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About Enphase Energy, Solar Batteries

Enphase Energy solar batteries review

Enphase is probably best known for its microinverters - it's the world leader in this regard - but it also manufactures solar batteries.

Enphase was founded in California in 2006 and produced its first microinverter system in 2008. The company has had its ups and downs, but since late 2017 Enphase hasn't really looked back. As at late February 2020, it had a market capitalisation of  USD $6.39 billion. 

Enphase AC Battery

Enphase's first contribution to the home energy storage arena was the Enphase AC Battery, which has been around since 2016 - quite a long time when it comes to next generation storage systems. Australia was the first market where the AC Battery was available.

It's an AC coupled all-in-one modular system using lithium iron phosphate chemistry cells from A123 Systems. It isn't off-grid capable and as far as home energy storage goes, the AC Battery is tiny both in terms of size, power and capacity - it has a usable capacity of just 1.2kWh and a power output of only 260W. However, as a modular system, extra units can be installed to beef up capacity and power. 

The AC Battery has warranty of 10 years or 7,300 fully discharged cycles, whichever comes first. The capacity retention warranty is based on time in service or throughput and average battery internal temperature.

Pricing compares well against systems such as Powerwall when using multiple modules, but there are cheaper systems available if you're looking for a significant amount of storage capacity. You can see how the Enphase AC battery stacks up against other home solar energy storage solutions on price and features using our solar battery comparison table.

Enphase Encharge

Also on the horizon for Australia is the Enphase Encharge 10 system, a new all-in-one AC-coupled storage system comprised of three base Encharge 3 storage units (3.36kWh each) with a total usable energy capacity of 10.08kWh. It features twelve embedded grid-forming microinverters with 3.84kW power rating, enabling backup and off-grid operation. Like the AC Battery, Encharge 3 will have a 10-year warranty. Unlike the AC Battery, Encharge will be able to be installed outdoors.

We won't be the first cab off the rank for the Encharge system - it's expected be available in Australia after release in the USA.

If you're an Australian owner of an Enphase battery system, we'd love to hear your views on how it's going - submit your rating and review.

Enphase Energy Solar Battery Reviews

I need more batteries as we unexpectedly drain the 10KWH batteries down overnight to 30% then draw from the grid. I though 10KWH would be sufficient for our needs but no, I need another 10KWH to make a total battery capacity of 20 KWH support our usage overnight without drawing from the grid.
Bought From: Clean Earth Solar
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Bought From: Huglo Solar ACT Show additional information
Bought From: Penrith Solar Centre NSW Show additional information
I absolutely love my new battery. I log into the enphase app on my computer at least 3 times each day to see how it is performing. I cheer when the battery reaches 100% charge because I know that all the power we will use that night will be free.I have a new awareness of what lights and appliances are on. I keep turning things off and that annoys the hell out of my poor wife!

I am very impressed by the Solar Quotes website. It contains lots of information written in plain English. I learnt a lot and that gave me the incentive to install a battery. My wife and I are aged pensioners with limited money and that's why I didn't install a battery earlier. I have my fingers crossed that our electricity bills will be much reduced from now on.

I thank Solar Quotes for advising us of suitable high quality installers. This added to my incentive to go ahead and get a battery. I have told others about Solar Quotes.
Bought From: 1KOMMA5Sydney Z1 BR (Solaray Energy)
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Bought From: Online Air and Solar Show additional information
Bought From: Hunter Solar Solutions Show additional information
The batteries were part of the existing system bought about 7 years ago. (Just 2kw)

There were reporting / charging issues with the batteries that were coincidental with the install but not related to the install. Now resolved by Ehphase.
Bought From: Traeger Solar Residential
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Enphase IQ Battery 5P (5kWh) 1123 X 2
Bought From: Advanced Energy Management VIC
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10kWh - 2 x 5P batteries
Bought From: SunPeople Andrew
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Bought From: Penrith Solar Centre Newcastle Show additional information
Had installed in mid-July ’23 two IQ 5P batteries (10 kWh) with the IQ System Controller 3INT.

The installation went smooth and the software integration to the existing system of Enphase microinverters was seamless, and also in the Enlighten application.

However, a software issue arose between LED’s status in the Enlighten application and the batteries LED status, there was status difference, though minor in nature. This was resolved remotely within a few days; I must state the RLE support immediately was on top of the issue until resolution.

So What Differences are Noticed?

It has only been 2 ½ months from the install, however comparing 2022 and 2023 grid imports, up until the battery install in mid-July ’23 the monthly electricity imports are similar, the impact to the grid imports due to the battery is in kWh:
Month 2022 2023 Grid Independence
June 725 717 27%
July 867 654 35%
August 670 401 56%
September 513 174 79%

Even now in early October, on a clear day the system will easily produce a 90%+ grid independence and the month so far is 82%.
Bought From: Roland Lawrence Electrical
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I have only had the batteries about 1 week and so far everything I have seen on the APP gives me a warm fuzzy feeling that things ar working well with the batteries and the previously bought solar panels.
Bought From: Penrith Solar Centre NSW
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Bought From: Green Edge Technologies R Show additional information
Two 5kwh batteries. Can be easily configured and monitored through the app.
Bought From: Lightning Energy Melbourne
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Didn’t buy it from ultimate it was already fitted from old system
Bought From: Ultimate Solar Solutions Pty Ltd
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Waiting for the batteries to arrive in Australia, we have paid our deposit
Bought From: Penrith Solar Centre NSW
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With the current energy shortages we are contemplating adding another two modules
Bought From: SEA Solutions Australia
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Bought From: Solar Saving Show additional information
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Bought From: Global Solar Solutions Show additional information
Bought From: Global Home Solutions Hunter Show additional information
Got my first bill today after a full 1/4 with both my solar panels and the battery. I’m in credit almost $600 dollars. Almost $300 of that is from my solar and battery install, the other is from gov rebate being back dated. To say I’m over the moon is an understatement. Going from an electricity bill if $700-$1700 a 1/4 to them owing me is absolutely awesome. Adrian and the crew did exactly as they said they would. Save me money and give me peace of mind. Thanks Adrian, I appreciate all the work you put in to give me what was needed to help us survive in these hard times.
Bought From: Thoroughtec Pty Ltd
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Bought From: All Green Environmental Solutions Show additional information
Bought From: Global Home Solutions Hunter Show additional information
Bought From: RK Solar And Consulting NSW Show additional information
Bought From: RK Solar And Consulting NSW Show additional information
Bought From: All Green Environmental Solutions Show additional information
2 x Enphase ACB 1.2kwh AC Batteries - Doing the job exceptionally well and mounted in an area out of the weather.
Bought From: Keen 2B Green Pty Ltd
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Love the dual cycle ability
Bought From: Spot on Solar Newcastle
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Bought From: Hello Solar Show additional information
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