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About Growatt, Solar Batteries

Growatt solar batteries review

Growatt is best known for its inverters, but the company is another solar manufacturer that has also ventured into battery storage.

Growatt is a Chinese firm that was established in 2010; but it's only been producing solar batteries since 2019. The first of its products is the GBLI6531 - rolls right of the tongue, doesn't it?

This battery is based on LiFePO4 technology, so the chemistry itself is pretty safe - but it's not clear who manufactures the cells used. It's not a big battery in terms of storage capacity (6.5 kWh nominal/6 kWh usable), but it has a decent power output of 4.2kW. It's just a shame the output doesn't really match up well to capacity.

There's a 10-year warranty on the battery and unlike some other energy storage manufacturers, Growatt has an Australian presence; with offices in Melbourne and Sydney.

We haven't heard a lot about Growatt's energy storage offering in terms of how Australians who have purchased one have found its performance. If you're a Growatt battery owner, you can add your thoughts by clicking the "leave a review" button towards the top of this page.

Growatt Solar Battery Reviews

Bought From: Sunterra Show additional information
Bought From: Sunterra Show additional information

Growatt Batteries 2x6.5kw

Battery works perfectly , I have had mine installed for 2 years now with no trouble and money being payed into my bank every 3 months instead of me paying, I have 2 batteries 13kw. monitor app works perfectly also.
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Bought From: More Green Energy Show additional information
Bought From: Sunterra Show additional information

Value for money if you got good rebates

I got 2x 6.5kW batteries installed with a special offer from Sunterra. I wouldn't have considered getting Growatt batteries if I was in the market for one but the deal was too good to pass.

It works well. Charges and discharges without any issues. The maximum charge is 3kW so any excess solar generation gets fed into the grid. Once it hits around 95%, the charge drastically drops to prevent overcharging and prematurely killing the cells. They discharge to 13% as stated in other reviews.

There are a few gripes with the batteries (could be the inverter).
The batteries discharges at 3kW max so you'd expect the batteries to power the household if you consume under 3kW. I often see my household load at around 1-2kW and at times the batteries supply 1 or 1.5kW with the shortfall imported from grid. The batteries can discharge at the full 3kW as i occasionally run heavy load in the house.

Another unusual behaviour is around 6am, the battery performs some sort of daily maintenance for 5-10mins and goes offline, drawing 100% of household power from the grid. Being that early with no sun generating, you are paying for power for that brief period. Some forums state that its normal behaviour but i wish this can be set at a specific time. ie day time when the sun is shining.

One last gripe is they are ugly. Growatt need better cable management design. While this doesn't bother me as mine is tucked away in a corner where no one can see, it would be a problem for others if they are mounted in a high traffic/visual area. Unlike the premium brands where 1 or 2 cables from from the batteries, there are like 5 or 6 for each battery all plugging into the inverter.

The good?
Growatt app is good and on par with Tesla PW app.
Charges and discharges well.
Cheap but company benchmarks rated just as good as Tesla or better in some scenarios.
10 year warranty for piece of mind
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See my other review on the batteries.
Bought From: Sunterra
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Bought From: Sunterra Show additional information
Bought From: Sunterra Show additional information
2 x Lithium Ion 6.5kWh
Bought From: Sunterra
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Working well with updated firmware

The battery was installed in late July. Some problems initially, possibly aggravated by a SAPN planned outage. The batteries didn't seem to come back online correctly and were giving error messages. A call to Sunterra resulted in prompt action through the Growatt people to upgrade the firmware (via a physical visit). Since then the batteries have run error free (though no more blackouts to upset them). They charge and discharge quite happily. They do stop discharging at 13%. Although I gather that the more they discharge, the shorter the life of the battery. On the other hand, the figures I see indicate that the bottom of the discharge should be more in the area of 8%.
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Bought From: Sunterra Show additional information
The battery is one of the cheaper on the market that performs just as well as any of the others I think. And now allows me to have free power throughout the night
Bought From: Sunterra
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Bought From: Sunterra Show additional information
Bought From: eSolar Show additional information
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