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All Green Environmental Solutions Reviews

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About All Green Environmental Solutions, Solar Installers

All Green Environmental Solutions is an Australian family business started on the Central Coast of NSW and specializes in the installation of grid connect photovoltaic solar power systems to homes and businesses throughout NSW.

The company says that it only uses the most reliable brands of solar panels and inverters such as Suntech and Sungrid Suntelligence panels matched with Orion inverters. All Green Environmental Solutions says that it will give discounts for two or more neighbours signing up for solar power systems together; the larger the group, the bigger the discount. The company is a Clean Energy Council member and it says that all installations comply with Australian standards and Energy Council guidelines.

Customer testimonials for All Green Environmental Solutions are available, and include the following:

“ Your customer services team were very helpful, and I certainly appreciated the considerable amount of time that you spent initially outlining all of my options, and later keeping me informed of each step of the process. The care and dedication to detail shown by the installation team far exceeded my expectations.”

“ I am delighted with my new system and it was a pleasure doing business with you! It looks great and I am thrilled with its performance. You provided a first class service and I would highly recommend your company to anyone, as I know they will be as impressed as I was !”

All Green Environmental Solutions Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Installed 20 micro inverters and envoy metered. the envoy they installed already had 20 different inverters installed,they did not know how to remove the extra 20 inverters, this gave a fault condition on warning lamps on envoy, it has been rectified now and runs perfectly now. They could not get my internet running on installation day and told me i needed a new wireless modem,i bought one at cost of 250 dollars on eBay before i got my old modem to work on system just fine.I had to work this out by myself because they haven't got a clue how to configure the envoy properly. They also told me to download enlightenment manager so i could have a better look at system performance. Then when i could only get my enlightenment to work they said it was only available at an additional cost. The panels on roof were not put on level, I had to adjust the bolts under the panels to make them look level.
Plus they have to be pushed to send receipts, as of now iIam getting 2 extra batteries and have paid a 2000 dollar deposit and have not received any notification that I have paid it .
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We were happy that All Green provided a site visit and customer service has been great. All questions answered and pleased to use a local company. Show additional information
Great system, love the enphase monitoring, being able to see production and usage is fantastic. System was installed within 2 weeks and meter a week later. 5.2kw jinko panels with enphase micro inverters. Show additional information
We were supplied three companies to obtain quotes and to be honest there was very little between all three. All were professional, well informed and nice blokes to boot. All turned up as arranged for the quotes and were happy to answer all questions. All companies suggested similar systems and solutions and there was only a few hundred dollars bottom line between the three quotes (All around $6,000 after rebates). In the end we went with the cheapest (also had excellent reviews) which was All Green Environmental with a 12 panel micro-inverter with Enphase monitoring system. Once we accepted (19/8/16) the quote everything went very smoothly. Communication was great, appointments were kept, installation (8/9/16) took only five hours from arrival to driving away. Final connection a few days later. The system has been operating without fault (as of 27/9/16) and we monitor performance via Enlighten Manager software. I will mention the other two companies - GoSolar Newcastle (Wayne) and Solar Australia (Andy) - as I would be happy to recommend their companies also based on the quotes and professional manner. Could have gone with any of the three really........but we went with All Green Environmental and happy to endorse them. Next year batteries !

PS. Thanks again to Solarquotes. Made the entire process much easier/ less stressful.
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Very satisfied with overall experience from quotation through installation to commissioning. Once we accepted quote, panels were installed within 2 weeks as advised and the meter connected a week later. 5.2 kW jinko panels with enphase micro inverters and enlighten monitoring. System has now been operating for a week. Even had a follow up phone call to check we are happy with everything. We love our enphase monitoring, it is fantastic to be able to see both production and consumption. System has been putting out in excess of 25kWh per day even though we haven't had a full day of sunshine without clouds. Would highly recommend the company and process. Show additional information
All Green inspected the site and gave a firm quote. They missed I needed a communication cable to be installed between the workshop and house but installed it at the quoted price. The service and installation went through without a problem, I would recommend them as a company to deal with. Show additional information
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Scott and the team were fantastic. I spent plenty of time bouncing off them for information until I was satisfied I was armed with the information I needed to make my decision.
They were one of the few companies that didn't try to rubbish their competitors service or product. They just identified the strengths of their own and were able to back it up with great customer testimonials. I would gladly recommend them to anyone. They offered a variety of products from top of the line systems to more budget friendly. Im looking forward to dealing with them in a few years when I look into battery storage.
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The installation went with out a hitch, apart from a couple of weeks of rain which we cant blame the guys for.
All that left now is the smart meter to be installed. The guys from All Green Environmental Solutions were very professional and helpful in explaining the system to me.
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Did install under 2 weeks from deposit, in and out by around lunch, system seems to be running well, no problems so far. Show additional information
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Very happy with the supplier that we chose great customer service. Show additional information
Good overall explanation and took time to answer questions. Show additional information
Very happy with my choice, Scott and his team are very professional and I love that I can monitor my solar production and power consumption through the App. I am producing more power than I am consuming thanks to Scott's advice regarding the best size and system based on the power I was already consuming. Show additional information
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Scott and his team did a great job getting the system up and running with minimum fuss.

Communication a little difficult at times but all appointments where kept and no problems experienced.
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High quality panels and inverter. (No other company offered the German made SMA inverter for this price). Also there was a $300 discount if I ordered by the end of the month. Neat, clean, no problem installation. Show additional information
The initial approach was by the installer, not a sales person, I found him very good explaining what the system was about and he climbed onto the roof to measure the area where it could be installed. The system was installed in less than a day utilising just two installers. The follow up to connect to the grid was quite swift seeing as the electrician had just had a knee replacement.
Scott Ford was most helpful and he can be proud of the work the installers did and the work the electrician did.
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Aall good prompt reply, very helpful & would recommend to others. Show additional information
Allgreen gave me a call and after I pondered who to go with as far as an install I ended up getting another call from Allgreen to answer one of my queries that I submitted via email.
Allgreen were quick to follow up, fast with their answers and quoted me the system I wanted .
I ended up with Trina honey 260W panels and an SMA 5000TL inverter.
First there was a blip when they turned up only a few days after I accepted the quote with the wrong gear.
They had loaded the wrong job ,so booked me in again for the next morning.
They arrived early the next morning and had the system installed by the afternoon including a cat 5 connection to my modem/router for monitoring.
Next the electrician rang me the next day and booked me in to have the bidirectional meter installed.
He came up on a Saturday and did the install and had me up and running that after noon.
Can't complain, they did all the ground work and all I had to do was pay the bill when completed.
Total $6,600 , I am pulling up to 35KW per day on a good day and 25KW on a cloudy day.
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System only partially installed (not due to any shortcomings of the contractor- but we are doing other electrical works and aren't ready to complete yet).
I am happy with AllGreen's work so far.
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The system was installed 28-9-15. We now wait until next friday (16-10-15) for meter install and commissioning. Rain had some effect on install, taking a week. Pity about the delay.
Mark group sent a representative but failed to quote when I asked an awkward question. I am a retired electrician!
Solaray did not send a rep. even though I informed them the distribution board was in a cupboard inside the house and the meter board was some 40 metres away on a pole and they should be examined before giving me a fixed price. They gave me a competitive quote saying "no problem".
AGE attended and answered all my questions, and they got the job.
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No sales push, just good value, and the installation went very smoothly and quietly too, excellent job. Show additional information
Would highly recommend Scott and his team from All Green Environmental Solutions to anyone seeking a very professional and punctual was a pleasure doing business with them... Show additional information
We are in the early stage of installation so if you would like to send the survey later in the year I will be able to give you a more complete evaluation. So far all is going good and Scott has been very helpful.

Thank you Finn for the valuable assistance in setting me on the right path and in a style that really helped a raw novice!
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I was initially directed to All Green Environmental Solutions by my son, not through Solar Quotes, although they did recommend them as one of their quotes.
My son had used them to install his solar system earlier in the year in Newcastle and was glowing in his recommendation.
Scott and Joel were excellent to deal with in all regards. The only small problem was that the contracted meter installer took several weeks to complete the job, apparently because the meters were not able to be sourced. I would highly recommend All Green Environmental Solutions of Kariong, NSW
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I actually found that the other, more expensive suppliers were trying to create a sense of awe with their fancy online designs through NearMap Solar and, in some cases, used pushy sales tactics. This was a bit offputting. In reality, our system was a relatively easy install with ideal roof space and orientation for solar and All Green's no frills, no fuss approach to the job, combined with their excellent price won out in the end. Once we went ahead with the order, I found them to be responsive and the install appears to have gone smoothly, although our meter has not yet been switched over. Show additional information
All Green Environmental Solutions were the only company to send the electrician who installed the system to evaluate the installation and provide the quotation. They were the only company to provide a fully detailed quotation complete with their terms and conditions rather than basic emailed prices I received from the others. They quoted Trina panels and SMA inverter which ranked equal or higher to those offered by the other companies. Their price was significantly lower than the others and I was concerned it may have been "too good to be true" but they had provided good systems and warranty support to friends of mine over several years so I went with them. The installation and quality of workmanship they provided is of very high quality and they accommodated my needs in locating the inverter to suits possible addition of batteries down the track. They were able to install the system within a couple of weeks of me accepting the quote with only a few minor organisational hiccups due the chaos caused by the storms in our region in April that took out power to their office for several days. The installation of our meter and connection to the grid took no time at all. Overall they were very professional in their approach and have provided a top quality system we are very pleased with and with no hassles on our part. Show additional information
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AGES was significantly cheaper than the other suppliers who quoted, however all equipment was Tier 1. Some minor delays with installation with the Inverter as it was out of stock when the Panels went up. Overall it took two weeks to be fully operational and generating electricity. Show additional information
The system was installed within 1 week of my acceptance of the quote and when they said they would. The design called for 8 cells on the eastern facing roof and 12 on the western side. The installer actually installed 10 cells on each face. This error was very quickly rectified.

The changeover of the meter also occurred as planned.

The Wattson monitoring system was not indicating correctly and it took several calls to Scott to get this rectified.

I am very happy with the system and can reccomend Scott and All Green Environmental Solutions.
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Currently experiencing leak from the roof with the installation of the panels, awaiting response from company. Show additional information
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They were fast starting the job and easy to contact but they kept on "waiting for parts to arrive" which meant it took them over a few weeks to complete the job. Then they had trouble connecting them to our wifii network and we had trouble with not all of the panels initially working. They are all working well now, it just took a bit of work at our end. I felt at times that the team didn't really know what they were doing, but everything is up and running now. Show additional information
I got a 2.5kW system, not 2kW as in your question Show additional information
The system is a 5kw which only produces 3.5kw in full sun. I have requested reasons for this as i would have expected around 4.5kw. It's either going to be the quality or the orientation of the panels. Show additional information
Solar Power is at present a minefield. Almost need to do a risk assessment before you start. DEFINITELY recommend those without knowledge do some research. Some quotes I got were as high as $14k and as low as $2800 for a 3kw system. Some will even offer prizes through crossword puzzles and big discounts for their signage in your front yard.
You should really know system size, brand of panel, type of inverter and knowledge of required racks before you start and DO NOT get swayed by professional sales talk.
I was one of the lucky ones with a electrical background, but even then I did my own thorough research. All Green Environmental Solutions ticked all the boxes even though I did not purchase their advertised Inverter.
Thank you Finn for recommending them.
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I was after additional panels for my existing system partly as a replacement for a broken panel and also to ensure I had spares for expansion. All Green helped explain compatibility, explained about restrictions due to the solar rebate scheme, and then provided a full supply and install. They were professional from start to finish and I felt were not only reliable but willing to provide value for money. I highly recommend them. Show additional information
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Scott from All Green Environmental Solutions has been great with all aspects from quote to installation and after sales service.
I found all 3 company's responded next day to my enquiry for quotes and all had helpful staff.
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We are very happy with our system and supplier. It is hard to rate them as we have nothing to compare them with. Show additional information
Prompt and courteous service from quote to installation. All completed in a timely fashion. Show additional information
I received three quotes for a 5 kW system and they varied from $10,000 to $5,800. Make sure you get a good brand inverter like an SMA brand or equivalent and that the quote covers the full installation, some companies do not allow for the installation of the meter in there quotes. Show additional information