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About More Green Energy, Solar Installers

More Green Energy

Estimated pricing for system: $2,800 - $5,000 depending on hardware choice and installation difficulty ( how is this calculated? )

More Green Energy is a Solar Power Installation company based in Blacktown and serves NSW. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

More Green Energy Solar Reviews

Very disappointed

MoreGreen and their managing director will tell you what you want to hear, but provide none of the service they promise. They couldn't do the job, couldn't be bothered to come and assess the roof space, then took 7 weeks to refund my 'holding' deposit for this quote (not to be confused with a non-refundable deposit) - of which I recieved only HALF after 7 weeks of constant calling and emailing.
This was only after contacting the NAB bank branch payments manager who had to contact the company on my behalf before it was escalated to the NAB legal team.
Very unprofessional. Guys if you still want to deal with kind of business, good luck! At least you have been warned. I am not the only one, check their facebook page and google reviews.
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No after sales service

2 weeks solar inverter failed. Sends me new inverter but refuses to install. If they don't get paid they don't want to know you Show additional information

Customer service is average but overall happy

Paid deposit more time went buy then j would of liked before install
On install day the boys were great did the install upon completion I got up there and inspected as a tradie I was happy with there work.
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waiting over 10 weeks! cannot supply system we ordered 30-August

installation did not go ahead within 4 weeks as agreed, unable to supply Fronius inverter we ordered. initially claimed they had ordered the inverter but blamed delays from Fronius, then warranty/quality issues, now trying bait and switch with cheaper alternative. haven't responded for over 3 weeks. Show additional information

Ripping off Australia contract breach poor workmanship destroying property

More Green Energy is a very poor example of a service provider.
The initial contract was for 22x300w panels and Growatt Invertor with a 4-6 week installation on main residence and our flat.
Numerous weeks after the contract period of installation MGE decided to book installation dates and no one showed up and without any cancellation through disappointment I decided to cancel my contract for failing to meet the installation agreement.
MGE reassured me that they would install by the weekend and offered a very minor rebate that did not even cover my loss of earnings or the loss solar credits being 3 months past the initial agreed installation date.
We had 3 Indians come to our property and when I ask to see their certification it was impossible due to language issues and avoided the issue.
My neighbours brought to my attention concerns regarding their work practices handling of materials and walking between the battens on my colourbond roof.
Due to the performance of MGE
- They provided non contracted items on both properties of lessor value
- Advised me that contracted items were no longer available which is not the case after liaising with suppliers.
- Significant damage caused to both roof structures due poor work practices dragging panels on roof scratching and denting sheets
- significant damage to solar panels dragging panels across each other causing scratches
- provided misleading information about panel performance.
- failed to remove all fixings and left material on roofing and gutters.
- completed electrical without certificate of compliance at completion.
- certificate of compliance issued without visual inspection or testing by person nowhere onsite.
- Due the damage on my property the management tried to remove the installations on both properties and stated the damage was already there and said they will lodge a insurance claim for public liability which is strange for damage caused by neglect and poor work practices or should I say incompetent workpractices and underskilled workers. The support from MGE is very poor and very misleading I have found this company very unethical to deal with and after researching complaints about MGE it appears to be a wide spread concern regarding after sales support and dodgy business operations.
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Professional & Efficient

Alex was very helpful. He guided us about process and got the solar installed only a few days after the contract was signed. The installation was smooth and the system was up and running on the same day.. I expect to see our next electricity bill to drop dramatically. I would not hesitate to recommend More Green Energy to friends or anyone who wants to have their solar system installed. Show additional information

Bunch of crooks

I installed a 6.6KW system in January 2019. They were very responsive and cooperative before they pocket the money. Now since 23/08/2019 having problem with invertor. They are using all delaying tactics and now even don't answer my call. I was told the warranty is from the manufacturer not us and we've forwarded ur invertor details to the manufacture. They were convincing me for a cheaper invertor but when I asked a better one they asked me to pay them $1000 more.
Previously I'd had a 1.5KW and in 8 years I didn't have a single issue.
Keep away
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Would not use them again.

Initial customer service was good and very responsive. I was concerned that no site inspection was carried out and only a very basic google earth image was used for the 'design' but I didn't know better at the time and was relying on the solar designer to do their job.

We signed the contract and after that service went downhill. The system was meant to be installed in January but it took till August for the installation to be carried out. We had independent advice telling us the specified system was completely unsuitable due to site conditions. We had to change panels, inverters and size of system. Months went pass again. We had to reapply for finance etc. Finally after more chasing and 45 emails and a many phone calls we had system installed a few weeks ago. Installer was fine, punctual & responsive. However, we cannot install a smart meter that lets us feed back into the grid without major upgrade to our electrical board which is something that we simply cannot afford and wish we had known before we installed the system.

The system itself is performing well but because we aren't home during the day during the week and cannot feed back into the grid we feel like this isn't working as planned. I wish we would have been given all the information we needed to make the right decision.
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Dishonest product fitted

A different type of panel was installed rather than the one specified in the contract. This wasnt communicated to us and was only found out by accident.
Installation was also a month late and had many cracked tiles leading to damage to ceiling on first rain.
Service was dishonest to say the least.
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Sales or office staff are not very helpful, hard to understand. The installer was terrific, did a very good job, neat and cleaned up after finishing. Only time will tell how efficient it is, here’s hoping. Show additional information
The vendors you suggested weren't very responsive and significantly more expensive. I got the impression they were flat chat with other clients.
Installation done by Russ Safe from Blackhead who did a fantastic job.
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Smooth and Efficient Process with full support post installation

Alex was absolutely fantastic in guiding me through the whole process and solved all my concerns
Very efficient, flexible and smooth installation of my Solar System.
All documents post installation were in order.
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Fantastic service, delivered on time.
Value for money
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Don't do it!! Paid a deposit in October 2018. It's now April 2019 and not heard a thing from them . My government solar rebate application has expired as it lasts only 4 months. Sales person does not reply to emails. There is no company email address on the contract for contacting them. Dodgy. Good luck with getting back the deposit. Consumer Affairs is next stop. Show additional information
Too much to write. I gave them a comment on good reviews and was not able to locate the business listing on google this morning!! Show additional information
Signed the contract on 9 Oct 18 but they could not install the solar by even in Jan 19. I had to cancel the contract after repeated cancellation of installation dates. I took days off on each occasion and i was told in the morning that installer not coming--each time different excuses. Initial contract was for Trina panels then in mid Jan 19-after almost 4 months, I was told that they don't have supply of Trina panels. Then I agreed to accept Jinko panels which are lower grades than Trina but with the same price; just to get it done.Still they could not send an installer even though they knew that I took leave from work for this on each installation dates. Terrible company. I am glad that I have cancel the contract. I can only imagine the post installation service???????? Be careful with this company. Most importantly no one from the management even bothered to call and apologise for inconvenience they created for me last 4 months. Very Poor Management and coordination. Show additional information
System installed at end of October and the inverter broke down at beginning of December. They promised me to replace the inverter but never do anything yet. Every time i called them they say : next week. Show additional information
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This company is one of the worst that i had to deal with when it comes to support after purchase. 7 months after installation, the system stopped working, then the phone calls to their support did not stop. It has been over a month since the issue was reported to them and I was promised six times that someone is coming to fix it and no one shows up. As such, the system is still broken and I feel that my only option is to go to the authorities. Show additional information
Please refer to my comments on Product Review. MGE consultant Janet Carter was very patient and helpful with my many questions. I do have a working knowledge of electricity Generation and Distribution systems having been a distribution engineer for most of my working life prior to retiring some 20 years ago.
3kw system was installed 8 years ago and additional 6kw system by MGE was commissioned on 4 DEC 2018. The combined systems have been sending up to 40kwh to the grid to date (18 DEC). The 6kw system includes a Fronius Inverter and Fronius "Smart Meter".
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With so many solar companies offering you attractive deals you get so confused whom to trust and sign up with.
To be honest it was pot luck that we chose more green Energy, we had a few issues with install dates but that was due to panels availability, in the end they installed my system and 2 others for my friends, the installs went well and I was pleasantly surprised that all 3 installs are fully functional with no issues so far (I'll update this post later next year to how the system is progressively performing and any issues if any).
With so many dodgy installers around I can recommend this company if you're looking for a solar system.
Make sure you do your homework and request the type of panels and inverter when you're signing a contract though, a bit of research goes a long way.
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I originally rang to get information on their product and found sales person pushy, constantly asking for deposit. I rang about an advertised price on TV and was told it was not available. Could not understand the reason as language barrier was an issue. After another price ($100 dearer) was agreed upon, I had contract emailed to me, with a higher price quoted. Second contract requested with correct price. Paid deposit and was assured 5-6 weeks for installation. About the 5 week mark received phone call to book install. No one showed up on the day. I had to ring to find out they cancelled.

After several unanswered calls and emails finally spoke to a person about installing the system. he told me he would call back in 20 mins. I waited 2 days before calling again getting the same run around. Salesman said he would transfer me to another number to arrange install. Got transferred overseas.

Decided to cancel and get a refund. Was given the run around again with everyone I needed to talk to on leave. Finally told 5-7 working days for refund to hit bank account. Rang after 7 days to be told, yep accountant on leave and I had to wait till the end of the month. Another 5 days away. It is now the end of the month and no refund, and no return phone calls. I did leave a review on their website, but I doubt it will get posted as there are no bad reviews on there.

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I am awaiting the installation date and the project to be completed Show additional information
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I made the mistake of choosing this company. Their sales team is great at pushing the sale through but the after sales service is absolutely terrible.
An existing system needed a new inverter - it took 6 months and the new inverter now overheats and shuts down every day. I have called and spoken to somebody who said "I'll get onto it straight away". That was a few months ago and nothing has happened. I've tried calling again and the phone rings and rings and then I have to leave a message.
Also, I purchased a system for a friend (silly me!!) and the installers did not follow the instructions and installed the panels in shade. When I complained about the panels in the shade they first said that I called and I okayed the change of installation. I checked call logs on all my phones and there were no calls at all from them. They just lied.

DON'T RISK USING THIS COMPANY - your installation may be fine but if something goes wrong they will not help you.
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Ordered Jinko panels for the installation. On the installation day they tried to install Trina Honeywell. No acknowledgment from them prior to the installation . Asked why they said it better panels. ???? Show additional information
First up, the positives: I paid a low price for a solar installation that is working well and I'm happy with the quality of the products. Everyone that I had contact with from the company has also been pleasant to deal with.

However for me to give this company a two star review, there obviously have to be some negatives as well.
A fair bit of rubbish was left up on the roof.
We had agreed on 16 panels on the western roof and 8 panels on the eastern roof, I ended up with 12 on each side.
The installers stepped on the roof capping (I've also got photos showing fresh boot prints) and dislodged the mortar that way.
They butchered one of the aluminium rails on the roof.
They said that they'd replace broken tiles and I told them that if they broke any, I had spares, instead they didn't tell me when they broke tiles and siliconed them.
There was a fair bit of loose spray foam on the roof.
The inverter is at an angle on the roof.

All in all, I would not recommend this company unless you only cared about price.
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When i first spoke to the sales person I was given all sugar words. But the system didn't work on installation. I did not know that the system failed until I received the Synergy invoice. By then I have paid the money and this company doesn't want to know you. I telephoned and they knew my number and switch on to the busy mode. I finally got in touch with consumer energy who made a settlement between me and this company. But this company would respect the settlement and didn't fulfill the settlement. Tell lies and very untrustworthy.

Will never reveal their mobile telephone numbers. Worst company I ever dealt with in my life.

I will never never ever ever recommend this company to even my enemies.
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Stay away from these unprofessionals. Installed solar system, connected things in a wrong way in the meter box, when AGL tech came to install solar meter, he couldnt install it. It's almost 1.5 months , until now I never able use the solar, like wasted $4000 for nothing. no phone calls returned so far, kept calling them to make things right in the meter box. Very unprofessional company. Stay away from this ppl Show additional information
Eva from MoreGreen Energy was great. She would respond to my queries and concerns promptly and was always polite. This is even after the sale was made and contracts signed. We did have a minor hiccup with supplies for the install however Eva was on the ball and had a solution for us in no time.

Installers supplied by MoreGreen were very polite and friendly. Very easy to talk to and cleaned up after themselves. The installer gave me a run down of the system and also assisted me in setting up my Zevercloud account. Thank you Tim and co for a great installation and great service.

And thank you MoreGreen, especially Eva, for making solar purchasing and installation a pleasant experience.

Would recommend MoreGreen to others
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paid $ 100 deposit, not installed yet. Thank you for your help and referrals.
replacing old system with 6.6kw of panels (24x 275w Canadian) and 5kw inverter and take away old equipment
Warranty :
25 years performance warranty on panels
10 years product warranty on panels
10 years performance warranty on Inverter
10 years product warranty on Inverter
Final Deal :
Canadian 275 W 24 No’s (6.6 KW ) with Solax 5 kw Inverter 100% Battery compatible.
Removal of 8 Panels and depose Cost included.
Single Story,
Wi-Fi Monitoring, Net Meter Application,
Connecting System with Grid connection
Fully installed
nothing extra
AT $3750.00
$100 deposit , balance $3,650.00
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Terrible after sales service. More Green Energy installed solar panels on my roof 6 months ago. Since the day they were installed, i have had a meter reading issue which the online monitoring system says needs to be fixed by the installer. I have been phoning and emailing more green energy regularly for 6 months to have this issue fixed and they still have failed to do so. I have never had such terrible after sales service. Their panels are cheap, but not worth the hassle. Better off using someone else. Show additional information
Couldn't supply initial system they quoted for - numerous phone calls / emails re options. Finally provided a better quality system at agreed price. I added a clause in the contract that the whole system (including meter conversion) was to finalised within 6 weeks maximum (after salesperson guaranteed it would be done within 3 weeks!).
So far, system was installed last Saturday (4 1/2 weeks later) still waiting for the meter installation.
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Best price.
I got a Fronius Inverter and Trina panels. The inverter had a 10 year warranty. Fast install. And the system is up and running.
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After sales service is non existent after 50+ calls and as many txt msg no response and no service, do not spend your hard earned money with this company please go elsewhere Show additional information
It was the best deal, very quick between signing up and installation. Qcell panels and Fronius inverter. Good and quick installation. Very happy. Show additional information
Very good service from start to finish. Sales person Alex ensured everything ran smoothly. From paying the deposit to installation complete in under 3 weeks, great work guys !!! Show additional information
Failed to note my house was 3phase and insisted a single phase inverter would work. Basically it's a clock up.

I stupidly paid before installation and then they accused me of not having even though I emailed remittance note. Very unsettling

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Hi my name is Farshid Mousavidoust and our project coordinator was Alex Williamson (Afnan) and he was great! I found Afnan very attentive to emails and trustworthy. He answered all queries patiently and coordinated the works very well. I highly recommend Afnan to project manage the job for you. Thanks Afnan and A++++++ service. Show additional information
Do not ever use this company my solar battery still doesn't work Show additional information
Be prepared to face some disappointments. The difference between before (everything is achievable) and after sales (everything is impossible) was like a roller coaster ride.
Worst.. the installer (not their own staff) doesn't turn up on the promised installation date. Not even inform me about it until I called up and ask about it. I've took a day off but ended up like an idiot sitting at home for nothing. I've cancelled the order and moved on to a more established company.
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One of the worst companies I've dealt with and I suggest not to deal with this company. Going to Fair Trading to lodge a complaint, the salesman I believe lied and does not have any business ethics and customer service never gets back to you or returns your call.

They have kept dodging for last four weeks and giving me false hopes and promises and go missing until we trace them back. I have cancelled my installation and escalating this to Fair Trading.
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