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About Essential Solar, Solar Installers

Essential Solar is a Solar Power Installation company based in Tullamarine and serves VIC. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Essential Solar Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Although I was keen to go solar, I found the prospect daunting. It raised so many questions!
What size/how many panels? Which brand? Which supplier? Which inverter? Which electricity retailer?
Can I put the panels on the North and the West side of the roof? On and and on it went, a real minefield, but then,
by a stroke of good luck I came across I couldn't believe it - ALL my questions were answered!
Not only that, but everything was explained in a way that anyone could understand. Best website EVER!
SolarQuotes helped me to decide on Essential Solar and I couldn't be happier.
Rebecca at Essential Solar was extremely helpful. She is obviously very knowledgeable and explained everything to me very well.
She got the solar system for me in record time and the installers arrived early in the morning and were finished by lunchtime.
After sales service included helping me to get the feed-in tariff from the electricity retailer. I find it hard to believe that
customer service like this still exists and am truly grateful. I don't often do testimonials, but this one I want to shout from the (solar) rooftops!
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Everyone I dealt with from Essential Solar were extremely helpful. Always prompt to reply to my queries and so knowledgeable. There was no delay on their behalf at all, and they went beyond the help I expected from them even beyond the installation. Very happy with their service. Show additional information
It was a very difficult decision as all three quotes offered high quality systems and were professionally and personably presented. I believe we would have had a good outcome with whichever quote we chose and we were much more confident of making a good decision because of the quality of our options.
In addition, the ability to access the wealth of information made available by Finn Peacock was a huge bonus, along with the knowledge that the companies who offered quotes had been thoroughly vetted. As a non technical person it was extremely helpful to be able to access information from a very technical source!

This was in marked contrast to the previous system we had purchased and with which we had been unhappy.
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After taking a day off work for the installation the installers didn't turn up as they had been delayed on another job, which was disappointing.

As compensation an extra panel was added to the system and when I arranged to pay the credit card fee was waived so overall the result was satisfactory.

The installation crew were efficient, neat and friendly. They explained several features of the system and the monitoring.

I like the fact that I can monitor the system from my phone and Essential Solar also monitor the system.
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David Bruce came to our home and fully explained all aspects of solar power, and measured up our site for a full design. When the installation people attended, they found they could move some panels to a group to minimise the roof space usage, and they did a great job. Show additional information
Just some advice:
Forget any supplier that wants you to pay a deposit before they will visit your home. I ended up with 5 quotes but only 3 visits.
Every salesman is impressive. It's their job and they know vastly more than the customer. Don't buy the salesman, buy the service and product.
Go with the supplier that offers you proof they have installed hundreds of systems and can show them in realtime from a web app.
Tell each salesman who they are up against. It's interesting to hear the way they comment on each other and how they actually know each other.
They claim they have their own installers, but other suppliers can dispute that. It's too easy to be re-assured by a salesman.
I chose Essential Solar for a few reasons:
* the owner spent over 4 hours with me both pre-sales and post-installation
* they are local
* they have many many customers and can show their inverters working in realtime
* they know their stuff and really do have their own staff
* I have an electronics background. The owner could talk to me and seemed to enjoy teaching me many aspects of solar technology. (They do have regular sales staff.)

The job started 2 weeks later and was completed on the same day.
I can't recommend them enough.
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Still waiting to receive instruction manual/advice regarding reading the Inverter info. on my computer etc. Show additional information
Essential Solar was a pleasure to deal with from the time they quoted though to the installation. No problems at all. Show additional information
All round very good customer service. System was installed on the promised date and was done within 6 hours or so. Had great after installation service with setting up the wireless connection as there was an issue on the installation date. Can't really rate system yet as I haven't been able to turn it on since the blood energy company hasn't came to switch over the metre yet... and it's been over 3 weeks since the installation date!!!
Overall had a really good experience with Essential Solar.
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Normal tradie stuff if booking in the job, then they don't show, then you call to follow up...
Then book in another day and they show up 90 minutes early and expect you will be there . Annoying and a definite negative.
But, the installers were friendly and cleaned up
The process is very slow - each step is done in sequence rather than starting them all as soon as the installation date is booked. Might be quicker if the inspector, the retailer and the distribution electricity company knew the install date as soon as it was booked so all their processes could start. We are "setup", but not getting paid for excess because we are still waiting for the distribution business to do their stuff. Annoying
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Essential Solar responded quickly to the request for a quote. I eventually heard from one other company after I had agreed to use Essential Solar and not at all from the third company. As I had sought 2 quotes independently I felt I had enough information to choose Essential Solar. I was very pleased that they were willing to visit my property and advise me of the optimum system. I had a quote from an electricity supplier and from another company by only viewing my property from satellite images. Show additional information
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All went well with Essential Solar until installation. Nothing drastic happened, but the installer suggested that he could fit 6 panels together on the north facing roof instead of splitting them. Then I said well if you can fit six, then you can probably fit more. I have a great big north facing roof, with only a solar hot water system on it. The person who quoted indicated that it would be 6 on the north (but split into 2 racks x 3 panels to go around the solar hot water), with the balance of 5 high on the west. The installer wanted me to make a decision on the spot, and I said I would like to ring his office. The installer rang the office and remarked to me that he hoped the design person wasn't in a meeting! Thankfully he wasn't, and this design person said if you can get them all on the north then do so.....10% more generating capacity on this side. I had discovered that they had really missed a step in the process......not sending me the design layout prior to installation. So, the 11 panels were all installed on the north, 9 in a straight bank, and 2 up beside the solar hot water system.
Install took about 4 hours, no problem, and he showed me the inverter working to pretty much capacity once everything completed. System now turned off and waiting for inspector. Looking good though.
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The connection with Essential was good from the beginning. The Solar Consultant came to my home and was clear with the information and what could be done and explained facts, figures and cost/benefits. The office staff were friendly and efficient. The installers turned up on time and despite a small hiccough, not of their making, the installation was carried out without much fuss, mess or bother. I now look forward to the sun shining. Show additional information
The entire "solar" experience with Essential Solar was exceptionally painless. The sales guy Ray outlined the procedure, the cost and the benefits. The installer team, lead by David arrived on time and within about 4 hours had the system installed, tested and ready to go. There was a little follow up work that was required and again David arrived on time. I am very pleased that I chose Essential Solar and would recommend this company. Show additional information
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Excellent service and quality. Always responded within the day and replaced my new system when there was an issue. Took 3 days to replace but that was ok. Customer service is excellent, nothing is too difficult and they rang to check if things were going ok. What you need when looking for something like this. Competitive pricing also which was a key area and we got a high quality inverter.

Highly recommended!
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Not yet installed Show additional information
I chose this company over the others because although they werent quite as cheap, the service was exceptional. Every step was explained, and the contact was excellent. Also my system will be permanently monitored. Highly recommended. Show additional information
Rebecca from Essential Solar was very knowledgeable, straight forward, good advice. She advised on different positioning than I had planned, and it made sense once she explained it. Not the cheapest quote, but I very quickly got the feeling that this was a company that was going to be very easy to deal with and provide that bit extra with customer relations and service. Show additional information
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Fantastic to deal with Vinnie the sales representative he was informative and knew his product. We would have no hesitation recommending essential solar if your thinking of solar have a talk to them
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Service first rate, from Sales, Installers and Office Staff. Cannot fault any aspect of my experience with Essential Solar. Show additional information
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It's been a pleasure dealing with Essential Solar. Vincent the company solar adviser was to the point and truthful , he advised and chose tier one products at a good price for us. I did check up on the choice of inverters and solar panels he had recommended and they all had a high rating and highly recommended. Once agreed to proceed with the installation Essential Solar quickly arranged all necessary paperwork, installation and inspection. The installation team were absolutely fantastic and very professional. I deal with electrical works so I can vouch for that. David was swiftly to respond to some minor technical issues. System is working fine. The only slow cog in the process has been the energy supplier in our case Energy Australia/Powercor , they are taking a long time to finalise things on their end but this is not stopping us from benefitting from the system. One final item, our inverter is a Fronius Primo, it can be easily remotely monitored from your phone, computer. I had the Fronius smart meter installed, this is a small device that gives you extra data on your system, such as how much one is drawing or exporting to the grid and own usage, in short worthwhile considering getting one installed. Show additional information
We had been looking at solar for a while now and even had sales people come out to us, some were even pushy and even tried to put us on the spot to sign up. But it took Ray from Essential Solar to came out and sit with us and our solar needs. His experience and knowledge is what helped us decide that this was the company and solar system for us. The installers did a great and professional install with minimum fuss, hell they didn't even have a lunch break now that's what l call commitment. We would like to thank Ray and all the staff at Essential Solar for all of their help, advice and after sales support. Would recommend this company to anyone thinking of installing solar without hesitation. Show additional information
They were very friendly, helpful and thorough. Also - they weren't pushy like some of the other retailers were. I got a good system (that takes into account my current and planned electricity needs) at a reasonable price. Show additional information
I would like to thank the whole team who were involved in the installation of my solar system .starting from the Ray who is one of the reasons that I chose Essential Solar to install my system, the men who installed it were very professional in what they did and cleaned up after the job was complete.
I highly recommend this company to all who are thinking of installing a solar system
Thank you Ray and all involved
I have no problems with anyone contacting me via email if they have any questions.
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The staff from essential solar were very helpful from the start of the process to the end.
I would highly recommend essential solar.
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Power company take time to contact us.
Company supplying product were fantastic when installing the product and the staff from essential solar were very helpful from the start of the process to the end.
We would highly recommend essential solar.
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Just got my first bill and very happy with my savings, Very happy with the service from Rebecca, I have rang her a couple of times with questions since and she is always helpful and friendly, the installers were great on the day, and the inspector raved about the quality of products and install. Show additional information
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We had a great experience with the solar supplier, no pushy sales person, he provided the facts in a very easy to understand manner and we were able to make the decision. We also read various reviews online and they were all positive. So thank you for supplying information to us to assist in choosing a good solar supplier. Show additional information
i was happy with my product Show additional information
Fantastic service end to end. Essential Solar was one of three companies recommended by Solar Quotes.
Information, support and follow-up from Rebecca and David were excellent and the installers did a great job (quick, clean and neat). System passed inspection without a hiccup.
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We had a faultless experience with Essential Solar right from the initial meeting with Paul their marketing manager right through to the completion of the job. They provided a comprehensive design solution for our system and assisted us in obtaining planning approval from our local council.
The installation phase was carried out smoothly and they provided full assistance in dealing with our energy providers, thanks Rebecca.
Overall an excellent experience in dealing with them and I have no hesitation in recommending their services.
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This company is a pleasure to deal with, nothing was a problem.
From the first experience with the sales engineer right through to the installers things just happened.
Very happy with everything and would recommend Essential Solar to anyone who is looking to install a system.
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The installers (Cathal and Chance) were very good in collaborating with me and keeping me informed during the course of the installation what they were doing etc. Well done boys. Show additional information
From the start, the people at Essential Solar were fantastic. Vincent visited first and went through in great detail my household's pattern of usage, past energy bills and listened carefully to what I, as the customer, was looking for. I found we were of a like mind and that Essential Solar would definitely give me what I wanted and most importantly, this advice was impartial. I had not wanted to go through any of the energy retailer as I felt that they would not want to give me the size of the system I wanted (big) as by doing so it would eat into the profit they made from selling me energy through the grid. Within a week of me agreeing with our plan, the guys were out, carefully installing 24 huge panels on my roof, wiring up all batteries and the inverter and it was all done in two working days - complete. David, the owner was then out to check out the last bit of installation and then came back a couple of days later and spent an enormous amount of time testing everything and making sure everything was working perfectly. Back in the office, Rebecca was making sure that we were sticking with the roll-out plan and coordinating information then required to go to my energy retailer and supplier. Everything was going along excellently but the customer service at Essential Solar wasn't going to let it rest there. Vincent came out again last week to check on everything, supplied me with a bottle of red wine with a picture of my array printed on the label (nice touch guys!), and followed up immediately queries I had (which were not technical - just for my own personal knowledge). I feel that if I ever had any other queries I could simply call Essential Solar and Rebecca would make sure that I was looked after immediately.

I found the whole experience completely satisfying. I have the solar system I always wanted, I received tremendous service and all for what I thought was an amazing price given the immediate savings I am making (as well as selling a considerable amount back to the grid - might even get a credit on my next electricity bill!). Since being connected, I have not (to my knowledge) purchased a single watt of electricity from my retailer and that was the level of self-sufficiency I wanted. I have raved about Essential Solar to all my friends and have almost got a family member across the line to approach Essential Solar to arrange for solar systems to be installed on both their residential premises and their beach-house. In my mind, Essential Solar is the only solar installation company I would ever ever recommend and as for getting a solar system at all - I would urge everyone to do so. I also told Vincent that should any future customer like to speak to an previous customer about their experience with Essential Solar, to not hesitate to pass on my phone number.
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Great service from Essential Solar. They rectified an issue with installation and took the time to explain things to me. Highly recommend them. Show additional information
Over all i'am pleased the way Essential Solar conducted them selves from the sale persons to the installers.
The inspector took around 13 working days to come out (all most 3 weeks) for a 10minute approval, before i could turn the system on.
I'am waiting on Power Core to connect before we see any rebate, usually a wait of up to 30 days.
My advise is to be patient for a long turn investment. Good Job..Essential
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