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All Green Environmental Solutions Reviews

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About All Green Environmental Solutions, Solar Installers

All Green Environmental Solutions is an Australian family business started on the Central Coast of NSW and specializes in the installation of grid connect photovoltaic solar power systems to homes and businesses throughout NSW.

The company says that it only uses the most reliable brands of solar panels and inverters such as Suntech and Sungrid Suntelligence panels matched with Orion inverters. All Green Environmental Solutions says that it will give discounts for two or more neighbours signing up for solar power systems together; the larger the group, the bigger the discount. The company is a Clean Energy Council member and it says that all installations comply with Australian standards and Energy Council guidelines.

Customer testimonials for All Green Environmental Solutions are available, and include the following:

“ Your customer services team were very helpful, and I certainly appreciated the considerable amount of time that you spent initially outlining all of my options, and later keeping me informed of each step of the process. The care and dedication to detail shown by the installation team far exceeded my expectations.”

“ I am delighted with my new system and it was a pleasure doing business with you! It looks great and I am thrilled with its performance. You provided a first class service and I would highly recommend your company to anyone, as I know they will be as impressed as I was !”

All Green Environmental Solutions Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Good local Quality Installers. Matched the bigger city company's price. Show additional information
Very happy with the service provided. I appreciated the face to face discussions rather than electronic quotes, Russell was very patient and informative with my questions. I was very happy with price / price matching when the decision was made. Show additional information
You may use my review but not my name on your website Show additional information
Show additional information
Right through the process everything was done as promised, when promised. All my enquiries were answered promptly. The installers did an excellent and highly professional job on a very hot day. The system has worked perfectly since installation. We found All Green provided a very reliable service, at a competitive price. Show additional information
Came to give quote when they said they would or notified us if they needed to change appointment.

Installed the system when they said they would and gave clear instructions about how it worked, when it would be on line etc.
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I was extremely pleased with the installation service provided to us today. I was especially impressed with the way that the electricians were additionally able to fix our lighting problem, which they traced to an outside light that had been improperly installed by another company of electricians last week, leaving us without lights for 4 days. The All Green Environmental Solutions staff worked very hard and were always polite in their interactions with me and my family. Show additional information
The 5.7kW system works great and covers the 1kW base load of the house easily, plus Aircon etc for a good portion of the day. Much better than the 2kW system at my old house.
Had I known the INVT inverter was so limited with data capabilities I might have upgraded to a better inverter, the software and phone app is very poor. Also a 5kW inverter for a 5.7kW system seems a bit small, annoyed at myself for not picking it up during the quote stage. Hopefully I'm not losing potential energy generation.
The install quality was neat and tidy though and the staff were friendly and accommodating. Couldn't beat the price either at around $5500. They even combined the 3 separate meters in the fuse box to one brand new 3 phase meter which I was stoked about.
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The Sales person advised that the Co. was locally based ( Kariong), we are at Murrays Beach, so relatively local, and stated that all their installation staff were employees, not subies, therefore they were able to provide good back up service in case of a fault. We went with his suggestion of Jinko panels and Enphase micro inverters, which were installed a little over a week ago and were performing well up until yesterday, when the Mains Breaker they installed burnt up in the meter box. After discovering the fault this morning I rang their salesman at around 0900 hrs and left a message, also rang their installer, who said if I have any problems give him a call. Also rang their office mobile number and left a message. About 1300 hrs I received a call from the installer, who said that he was unable to help, as he was on a sea cruise, but would notify the owner of the business. No call back from either the saleman or the owner, so much for them being local and able to provide good support. I would have expected at least a phone call to advise a repair date/time, not happy Jan !

28/02/2017, additional comment added:
During my previous review, where I was unhappy with the response to my service call about a burnt up breaker, I omitted to mention that I made the call on a Sat morning. The burnt out breaker was replaced this morning by the owner of the business, who said that he had not seen a problem like it before. We are now back on the air, all good ! Clive

01/03/2017, additional comment added:
In my last review I forgot to mention how good the Enphase Monitoring Software is. In our case the Enphase Envoy Metering is connected to the internet via our wireless WI FI modem, with the Enphase unit mounted in the garage and about 30m away from the modem, with steel framed walls in between. Well worth the $450 price.
To make use of the monitoring facility you need both an internet connection and either a computer or smart phone. In our case the app is on my smart phone which gives me the ability to monitor the o/p of the panels wherever I happen to be. It is also provides bragging rights, as you can show your friends or neighbours what your system is generating, how much you have consumed off the grid, and how much you have exported. You can also look back on a day by day basis to see how much you have produced each day since the system was installed, and your total generated. Best thing since sliced bread.

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When they first started they drilled two holes through the back of our meter box and into our lounge room. (great start......) They did go to the hardware store and purchased a filler and paint trying to match the colour of our walls. Not much success and the two spots are quite noticeable. It took them two months to fix metering problems with our Envoy System. This became very frustrating with many phone calls and emails trying to get the problem fixed. Turns out it was the original electricians fault who installed the new meter for Solar/Grid electricity function. They also never told us they were going to drill through our roof (we have a flat roof house) to install the electric cabling. I would have much preferred to have the cables running outside our walls in conduit. I would say I wouldn't recommend them, even though we are now happy with our purchase. We have since received our first power bill and the savings they said we would get have happened..........hooray. Show additional information
Very prompt in answering all queries; sent detailed quote and a lot of extra material such as general information about solar; no pushy sales techniques but very pleasant to deal with. Independent check indicated the panels proposed rated highly; very good reviews among users who'd already installed. Show additional information
We had this system installed in 2017 so far we are very happy with it. As we have only had the system for just over a month and are yet to receive a power bill I don't know what savings this system has generated but look forward to finding out. I would highly recommend All Green Solar systems as they were here on time on the installation date, were very professional and cleaned up after the job was completed. Show additional information
The sales guys were very knowledgeable and easy to talk to but the stars of the company were the installation crew. They were very professional and did a great job.
I work in the construction industry? So I am very picky who I get to do any work around my house as there is a lot of shonky people out there. All green environmental solutions exceeded my expectations with getting the job done right and cleaning after themselves.
I would highly recommend this company for anyone who is looking for a great solar installer.
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Installers were did a careful job attaching the panels in quite bad weather, sales people were quick to come back with prices and options once I indicated what I was interested in.

I went with Jinko panels and Enphase micro-inverters because I wanted to take advantage of the morning light as well as afternoon and micro inverters allow the panels to face various directions around the roof with out interfering with each others generation, also they are battery ready if I decide to go that way.

The panels look ok and are only a few CM above the tiles.

There is an app to track their performance, but not individual panels unfortunately so I can time washing and dishwashing etc.

Overall very impressed.
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We were extremely please with our first full quarterly energy bill after the system was installed, the solar system reduced the bill by 60%. While we do not anticipate this for every quarter it was a good way to start. Show additional information
The team really knew their stuff - especially as to the best placement of the panels to get the maximum benefit. This included providing satellite photos and using drone shots to optimise placement. As a result, the system has performed as predicted or better. Show additional information
The Enphase system gives great feedback about power generated and consumed in 15 min blocks so I can adjust various appliance use to get the most out of system. Show additional information
Installers very prodessional & obliging Show additional information
Having the suppliers representative keeping totally informed during the whole process was very pleasing. Including a site visit to take further photos and answering questions that I needed to ask. And to be able to point out problems which I had with the initial installation I had done in 2009 which I was not happy with. Show additional information
Installation was quick, quiet and very efficient. Everything was cleaned up and everything about my system was explained to me in detail, plus a follow up phone call later to make sure I was happy with everything Show additional information
What I liked mostly was they explained what was to happen ,how and when and it did , trades people did the job no problems at all , very tidy as well Show additional information
From the moment we started to talk to this company, we got a good feeling we were dealing with efficient people. The system was installed very quickly and up and running the same day. Can't ask for better service. Highly recommended. Show additional information
Show additional information
Fully explained all costs and delivered exactly as they said they would with no delays or additional costs. Took good care with installation. Show additional information
All Good Show additional information
Show additional information
Show additional information
Good service, by phone and in person. Arrived on time and did a good job of install and explaining the system. Trustworthy people, good solid service and product, and their price was the cheapest, by a fair way. System seems to be going well too. I found All Green thru Solar Quotes, am glad I did.

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Installed nominated date, obliging tradesmen,would recommend. Show additional information
Quote was clear and comprehensive - some other quotes did not include metering. Questions before purchase decision were handled quickly and helpfully. Comparative costs/benefits of micro inverters vs string system were explained without any pressure to go one way or the other. We elected to go with micro inverters, and these were seamlessly integrated with an existing 1 kW string system.
Installation team came as promised and worked efficiently and left no mess. A slight hiccup occurred with failed protection switch, but this was promptly fixed with no recurrence of the issue.
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Good, technically sounded and Fantastic experience with All Green Environmental Solution.Recommend to others. Show additional information
It was good to deal with a local company. Show additional information
Installation and commissioning was carried out very efficiently by a very professional team. It was a pleasure to see each member carry out their allocated task efficiently and professionally Show additional information
I would recommend these guys to all and everyone Show additional information
The installers were fantastic, and did a very tradesmanlike installation, mechanically and electrically sound. A lovely crew of 3 guys, no bad language, and very courteous at all times.
On a more disappointing note, from the time of acceptance, communications with the Sales/Marketing Manager went downhill rapidly: viz:-
* The layout diagram he sent was not of our house! When I advised, he stated that their software subscription had expired, and he'd try again in a week. There was no further communication from him until I chased him up by email (twice) around 6 weeks later, and only 5 days from expected installation date.
* On the morning of expected installation, one of the installers rang to advise that they were flat-out and couldn't do our job that day. He said he would talk to his boss and get back to me with a revised date that afternoon.
* The next afternoon I rang him back, as no advice had been forthcoming. He told me they were flat-out and he didn't know when it'd be done. From the time of quoting they were well aware that we were to go away less than a week after expected installation!
* The installer gave me his boss's number, so I rang him explaining the urgency. He was very apologetic and courteous, and said he would get back to me, which he did, advising installation would occur the very next day.
* In the meantime I had fired off a terse email to the Sales/Marketing Manager explaining about the failed installation, my frustration at not being able to get a definite date, and reminding him that I was to go on holidays in less than a week.
His reply email was abrupt to the point of being rude, stating simply that "We have all been trying to have a week or two off over Christmas (sic). Ill be back next week. Just that time of year im afraid". Seeing I'd paid a deposit 6 weeks earlier and been given an expected installation date in writing, I found his reply totally unprofessional and unsatisfactory.
But again, the installers were great!
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The new solar system installed was a 3K Enphase S230 micro-inverter, using Jinko 260W panels, wired up as 3 phase using the 3 phase engage cable, installed on the East face of the roof.
The shape of the house only allowed 8 panels (2K) on the north face, 12 panels (3K) on the west face feeding a 3 phase SMA Sunny Tripower inverter, whereas the newly installed 3K Enphase system was installed on the East face to make the most of the morning sun.

Initially (for a week until the installers returned) the system would not generate anything above 400Watt, whereas in the morning on the same day the west face was generating over 2K. After the installers returned they eventually fixed the generation issue on the Enphase system in conjunction with Enphase Australia support.
I was not informed as to what the root cause of the issue was!

During the week on not generating correctly, I also noticed the 12 x S230 Enphase micro-inverters were consuming ~130Watt at night!
I verbally mentioned this to the installer over the phone, on to get the reply that not much.
As the system was not generating correctly, I waited until they fixed the generation issue and re-checked to find the system was still consuming ~130W at night. (This was monitored using a separate monitoring device)
I emailed the installer a detailed description on this abnormal night time consumption and the fact it would cost me in excess of ~$114 a year because of this night time consumption. Keep in mind the Enphase S230 specifications indicate < 50mW night time consumption. With 12 x S230 that is 0.6W night time consumption, which translates to less than $1.00 a year.

The installer replied indicating he had contacted Enphase Australia and they would contact me later that day.
Well, it is now more than a week later and there has been no contact from Enphase, BUT later that day Enphase were meant to contact me I noticed the night time consumption had dropped to below 1W night time consumption for the enphase system (12 x S230).
I can only assume Enphase updated the S230 micro-inverters remotely and resolved the issue.

Everything on the Enphase system (3 phase) is now working as designed, but it would have been nice to be informed as to what was happening and what the issues were.
Note: In a normal Enphase system unless there is external to the Enphase monitoring the excessive night time consumption would be hard to detect.
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Service was friendly, courteous, honest from sales to installation. Backed by a local company who offered any issues or questions don't hesitate to call.
Scott and team at Green Enviromental solutions at Kariong were great, honest and were here when thay said they would be. Also clean and tidy workmanship which was noted. Like being able to monitor generated Power via wifi. I now manage my time of use to get best value from my panels, eg when sun out, washing, ironing dishwasher etc get used instead of middle of night. Saving $$$ on my next bill.

A no fuss transaction, so Thanks to Finn for the recommendations and great service. From get 3 Quotes, I had all 3 quotes direct from businesses within 18 hours of online form. Fab system.

Thanks to all for time and assistance
Happy 2017
Bateau Bay
Show additional information
fantastic company to deal with, from sales to install. Show additional information
Scott and Russell communicated well through the whole experience from initial quote to final installation. I added 4kW of microinverter panels to an existing 1 kW string system, and both systems now work well together. A minor glitch with some of the Enphase microinverters was addressed efficiently. The Envoy monitoring software is a useful tool for understanding detailed consumption and production patterns and adapting our usage habits accordingly.
As battery prices come down to more affordable levels, will be considering installing batteries.
I would be happy to recommend AllGreen solar to others wanting to install or upgrade household solar systems.
Show additional information
Envoy needs a cable or very strong wifi connection, the trouble shooter is not totally correct. It was indicating I had a LAN connection so you would assume that anon reporting condition would be a problem further so it turned out to be the wifi signal not strong enough. Show additional information
We are enjoying the experience of making our own green power in our home, Show additional information
Arrived on time, installed professionally and confidently. Left no mess and were polite. Quickly answered all my queries with documented information. Happened to be same company my ex electrician friend independently chose. In and working well in all this December sun. I'm enjoying playing with the app that was clearly and simply eaxplained to me. Show additional information
Local supply, contacts and trades people influenced my choice. Arrived on time, on the day, didn't have any hassles or leave any mess. Easy to contact throughout process and provided documented support to any questions or queries I had promptly. Not the cheapest nor most expensive but value for money for my requirements. Thanks, Robyn G Wyoming NSW Show additional information
Show additional information
All Green Environmental Services were slow to submit their quote but were the most competitive. All tenderers offered similar equipment. From submitting quote to finalizing installation took 6 weeks. Communication and installation process were very good and hassle free. A job well done. Thanks Finn for your assistance. Show additional information
The guys at All Green Environmental Solutions were super friendly and always available when I called (even after installation when I had paid the bill and just had a question!). The installation happened exactly on time and they took great care to ensure it was done to a high standard. I have been very pleased with their work and would gladly recommend them. Show additional information