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As per their website:

"Sunterra was established in December 2010, Perth, Western Australia.

Since then, we have expanded our operations into New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia."

Reviewers report paying: $3,790 - $13,000 for depending on hardware choice and installation difficulty ( how is this calculated? )

Panels, inverter and battery brands

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Original Review on 25-04-2023:

Prompt service, good follow up

Excellent customer service.
Organised everything from grid connection to finance
Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5
Quality of System: 4/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5

10 months later we asked Karen: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

Not completely. But has reduced electricity bill slightly
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Wonderful service

Great quote explained things clearly
Installed with no issues and the finished job works very well and reduced the bill.

Very pleased from start to finish.
Installers very polite and cleaned up the rubbish afterwards. Helped me install the app and showed me how to use it.

Would recommend Sunterra.
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Spent considerable time with research into solar energy. Looked at several companies. Sunterra left very detailed emails with lots of visuals. Dean , from Sunterra, responded quickly to all my emails

Spent considerable time having fixed income/ retired, so very budget conscious. Dean, from Sunterra, responded quickly to all my emails and provided a good price and represented a large company if there should be any issues in the future. This was our security.
The installation team lead by Calab and
worked with Leo and Mark. Any concerns were looked at with positive outcomes which represents excellent customer service. Within a morning the system was working and producing power and recorded on an app so that we can have assurance it is all in order
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Excellent installation

Excellent customer service and communication.
Both Hakim and Seb deserve a 5 star rating!!!
Anyone looking into solar should definitely give them a call.
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great quote and understood my requirements. Installed without too many issues and the finished job works very well and reduced the bill.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
Battery rating: 5/5
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Porfessional job

Our solar installation went without a hitch, all the way from inital contact until the system was fitted everyone we dealt with were truly professional.
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Sunterra have made me look good again.

Have installed twice thru Graham.
Both systems were installed within the week.
They handled our local regulators and the Govt subsidies etc and, on the second, the interest free finance.
All seamless without a hitch.
I have reaped the benefits.
Growatt is a Great product.
They have introduced an up to 10 module updatable battery system which I took advantage of .
Ordered 2 more modules (5kw) on finance.
Installed in less than a week
Happy Valley SA

Inverter rating: 5/5
Battery rating: 5/5
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Fabulous team from sales though to installation, good system recommendation and brilliantly executed project

Feedback Sunterra
Team from Sunterra has recently installed a Jinko Hybrid Solar System. An incredible experience to witness high quality thoroughly planned and meticulously implemented project by the team from sales led by Parker Patel, scheduling by Shakil, installation and commissioning led by the electrician Hayden Flavel and panel fitters Gee and Yang, with the follow up conclusion from Parker. A very complex project with unusually flawless execution - a rare experience of mine. The installation of the 11.44kW system with the inverter, batteries and EPS facility was completed within one day. I have no regrets taking original recommendation of a friend and would have no hesitation to recommend Sunterra to any household. The system has been operating from 28/10/2023 and has since been very reliable efficient throughout day and night time primarily due to the batteries accumulated charge during daylight time, so far showing a little credit on my electricity bill. I wish to thank Sunterra and particularly those mentioned above for delivering the solar project for us. Best wishes from Alex & Marina, West Lakes.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
Battery rating: 5/5
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Powerful system

Not that happy, price dropped by $3000.00 only three weeks after installation.
But having said that it was still thousands less then the nearest competitor and the battery is 5 kw’s larger.
The only downside is the monitoring app is very basic compared to the more expensive installers, small price to pay l think.

Inverter rating: 4/5
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Original Review on 13-11-2022:

Happy Customer

Sunterra has provided us with a system that serves the purpose, everything was professional and quality service from salesman, engineer, installers and electrician. Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5

10 months later we asked Eddie: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

The system has been working well since installation, in fact the panels have given us more kw than what is predicted which is a nice bonus.
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Professional and quick

Fantastic experience, very professional and quick. After an email quote and on-site inspection was done and the system was customised to fit the roof and maximise size. Would recommend. Graham was very helpful through. Hayden was fantastic on installation day. A+ all round. Already referred somebody. 4.275kw system installed for $3990 after rebates.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Easy and friendly service

From when we received a quote to the final installation Sunterra were very good. Answered all our questions. Communicated extremely well in regard to installation date.
Installation was completed in a timely manner and no mess was left behind.
So far the system is generating really well, we updated our inverter and installed 13kw batteries. We are still running with our original panels from 12 years ago as they are still producing well.
Overall very happy.

Inverter rating: 5/5
Battery rating: 5/5
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Sunterra - Thumbs up

Battery and inverter connection to existing panels. Sunterra offered a good, cost effective battery solution. Sale was simple, no waffle or fancy talk. Signed up and Power Networks approval the same day. A week later the installation took place. 10/10 to the installer, he clearly takes pride in his work, professional and an ambassador for Sunterra.
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Fantastic solar installation company

Landon Bekovs he is very good at his job Landon explains everything very easy to understand about the batteries installation and anything else you want to know .
The installer’s were very polite clean and there work was very tidy
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Neat job

The whole process wes handled professionally. Everything was done on time with no pressure for upfront payments. Neat installation
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Very good

The whole process was simple. Installers were very helpful too.
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6.6kw System

Solar quote process was the best out of 5 providers I contacted. Landon was the only one who was actually interested in working with me to install the system (others talked down or took their sweet time getting back to me). This was my second solar install.

Installation was a breeze, the techs were polite, efficient and respectful of my property - even vacuumed inside are they worked on.

Customer service was a breeze and all info I sought was relayed back in a timely and proficient manner.

Highly recommend Sunterra for new systems.
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Excellent system

I have installed two systems on to my house within the last 15 months. The installation process was faultless and the various tradespeople were very friendly, helpful and efficient. The Sales Staff (particularly Mr Parker Patel) went out of their way to make sure that I fully understood everything. The first system had a couple of minor problems but these were very quickly fixed. I can highly recommend Sunterra. Kevin Howard. S.A.
Inverter rating: 5/5
Battery rating: 5/5
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Great team, very professional

I have just had a 6.6kw solar system installed by Sunterra and I am very happy with the Sunterra's team and their work, from sales consultant Dean, installer Zac and admin Queenie. It took a long time to make up my mind with all the solar installers out there, but I think I made a great choice at an excellent price and I would highly recommend them. Thank you Sunterra.
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Happy Customer

Sunterra Adelaide installed my system in early June 2023. Best price (I got many quotes) and the best sales person from all the organisations I contacted was Sunterra's, Parker (professional, helpful and knowledgeable - no pressure). The installation went well - very efficient. My sytem is working well and I am very pleased with the significant
cost savings. Well done and thank you, Sunterra.
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Great service and great product

We had purchased solar panels approx 15 years ago and needed to upgrade and replace. Sunterra were great with price, customer service and keeping us updated. the installers were fantastic. Old panels and all rubbish were removed and the site was left neat and clean. Most importantly our bills have halved. Very happy customers.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Overall happy with the price, service, and timeframe of installation.
Sunterra was able to meet all my requests via Parth and Elaine.
These 2 were a good team to deal with :)
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No hassles

Getting a quote was quick and easy as well as moving onto the next step, customer service was professional and the installation was professional, tidy, knowledgeable and had a quick turnaround from first approval.
Sunterra have done all that they needed to do to get my system connected,
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Happy customer

FANTASTIC team work, super efficient!!! There was a cancellation & I got the panels installed sooner then the 3 weeks wait.
The whole process from the quote to customer service to installation on time was so easy with good communication and professional friendly staff throughout. It was a pleasure to deal with all the different departments involved in ensuring we were happy with our solar!! I highly recommend Sunterra! Thank you at Sunterra. ????????????
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Great experience

We got our solar panels and battery from Sunterra Adelaide and it's been a great experience. The sales team has been very helpful and also provided good suggestions right from the first call. The onsite technicians were easy to deal with and completed the installation efficiently. I will highly recommend Sunterra for any solar & battery installations.
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Fast installation, looks great, works well.

Installation went well, the system is well placed - protected and around the back so it is out of the way, installer walked me through startup and shutdown procedures plus how to use the app and how to locate data on the inverter.

A few roof tiles were broken and put back together with silicon during the install but I had some spares to replace the broken ones.

The black frames and rails look fantastic against the black roof - much better than the older silver installation it replaced.
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Great help from Landon

Very good in sales
Installation went very smoothly once we knew what was happening
They were very polite and was here on the time that was given to us
Customer service from Landon was great but from the office to the workers needs abit more communication between customer and installers and inspection guy
So far everything is ok only had it installed today
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Sunterra ticked all the boxes

Sunterra provided me with step by step personal care, very informative, making it easy to understand and not confusing. I had 8 different quotes, and found the salesperson, Parker, was amazing with always answering my questions. The team who did the instillation were also very informative and did fantastic work. Would highly recommend here in South Australia.
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Fantastic service, excellent and punctual installment.

Quoting was great and given when they said
Installers where very polite and punctual left the job extremely clean as if they weren't even there.
Everything they said they organize was done by them no fuss, on our side it was effortless.
System does what was asked and supplied
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Very stressful lengthy install

Long story short -

We paid Sunterra over $5,000.00 to do a solar install with an AMI that they said they knew how to do and had done hundreds before. They didn't do the install correctly and it took just over 7 weeks for us to sort it out with no help from Sunterra which left us out of pocket due to no solar power during the hottest 2 months of the year and weeks and weeks of stress and wasted time writing emails and making phone calls. 

Further detail -

Install was supposed to be completed on 20th Jan 2023. We paid them in full for the job that was supposed to be finished. AMI was then to be installed by Western Power so solar system could be turned on. Sunterra advised this would take up to 12 days. 

30 Jan - I email Western Power asking when tech is coming to install the AMI so I can make sure I'm home if any issues

31 Jan - Western Power email back to say install will be done around 10th Feb

13 Feb - I email Western Power saying tech hasn't been, when is he coming? 

14 Feb - Someone from Western Power rings me to say tech had been but couldn't install AMI because Sunterra hasn't installed the cable. I told them they had installed it but Western Power argued they hadn't. I then phoned Sunterra tech support to tell them what Western Power had said, I told Sunterra I had informed Western Power that the cable is there. He said he would speak to his manager and get back to me. 

16 Feb - I get an email from Sunterra advising they had done everything they needed to do for the job completion and I needed to ring and complain to Western Power that their tech hadn't done his job properly and tell them the cable was behind the board so only an electrician could access it and that Western Power didn't look properly. They wouldn't ring Western Power to speak to any of their contacts to assist me in trying to get this sorted, they just fobbed me off.

16 Feb - I emailed Western Power telling them the whole story again

17 Feb - Western Power response -
Please contact Synergy. The solar application was for meter control and installation has not been set up. You will need to contact your solar installer as well.

Contacting the Solar installer has already proven to be a total waste of time so I phoned Synergy and spent ages on the phone explaining to them what was going on, she was very sympathetic but said the only thing she could do was put another work order in and try to get them to come out ASAP.

28 Feb - The Western Power tech came back out and told me he still couldn't install the AMI because the safety switch in the meter box hadn't been installed correctly! He then contacted the solar company and solar electrician to explain what they hadn't done correctly at install. He literally gave them a diagram to explain what they had done wrong. 

1 March - Email from Sunterra saying they have spoken with Western Power and found out what they need to do to finish the job but they can't get their tech here yet, he's working away. They'll let me know when he can come out. 

7 March - Email from Sunterra saying they can get someone out on 10 March between 12 - 3. This is 7 weeks after we paid them over $5k for a job that was supposed to be finished, that they said they knew how to do. 

10 March - Sunterra tech comes out and spends under 1/2 an hour fixing the error

14 March - Western Power tech comes back out and installs the AMI and turns on the solar unit.  The Western Power tech went out of his way to help fix this issue, if it hadn't been for him contacting Sunterra and their electrician, the solar company would still be fobbing me off and telling me they've done everything they need to. 

Stress levels trying to sort this out were insane. I spent so much time trying to sort it out and all they had to do was make a phone call at the start. 

I then made a compensation claim to Sunterra of my whole power bill, almost $600.00, claiming for the 2 months of stress, my time wasted and no solar power. 

14 March - I made the claim via email

21 March - I sent a follow up email as hadn't heard anything

23 March - Sunterra rejected my claim, still blaming Western Power for not telling them they didn't install it properly

23 March - I replied, still claiming compensation

24 March - Sunterra rejected claim again, still blaming Western Power and asking me to reduce claim

24 March - Not happy about it but wanting something for being stuffed around for now 3 months, I reclaimed for $300.00 compensation

28 March - I sent an email to follow up as hadn't heard anything

29 March - Sunterra came back with they'd pay $150.00 to cover the 2 weeks that they took to fix the issue once they had spoken to Western Power and received the electrical diagram so they knew what they needed to do to fix their mistake. The really strange thing is $50.00 seems to have been paid directly from the tech support man's personal bank account then Sunterra paid just $100.00.

They are the most unprofessional, disorganised company we've ever dealt with. We're left out of pocket because they didn't know how to install something that they said they had done lots of in the past. 

20 January 2023 install and paid in full to 12 April 2023 $150.00 reimbursement paid.

Now I've received the latest Synergy bill and had another unpleasant surprise.

On 1st December 2022 I asked the Sunterra sales person if the AMI meter costs were included in the quote, he replied with -

'The quote which I have offered you is AMI control included and with a fully installed system by us (Our in house certified electrician and installers).'

What he should have said is, 'no it is not included, there is no charge for the AMI meter by us but Synergy will charge you once the meter has been installed' as I now have a bill from Synergy for almost $100.00 for the AMI meter and another 298 units of power used because there was no solar power before the AMI was installed! 
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Sunterra Solar

Zac and the team arrived on
time and explained the process thoroughly and easy to understand in layman's term.
The installation was completed in one day and done to the highest standard.The site was left clean and tidy.
To Rupert and the team many thanks for everything from start to finish.
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Awesome lot of Solar guys !!

In fact the whole process of installation was complete in 1 week, an absolute champions of solar industry, The staff was full on from Day 1 to installation, especially Hakim and Michael.
Well done !!
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All was good......

All was good.
I had expected supplier to agree installation plan with me well before the day of installation.
I liked the installation completed in under 3 hours by a team of 5.
Its been a month and it has not generated even once 6.6kw or 5kw power even in full sun, so value for money is not 5 star.
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Superb installation.

Dealing with Sales was easy and to the point. Advised of costs at the first instance and approximate time for installation.

Installation went very well considering the weather which had intermittent showers which made it difficult for the installers to keep roof the space dry. Steve and Sergio were very polite upon arrival and even turned up ahead of scheduled time to do the installation. They cleaned up after install and even showed me how to access the Shine phone App.

Customer Service sent an email with paperwork detailing how system worked and contact details for any problems that may occur.
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Great customer service

Sunterra provided great feedback on installation timing & inverter interface operations & prompt to respond to water damage repair issue we’re happy to recommend them to anybody considering solar installation
Many thanks Jim & Charlene borrie

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 4/5
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Thank you for the quotes.

The sales quoting service was good and response was quick. An alternative supplier provided a good service and we are happy with the product
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Solar Quotes price premium.

Everyone quoting from Solar Quotes were really expensive. Try getting one quote from outside of the solar quotes ecosystem. I did and they were much cheaper.

All in all many of the solar companies use the same gear (Fronius inverters etc). So just tell them what you want and get like for like quotes.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Absolute pleasure to deal with.

Could not be happier with sunterra.
From Rupert in sales, to Sebastian the installer, I could not speak highly enough of all the dealings I had with them.

Inverter rating: 5/5
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Fantastic Service and Experience

We had solar panels installed by Sunterra Solar and our experience with the Sunterra team from sales, in providing detailed information both in relation to the system we would need, to the quote, followed by the installation of the panels. The installers were polite and punctual, worked methodically and taking care as they worked. Our experience from start to finish was just fantastic and we are happy with the end product. I highly recommend Sunterra Solar. Thank you to the whole Sunterra Solar Team!
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Very happy with an almost $0 bill!

We would like to thank Sunterra for their very prompt and professional installation of the battery to connect to our existing solar panel system. We have had no problems so far. The app works well and gives almost real-time updates on our usage throughout the day. The system charges very quickly in the morning, so we can start using household appliances almost immediately. We've received our first energy bill that covers the full period of 90 billing days. We were thrilled to see that it amounted to $18! We're very happy with our battery, especially as it was connected to an older system.
Inverter rating: 5/5
Battery rating: 5/5
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Happy with the quote and knowledge of product. Kept us informed of the process
Installers were punctual on the day, polite and tidy. Cannot fault Sunterra
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Second time using Sunterra, very happy.

This is the second system I have purchased from Sunterra, and I am still impressed with their service, the quality of their products and the installation team. My first system had a few minor issues, nothing major (app incorrectly reporting, required a software update and an issue with islanding due to a faulty EU made component which was replaced under warranty), and they sent out a technician promptly to sort it out. Very professional to deal with and the installers did a very neat job both times.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
Battery rating: 5/5
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Thank you 5 stars

Am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the excellent service I received from your team. From the very first phone call to the completion of the job, your salesperson Landon Bekovs was professional, knowledgeable, and went above and beyond to help me with my decision to choose Sunterra to install our solar system.

The tradies who worked on the installation were also exceptional. They were on time, respectful, and demonstrated excellent workmanship. I was impressed by how well-mannered they were, and it was a pleasure having them work on my property.

I want to commend your team for their exceptional service to ensure our solar system was completed on time and to my satisfaction. I will not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone in need of your services. In saying this I have not only one but two potential clients.

Thank you again for your excellent service.

Astrid & Clayton
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Great Service

Sale are easy to deal with your queries and they explain well, what you need. Installation is quick and the guys are really friendly. They listen to the customer and tidy up before they leave. Well done guys.
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Professional Service

Very efficient and tidy. Nice polite guys, very happy with the service.
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Everything went to plan above and beyond expectations

The quote was very comprehensive and the installer worked quickly and efficiently and we were up and storing power in the battery pack by end of sun that day.
I was quickly shone over the app, now I can't stop checking it each day to see how we are performing.
Thank you Sunterra
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Excellent service.

The quoting process was super easy. I was able to call and ask questions really easily as well. They say installation will happen within 4 weeks from excepting the quote and live up to the statement. Our solar was installed within 2 weeks. The final installed cannot be faulted. There was a qualified electrician here with an apprentice, they were polite and communicated well. Everything was explained really well and I have been very happy with my decision to go with Sunterra.
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Solar Panels

Fast and efficient quoting process. Great value for money compared to competitors.
Very quick installation (2 weeks after quote validation).
Great customer service.
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Excellent Installation

As every project, there is always hiccup but what really counts is as follows:
1. How things get resolved;
2. Customer Service;
3. Being honest;
4. Time management;
5. The quality of the product and installation.
In our case, Sunterra exceeded expectation and we are really happy. Our utmost gratitude to all in Sunterra that were involved in our project. Keep up the excellent.
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Excellent service from all the Sunterra team in the Adelaide office

After a very long wait for our new house to be completed, our solar panels and battery have finally been installed and, I have to say it is fantastic.

From the Sunterra side, the whole quoting/installation process has been very easy and trouble free.

The sale consultant Graham has been great, patiently keeping in touch on a regular basis about any changes or upgrades.

The installation, due to very bad weather, had to occur over two days but, Michael and the installation team were very committed and although they could not install the panels on the first day because of the wind and rain. They did all the electrical work then came back a couple of days later to install the panels and complete the job. All the team were neat and tidy, very polite and easy to get on with.

The customer service team are all very professional, quick to answer questions and very helpful. They contacted my electricity supplier and organised for the meter to be changed and said, “if I did not hear from the electricity supplier within a week to get back in touch”. Very happy customer.
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