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About LG Chem, Solar Batteries

LG Chem solar batteries review

LG Chem (nowadays known as LG Energy Solution) have been in the battery business for a very long time - so they know a thing or two about whacking together, err, carefully crafting battery systems. The company began mass production of Korea's first lithium-ion batteries way back in 1999 and by the end of 2011, it was the world's third-largest manufacturer.

While LG somewhat lacks the glitz and glamour of Tesla, it's been a quiet achiever on the Australian home energy storage front and its solar batteries have been quite popular here.

Its flagship products are the LG Chem RESU range of solar battery systems, with current models ranging in capacity from 6.5kWh to 13kWh - but there's also the Prime RESU available in 16kWh capacity. It's important to note that whatever model you get (aside from the Prime 16H), the capacity noted is nominal. Useable capacity will be lower - for example, the LG RESU 13 has a nominal capacity of 13.1kWh and a useable capacity of 12.4kWh.

The power rating ranges from 4.2kW steady, 4.6kW peak (for 3 seconds) for the RESU 6.5 to 5kW steady, 7kW peak (3 seconds) for the RESU 13, so it has a fair bit of grunt.

For more specifications on various models, check out our battery storage comparison table.

Just a note on LG Chem vs. LG Energy Solution - back in late 2020 LG Energy Solution came into being and the “Chem” word has since been dropped from battery names.

LG RESU Pros And Cons

Among the benefits of the LG RESU batteries is it can be used in both off-grid and hybrid setups. It's also a compact battery thanks to the use of lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide (NMC) technology, but NMC tends to have a shorter cycle life and degrades more rapidly than chemistries such as Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4). 

One of the drawbacks of the battery is it is warranted to 45ºC ambient temperature - but this is only problematic in some parts of Australia (although "some" is growing due to climate change impacts).

While on the topic of weather, these batteries are IP55 rated, so they can be installed outdoors as well as indoors.

LG Battery Recall

LG batteries haven't been without issues. In early 2021, LG Energy Solution Australia launched a recall for various LG Chem RESU models and battery packs with cells from specific production lots. That recall is still active, with thousands of batteries still believed to be operating without the required fixes as at late May 2022 according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

IMPORTANT: Some affected LG battery packs were also installed in SolaX Power’s X-cabinet, PowerStation and Opal Storage energy storage products.

If you know of someone with an LG, Solax or Opal battery, please let them know about this recall.

LG Chem RESU Warranty

As with most good quality home energy storage systems these days, the LG Chem Resu has a 10 year warranty. While a manufacturer warranty is only good if the company is around to honour it, Australian Consumer Law comes into play - and the chances of LG going under aren't particularly high. They've been around a long time and there's nothing to indicate that won't continue.  The 2021 recall also demonstrated the company being proactive rather than just trying to bury a problem and hoping everything works out.

The company warrants its batteries will retain at least 60% of storage capacity for either 10 years after the date of the initial installation or for a minimum energy throughput that varies according to model - whichever comes first.

With a solid history in battery manufacturing and still a solid company today, LG Chem are worth considering if you have your heart set on acquiring a solar battery system.

If you're one of the many Australian LG RESU owners, others considering a purchase would be curious about your experience - leave a rating and review.

LG Chem Solar Battery Reviews

Fire risk and not working for 9 months. LG refuse to remove from property!!

Batteries were working fine until voluntary recall. Then initially remotely locked to 75%. With increasing swelling of the cells it was deemed that they pose too high a risk and have been shut down.
I have waited patiently for 9 months for 2 X 10resuH batteries.
LG have refused to remove the fire risk from under my house - in fact under the floor of my master bedroom. I have messaged and called them multiple times!
The customer service and contact has been shambolic.
They keep offering to pay for our electricity at 30c/kW (after they've eventually replaced the system - date likely to be a YEAR), but won't give me a date to remove the potential fireballs under my house.
Shame on you.
I want a refund to spend my hard earned cash on technology that won't burst into flame.
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Bought From: Sapphire Solar Show additional information
Bought From: Sapphire Solar Show additional information
Resu 12 battery powers my whole home all night with myself and my wife and 3 adult kids all with multiple devices up late and has not dropped below 40%
Bought From: Unified Energy Services
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Covering our nightly usage so far. Even running the air con.
Bought From: SolarWide Pty Ltd
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Bought From: Clipsal Solar Sydney Show additional information
Bought From: ALS Engineering Pty Ltd Show additional information

Very poor customer service

My LG Chem battery went into idle mode after LG through SolarEdge uploaded a firmware upgrade. Took LG Chem and SolarEdge 6 hours to notify their customers of the problem. Neither organization have answered their phones or updated their customers on when the system may by rectified.

The battery has been off line now for over 48 hours (Friday at around 7:30am) and I can only assume that LG Chem and SolarEdge have thought that their customers can now wait for Monday as their answer system are informing customers that they are in open on weekend.
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10kW power and runs the. Whole house at night or when the Sun stops shining- not just the essential circuits!!
Bought From: Amrut Solar
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The LG Chem battery has been working well since it was installed however, we did receive an email from LG advising that our battery was subject to a recall. We were advised that, as a safety precaution, LG would be replacing our battery free of charge and that the warranty period would restart once the new battery had been installed. LG said that we should anticipate the battery being replaced during October 2021 and ,as a further safety precaution, they had remotely reduced our existing batteries capacity to 75% until the replacement battery had been installed. To date (1 November 2021) LG has not replaced our existing battery but, our system including the existing battery has been working without fault. Also, despite LG's claim that they had reduced our battery capacity to 75% we have not seen any increase to our electricity bills. So, we are still satisfied with the overall performance of our solar system.
Bought From: Home and Energy
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Solar with Battery makes so much sense

We have an 8KW Solar and a 10KW Battery. We also opted for the backup feature allowing the battery to be used in the case of a power outage.
The system is hassle free and looks after its self. I monitor the usage from the app provided from the inverter and I could not be happier.
On a sunny day the battery is fully charged by early morning and we then send all the excess to the Grid. When the Solar stops producing the Inverter switches in the battery seamlessly and we draw from that for the rest of the day. Usually we are still discharging the next morning so we have not drawn from the grid at all.
We have had 1 grid power outage and we did not know until I went out to the Shed that is not on the Backup Power and could not turn the light on. All other power in the house ran seamlessly until the power came back on.

I researched the available systems and went with this one because of the Functionality and cost. it has not disappointed at all and i would recommend this battery setup to anybody.
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Bought From: Ultimate Solar Energy Show additional information
Bought From: Smart Energy Answers ACT Show additional information
Operating as advised.
Bought From: Hielscher Electrical and Communications Pty Ltd
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12 months in and working well

Seems to deliver as expected. Sometimes thee is a strange low volume high-pitched buzz coming from the battery during discharge. I am advised that this is normal, but it seems odd.
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Bought From: Solahart Hobart Show additional information
Bought From: Generate Energy Show additional information
I have two LG RESU10H batteries, one on each inverter. They are rated at 10kWh each with 9.3 kWh useable. The system protects the battery by not discharging below 20%. Generally the batteries charge up by around 11am and discharge after the sun goes down. They often last through till 10 or 11pm before we start using grid power. Data shows they are providing at least 17kWh per day (except on really cloudy days).

On days that are partly cloudy, they can fully charge, then discharge partially during the day and then recharge again. This means they can provide more energy for use - just yesterday battery energy used was 25 kWh due to this multiple charging in one day.
Bought From: All Green Environmental Solutions
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Resu 10 battery. during witer this does not quite get us through the night. Same in summer with aircon going. So considering another battery.
Bought From: Sunwise Energy PV
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Bought From: Skyline Solar Show additional information
Quite disappointed in the lack of monitoring capability of the device, which is only through the inverters software. a imbedded adhoc WIFI or the ability to connect to your WIFI system to provide cell level monitoring etc. would be great. i also need to find the recommended battery discharge level recommended of the battery as the inverter is set to 20% discharge. But would like to confirm with the battery manufacturer if this is inbuilt in the BMS system in the battery hence the inverter setting of 20% would not apply as this would be taken into account within the LG battery itself.
Bought From: Clipsal Solar Sydney
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Bought From: SolarWide Pty Ltd Show additional information
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Happy with performance

Battery performance is good. First one did not charge took 2 weeks to get a solution. New one in no problems since 4th year now.
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The Best!
Bought From: DQ Electrical Pty Ltd
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Bought From: Lokic Energy Solutions Sydney Show additional information
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The unit was easy to install, although brackets to raise the unit off the ground need to be purchased separately. It is mounted inside a plant room and not exposed to eternal weather conditions. The installation manual is clear and precise. There is limited system information on the LG, other than On/Off, Charging, Discharging. It is paired with a Sunny Island 6.0H. Most of the battery information is via the Sunny Island such as Voltage, SOC % and charging/discharging rate (displayed as either + or - kilowatts) and the number of battery cycles that have occurred.
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Bought From: Apex Energy Australia Show additional information
Bought From: Apex Energy Australia Show additional information
Bought From: Apex Energy Australia Show additional information
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Bought From: Tindo Solar Show additional information
For it’s size (9.8kw)it packs quite the punch, safely runs our home of 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with no problems. Would highly recommend it.
Bought From: Hush Energy
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Bought From: Dunne Solar and Electrical Show additional information
Wish they would come down in price! Would love to add another...
Bought From: CSA Services
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Battery does what it was installed for, although there have been some problems. They were sorted out by Ben Jones and James McBride in a timely and professional manner.
Bought From: Expert Electrical Nth Brisbane to Kingaroy
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Bought From: Sunergy Solar Bendigo Show additional information
Please fix , replace it or refund the amount we paid
Bought From: Infinite Energy
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