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Essential Solar Reviews

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About Essential Solar, Solar Installers

Essential Solar is a Solar Power Installation company based in Tullamarine and serves VIC. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Essential Solar Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Essential Solar clearly explained the process and the timeline and everything ran to plan. Their knowledge and support throughout the planning and install was excellent. We were very happy with their price and the quality of the panels and inverter. Show additional information
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Purchase and installation was a seamless experience and quality of customer service was high. Essential Solar was responsive to my questions and their representative had a good knowledge and was able to relate that to my needs. The installed system of 18 panels is operating beyond my expectations. Show additional information
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Very pleased with the whole process from start to finish and accomplished with a minimum of fuss.
Everyone involved knows there particular role & carried it out with in a thorough and professional manner
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The company undertook a site inspection before submitting a quote. They went through the difficulties of installation to a 100 year old two storey house with brittle roof tiles and discussed the options with us. The design they came up with optimised the available roof space and allowed more panels to be fitted compared to some other companies. During the site visit they discussed the options available to us and we selected the Sunpower panels with a Fronius inverter.
The installers arrived at the promised time and worked steadily throughout the day. All broken roof tiles were replaced at the end of the installation. Follow up actions in relation to commissioning the system and advising the electricity retailer were carried out promptly and we were kept advised of progress. The system is now operational and operating as designed giving us over 5 kW at peak times. We are very pleased so far.
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Great company and very attentive staff and sales people. Would highly recommend. Show additional information
The sales process was prompt and personal. The representative visited the site before quoting and engaged in intelligent and helpful discussion of the available options. Installation was efficient and problem-free. The inspector commented on the quality of the work. The system has performed well to date. I have no hesitation in recommending Essential Solar. Show additional information
Very professional & easy to deal with Show additional information
Very pleased with the service and professionalism of Essential Solar from the Sales person Ray with David also spending time to discuss my installation, to the office staff and installers. Communication was fantastic in relation to installation times and changes. The system is up and running smoothly and we are pleased with the outcome. I have already recommended Essential Solar to a friend. Show additional information
Not yet Installed Show additional information
Hardware was competitively priced. Excellent service with immediate action and follow-up to my questions and requests. Installation was excellent: the two installers were intelligent, polite and efficient. Don't underestimate the importance of good installers. You can have a great system, but if it isn't set up properly, or if the installers damage your roof (causing leaks, etc.), then even good quality hardware will end up costing you more down the track due to follow-up work and possible roof damage. Show additional information
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After reading all of the bad experience of people who have bad sales people knock on their doors (Herald Sun 20/11/2017) I feel very lucky that I go through Solarquotes website and getting in touch of the 3 companies, very good and passionate people but I chose Essenstial Solar, just the personal choice. The install is quick even though it is delayed due to a fault from the apprentice guy, but very professional work, and the explanation during the process. Show additional information
We are yet to have our system design finalised and installed. We had thought we had done this with our salesperson, however once we had paid deposit we received an email from someone else which was inconsistent in a couple of areas than what we had specifically checked and clarified prior to proceeding with order. For example this included payment terms and expected timeline for install. A little disappointing. Appears to be back on track now however after further clarification. Hoping next stages of design and install live up to expectations provided by salesperson. If so we will be very happy. Show additional information
The way the retailer takes so long to admit you to the grid as I type this it has still not been done after 3 weeks. Show additional information
Essential Solar provided great customer service and value for money in explaining the solar concept and managing the installation. Show additional information
Essential Solar are very good to work with and have excellent customer service, follow up and support. Show additional information
It was great experience dealing with Essential Solar team. They have got professional team of sales consultant, designer, customer service & installation. They also offer monitoring and 6 months health check of your system. I have no hesitation in recommending all my family and friends to Essential Solar. Show additional information
I particularly valued the on-site discussion with the installers before they started work, so that the solar panels were orientated to get the best outcome and the inverter best placed should we upgrade to a battery. The follow up inspection was very prompt and we were operating within a few days after installation. Likewise the follow up with the wholesaler was prompt and well within the 30 days. So far so good, and much more efficient than the panels we had on our previous house. Show additional information
There is a reason these guys are on the top ten. The information session was thorough. The system components were the best. The installers were very professional. They arrived on time, were efficient, and cleaned up completely. The lead installer went through the full system again. Essential contacted me about the fronius app, set it all up and have been great Show additional information
Very happy with the service from start to finish. The salesman Ray was very helpful and certainly not pushy like most of the others. Once there was an agreement to purchase the system the girls in the office then take over. I found Rebecca & Jessica extremely helpful answering any of my queries in an efficient timely manner. Installation went relatively smoothly although some panels had to be placed on another side of the roof but this was explained to me and signed off on before it happened. The only suggestion I would have is to make sure your energy provider followers up the paperwork they get sent from Essential Solar. I had to make numerous phone calls to mine to make sure they actioned the paperwork and organised the meter to get reconfigured as required so the energy you generate can be feed back into the grid. Highly recommend Essential Solar if you are considering getting a Solar system. Show additional information
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Very happy with Essential Solar from the salesperson Ray, in collaboration with David, the installation by Mark and his team and the follow up with Rebecca and Jessica in the office. They have been utterly professional and very helpful to us who have had little knowledge of solar! Show additional information
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In short, Essential Solar were awesome to deal with and I am very happy with the whole process.

I wanted a 5kW system but needed advice on the details, ie, panel sizing & type, inverter options, if batteries are worth considering (not cost effective for me at today's price) etc. All 3 suppliers were friendly and helpful. I settled on the higher priced Fronius inverter (loving the app & desktop monitoring). In the end I went for a slightly "oversized" system, 5.8kW of panels, so that we get usable power across a larger part of the day, when its cloudy & wintertime. This is Melbourne after all.

The team at Essential were all great to deal with.

The sales guy was friendly (of course !) and basically knew his stuff. He thought the International version of the 5kW Fronius inverter would be used, but the Australian version was supplied on installation day. This is more robust than the International version anyway (look for discussion on, and this is what every other supplier would use, so I don't know why the sales guy mentioned it really.

The admin team at Essential Solar kept me informed of the schedule, helped explain the process after installation (inspection, filling out the Feed in Tariff form, etc) and answered all my questions promptly. Couldn't have been more helpful.

The installers arrived on time and worked quickly. Had there not been a broken panel they'd have finished just after lunch time. As it was, they had to wait for a replacement panel to be delivered and finished up about 2:30. The installer explained the system could only be turned on after the electrical inspection, which could be a week or more away. We were lucky, the installation was a Friday and the inspector showed up on the Monday ! Doesn't happen often.

THEN - after it had been working for about a week it just stopped ! I called Essential and they got someone out the following day. Just the owner !!! He quickly identified a faulty AC isolator switch, replaced it and got it all working again. Thanks David ! Superb service ! I am not at all unhappy about this failure because it's only when there is an actual problem you will find out how good the service is. Essential Solar pass with FLYING COLOURS !!! I don't think I got a bargain by any means, but I did get good value for money for something that I will own for 20 years or more.

Since we are a household of 4 adults who are home most of the time, we consume most of our electricity during the day from the roof. Since the installation, on a typical October day, consumption from the grid has roughly halved.

I recommend that anyone in Melbourne who's interested in getting solar to get a quote from Essential Solar.
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The sales person was wonderful. Constant contact when the company fell down on several points in the installation process. They forgot to book an installation date and had to be asked what was going on twice and then was told a date and they didn't turn up. I made a phone call and was put on to the Managing Director who explained we weren't even booked on that day. Several phone calls later and he managed to rectify the problem. We only had to wait for three days. The installers were very pleasant and extremely helpful. Now we are waiting for the sign off so our system will be on line. Show additional information
All pretty straightforward and without hiccup. Met our requirements for timeliness. Show additional information
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Waiting for electricity supplier to complete FIT so not sure on value for money or quality of system as it is too early to tell
Also technical advisor hasn't delivered User Manual & Warranty information
Emails from reporting Error & Event notifications are therefore very confusing
Jessica & Rebecca have given excellent assistance over the phone.
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Took onboard alot of useful advice from the sales technician, ultimately this led me to the decision on the product I went with, good service Show additional information
Has only just be inspected and turned on. So far so good but a bit early to comment in any detail. Show additional information
Haven't had it installed as yet, but so far the customer service has been wonderful Show additional information
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We chose Essential Solar as they seemed to have the more professional quotation documentation and we felt more confident with their plan to install the system.
As we chose the more expensive and greater capacity/warranty Sunpower panels the salespeople at Essential Solar seemed more comfortable with their application and ability to link with our 3 phase power supply - hence we have matched the panels with a Fronius Symo 5.0-3 inverter.
Will have installed prior to Christmas
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I was impressed by the whole experience with Essential Solar. The person who came to give me quote was punctual, polite and most importantly knew all about the product. The guys who came to install the panels were polite, efficient and cleaned up when they'd finished! Since having the panels installed, I've contacted Essential Solar a couple of times with some follow up questions and they've been really helpful. All in all, dealing with Essential Solar has been a very positive experience. Show additional information
Had a small issue with the installation that I wasn't happy with the placement of the panels - they didn't argue, just came back and changed it to my satisfaction very quickly and efficiently.

Overall customer service was fantastic the whole way through the process.
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I spent the first week just researching solar energy, trying to understand what I needed, system size, components and setting my budget. I initially spoke to ~10 companies, most didn't get shortlisted, some didn't return calls, others wanted to try the hard sell tactics. I was finally down to 4 firm quotes; 2 from this website (3rd refused to quote as they said the roof was too dangerous*) and 2 others (one was via my local Council). (* nobody else complained about the roof except Sky Power Energy). I selected the quote from Essential Solar as their price was the best on a $/W basis and they were the only one to provide suggestions on improvements or options, everyone else want me to do the design so they could simply quote.

I found dealing with Essential Solar was simple and straightforward. In my situation the roof layout and pitch was more difficult than most, which added to the price. It meant that to stay within my budget I had to go with a budget panel (ET Solar), but was determine to use the Fornius Inverter and Smart Meter on a 7.54kWp system. ES (Ray) was great to deal with while working through all the details, always helpful and responded quickly. Rebecca in the office has been great also, very friendly and responsive to questions.
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Essential Solar had a very informative, very friendly salesman who, right from the beginning, spent as much time as i needed to get my head around the technical solar information and how to apply it to our situation. And followed up with prompt email communication whenever I had a question. I felt very supported and comfortable, which is why we decided to go with this company, even though they were the slightly more expensive quote. Installation was seamless and simple, and the after-sales service so far is good. Happy with our choice. Show additional information
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Embarking on getting solar power was very daunting, but Solar Quotes put me in the position of being an informed customer, with result that I was able to chose a provider with great confidence.
I found the provider - Essential Solar - to be thoroughly professional and supportive. They were first to respond to the request for quotes and quick to set up appointments. Ray, the sales representative, was happy to spend time on technical questions after he had provided a quote. The design team were happy to work on alternative layouts to improve efficiency. The office staff were in constant communication to ensure that I understood exactly where we were in the process at all times (including dealing with the power companies), and the installers were fantastic; punctual, efficient and took great care to clean every last piece of packaging and wire clipping up before they left.
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Essential Solar and their operatives were extremely efficient. If only they were all I had to deal with my entire experience would have been faultless. Alas, one has to deal with the electricity retailer and wholesaler, this is where everything went bad, but thanks to the customer service of Rebecca and Jessica from Essential Solar I got through the experience (took 5 months) with my sanity. They were so helpful, always answered my emails immediately and offered suggestions and solutions on how to deal with the problems. Eventually the Ombudsman sorted it for me but Essential stayed with me the whole time. Couldn't recommend them more highly. Thanks! Show additional information
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Prompt feedback and installation. Show additional information
All staff, from the initial sales representative to the installation crew, were informative, considerate, respectful of the client and and the premises. Wonderful company to deal with, including post installation advice from the office (Rebecca). Show additional information
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