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All Green Environmental Solutions Reviews

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About All Green Environmental Solutions, Solar Installers

All Green Environmental Solutions is an Australian family business started on the Central Coast of NSW and specializes in the installation of grid connect photovoltaic solar power systems to homes and businesses throughout NSW.

The company says that it only uses the most reliable brands of solar panels and inverters such as Suntech and Sungrid Suntelligence panels matched with Orion inverters. All Green Environmental Solutions says that it will give discounts for two or more neighbours signing up for solar power systems together; the larger the group, the bigger the discount. The company is a Clean Energy Council member and it says that all installations comply with Australian standards and Energy Council guidelines.

Customer testimonials for All Green Environmental Solutions are available, and include the following:

“ Your customer services team were very helpful, and I certainly appreciated the considerable amount of time that you spent initially outlining all of my options, and later keeping me informed of each step of the process. The care and dedication to detail shown by the installation team far exceeded my expectations.”

“ I am delighted with my new system and it was a pleasure doing business with you! It looks great and I am thrilled with its performance. You provided a first class service and I would highly recommend your company to anyone, as I know they will be as impressed as I was !”

All Green Environmental Solutions Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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Couldn't complete the install on the Thursday due to rain, but office staff and installers kept me up to date and were back early Tuesday to complete and I had all the necessary paperwork next morning so I could arrange new meter, overall a good professional company to deal with. Show additional information
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Our system was an expansion of a five year old PV system, so that we now have 8kw and an LG 9.6 kWh battery. Installation has been complicated and will have taken over a month. They have been co-operative and generous. Show additional information
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Hi Finn
Your site was very helpful and informative which made reserching a lot easier, Scott and the team from All Green Environmental Solutions did a great job and would have no hesitation recommending them. Regards to you and your Team Wal Edwards
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At my request (based on knowledge gained from Solar Quotes), All Green provided very detailed quotes for 5KW and 6KW systems in both micro-inverter and optimised single inverter configurations. It does pay to take the time to understand every part of a quote, however, as I picked up an inconsistency in the way the rebate was calculated on some of their quotes. When I pointed this out, they readily acknowledged a glitch in their quoting system, and amended my preferred 5KW micro-inverter quote. Installation was pretty straightforward. They turned up on time in the morning, and the system was up and running early afternoon. On the whole, very pleased with my dealings with All Green, and I recommend them. The Enphase app (and alternative web interface) seem pretty simple to understand. After two days (one of them raining) we can already see that we are saving on daytime usage. Just waiting on our electricity supplier to install a net meter so we can get some credit for what we are feeding in. Show additional information
Product is excellent. Powers bills fantastic. But rained and rained and I had water inundation through leaking solar panel brackets.
All Green came the next day, not fixed. I hired a plumber to climb into the roof. Sent photos of leaking brackets to All Green and they admitted fault.
The attitude prior to the photos was "You have had renovations, maybe the building is moving, maybe the skylights are leaking" None of those. It was the brackets.
They had drilled through the tiles where brackets were fitted, creating three leaks. Then tried to seal the cracked tiles with silicone. Doesn't work.
It took weeks to sort out. I hired a plumber each time they came to oversee the work. All Green paid for one plumbers invoice only, which was when his roofer came.
Now he won't pay $150 without an invoice for repair to internal water damage. This work was carried out by a retired plasterer who no longer has a valid ABN number. All Green had offered to pay for repairs when they were ready to do so but I had Open House a few days away and needed the repairs done ASAP
I have photographic evidence, emails etc.

I would not recommend this company. Great product. Hopeless to deal with.."Let me know if the you have more water in the house". Incredible!!
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Friendly efficient service that took into account my needs. Show additional information
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Very happy with total experience and would recommend. Very friendly and great communication Show additional information
They listened to what I wanted not just pushing a certain product. Was very happy with the price and the size unit I got . Highly recommend. Great service from the start to finish. Show additional information
The sales person Jayson was great, would do anything to assist with your solar needs and was quick to respond to any query, there were some aspects of sale that could have been dealt with better but were resolved. The installation went without a hitch but I wasnt totally happy with fianal result, the panel aesthetics on roof, being fussy maybe further discussion with installer would have been required, I left them to install them with there expertise and its too late now. Obviously this doesnt effect its operation, this is what I purchased - 6kw Enphase system with IQ7+ inverters with LG panels and envoy S monitoring, system working great at the moment no complaints about operation, being winter putting approx 5kw peak at midday will be insteresting to see what output is achieved during summer, the enlighten management monitoring is great just what I wanted, I can see what each panel is doing and how the system is running, everything you want and more. But beware it does cost more!! This is a premium system so it will take a while to get a return on my investment but hopefully not too long. Show additional information
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Your 3 suggestions all seemed like good suppliers and were all easy to deal with, without being high pressure.
Certainly made the selection process easier and gave some confidence in a maket flooded with what seems to be just marketing firms.
At least 2 of the suggested suppliers were directly involved with the design / install so were knowledgeable and helpful, rather than just being commission salesperson or companies subcontracting the work out to 3rd parties
All Green Environmental Solutions were excellent throughout the whole process and were selected for their pricing, range of options and knowledge.
They provided quotes on a range of systems from budget to premium that were all very cost competitive compared to many other previous quotes and offers i had received.
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The installation was completed very quickly and with no hassles once we decided to go ahead. I love the Enlighten app that comes with the system that allows you to see how much power you are using and how much the solar array is producing at any time. The biggest headache has been trying to get our meter changed with our energy supplier. I would have liked more help with that part of the process from All Green. Show additional information
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The installation went smoothly and efficiently. They were on time and very professional. Show additional information
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There was some lack of communication between the sales person and the installers, but that may have been due to the salesman getting the flu. The installers came with no plan so had to wing it and we ended up with no panels on the western side with the afternoon being peak price for power from the grid. Show additional information
Was good, chose the most proactive supplier, great installation team Show additional information
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I have had the system installed now,16 jinko 300watt panels , a solax hybrid inverter and a lg 6.5kwh battery. I cannot praise the guys enough they let me informed about my install even letting me know when they were leaving the depot and an arrival time. The work crew were like a well oiled machine it was amazing to watch as it seemed like they knew what the others were thinking and were polite the whole time and even better not a singe swear word heard.Joel had to come back a week later to finish the install as they had to wait for a battery to arrive but it gave me a week to try the system out and when he came to install the battery he was able to adjust the inverter as it kept cutting out due to the grid having a high voltage .I was getting a ac10 volt fault but the system has worked faultlessly since. I have only had one day that the battery did not fully charge and that was a cold cloudy day. I get between 1.5 and 2.5 kilo watts produced from 9am till 3pm consistently and being july that's great i get power generated for a couple of hours either side of that time but between 12 and 1,000 watts depending on cloud cover.The battery puts power out from around 3.30pm to support a little from the grid.I had the system wired up so it can be used during a blackout. Depending on heating and cooking we get between 2 hours to 7 hours from the battery I am expecting a good saving with electricity now I have to wait for the net meter to be installed but thats fine the power company can take as long as they like as when the system puts power back to the grid the old meter runs backwards winding off the kwh we have used a funny thing to see.I have no problem with recommending All Green Environmental Solutions as I cannot be happier with them especially after my first solar company mucked me around for weeks before I sacked them and employed the crew.I use very little power from the grid from 9am till at least 6 pm when the family starts to cook and so on. I am so glad to be drawing so much less power from the grid and even though batteries are expensive I am not sorry I bought one as I'd rather have the money spent on a system than just forking out money for no benefit to the electricity company.The battery box has room for another battery when I can afford to put more panels on the roof but before that happens I need to have part of my roof replaced as it is part asbestos and part iron.The iron part cannot take any more panels so roll on that lotto win lol. Show additional information
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Highly recommended company. Show additional information
The installers turned up on time and completed the job in approx 6 hours,
The workmanship and customer service are excellent.
I can recommend Allgreen Environmental Solutions to anyone considering a solar installation.
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In choosing both a system and size I found your information invaluable .
Because i was having ducted air conditioning installed I could not accurately ascertain what kilowatt loading would occur- so I opted for 14 jinko 273 w panels interfaced with an enphase micro inverter management system.
The system has only been in service 1.5 weeks .
During the next 6 months I will endeavour to ascertain an optimum operational /cost pattern before deciding whether I should increase the installation to 4.8 (5)kw To date, with weak winter solar generation coupled with trial running periods and trialling temperature patterns with the air conditioning, my net export kw is averaging about half of what my average daily usage was before I installed the air conditioning
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The nice sales person, from whom we purchased the system, was no longer working for the company after we paid the deposit. Show additional information
I have learned so much from your site about getting a system that is right for me and not the installer. Thanks for all the help you have given me on any questions I needed to ask and all who work on your site as it is so easy to read and understand. Show additional information
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All round great Customer Service to all staff Show additional information
All Green Environmental solutions have been excellent to deal with in the lead up to installations which will happen tomorrow. They answered my questions quickly and based on the info I researched, honestly. Would defIntiley recommend them as an option. Show additional information
The installers seemed, young, but were professional and clearly knew what they were doing and talking about. Very impressed. Show additional information
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So far all is going well. Installation was prompt and efficient and app was installed and clearly explained but smart metre yet to be installed and firm date for installation not yet confirmed. Show additional information
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So far so good. Show additional information
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still waiting for them to finish installation. Show additional information
I did my homework and compared a lot of local suppliers in the Newcastle region. There are a lot of cheap systems out there and for the average person this might be worth cost. I really liked the Enphase micro-inverter system especially for the performance when it is cloudy or there is partial shade on the system particular as some of my system faces west. I also went for the a larger solar panel for the efficiencies gained through the larger panels. Of importance to me was the look on the roof - i am really happy with how the black outline of the LG panels blend in with my black roof top. The Enphase information and reporting is first class and the ability to track battery performance, usage, generation and net usage allows me to both keep an eye on the electricity supplier and also manage when i use electricity (such as the pool pumps, dryers etc). I put a 1kW AC battery in as a trial and the battery is performing as intended - however I think at the moment the battery options are probably not worth cost as the discharge/charge rate is too slow to be really effective in the high cost times of the cycle-however this may improve with time (and changes in electricity cost). Overall my experience with the All Green team and there support has been first class and i have recommended them to my friends who have also installed their systems. Show additional information
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