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About Sunterra, Solar Installers


As per their website:

"Sunterra was established in December 2010, Perth, Western Australia.

Since then, we have expanded our operations into New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia."

Sunterra Solar Reviews

I would like to recommend the installers for the excellent job they performed on a very hot day. It was a pleasure to have them Show additional information
Sunterra initially quoted the wrong house due to an operator address error. I got them to do it again, it was pleasing to not have a mandatory at least 2 hour visit of attempting to hard sell you before you get a quote. They did not supply a diagram until I requested it after reminding them. solarquotes checklist is very useful to compare providers if a little overboard (and I quoted 8 companies!).

Sunterra use contractors as I paid the deposit in late November for installation and it's half way through December and after calling and speaking to the �installation schedule manager� they could not even guarantee me a date of installation and their installers will only guarantee 2 weeks in advance of their schedule.

Employees would not have this issue.

But, you get what you pay for and my sacrifice is time due to my budget.

Sunterra do not use solar quotes and were conspiratorial when I mentioned their review scores here not being great. They said they are �likely fake or written by competitors�. I work in customer service and surveys like this should be taken with a grain of salt but often have a kernel of truth

But I cannot ignore the value in $5799 for a 6.6kw system with 315W risen panels and a 6kw solaredge inverter with optimisers on every panel.

It was $1k less for a fronius but given my experience thus far I suspect I am going to need to monitor this system quite a lot and their product warranty is top notch.

I expected �TPG Internet but for the solar industry� type service and thus far they are meeting that standard but they have yet to supply the system.
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I waited 2 months to reach the front of the queue, but once there excellent service. Very competent,informative installers. Sunterra had organised my energy supplier to hook-up on the same day so within a few hours I had solar energy. Well done Sunterra Show additional information
Everything went well and according to plan and the system was up and running before the advised date.
In regards to customer service they did need a little push to receive a quote and some of the emails received were a bit vague.
Overall happy customer.
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Very friendly and responsive Show additional information
Still in the process of getting installed. Been waiting since 2/10/2018 (now 9/12/2018)

No install date to date, and it is another job just to call the customer service which don't know the progress of install, no install date.

Avoid !!
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Stay clear of this disorganised, poorly managed company Show additional information
From the first contact with David of Sunterra, nothing was too much trouble, he was able to answer all my questions and break the technical talk into something I could understand.
The installers Jacob and Jack two young gents who were polite, neat, tidy, kept you informed on their progress and were on time in arriving and finished the job a head of schedule.
Great service and highly recommend them.
I have later discovered that not just one, but two of my neighbours have installed Sunterra solar.
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The sales man made promises of installation and product that was clearly to good to be true. Stating he can get installed in about 4 weeks, the WiFi inverter can monitor feed in and Solar power in real time...

Reality was it took 8 weeks for installation and they sent a multi page contact with fine print that danced around what was actually offered. No one called me at all, I chased them for weeks. It took 6 weeks to actually speak so someone and then was promised ppl would calle back, which never happened. The installer came but left without finishing the job the first time stating it was because of something personal. Then only to realise that they didn't include in the price a smart switch to actually monitor what a need via WiFi which will cost an extra $400.

When I complained I got some slick sales manager that went on about how lucky I was to get such a good deal and how he has no idea how I got the deal I was offered and finished off by saying the smart inverter was actually $700 and he was doing me a favour. However he finished up saying that I was treated so bad but he will look into it, (as if that changes anything). I doubt he is looking into anything at all.

Do not trust a word that this company says. They give only headaches and issues. They lie and use a multi page contact with fine print to do what they want and offer poor customer service that can not be fixed with a line of... "oh I'm sorry.... I'll look into that"
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Hi Finn
Thanks for the quotes supplied from our contact with your web site.
Your site was a great source of information and was a big part of our decision. The systems information helped us to narrow down what we wanted.
Then it was just a choice based on the information and good presentation from the quotes. We opted for a mid range price which was influenced by the communication style of the sales team.
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Had a fault 8 months after installed. Contacted coy and a new inverter was delivered and installed within 2 working days! Show additional information
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From my first contact with Sunterra to the after installation "satisfaction check", I was impressed by the Company's professionalism, friendly people and workmanlike performance.
The whole job took under two weeks and was trouble free even to the Installers working on/in our colourbond roof and cavity in 35 degree heat and finally vacuuming my garage floor leaving the site better than as found.
Sunterra's price was very competitive with their proposal including latest release 315w panels and European 3 phase inverter.
I will happily recommend Sunterra.
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Sales and customer service pre and post installation A1 pleasant and polite plus very informative.
Installers explained each major step worked quickly effectively and cleaned up after a very good contractor ...hang on to them
System working well look forward to almost no bill next time. Thanks to a friend who also installed this system
Roy (Adelaide)
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I used Sunterra for our solar based on price and value for money, I was very pleased with the process and every thing went smoothly, the installers went out of there way to hide cables and did a great job. I went for Jinko panels and a Solax X1 inverter and are more than happy with the system which we had installed approximately six months ago. Show additional information
Overall a good experience. Few hiccups in the process but nothing major. Just the install was delayed by about a month. A 5.5kw system( could have got 6.6 but no roof space) jinko 275 poly panels and fronius 5.0 primo inverter. No one else even came closer in terms of pricing. If you are ready to have patience with the install than these guys are good. Show additional information
No issue with Sales (they answered my many, many questions) and the actual installers on the day. The only grizzle I have so far is the coordination of getting the installers on site and the very average customer service involved in making that happen. Definite area for improvement including phone and email communication. Show additional information
The inverter is not mached with the number of panels installed . The system falls over when ever it reaches 4.5kw on a 6 kw system , they have not fixed the problem , even after 6 months . Poor service Show additional information
Given a couple of bad reviews it was with some trepidation I went with SunTerra, but was pleasantly surprised. Competitive, good service, installation in required timeframe and install with no hassles. Waiting now on smart meter install. Show additional information
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Average install....very poor sevice after job completed..
Do not want too help...havent herd back after 4 months..after calling them 10 times..
Due too inverter tripping...
Avoid...even if deal sounds good
Better other companies around..
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I would like to mention the following people by name for exceptional service. I live in Rockingham WA.

Matthew from sales
Lily from accounts
Marcin and his team of installers
Annoula from after sales helping me set up the App and register the inverters.
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Hi. I only had a quote from one of your suppliers and it was for a much larger system than I had asked for; I was only wanting to get a 1.5Kw system. When I again asked for a 1.5 system I was quoted on a 2.2Kw system and when I complained again I was quoted on 1.5 system but the price was not very much less!!!
Several other suppliers did exactly the same thing , so I guess small systems are simply not economical.

I ended up with 2.4Kw of panels and a Fronius 2Kw inverter which was larger than I wanted but with the total price under $2000.00 I was happy. Note that this system is in addition to the 2Kw system that I had installed 6 years ago with a Chinese inverter that had to be repaired under warranty twice in less than 16 months so I had an SMA Sunnyboy inverter fitted.

I am very happy with this setup that I have now

Thanks for your help
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If you value integrity and after sales service then do not use this company. We made the mistake of not doing our research first, instead, going on a friend's suggestion (not realizing he hadn't actually used them himself). Had we done our research we would have known that although Sunterra advertise that they sell and install Clean Energy Council products (which we are not disputing) they are not an �Approved Solar Retailer' with the Clean Energy Council, therefore not accredited and not bound by any code of conduct to provide a good service.

Be aware that if you are already receiving the subsidy of 40c per kWh for your previously installed solar panels, buried deep inside Synergy's terms and conditions is a clause that states that you will lose this subsidy if you add to your existing system and, instead, receive just 7c per kWh for all electricity sold back to the grid.

Sunterra's method of letting us know this (which, apparently, they are required to do by law) was by phone � a fact that we vehemently dispute but cannot prove. Obviously, had we been aware of this we would have waited until our current contract ran out in 3 years' time before we bought a second system and would not be stuck with the HIGHER electricity bills we are now receiving.

However, our biggest criticism is the attitude Sunterra's management took to our complaint. Instead of accepting that they should have better systems in place to, not only provide this information but to also be able to prove that they had (or maybe they don't on purpose?), they chose to completely ignore our correspondence over many months! Unfortunately even a complaint to Consumer Affairs (something no other company has ever driven us to do previously) resulted in a �Sorry, it's your word against theirs and no-one can prove either way'.

We have since used Solar Gain (Yes, we checked - an accredited company) for some more work we have had done and have recommended them to others.
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The system I chose was relatively cheap in comparison with other quotes and on research still had good quality products, Jinko panels and ABB Uno Inverter. The quality of products from other quotes were very good in some cases but the price differential was too high. Your own review of the ABB Uno influenced my decision.
This is not my system as I was acting for my daughter who had the final decision which I agreed with.
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They give you a 5yr warranty on workmanship and l am in my 2nd year of trying to get them to come back and get them to come back and repair my ceiling after leaks through the broken roof tiles that they broke whilst working on the installation of the system. The lady in the office is lovely but she doesn't have any support from the company. I have done Statutory Declarations and l have had no response so now to CONSUMER AFFAIRS who will remove their licence if they fail to co-operate and rectify the problem. They promised me that they would do a professional job (Steve who quotes their jobs) and l told him that my ROOF was TILED not TIN and he said that's o/k even when l told him that another company couldn't do the jobs because they didn't have the right brackets. Sorry l wouldn't use them again after what we have been through, by the way the leaking water was running into our ceiling light and filling the light shade and even though they were warned of this it still took them over 12mths to take the panel off and replace the broken roof tile, they used over a dozen of my spare tiles at no cost or promise to replace them. Show additional information
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6.48Kw system, using Jinko 270 panels with Fronius inverter. Got the quote one week, accepted it and paid the deposit the following week, Sunterra installed the system the next week. overall, a very painless experience with very short time from quote to installation. System is performing at about 70% efficiency due to the shallow angle of my roof, and the sun being lower in the sky as Autumn rolls on. I expected this and am extremely happy with the results. The two guys who installed the system were pleasant, courteous and went about their business in a professional manner. I gave them a printout of how I wanted the panels to be arranged on my roof and they were happy to do it the way I wanted. The mounting hardware looks good (I clambered up onto the roof to take a look). The final price and the 40 months interest free finance was the thing that sealed the deal for me and the application and implementation of that all went smoothly. I'd definitely be recommending these guys to any of my friends who want solar. The only negative experience I had was that the guy in charge of organising the finance had the wrong bank name on the finance application forms, refused to change it, and just wanted me to sign it anyway. No way I'm signing incorrect application forms, so i changed them myself to have the correct bank name, printed them out, signed and sent the forms off. No problems and all went ahead fine. That is the only reason I gave them a 4 for Customer Service. Other than that relatively minor thing, I have absolutely no complaints at all. Show additional information
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Incredibly frustrating company to deal with.

Signed up and paid a deposit in early December, the first install date wasn't until the start of February.
First attempt they turned up with insufficient gear to actually get onto the roof, the wrong type of brackets (for tile instead of metal roof) and didn't have any safety gear.
Second attempt a few days later they did manage to install the panels, but then there was a mismatch between the inverter (3-Phase) and the house (3 Phase but with a single phase meter).

All this after being provided with photos of the meter box, told it was a metal roof, two story house etc etc.

2 weeks after install we were still waiting for the meter to be replaced at which point after chasing them we were told there was a form we had to fill in and sign and that they were waiting for us.
They had not contacted us or told us about this prior to us contacting them.
We then had to find the required meter change forms and do their job for them filling it in and submitting it, something i'm sure other companies would have done prior to actually installing the panels.

Refused to answer questions about why certain actions weren't done earlier (eg meter change forms).
As of posting this review it's 3 weeks after the install, nearly 3 months after signing up with them, and the panels are still not connected to the meter box.

To summarise;
- Complete lack of attention to detail
- No prior research/inspection of the job until they turn up on the day
- Terrible communication
- Incredibly slow
- Will view their job as finished despite not actually being able to use the solar panels
- Will not organise metering change over
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The system is installed and now we are waiting for Energex to install the meter. Show additional information
Sunterra not only came in with the lowest price, but after talking to the sale guy Steve, we opted for Micro Invetors based on the positioning of the panels over a standard single invertor. The installer came round on the agreed date/time and the work is awesome. They worked until after 6pm both days to get it done! They talked me through the positioning of the panels and then worked so hard getting the placement just right so it looks as awesome as it performs. The whole job was completed in 2 days and Im seeing a massive difference in my power bills already. (20 per day down to around 5 since the connection based on the Origin Energy app)

After sales service is also awesome, talking me through the warrenties, and calling to ensure Im happy with the system. We are struggling to get the enphase enlighten portal set up, but Kevin from Sunterra is working with me to get it sorted.

Absolutely delighted and would highly recommend to anyone in the Sydney Area!
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One of your solar installers took 4 weeks to send me a quote, after which time i'd already booked in and paid a deposit for a system.

All of the quotes that I received from your suppliers were 40% dearer or more, compared to the system that I ended up purchasing. $5000 vs $7700 is a massive difference in price, for the exact same parts that make the system up.
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I signed the contract with Sunterra on Dec 2016. The system was installed in late January but took them 4 months to organise the meter change etc with SA Power Networks. Finally I have the system switched on in late May 2017 but it only lasted 5 months before it stopped working. After three weeks emails, phone calls, I still have no resolution. During the process, I found they installed a 5KW inverter instead of a 6KW inverter specified in the signed contract. They blamed it on an ex-employee instead of the fact they were lack of governance of their operational process.
Now it looks like I have to go through ACCC or SA Consumer and Business Service. What a shame!
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I emailed 5 companies and out of that 2 were keen to sell me a system, 1 was very slow replying and I am still waiting for the remainder. I chose companies off Finn's site by rating (although not via his quote engine, I had previously used that and found it useful) and used the site for researching some companies that had advertised good deals in the news paper.

Finns site was invaluable for education and decision making, thank you.

I chose Sunterra due to response time, quality of system offered and price. I went with a 3 phase Fronius with risen panels, 20+4 free. All in including electrician needing to additions to the board $4600.

The administration build up was painless and uninvolving, perhaps a little more communication would have been improved things.

The installation day was very good. The installer made a great job. The panels are mounted in one good neat block with minimal gaps, very neat. He was friendly, polite and knowledgeable. What more could you ask for.

The system has been working well now for 1 month peaking at 38kWH for a day which seems good to me.
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Easy to deal with, prompt replies to questions. Installation was no fuss.
24x Risen panels. SMA Sunny Boy 5.0 Inverter ($4900)
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I found the sales pitch was good always getting back to you etc.
The back end, organising the instal was not so good.
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They returned calls and emails promptly. Fronius 5kW inverter 23x265watt Risen panels, $4,200. Installer even fixed a few other damaged tiles. Panels are north easterly and westerly to north. Making 30kW/h daily in early April. Better than predicted. Maximum peak output has been 5.6Kw on partly overcast days. Felt like a seamless easy project. Would recommend Sunterra. Show additional information
My system design was chosen by me using Finn's web site, which I found to be fantastic refinement of information. I got three quotes but all had a slighthly different opinions and prices ranged by 6k to 8k out of my pocket.

I saw an ad from Sunterra for a 5kw system for $3800, being sceptical, I asked what type of equipment was used, it was lower class inverter but had Risen class 1 panels, from there I ask for a number one inverter that came with a 10 year warranty for a bit extra.

What I got including:

24 Risen T1 Panels 265W (4 bonus panels with deal) 25/12 years guarantee and warranty
Fronius 3 Phase 5kw inverter 5+5 guarantee
Attachment system is the same as used by other suppliers (can't remember the name) aluminium coated with another metal on top to stop corrosion.
5 years install guarantee

Total cost after rebate....or out of my pocket $4500......... the 3 online quotes were more expensive and equipment varied.

Without Finn's site it would be an impossible task to work out which is good or bad, thank you Finn.
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My panels are less than a year old, and has been working 5 months below the optimum capacity because Sunterra never kept their promise to send a technician over. So instead of generating 3kW on a bright sunny day, it's only generating a maximum of 2kW. And despite having called them for at least 4-5 times over a duration of 2 months, they have yet to send a technician over despite promising me every single time over the phone that they will. So now it's been over 4 months since I first found out that my panels weren't working properly. Very very disappointed with their services. I won't be recommending their services to anyone, really.

Supplier Reply

Hi Sue

We understand that you have concern over your solar output matter.

Can you pls send us private message to let us know what is your customer CRN number so that we can further assist you?

Once again we are very sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Thanks, Sunterra Team
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3kW Sungrow inverter. 14 Risen panels. Pulls 25+ kW on a good day. Despite delays due to availability of Risen panels & a silly salesman stating the alternative was a "free upgrade", I will state that I am very happy with this purchase. Show additional information
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