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Metro Solar are an established electrical engineering company and have been running a successful solar division for the past 5 years.

All their installers are full time employees and are CEC accredited. They specialise in both residential and commercial installations and their teams are also qualified A grade electricians.

Metro Solar are firm believers in microinverter technology which typically yields more generation than a conventional central inverter DC system, and results in safer voltages on your roof.

Metro Solar's microinverter system enables online monitoring through Power Tracker 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Not only can you see the overall generation of the system but you can see performances of panel by panel. Features of the Power Tracker monitoring dashboard, are email alerts if your panel or system stops working or underperforming, cost prediction and electricity consumption monitoring.

The guys at Metro also claim their customer service teams are happy to help with any query you may have, prior, during or after the sales process and install.

Reviewers report paying: $6,800 - $6,900 for depending on hardware choice and installation difficulty ( how is this calculated? )

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Outstanding Installer

Sales quoting was efficient, reliable and prompt have received power supply approval and waiting on an installation booking
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Sales process was great. Since giving them my money it’s been no good. Poor service. Panels installed a month ago. Not up and running yet. Still waiting on the installer to come back and fix the installation. Wouldn’t recommend
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Original Review on 13-10-2022:

Quick and effective installation

In Our Village, we already had reports on several suppliers who had varying problems. One of them was that some seem to have little idea of embedded electricity systems

Using other invoices from installed systems and one outside quote, I got a quote which included discounts with references to other Village installations. I signed up and paid the 10% deposit. Within 2 weeks 3 installers came and installed it in one day (the sun was shining!)
The system was checked two days later.
Unfortunately there was more than 30 days delay in getting the system actually recording my solar readings, which was disappointing as is also I haven't received help in installing the software appliaction.
Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: 3/5

10 months later we asked Edwin: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

Yes - except for the fact the supplier was unable to get their solar app on my to work.
I have to go to the solar panel to assess the Kwh being provided.

There is a need to know what Kwh are being used and at the same time to know what the solar system is providing.
Would love to get that!
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I think they are an unethical company

I recently moved house and shortly after received what appeared a very good offer from Metro Solar for past customers. When I called I was very quickly transferred to the sales team. He sent me a quote very quickly which stated numerous discounts and the amount I was to pay. There seemed a rush to get the paperwork done and I was told "we should be able to install for you before Christmas".

When I was completing the details to go ahead I realised I was applying for a government loan and the amount was in addition to the amount I had been quoted. At no point had I been told there was a loan involved or advised of any details of it and the amount of the loan was in addition to what I had been quoted. When a quote says total $2999 I expect that's what I will be paying not another $1400 on top. When I questioned this I was told "all quotes by everyone are done like this". At that point I still decided to go ahead and paid my deposit by credit card over the phone. The deposit was supposed to be 10% as stated. An additional $200 was charged to my card. When I questioned why they had taken in excess of the 10% ($299.90) I was told "we always take a $500 deposit". Metro Solar are an approved Clean Energy Council approved solar retailer. The Clean Energy council states an approved retailer will ensure the sales representative will act ethically at all times and not engage in any dishonest or misleading advertising. Upon questioning why my credit card has been debited for more than the 10% deposit I was spoken to like an idiot and told "we discussed it" At no point was it discussed or did I give authority for more than the required deposit to be taken from my account. It's now almost a month since I advised I want to cancel the installation and have my deposit refunded.

I have no faith in what Metro Solar would be putting on the roof. I was advised the accounts department probably won't refund the deposit but I haven't received anything in writing to advise of this. I have followed up three times with the sales team and was supposed to get an answer 3 days ago.

I will be making a complaint to Consumer Affairs as well as the Clean Energy Council as this is unethical.
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Until now all ok.

Quoting was straight forward and the sales person is friendly and answered all questions.
Will have to wait untill lockdown finishes here in VIC before any installation can happen.
Had to give an rating for installation for this to go thru, Finn, can you change this so when the installation is done, i can give an more accurate rating?
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Rubbish customer service

I was excited to have a system that had individual inverters on every panel making them more efficent. Initially the install went ok and the system operated fine. I later installed five more panels and a battery and that's when Metro Solar showed their true colours. The owner was very argumentative when I tried to explain that the panels were not placed where I wanted them.The installers thought that they could just walk into our home when it suited them and also installed an extra battery by mistake which was removed at a later date causing damage to my home. Metro didn't care and ceased all communication. Later my system had a fault with an inverter and I placed a warranty claim. They contacted me three weeks later saying that they could not find a company to carry out the work and asked me to find one which took me two days. Metro staed that there was a voltage problem in my house whic I was not made aware of when they installed our system. The electrician who carried out the repair said that this was absolute rubbish.

So in short arrogant and useless people to deal with.

Panel rating: 3/5
Inverter rating: 3/5
Battery rating: 3/5
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Great customer service and installation

The entire process was easy to deal with and Jeremy was very helpfull and always ready to provide advise. The install team was friendly and effeciant and they didn't break any tiles.
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Do not use this company

I strongly suggest you do not use this company. Initially the salespeople were very responsive and helpful and gave no indication of any problems. That was back in October. afterwards I would need to regularly chase them for an update on progress. It took them a month to submit the application (which was approved very quickly). Then more chasing by myself to only be told in December they were out of stock. more chasing through Jan to finally get an install date confirmed for mid Feb. The installers turn up and then tell me the roof was too high a pitch (something that could have easily been checked over the last 4 months) and they would have to reschedule but would not be a problem. I then wait several days to then have to chase yet again for an update to be told they can't do the install. 130 day! Worst customer experience I have had in a very long time.
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Beware of this company they may cause damage to your house roof and leave you with cost to fix the issue.

During the solar panel installation they blocked roof drain with conduits and drilled holes on spreader causing heavy leak to my house.
They are not ready to come back and fix not even sharing the insurance details

If you are using them for installation reconsider and cancel the contract that would be better and having damage to your property

Inverter rating: 1/5
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Unfortunately two of the solarquotes suppliers couldn't install enphase and tried to sell me solaredge. The other supplier was so far out of the ballpark on price. I therefore had to source other suppliers and quotes.
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Knowing very little about Solar Metro guided me all the way. Only go Metro.
Will only deal with them for future installation.
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12.950 kWp system with 2 x SolarEdge SE6000 inverters and 2 LG RESU 10H batteries (supplying two phases of a three phase power supply). The physical installation seems very competently done. Scant instructions regarding physical control of the system. Some issues with battery configuration have been resolved.
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Installation went fine back in 2014. Powertracker monitoring was good until it started acting up 2/3 months after install. Got the total run around from metro to try and get it back working. Was told panels still working and not to worry about it. Recently checked bill 9kw exported from a 2.4kw north east (in Victoria) facing roof system in the month of March. Trying to get powertracker monitoring back working to see if inverters are working. Rang metro solar who transferred me to powertracker mid sentence without even letting me know. Powertracker lad tried to assist. Tried to reset delco box (which seems to be part of problem). Nothing registered so powertracker lad suggest I contact delta (who are the hardware manufacturer) rang number disconnected ...... shambles, jokers - brutal gear
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These are the facts and everything can be backed up with emails and Enphase monthly production reports and photos.

Purchased 5.6kw system with 3 batteries. It was very good price. Was promised installation on or before my summer billing cycle (01/12/2017). System was installed on the 30/11/17. All great so far.

The only thing that changed in the installation setup was they had to swap me from Canadian solar panels to Jinko panels because of US imposed tariffs on imports or exports or something similar due to the Trump administration. I believed this and accepted it with no issues and no delays in my installation.

On installation day (30/11/17) I did notice that all the installers were very young but it all seemed to go fine. I didn't get any paperwork or run down on anything, i just got a thumbs up and off they rushed as it was now getting dark.

I rang Metro solar the next day to see if the system was working and how i could monitor it, i was then told that the system was fine but no meter had been installed due to the NSW government changing the rules on the (01/12/17) on who is allowed to install the meter for solar systems. At this stage I started feeling a bit off about Metro solar considering this was my second change in our deal due to a government story.

I did bring up the fact that it was installed the day before the law was changed and that id payed $500 in the price for the meter, and that i felt a bit cheated as nothing was said about this to me prior. I was then told to ring my electricity supplier to arrange meter installation and i was refunded the $500. After that I was promised that my system was fully operational and all I would be missing out on was my feed in tariff until the meter was installed. I was told it would be a few days until they sorted a MyEnlighten login so i could monitor my system. I then was asked to pay in full the balance, and i did.

As soon as i payed the balance communication between me and metro solar became much harder.

I didn't receive my account login for two weeks and it was only because their accounting department contacted me and requested i sign a form so they could claim there REC's. Then when i refused to sign until i had my account setup i received it the next day. Then when i logged in I can finally see that my system is not working properly, actually its hardly working at all, now commenced months of phone calls and emails of me being brushed and lots and lots of lies.

I’m going to jump ahead here because it’s important for people to know that these guys won’t lift a finger to help unless you’re pushing to get it sorted. My system was installed on the 30/11/17 and wasn't working correctly until 07/03/18. I had to go through NSW fair trading and send emails to Metro solar management on LinkedIn before they final sent someone out to fix it. They sent out Eris McCarthy who spent two half days at my house to correct all the mistakes from the install and remount batteries that were hanging off the wall because they had been tech screwed into gyp-rock.

There is so much more i need to put in here but I’ve been battling with this for four months and i just can’t spend anymore time on it. It’s really burnt me out. $14000 investment to then show no savings at all over summer and with all the back and forth and being constantly brushed off.. Any decent company would have offered to pay my summer electricity bill and when i asked for 50% of it through fair trading Metro solar just went back to what they know best which is lies, telling me and NSW fair trading that it was bad data from Enphase and my system was working properly the whole time. I responded to this by asking what where the guys from Eris McCarthy doing there for two half days at my place fixing it? Of course there’s been no reply.

I noticed there is some good reviews on here for metro solar and after my experience i honestly question there legitimacy.

Also Google Metro solar Liquidation, its important information and may have something to do with the way this company conducts business.

Never have i left a bad review before, but I’ve never experienced this type of poor workmanship and terrible after sales service and care.

I was warned to stay local when choosing a solar company but the price was too good at the time, but in hindsight that money I saved has now gone into paying my electricity bill for the summer.

Please think twice before choosing to go with Metro solar, these people do not deserve your hard earned cash.
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In June 2017 I started the process of purchasing 6.27kW + 3 Enphase Battery systems from MetroSolar.

The installation process was extremely long with communication from Metro Solar limited. Deposit Paid 16 June 2017, Panels and Battery arrived on 28 September, System finally went live 29th November due to numerous delays caused by the installers lack of coordination of the ACT Planning and ACTEW for the checks. Thankfully I paid cash otherwise they would of been paid in full from when the panels arrived.

The company was notified 27 October that one of the Enphase Batteries was dead on arrival. Currently, (6 March 2018) after numerous follow-ups Battery is still not replaced.

After 3 months of operation Peak Output of a 6.27kWh system Dec - Feb is only 5.09kWh this using REC Twin peak premium panels., No shading and Roof Faces NNE

I have to resort now to Fair Trading just to get the battery replaced. 

I am not sure if MetroSolar is simply unprofessional or just incompetent.
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I must say my whole experience and dealings with Metro Solar from start to finish has been a real example of a efficient, customer friendly professionally run company, from the start when l first contacted them l dealt with Charles who quickly thoroughly and efficiently, covered my numerous questions and queries, visited on site re sitting query, then the design and work scheduling area quickly followed up, booked in my job, then yesterday the two man installation crew arrived on time, were very polite and courteous, and got right into it, and did a first class job, explained everything, thoroughly cleaned up,answered several questions l had. l was then emailed the link for a app so l could monitor my system for it’s power production, a excellent user friendly app.,
Then first thing the next day, a electrical inspector arrived to check and sign off on the work performed, the system is all up and running.
If your looking for a top class professional efficient company at a reasonable price l can thoroughly recommend contacting Metro Solar.
The above is in stark contrast to numerous other company’s in the Solar Industry reading feedback on social media.
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I recently had an install with Metro Solar. Prior to this I found their quoting process very efficient and without any pressure tactics. They were friendly on the phone, willing to answer my questions, and overall great to deal with.

The installation was delayed due to rain, but after a few days the system was up and running.

Everything has worked flawlessly since installation and the quality of the product is very obvious.

The support team are very friendly and willing to help.
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The installation was subcontracted out to a local installer in my area as Metro Solar operate out of Melbourne. The installer was great.
Still waiting for inspections by govt authorities etc.
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Offered best balance between quality of system vs price. Was kept informed on progress of regulatory approvals and installation timeline

Quality of installation work was great and completed on time.

I have found Metro Solar's customer support to be consistent across all departments from sales through to installations.
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Right from the word go the service has been terrific. If there was an issue it was dealt with immediately. Recently I had an inverter issue which was promptly fixed.
The staff at Metro have always been friendly and efficient.
I would highly recommend Metro Solar to others.
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Very easy company to deal with. Quick turn around. 3 weeks from start to finish. Products are good, sales staff know thier products. Installation team
very professional.
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6.4kW Solar System with X 2 batteries - Had a great experience with Metro Solar!
Staff were kind, knowledgeable and very helpful - I was kept in the loop with all stages from start to finish. The Installation Team were professional, super quick and very tidy! Overall Im extremely happy with my Solar System & battery install - System looks great and the batteries look very impressive! Big thank you guys, i will be back for more batteries in the near future!
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Recently had an install with Metro Solar. Very easy company to deal with. Very quick turn around. 3 weeks from start to finish. Products are good, sales staff weren't pushy. Can't stand pushy sales people. Finally looking forward to receiving a power bill
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Original Review on 20-05-2016:

No pressure from supplier. Just provide info needed & let me decide. Prompt installation after making decision. System is performing above expectations. Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5

8 months later we asked John: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

Yes it has. Great output so far & happy after our first year. Enphase had to replace the monitoring equipment which was done promptly with great guidance on the new unit installation
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Had our system installed back in 2014. Worked really well for 2yrs. On the monitoring software we noticed a micro inverter was down. Sent metro an email took a week to get a response. The boss told me he checked the system it's working fine. I decided to get a second opinion from powertracker they agreed with me. So I sent another email tried to call waited another week maybe more. Eventually the boss decides to send me the warranty claim form. I fill it in give all the details, he tells me it's all good. So since I've submitted the warranty claim I've had no other contact. I've emailed every week no response. Very disappointed we chose this company based on the 25yr warranty on the micro inverters. Seems the warranty is worthless! I've tried contacting the micro inverter manufacturer but their line is dead. Seems I've got no options but to get another company to repair or replace my microinverter. Very disappointed in Metro and will not recommend them to anyone.
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The reason for going with Metro Solar was for just under the cost of the highest quoted from your suppliers; Metro included a full upgrade of the old powered board.

Additionally, the system came with micro inverters on each panel considerably reducing the high heat issue for the inverter - operating at 60 to 90C in mid-summer with an all in one inverter. Particularly when one quote had a 4kW inverter for a 4.5kW solar output; consequence max heat load on the inverter accelerating deterioration.
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I’d never heard of Metro Solar, having previously preferred local solar suppliers. The story; I’d seen very good reviews on Canadian Solar panels (Choice; overall score #2 out of 15 tested) so thought it worth the effort to try and source them. I contacted Canadian Solar in February to see if they were available in Tasmania only to be told “no, not yet”. Two weeks later I had a call from a company called Metro Solar saying they’d been contacted by Canadian and could do the work.

They sent their quote, (Canadian Solar 315w specified) and I paid a deposit late March and they emailed approval of the system mid-April. Mid May they emailed me that stock was delayed but will arrive at their warehouse next week. Mid-June, no news so I rang to chase up…the Installations “Manager” said she’d follow up. Mid July no news (yet again) so I rang again “stock had been held up due to bad weather on Bass Straight but the shipment left today to go to the installer who’s near you.” Week 3 in July I was really ticked off and “googled” Metro Solar and saw an item that a Liquidator had been just been appointed. I rang the Liquidator who advised it was almost certain that I would not be able to recoup any of my deposit but sent me a copy of the report which said Metro Solar had been purchased by an “associated entity”.

To cut to the quick, the installer emailed a few days later he’d received the gear and arranged to do the install on August 24. That day came…he turned up with panels that were not Canadian Solar. I couldn’t believe it, waiting 5 months and they sent the wrong gear!! As a matter of principal (let alone breach of contract) I told the installer to take the gear away (he was also out of pocket having hired two extra blokes to help with the day’s work.). I then rang the Installation “Manager” who said they “forgot” to tell me they couldn’t get the panels I ordered!!!. Metro Solar eventually refunded my deposit after I emailed them saying I’d contact ASIC, Fair Trading, etc. One furious “customer” here. If I could give a proper score here it would be ZERO.
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No one will return my phone calls/they were all over me UNTIL I paid the deposit on the 18 April still no comms .
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Read reviews on here prior to deciding which company yo go with. Metro seems to have a good standing with customers. My dealings have been terrible.
After lengthy discussions as to what system I wanted I finally had a quote sent to me expressly detailing the exact items I'd requested.
Fast forward two months and I've got an installation date booked in. Was told two days to install due to size of the job.
Installers arrive, get to work. All seems good. Microinverters go up and I see they're the wrong ones. Ask the installers what the go is and they call their boss to find out. Their work order states Metros work order states they're correct. Ask for details on the panels supplied and they're incorrect as well. Check the envoy and again it's wrong.
I call Metro and I am out on hold for a few minutes while they try to figure out what's happened. They get back to me and ask if they can call me back in a couple of minutes. I agree. Wait an hour and no return call. Decide to call them back as the installers are waiting on instructions on what to do. They call back just as I am trying to call them.
They admit they sent through the wrong work order. Offered compensation that seemed fair at the time. So I agreed to have the wrong items installed. Seeing as there would be another lengthy wait for the right ones to arrive I figured it would be the right decision.
Day three of installation comes around as I was originally told only two days I had plans to be out on the third day. Leave the installers to finish up. Get a call from installers in the afternoon informing me they couldn't set up the envoy fully as it was supplied without the upgraded firmware. They inform me that they usually are and he isn't sure why it wasn't done before dispatch. It needs to finish it's upgrade before they can change the settings. Get home and have a look around. Notice the meter hasn't been upgraded as well. This was part of my contract with Metro and had been paid for. Contact the installers directly and they confirm it hasn't been done. There was no instructions on the work order for it to be done by them. I contacted Metro again via email as it was outside their business hours. Waited a full business day and no reply.
Please, check what the company has supplied to the installers even if the company is highly reputable. You're paying for a specific product, make sure you're getting what you have been billed for.
Inspect everything you can during and after the installation.
I've paid a lot of money and I don't have a single thing I asked for. Wrong panels. wrong microinverters. Wrong envoy. No meter upgrade. Envoy not fully connected.
Update: was assured meter upgrade would be done by Tuesday. It's now Wednesday night. No call from either Metro or local installer. No upgraded meter. Emailed new case manager for my project. Auto reply stating they're on leave and have limited email access at this time.
No idea when it will be done. Paid the extra hundred dollars for the convenience of having the meter done on the day install was completed. Figured it would be easier than having to schedule my own electrician to come out and do the job. Having to be home, power being turned off while they worked etc. Now it looks like I have paid for an inconvenience instead.
While the system installed is decent, no part of it is what I ordered and paid for. Would have scored higher there if some part of it matched my order.
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If there is a warranty problem we can't get them to fix it or answer their phone.
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There were no suppliers in the Hervey Bay area who offered Solar Systems using micro-inverters.
The company Metro Solar is based in Melbourne but have offices in every state.
They are an Enphase Energy partner.
I won't really be able to assess the full system until we have lived in the house for a full year.
So please feel free to remind me to review the system in September 2017.
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Still waiting for the installer to contact me with an installation date, Metro Solar could tighten that up.
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The salesman promised everything and after money paid for system that is where the service stopped. False information to questions asked was provided. Promises were made and never kept and they now fail to return my calls. We will see what happens when they are taken to Court as I have documented proof of all things stated.
I was promised a lot to get the system signed up then forgotten, price was over the top for what you get. After the sale was done and things went wrong I sought clarification to certain matters and was given lies or they refused to answer the question.
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Metro Solar went out of their way in the customer service department. The whole process through quotes to installation was plain sailing.
I would highly recommend this company.
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When getting quotes I asked for a 7kw system and told all suppliers that I had a maximum budget of $10000. Two companies came back with quotes in budget.

The one who didn't get the quote tried to explain that they were the biggest and best, with the longest warranties and customer service. And that their panels were far better. I found that rather off putting as I have checked all information and believe that what I have chosen is as good as what they offered, by a company that is larger and has been around longer. As the product was equal along with the quote I basically chose the installer who was able to quote in budget first.

Don't believe very thing you're told as the people who call you are not the installers, but rather sales people employed to get you as a customer for the company that employs them. Do your home work, ask lots of questions but don't let the hard sell get to you.
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The sales team was very helpful, days upon days asking questions "how do you do this?" , how does this work? type of questions. All questions were asked without issues or hesitation, they were open about why they use 310w panels. Clearly displaying the panels, that they had available, all quality panels, such as Qcell, LG or Canadian Solar. Chosen, Canadian solar, as they were in my price range, LG panels in 310W would be too expensive.

A few days later, the deposit was paid, and has a installation date the week later. Where it was installed yesterday. Three weeks from the deposit being paid.

The two installers arrived at 9:30, understandable as it's an hour + drive from where they are located to here.
They were very professional, they knew exactly what they were doing (I'd hope so). They described were the best place for the panels to go, and they explained the reasons why.

Finished at around 3-4 o'clock, the guy explained how the Enphase system worked, and left. All rubbish was clean up unlike, some installation I have read.

After they left, I checked the installation, all cabling was tidy and panels were installed perfectly, all straight and no cracked panels etc.

Just have to wait for the inspector to check the installation, and it will be all set.

Thank you again Metro Solar, If I had to go with Metro Solar I would – (Maybe for battery installation or more panels in the future)

- You might be thinking, I have been told to say this, or being paid to say it.
But it's not the case, this is genuinely what I thought about the whole process, and it was amazing. Metro Solar was there every step of the way.
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Original Review on 13-03-2015:

The attraction for me was the individual solar panel monitoring with micro inverters. The issue is that you have to pay extra ($310) at the time of writing for this additional functionality from enphase. Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5

8 months later we asked Trevor: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

Yes it has. So far none of the microinverters have failed. Will see over an entire Summer
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I did a comprehensive analysis using several criteria (not just price) of all quotes I received including the 3 you arranged. The final decision came down to Metro Solar or Solaray. The tipping points were warranties offered and and the monitoring system extras offered free. Price was very close.
Even though I didn't use one of your suppliers I found your service very useful and would recommend using it to others.
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I was seriously impressed with the initial salesperson at Metro, Stephen, who spent nearly one hour explaining , answering my questions and going through the whole process , micro inverter versus string inverter, solar power needs and technical information in a thoughtful , non- jargonised fashion , which increased my understanding of the solar power requirements I needed for my 9.6 Kwh average daily usage, along with comparative analysis of similar products all without the hard sell!

After this informative conversation , I had a clear indication of what I needed, how and when these needs could be realised , and importantly how much it was going to be.

Install was completed on time ( actually they arrived at 7am for an 8 am booking) in under 2 hours , and monitoring modem and power tracker software up and running.

I await the final stage of the process , activation of the solar metre by the energy provider, if that is completed within 15 days as described ,the process will have been very smooth from start to finish.

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I had 3 young men install my system on an extremely hot day. I told them I had chilled water for when their own water ran out. These men were extremely polite when asking for something as simple as water. They spoke well, generally and about their work. I would recommend the installers to anyone.
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They mis lead me with their advertising, This next statement is on there website.

Metro Solar's microinverter system enables online monitoring through Power Tracker 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Not only can you see the overall generation of the system but you can see performances of panel by panel. Features of the Power Tracker monitoring dashboard, are email alerts if your panel or system stops working or underperforming, cost prediction and electricity consumption monitoring.

I chose micro inverters believing I would get panel by panel data. Not true unless you pay an extra $300 dollars.
There site clearly states that you can see performance panel by panel.

Also recently my envoy lost its IP address was down for 3 days Where was my email informing me that the system was not reporting any data.
Could have been blown up for all they cared. Would not recommend them. Would be happy with refund and they can come and remove system. Worst decision I have made.
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The proposal to install a solar electricity system meant there was a steep learning curve in order to make an informed decision. Your web pages were extremely valuable. Two prospective suppliers Solargain and Metro Solar were outstanding with regard to the information they provided about the equipment they proposed to install and the expected performance of their systems. Metro Solar installed the system three days ago. The two blokes efficiently completed the work in about four hours and their work appears to have been carried out in a good tradesman-like manner. They also setup the internet-based system monitoring systems and demonstrated the PowerTracker software. The Metro Solar system uses Enphase micro-inverters. Enphase provides software for me as the system owner to view performance of the system as part of their promised 15 year monitoring warranty.
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System to be installed next week on 6th October.
Good sales and support team and sent a lot of technical info that others did not want to supply. And seem to have a better understanding and explanation
of how my system will work given that I have 3 phase power supply.
Better quality panels than most (per their supplied data...) and it is a micro-inverter system which I wanted for ease of potential expansion and other reasons.
They also have a scalable battery storage system that the system is pre-wired to use and which we intend to install when able to afford.
Once it is installed and running I would be happy to give further feedback.
I believe Metro will be using a local installer from Condobolin - only 100km away which is close for us..
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Original Review on 05-03-2015:

I had installed a microinverter system at a standard single string system price due to the fact that the company was having a January stock take sale. I believe i got a great buy and it was a quality system as well . It pays to really shop around. Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 4/5
Customer Service: 3/5

7 months later we asked John: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

as i said above, above expectation. on a good day in september for example getting 17 kwh, for a 3.1 kw system, with 10, 315w panels. power bill is down by 50% for a 2 person household because we do a lot of things now during prime electrical generation eg washing,using the spear pump to water etc
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Not all suppliers referred by Solar quotes were not able to offer a micro inverter system as the specified requirement
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The system and company has been chosen but we won't be instaling for a few weeks yet. I have found this company to be impressive from the get go. Check out their monitoring - I doubt that any other company offers anything as comprehensive. This is their point of difference. They work with quality hardware - but its their monitoring where they have the edge. I believe these people to be top professionals.
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