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Essential Solar Reviews

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About Essential Solar, Solar Installers

Essential Solar is a Solar Power Installation company based in Tullamarine and serves VIC. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Essential Solar Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
The experience with Essential Solar has been excellent and highly professional. I spoke to an Engineer Firoz first who explained everything to me ( which I had no knowledge of solar) and learnt so much more from him than what I was researching on the net. Next stage where the installers they where fantastic and professional the installation was quick, cleans and easy. The third stage was with the ladies, Brenda, Jessica & Hayley at the office there is a bit involved but they will guide you through the final stages with the Provider and Retailer. All in all I highly recommend Essential Solar out of the four quotes I got (the other quotes came in cheaper too) they where the only ones that had the customer in mind, Thank you to everyone at Essential Solar especially Hayley. Show additional information
The system went on line in Nov 17 and so far so good, its performing as expected. Installation was just as they said, no issues or interruption to the business. We are a general practice and the Trades people were good and respectful of the customers coming and going. Show additional information
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Excellent sales and customer service. Very helpful and minor issues were resolved quickly and without fuss. Installation was quick and easy. Show additional information
So far the installation and the contact with customer service has been great. Just waiting on system to be switched on to see what our first bills will look like. Show additional information
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Service is far better than many other well-known companies. Extremely efficient installation. Great communication. Very highly recommended. Show additional information
Difficult to know how to rate everything as first & only time (?) I will be getting solar ..........
I was confused by all the jargon, having your website to help sort out issues initially was very helpful.
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If you are like us who just wanted a good reliable Solar System then I would have no hesitation in recommending Essential Solar. Their pricing is competitive but not the cheapest out there. We are forensic accountants and lawyers by trade. We used our connections in China to check out the company that made the solar Panels and we checked out the company in Austria that made the Solar Inverter.
All said and done we felt the most comfortable with Essential Solar. (We checked out a few companies before making a decision)
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We got the quote in November, I was quite skeptical but paid the deposit for a 7.8 kW 3 phase system. in December an install time was arranged for January. The installers came on the arranged day and installed the system, the Fronius inverter was faulty but within a couple of days that was changed over and a couple of days after that it was inspected and passed and the paperwork forwarded onto our retailer, so now we are a little frustrated as the system is generating between 18 (cloudy rainy) and 49 kWh per day that we are giving it to the grid whilst waiting for the meter to be reconfigured. So at this stage I would not hesitate to recommend Essential Solar. Show additional information
I was very happy with the results and would recommend Essential Solar to others
They do everything for you from initial install (they subcontract installer) to online setup.
(They didn't tell me that and i was to enthusiastic and tried to setup my fronius online without knowing)
They were clear on their quote and there was no surprises on installation day.
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They wanted to change supply of the product from ET solar to Eging. I couldn't find any good reviews on Eging, so they agreed to supply TaleSun. I could find reviews about that product so felt comfortable. Show additional information
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I only had my system installed today and yet to have it certified and up and running - but thank you for your website and all the really helpful, independent information on it. I got quotes from both Companies you recommended. The other only quoted from google map photos and were way more expensive, Essential Solar came out to my property in country Victoria that same week, consultant was fabulous, took time to evaluate my beds and explain the best system, extremely knowledgeable, prompt customer service and installers from subcontractors Trademark Energy were excellent so I am excited about the system going on in a couple of weeks. Great to be able to read all the inverter and panel info on your site, really helped me choose (Fronius inverter and Chinese panels). Many thanks again for your website! Show additional information
Essential Solar was the only vendor that visited us during quoting. The sales person was technically very competent and was able to help me make some decisions about system size and configuration. He added value by understanding what could be improved. The other vendors quoted me what I asked for but nothing more. Show additional information
Not installed yet - scheduled for Feb 7th Show additional information
Cannot rate system until fully tried. Battery desirable and will be added as soon as reasonable cost available. Show additional information
I will be able to tell more once it is installed. Show additional information
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The sales person visited me shortly after I asked Finn for 3 quotes. I found Finn’s website very educative and loved his youtube channel. Firoz from Essential Solar was very committed and kept answering all of my queries very promptly. I went ahead with 6.6kW system including Fronius inverter and Canadian solar 330W panels. I was booked for an install on the day when we had a big storm here in Melbourne. Mark the installer called me the day before and explained me that he’ll give me an update in the morning. He messages me in the morning and told me that the storm is just around the corner and promised me that he’ll speak to the office and get me an alternative installation date. The system was up in a week’s time. Rebecca and Jessica kept me in the loop throughout the whole process. Jessica set up the online account so that I can track the electricity generation on my phone. An inspector showed up after a couple of days and signed off the system. My electricity provider Jemena contacted me in 3 days as promised. Currently all going to the plan. I look forward in providing an update in a year’s time. Show additional information
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What really impressed me was the combination of speed, courtesy and knowledge with which everyone it Essential Solar carried out their respective roles. From the first phone call to enquire about a system (20/11), through quotation(23/11), installation (8/12), electrical inspection (14/12) & delivery of paperwork to the Energy Retailer (18/12), the process only took a month. Wow! I was lucky that my system was small & the installation uncomplicated, otherwise I'd have had to wait until the middle of January. I had a few queries and every one of them was answered promptly either by phone or email. The two installers were very efficient and cleaned up afterwards - it only took them 3.5 hours in total. They did explain things to me but I forgot some of it as I'd had an anaesthetic earlier in the week, so some written info about signing for the energy certificates online might have helped there. I'm still waiting for the warranty & manual to arrive in the post but considering that it's Christmas, I'm not surprised that it could take a few days! In any case, the inverter manual is available online.

I've found Essential Solar to be a highly professional company and a real pleasure to deal with. I appreciate that they use high efficiency panels (Longisolar) & and a high quality inverter (Fronius). I liked the way their email gave a stepwise account of the process once I had confirmed my purchase. My Energy Retailer was surprised that the paperwork from the Electrical Safety Inspection had arrived so promptly - apparently it usually doesn't happen like that. I really appreciated everyone turning up on time and the short turnaround times for everything. This company really deserves its Canstar rating for good service.
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Very pleased with the way Essential Solar has dealt promptly and professionally with all of our enquiries and matters relating to the acquisition and installation of our new solar system. Show additional information
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Quote person came at appointed time, was pleasant and informative. We took time to consider the things said. When we finally took the plunge the specified hardware was not available but alternative quality equipment was quoted instead and all looked fine. The installers arrived at the appointed day, on time, and completed quickly, discussed the installation and suggested a layout design that would maximise output given the partial shading of the roof by trees to the east. There were some delays waiting for inspectors to come to check and sign off on the installation (all OK) and we are still waiting for our retailer (Origin) to come and fix the meter so that we can get a feed in tariff, but that is not something Essential Solar can do anything about. The installation included setting up a web link/app that allows us to monitor the inverter in real time (though it sometimes drops out) Even without that, we have cut power use by about 50% (though it is mid summer - I guess it will be less in winter.) Communications with Essential Solar have always been good with prompt and informative responses to queries. Show additional information
Great support and frequently keeping in touch to update steps in the process Show additional information
Essential Solar clearly explained the process and the timeline and everything ran to plan. Their knowledge and support throughout the planning and install was excellent. We were very happy with their price and the quality of the panels and inverter. Show additional information
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Purchase and installation was a seamless experience and quality of customer service was high. Essential Solar was responsive to my questions and their representative had a good knowledge and was able to relate that to my needs. The installed system of 18 panels is operating beyond my expectations. Show additional information
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Very pleased with the whole process from start to finish and accomplished with a minimum of fuss.
Everyone involved knows there particular role & carried it out with in a thorough and professional manner
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The company undertook a site inspection before submitting a quote. They went through the difficulties of installation to a 100 year old two storey house with brittle roof tiles and discussed the options with us. The design they came up with optimised the available roof space and allowed more panels to be fitted compared to some other companies. During the site visit they discussed the options available to us and we selected the Sunpower panels with a Fronius inverter.
The installers arrived at the promised time and worked steadily throughout the day. All broken roof tiles were replaced at the end of the installation. Follow up actions in relation to commissioning the system and advising the electricity retailer were carried out promptly and we were kept advised of progress. The system is now operational and operating as designed giving us over 5 kW at peak times. We are very pleased so far.
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Great company and very attentive staff and sales people. Would highly recommend. Show additional information
The sales process was prompt and personal. The representative visited the site before quoting and engaged in intelligent and helpful discussion of the available options. Installation was efficient and problem-free. The inspector commented on the quality of the work. The system has performed well to date. I have no hesitation in recommending Essential Solar. Show additional information
Very professional & easy to deal with Show additional information
Very pleased with the service and professionalism of Essential Solar from the Sales person Ray with David also spending time to discuss my installation, to the office staff and installers. Communication was fantastic in relation to installation times and changes. The system is up and running smoothly and we are pleased with the outcome. I have already recommended Essential Solar to a friend. Show additional information
Not yet Installed Show additional information
Hardware was competitively priced. Excellent service with immediate action and follow-up to my questions and requests. Installation was excellent: the two installers were intelligent, polite and efficient. Don't underestimate the importance of good installers. You can have a great system, but if it isn't set up properly, or if the installers damage your roof (causing leaks, etc.), then even good quality hardware will end up costing you more down the track due to follow-up work and possible roof damage. Show additional information
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After reading all of the bad experience of people who have bad sales people knock on their doors (Herald Sun 20/11/2017) I feel very lucky that I go through Solarquotes website and getting in touch of the 3 companies, very good and passionate people but I chose Essenstial Solar, just the personal choice. The install is quick even though it is delayed due to a fault from the apprentice guy, but very professional work, and the explanation during the process. Show additional information
We are yet to have our system design finalised and installed. We had thought we had done this with our salesperson, however once we had paid deposit we received an email from someone else which was inconsistent in a couple of areas than what we had specifically checked and clarified prior to proceeding with order. For example this included payment terms and expected timeline for install. A little disappointing. Appears to be back on track now however after further clarification. Hoping next stages of design and install live up to expectations provided by salesperson. If so we will be very happy. Show additional information
The way the retailer takes so long to admit you to the grid as I type this it has still not been done after 3 weeks. Show additional information
Essential Solar provided great customer service and value for money in explaining the solar concept and managing the installation. Show additional information
Essential Solar are very good to work with and have excellent customer service, follow up and support. Show additional information
It was great experience dealing with Essential Solar team. They have got professional team of sales consultant, designer, customer service & installation. They also offer monitoring and 6 months health check of your system. I have no hesitation in recommending all my family and friends to Essential Solar. Show additional information
I particularly valued the on-site discussion with the installers before they started work, so that the solar panels were orientated to get the best outcome and the inverter best placed should we upgrade to a battery. The follow up inspection was very prompt and we were operating within a few days after installation. Likewise the follow up with the wholesaler was prompt and well within the 30 days. So far so good, and much more efficient than the panels we had on our previous house. Show additional information
There is a reason these guys are on the top ten. The information session was thorough. The system components were the best. The installers were very professional. They arrived on time, were efficient, and cleaned up completely. The lead installer went through the full system again. Essential contacted me about the fronius app, set it all up and have been great Show additional information
Very happy with the service from start to finish. The salesman Ray was very helpful and certainly not pushy like most of the others. Once there was an agreement to purchase the system the girls in the office then take over. I found Rebecca & Jessica extremely helpful answering any of my queries in an efficient timely manner. Installation went relatively smoothly although some panels had to be placed on another side of the roof but this was explained to me and signed off on before it happened. The only suggestion I would have is to make sure your energy provider followers up the paperwork they get sent from Essential Solar. I had to make numerous phone calls to mine to make sure they actioned the paperwork and organised the meter to get reconfigured as required so the energy you generate can be feed back into the grid. Highly recommend Essential Solar if you are considering getting a Solar system. Show additional information