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About Essential Solar, Solar Installers

Essential Solar
Platinum Partner

Essential solar is a family owned renewable energy company established in 2012.

We are a high-quality retailer, designer and installer of both residential and commercial solar PV rooftop generators.

Our success lies in our devotion to quality of products and our enthusiastic staff dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. We are committed to providing the right solution to each and everyone of our customers while focusing on Performance, Quality and Reliability.

At Essential Solar we regard every company and residential customer an important part of our business. We pride ourselves in providing exception advice, support and service from our first consultation to years after installation.

As well as the environmental benefits of solar power, we understand that an important driver to install solar is to save money. Our qualified CEC design team will ensure the best panel layout for your premises based on a number of factors, including shading, roof availability and electrical parameters to maximise efficiency of your system and providing the best financial return.

Of course, purchasing a solar PV is a long-term commitment so the reliability of the components of the entire system is critically important and for that reason Essential Solar’s CEC accredited installers will only install Tier 1 products. We are accredited direct service partners with Fronius Australia and believe our business relationships is an important aspect of our company to be able to supply our customers with the latest and most efficient products on the market and continue to provide our customers with the best support possible.

Don’t waste sunlight – make the sunshine work for you.

Essential Solar Solar Reviews

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First rate customer service upon signing the contract right through to the after installation assistance. Show additional information
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Very happy with the service, installation and follow up from Essential Solar. It was a conscious decision to choose an Australian company based locally for piece of mind for years to come. The fact they monitor your system for the life of the system for free was the deal sealer for us.
Can highly recommend.
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Essential Solar has been prompt with installation. The workers were efficient and good mannered people. The installation took them 7 hours to complete which I thought would take longer. The only complaint is that they left a bit of mass from drilling into the brink wall for the conduit. They could have cleaned it up before packing up. Show additional information
The salesman stuffed up the number of panels that would fit, and the extra gear neeed for linking to our 3 phase system.The electritians did a nice installation job of panels and wiring. They now have to come back tomorrow to rewire to fix above problem. Show additional information
The 'Technical Salesman' quoted for the Fronius Inverter to be installed in our entrance hallway but when the contract installers turned up they immediately referred back to their management who confirmed with the Essential Solar management that the internal fan noise of the equipment made it unsuitable to be mounted indoors. The installers had to come back another day once an alternative inverter location was determined. The conduit route discussed with the Salesman for the high voltage DC line from the roof panels down to the inverter was also too long and had to be re-routed. Zero communication between the salesman and installers. Post installation we were surprised to find that an optional piece of equipment, at extra cost, was required to monitor real time house power use. Had no problem with the installers/installation, they were just the 'meat in the sandwich' due to poor communication. Customer support post installation from Essential Solar's office was OK.

Supplier Reply

Hi Roger, I apologise for the confusing process and the poor communication. Unfortunately, the salesman in question was not as thorough as we expect during the initial site visit. As part of our internal processes we have since conducted training with the sales team to ensure they are fully aware of this requirement. Fortunately, our installers and engineering team would not allow an installation as described, which delayed the installation until an alternative inverter location could be identified. On the day, we could have handled this design error better and for that, I apologise; however by delaying the installation this enabled us to ensure you got the right configuration. The Fronius system monitoring is regarded as second to none. It provides an excellent report of generation and fault diagnosis and is available in two levels, the standard monitoring which monitors the system generation and the premium system monitoring which incorporates an additional Fronius �smartmeter�, data cabling to the inverter and a little bit of setup. The premium monitoring also provides you with details of self-consumption and grid import/export. While I like the premium monitoring, many customers cannot justify the additional cost and prefer the standard monitoring. We're happy to provide either. Show additional information
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Of all the installer we received quotes from, we found Essential Solar to be the most thorough.

They spent a lot of time at our initial consultation inspecting the property, looking at our electricity usage, and then explaining a number of different options to suit our needs. I never felt pressured to sign up to anything, and they were more then happy to answer any questions I thought of over the following days.

Interactions with the office staff was always great and they were very helpful with grant application process, providing all the required paperwork and guidance we required to apply.

The Installation itself was super quick and went of without a hitch. All of the installers were super friendly and professional, and I was impressed with how well they cleaned up the site afterwards.

Compared to other installers they were not the cheapest, but based on how smoothly everything went and the confidence they gave me in their work I believe it was worth that bit extra.
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It was overall quick and easy Show additional information
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Ask me again after the panels have been installed, or maybe wait until this time next year. Show additional information
Fantastic service right throughout the process, would highly recommend to everyone. Show additional information
I chose Essentialsolar because of strong reviews and I wanted an established business with offices where I could communicate face to face if needed. The Technical Sales Advisor provided in house advice where he took his time to explain technical and the complete process. Pricing was reasonable for quality products. Customer Service was excellent. They explained assisted with requirements for installation and government rebate. Installation was completed within a reasonable timeframe. The installers were professional, competent and friendly. Since installation, I continued to receive communication and the Electrical Inspector, Electric Supplier Conversion and Rebate have all been completed in a matter of weeks. Overall totally pleased and highly recommended. Show additional information
All the staff were excellent and easy to deal with. They were prompt in getting back to me when I had any questions. There was a change of solar panel because of a shipment delay. They supplied a better quality panel at no extra cost. The installers were done in about 4 hours. All the required certificates were emailed as soon as final payment was made Overall a great experience and I would recommend them to anyone who asked. Show additional information
As a Mr. and Mrs. Joe Average we know nothing about solar panels and some of my telephone questions to Tam Le and Hayley Mitchell must have sounded pretty silly but their patience and helpfulness has gone far beyond the call of duty, so to speak. When the system was set up Hayley worked hard to make sure I was able to access the Fronius site and get it up and going.
So, between the enormous help I received from Tam Le up to and including the installation and the equally hard work put in by Hayley Mitchell afterwards - not forgetting the guys who actually put it up to the point where even the inspector who signed off on the installation said, "They do a good job" - the trip has been an altogether great one. Whoever is in charge should be very proud of their staff.
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Fantastic service and kept me up to date with everything. Show additional information
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From point of contact the whole system and cost outlay, including government rebate and when to expect it, was clearly explained. Installers were very efficient and polite. Up and running now and very happy with service. Show additional information
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Very professional, very happy with all the staff. Show additional information
This is the second system we've had from Essential Solar, having previously done a house in Melbourne.

We're 300m from the ocean and get a lot of salt spray and hence corrosion. High winds are also a real concern. Essential Solar sourced what is hopefully the best panel for the harsh environment.

The install guys were great this time too, but a different team. As storms were forecast for later in the day, they went the extra mile and arrived at 6:30am after a two hour drive to make sure they could finish before the rain hit. On both occasions they done a neat job, and cleaned up afterwards.

A good, professional operation.

Now just need a few more manufacturers in the Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle space so that I can finally junk the old Ford wagon.
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Of the three quotes received Essential Solar was the only one who actually bothered to send out a rep to discuss our requirements - the others simply quoted by email using layouts based on aerial photos. Our requirements are a bit unusual as half the house has a slate roof and we have a constant base load of computer servers running 24 hrs a day, in addition to the normal household stuff on top of the base load. We managed to get 18 panels on the non-slate portion of the roof.

Although a bit more expensive, we got micro-inverters as a couple of panels may be impacted by shadowing at various times of the day/year.

The install guys were great - arrived when they said they would, did a neat job and cleaned up afterwards.

The monitoring from the EnPhase Envoy unit is great - you can see from your pc or mobile exactly how much the panels have generated, how much is exported to the mains, how much you're importing etc.
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The installers where professional, polite and very determined to do a great job. They worked around our existing system which was a time consuming job and they worked till it was done. I was a former tradie myself for 15 years - the crew did a great job Show additional information
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Faultless service!! Sales consultant Paul was extremely knowledgeable and helpful, always got back to us re. queries; customer support Jessica K. and Hayley kept the process moving along smoothly till the bitter (rebate application forms all filled in for us!) end; and the friendly and efficient installers Haydar(?) the Hungarian, the Aussie electrician and the short Vietnamese guy who carried all the panels two levels up the ladder on his own!! This is an extremely efficient, professional and value-for-money outfit that would be very hard to beat in a very competitive industry. Many thanks everyone!! Show additional information
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Have only made the deposit, I have to wait for instillation as they are so busy, but its not long.
There is NO Not applicable under installation
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Essential Solar stood out amongst the installers that quoted. They actually turned up on site, clearly explained the whole system and the support they offer after the installation. All the things they said would happen, did happen and while there were small hiccups they attended to them promptly and effectively. Show additional information
Didn't need to spend the extra money on panel level optimisation and micro inverters for which other suppliers were boasting for a premium price.
Salesman from essential solar was the only one who came out to have a sit down and chat. Got 17 suntech panels with a 5.0 primo Fronius inverter on a east west orientation seperate strings... shading issues on the north... still coming to terms with how much it will save me, but over the past week has consistently pumped out over 30kwh for which their engineer quoted 20 to 25.. the remote monitoring that Fronius gives you is fantastic couldn't be happier... thanks Finn and team for pointing me in the right direction
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Still waiting for installation as well as the Solar VIC Rebate processing. Show additional information
We have a 5.3 Kw system comprising 16 320W SunPower panels and an Enphase Enlighten mini inverter connection to our electricity panel. We installed on 20th November 2018 and are just now able to see benefits from our first bill, with which we are pleased with the results so far. The Enlight system give us real time, on line status of the sytem so we can judge when to run power hungry appliances to our best advantage.
Essential Solar have provided excellent service from initial sales call to competition. Firoz explained in full all aspects of the system with cost comparisons of all alternatives, and showed considerable patience to all of our many questions and concerns and requests for alternative quotations.
Jessica was extremely helpful making sure we completed all steps during design and implementation. David Bruce was helpful in providing good technical advice.
Installation was carried out efficiently and thoroughly by the electricians and checked out well by our relative, an engineer.
All in all, we are very satisfied and would recommend Essential to anyone, who is willing to spend a bit more to get the very best.
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Excellent service from the first contact to after the installation was complete. Good advice, good detail and realistic expectations for performance, savings to be achieved and time to get system installed.

Patience with me as I explored options to the system that best suited my house and electricity needs.
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The whole process was smooth and the staff was helpful at every stage of the process. Show additional information
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Very good response to fix a problem. after installation service fantastic Show additional information
System not yet installed. Show additional information
I am really impressed by Essential Solar. The salesman was efficient, the office staff very efficient and helpful. Every document required by the Victorian government for the rebate was collated and emailed to me so all I had to do was upload them to the email form.

The installers arrived on site at the time quoted and had the system installed in half the day. The electrician contracted by Essential Solar to check the system and issue the electrical certificate also arrived on time on the day quoted.

The most amazing thing about the whole process was that I never met any of the Essential Solar staff, everything being organised over the phone or internet.

I trust that the system I purchased is trouble free, and if not, that the after sales service from Essential Solar is as good as the installation service. To date the system is working perfectly and although only connected to the grid for four weeks, it has made more money for us than our previous monthly bills.
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Essential Solar allocated installation day and time and they were on time.
Installation was done without issues.
All documentation required for Vic government rebate relating to the Solar Homes program was provided.
Fronius offers extra 5 years of warranty. To claim extra warranty inverter must be registered on their website. Even registration for this additional warranty was done by Essential Solar. Any inquiries I did have, all where handled by Jessica K and Jessica F in customer service with diligence and without hint of bother.
I also received all documentation in PDF on USB Flash drive. No one in my circle of panel uses from other companies did have such service. Also help from Finn Peacock's website was indispensable in selection of panels and supplier/installer.
In summary - pleasure to deal with. Thank you !!!
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I enjoyed researching and reading about Solar in Finns website. I chose Essential Solar due to Pauls understanding, explanation and recommendation on Solar Panels and the associated products. We went through a number of iterations and options over the space of a few weeks. At all times, Paul was easy to talk to, responded to my questions in a short period of time, and fully explained the technology. I have had my system installed this week, but not yet inspected. The installation process was seamless, and professional. I would recommend Essential Solar to anyone that wants a great system Show additional information
Getting the solar installed was very simple - I was assisted along every step of the way. Getting my solar recognised by my supplier is a completely different matter! I'm still waiting for connection, after an initial email from the solar company on 28 November with requests for already completed forms from the supplier. Show additional information
I've had the best experience with Essential Solar. While I received quotes from more than 15 providers, Essential Solar were actually the only ones who came out for a site inspection. Firoz was very knowledgeable and not at all pushy and we soon agreed on a system.
The installation took place a couple of weeks later. The guys were there at 7 AM sharp and were done by 1 PM. All very professional and friendly. The inspector came by a few days later and the system has been running smoothly since then.
They also helped me get the VIC rebate and provided all the necessary documents.
Could not recommend them more!
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every person i've delt with at essential solar were excellent!! they answered any questions i had straight away. you can tell they are planning to be around a long time! I've spoken to a number of people since the installation and our unit is a far more superior compared to anyone else's i've seen! i didnt know much about solar and the team at essential solar really looked after us and sold us a quality system that is going to work harder and longer for us!
everything has been so easy!!
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