centralized meter.
Was informed post installation that this fee for $460 +GST !!
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After much deliberation we went with the quote from Essential Solar. Not a lot of price difference but reading through reports they appeared to be the most favoured. We found the team to be professional in their approach and the installing team led by Jason to be extremely proficient and helpful. The work was carried out efficiently and they cleaned up afterwards. Waiting now on inspections and connection to be finalized. Will comment further when these tasks are completed. Show additional information
Essential Solar stood out amongst the installers that quoted. They actually turned up on site, clearly explained the whole system and the support they offer after the installation. All the things they said would happen, did happen and while there were small hiccups they attended to them promptly and effectively. Show additional information
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We had a great experience with Essential Solar. We bought 24 x Canadian Solar PV panels with a Fronius inverter.

We got three quotes and Essential Solar were the only ones who came to our house to check the positioning of the inverter and to speak to us about options. Paul, our sales consultant knew his stuff and we really liked the fact that Essential Solar are closely located with and aligned with Fronius which gave us the comfort that if something went wrong it would be fixed.
Our install team were also great, communicated well and did a good job.

I can definitely recommend, they did a good job and the follow up customer service has also been excellent
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From the sales person to the final installation, everything was explained in simple terms and everything went smoothly. Totally hassle free. Everything was done on time and all of the background paperwork was handled taking the stress off me. My experience was a positive one and I would recommend Essential Solar without hesitation. Show additional information
Thorough and professional approach. Show additional information
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Please read other reviews as most appear to be largely positive about this company. However, mine was not. Choose Essential Solar as they were able to do the job, good reviews on this website and other companies that SolarQuotes proffered either didn’t get in contact or weren’t interested as my roof pitch (34degrees) was too steep.

After discussing with Essential Solar’s salesperson, settled on a 5.22kW system with 18 x 290w Longi panels and Fronius Primo 5 inverter. Was promised pre Christmas installation after paying deposit in early Nov.

After not hearing anything from ES for several weeks, I chased them up about system design and likely install date. After several emails/calls was told that design was not done and that install date was now mid to late January. Very frustrating to not get system installed pre Christmas as promised and therefore delaying a return on my investment in solar.

On installation day in late Jan (which was very hot) sub contractors (not ES employees) advised that they wanted to deviate from the proposed design. This meant an easier install for them and possibly better efficiency? (how would I know?) I was disappointed that this was not brought up in the design phase but agreed on the day to the revised design. The sub contract installers did the job in oppressive heat (and for which I indicated to both ES and the installers that I would be happy to wait until milder conditions). However, panels were not aligned, at different angles and one panel was obviously twisted as it was bolted down to the roof rails. It didn’t look great compared to other panel installations. I had to recall the installers to fix the twisted panel and then emailed ES to question the quality of the install. To ES credit they did send their company installers who rectified the panel positioning and improved the aesthetics.

All in all, I felt like I needed to chase ES for information most of the time about the install process and was disappointed that they didn’t deliver the system at the agreed timing. Install quality was not great but was later rectified. All in all I rate ES average only.

I have no idea if I have a value for money system (don’t buy solar systems every day to do a comparison!) and impossible to tell about whether system performance is as expected for my size system (there has been no follow up from ES so far). However, electricity bill had dropped by around $80 to $100 per month since Feb so it looks like it’s working ok.

I hope this review has helped inform your choice.
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I received six (6) quotes & while Essential Solar's quote was not the cheapest nor most expensive it seemed to me to offer the best value for money in regard to quality & service. Show additional information
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Show additional information
Your site is great, the recommended installers were all really good to deal with. I reflected on this the other day via email to someone at your organisation, that the one downer in the whole process was the each installer told me in writing that they 'used their own installers, not just a bunch of subcontractors'. Of course on the the day of installation, subcontractors did the work. The installers were nice, and did a great job. They told me that subcontractors are used by nearly every solar company they had heard of, but each of the suppliers uniformly told be that they didn't use this practice. They even made mention of other companies who weren't as good because they used subcontractors, as a way of highlighting their service was better. I found this to be intentionally misleading. Show additional information
Hasn't been installed yet Show additional information
Waiting for system to be switched on and then set up with electrical supplier is very slow Show additional information
System not yet installed. Show additional information
Chose Essential Solar because of Ray, he was informative, helpful and went out of his way to explain the process. Unfortunately once it got into the office it all started to fall apart. Supposed to install after 4 weeks and they had to be followed up, to their credit once followed up they expedited the install. Installers were great, explained the system and what they were going to do etc. Again the office let the whole thing down. Constant phone calls and follow up with in my opinion very little follow up. Still waiting for monitoring system to be operational, sick of making phone calls to have things happen. Hard to recommend a company when you have this sort of rubbish to put up with. Shame as I feel when the system is up and operational it will be fine. Show additional information
I enjoyed researching and reading about Solar in Finns website. I chose Essential Solar due to Pauls understanding, explanation and recommendation on Solar Panels and the associated products. We went through a number of iterations and options over the space of a few weeks. At all times, Paul was easy to talk to, responded to my questions in a short period of time, and fully explained the technology. I have had my system installed this week, but not yet inspected. The installation process was seamless, and professional. I would recommend Essential Solar to anyone that wants a great system Show additional information
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To this point I have nothing to worry about. Everything well and better/easier than what I was expecting. Very professional people. Show additional information
Essential Solar staff were extremely knowledgeable and helpful from the first contact with their sales person to final installation of the system we chose to have installed. From the General Manager to the Installation team led by their electrician and office staff they could not have been more helpful. Show additional information
Quite straightforward dealing with Essential Solar. Show additional information
I would strongly recommend Essential Solar to any one interested in obtaining Solar. They are switched on right from the start. I must mention that the sales person i dealt with was a gentlemen and did not try to rip you off .He knew his products and went out of his way to answer any questions.
I must also mention that the staff at the head office were very help full when ever i needed to deal with them.
The installation team were excellent and did a great job ( Must mention that i run my own business and i am very fussy when it comes to quality).
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The microinverter system we chose required a panel to be installed next to our existing fuse box. While it may have been mentioned during the quotation stage I was under the impression that it would be part of the existing fuse box / next to it. As it turned out the unit was not as unobtrusive as I had expected. The lead installer did not my surprise and mentioned that it was not an unusual response from other clients who had had similar systems installed. Otherwise the process was very streamlined, the installation crew were professional and courteous and cleaned up after the installation. They were able to answer all of my questions on the day. Follow up from the office was also quick. Hayley is an extremely patient individual and I think went out of her way to help. Currently we are waiting for our electricity supplier to process our request for our feed in tariff to be activated. Show additional information
Essential Solar installed a ~3.5kw battery ready system in our inner Melbourne house in March 2018. We decided to forego the battery on ROI alone however went for the micro-inverter over a single inverter after viewing the video on this site and discussions on other sites. We felt that this would allow for maximum throughput on cloudier days as well as not having to move the aircon.

The sales pitch was great and ability to describe what was best lead us to Essential after checking SolarQuotes for confirmation. The installation was extremely professional as we had near 90kph winds two nights later and the panels appear to be still there!

The sign-off of the system however was disappointing to say the least although this may not be Essential's own doing but the complete and utter muppet inspector who had to sign off on the installation. To request someone to drive 4.5 hours back to Melbourne or to get their wife to leave an emergency department is really taking the p155 after not organising an appointment prior to attending, and the pillock did both! There is suppose to be an phone app that will show each panel's output and collectively show how much the house is using vs collecting overall although we are yet to receive the keys to this.

All in all I would highly recommend Essential, their only area of improvement needed being post installation although this was probably a once off. I would also urge you to consider micro-inverters over the single inverter.
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I picked these Guys, not because of they were the cheapest, far from it. I picked them because they appreciated that when spending over 10k you want to take your time to consider the options, there were some negotiations that occurred, which was great, and then we settled on a deal.

Unlike one of the recommended installers I was emailed, who I won't name here, push, push push, that same installer even had the nerve to suggest I don't get a second quote because there are some dodge installers out there; yep and I'm talking to one.

Anyway, we got a 6.2kw of Sunpower E20 panels and hooked that up to Solaredge optimizers and a 5kw inverter, which I understand is good quality stuff, let see how it holds up in 12 years time and if it was worth the coin. Highly recommend these guys, I felt comfortable dealing with them.
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Surprised and pleased with the company's proactive response to making an appointment for the rep to speak with us. The rep's presentation was structured and clearly explained, covering technical and financial aspects of solar power. Delighted with how fast the company arranged for all the necessary paperwork submissions and project approvals. The installers worked very well as a team and the installation was completed in about 5 hours. Communication with the admin staff has been easy and they were quick to provide information or assistance when required. Solar Quotes website made researching the subject easy, with a very readable and relaxed style of prose. Altogether, once we decided to investigate the possibility of installing solar power, the whole process from initial research to installation inspection was uncomplicated. The hardest part was having to choose the company from the three quotes - it came down to the presentation. The system we chose was by far the most expensive of the three, but we thought that the support promised by the more professional company (judged by our perceptions of the rep and admin staff) was worth that investment. Show additional information
from first contacting essential solar to installation they were great Show additional information
Show additional information
I had a great experience, thank you Show additional information
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System is installed and functioning very well.
But no fresh supply contract as yet.
So Origin is getting quite a bit of free power in the meantime.
Some days up to 26 kWh
CitiPower says I must get plan from Origin first.
Yesterday emailed Origin, attaching CitiPower's message.
Oh for the old SEC!
Frankly I can't see why Origin would hurry to pay me for feed-in.
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Professional tradesman. Excellent and knowledgeable sales consultant. Show additional information
Waiting Installation Show additional information
System installed and tested by inspector, but not yet activated by power supplier (United Energy) Show additional information
We are happy with the performance of our solar system installed by Essential. Show additional information
Tried to beat the combination of price and system quality. A good fight between Essential and Jim's. Looking forward to the system being energized after inspection. I hope to follow up with both vendors later this year for a commercial scale project at work.

Thanks for your help. I love the website, especially Ronald's blogs. Bring on the battery revolution. We are now established with embedded generation. Time to move on to embedded storage and all that it brings to the table.

Thanks again.
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Not installed yet as we're still building, but Essential Solar have been quick to respond to all my queries, have explained everything very clearly, and their price for the system was nearly $800 cheaper than the next best quote. Show additional information
Excellent service from all teams involved in the whole process. Firoz, my sales person was very helpful in answering my questions and accommodating plenty of changes as I honed the system to my requirements. The administration staff were also very prompt with their replies along the process. When it came to installation day, the installers where all there on time and had the install done in no time, they were very professional and courteous. The independent electrical inspector mentioned to me that it was refreshing to see a quality installation done which was re-assuring for me to hear. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Essential Solar team to any of my friends and family. Show additional information
Show additional information
Sales person was good, knew his stuff, offered best price for the system we wanted. Installation was arranged fairly quickly and done well. Only concern was the first design offered, which did not accord with agreed parameters, and appeared to have been thrown together with little care or thought. Luckily we had already researched and decided upon an efficient layout, which we supplied. Now waiting for safety compliance inspection. Show additional information
The Customer Service team were great. The installation team were on time, polite & pleasant group of young men that didn't flinch even when i asked to make a change to the panel layout on the roof. They just got straight on the phone to the office and we had it all sorted out in 15 minutes. Show additional information
We paid a little over $6,000 and Essential Solar were fantastic to work with. From the salesperson to a remarkable office staff. They were excellent on communication and checking to see they were on track - e.g. where the panels were to be placed. By checking their proposed placement before the installation day we were able to clarify we wanted north and west facing panels (not just west); this checking saved any angst that could have come.
Even on the day the installers checked yet again. They cleaned up all the packaging, taking it with them. We were very impressed by the professional service all around.
Show additional information
Essential Solar delivered what they promised, and four weeks earlier than estimated. Thanks to their company rep, Ray Bout, we knew exactly what we were getting for our money. He was patient and thorough, as were all of the company staff that we had contact with. This is a company that is focused on providing high quality, value-for-money results and great customer service. Their installation team was punctual, efficient and friendly. We can now monitor our solar output and consumption on our smart phone and tablet. We are extremely pleased with the outcome. Show additional information