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About Sunterra, Solar Installers

As per their website:
"Sunterra was established in December 2010, Perth, Western Australia.
Since then, we have expanded our operations into New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia."

Sunterra Solar Reviews

I signed the contract with Sunterra on Dec 2016. The system was installed in late January but took them 4 months to organise the meter change etc with SA Power Networks. Finally I have the system switched on in late May 2017 but it only lasted 5 months before it stopped working. After three weeks emails, phone calls, I still have no resolution. During the process, I found they installed a 5KW inverter instead of a 6KW inverter specified in the signed contract. They blamed it on an ex-employee instead of the fact they were lack of governance of their operational process.
Now it looks like I have to go through ACCC or SA Consumer and Business Service. What a shame!
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I emailed 5 companies and out of that 2 were keen to sell me a system, 1 was very slow replying and I am still waiting for the remainder. I chose companies off Finn's site by rating (although not via his quote engine, I had previously used that and found it useful) and used the site for researching some companies that had advertised good deals in the news paper.

Finns site was invaluable for education and decision making, thank you.

I chose Sunterra due to response time, quality of system offered and price. I went with a 3 phase Fronius with risen panels, 20+4 free. All in including electrician needing to additions to the board $4600.

The administration build up was painless and uninvolving, perhaps a little more communication would have been improved things.

The installation day was very good. The installer made a great job. The panels are mounted in one good neat block with minimal gaps, very neat. He was friendly, polite and knowledgeable. What more could you ask for.

The system has been working well now for 1 month peaking at 38kWH for a day which seems good to me.
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Easy to deal with, prompt replies to questions. Installation was no fuss.
24x Risen panels. SMA Sunny Boy 5.0 Inverter ($4900)
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I found the sales pitch was good always getting back to you etc.
The back end, organising the instal was not so good.
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They returned calls and emails promptly. Fronius 5kW inverter 23x265watt Risen panels, $4,200. Installer even fixed a few other damaged tiles. Panels are north easterly and westerly to north. Making 30kW/h daily in early April. Better than predicted. Maximum peak output has been 5.6Kw on partly overcast days. Felt like a seamless easy project. Would recommend Sunterra. Show additional information
My system design was chosen by me using Finn's web site, which I found to be fantastic refinement of information. I got three quotes but all had a slighthly different opinions and prices ranged by 6k to 8k out of my pocket.

I saw an ad from Sunterra for a 5kw system for $3800, being sceptical, I asked what type of equipment was used, it was lower class inverter but had Risen class 1 panels, from there I ask for a number one inverter that came with a 10 year warranty for a bit extra.

What I got including:

24 Risen T1 Panels 265W (4 bonus panels with deal) 25/12 years guarantee and warranty
Fronius 3 Phase 5kw inverter 5+5 guarantee
Attachment system is the same as used by other suppliers (can't remember the name) aluminium coated with another metal on top to stop corrosion.
5 years install guarantee

Total cost after rebate....or out of my pocket $4500......... the 3 online quotes were more expensive and equipment varied.

Without Finn's site it would be an impossible task to work out which is good or bad, thank you Finn.
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My panels are less than a year old, and has been working 5 months below the optimum capacity because Sunterra never kept their promise to send a technician over. So instead of generating 3kW on a bright sunny day, it's only generating a maximum of 2kW. And despite having called them for at least 4-5 times over a duration of 2 months, they have yet to send a technician over despite promising me every single time over the phone that they will. So now it's been over 4 months since I first found out that my panels weren't working properly. Very very disappointed with their services. I won't be recommending their services to anyone, really.

Supplier Reply

Hi Sue

We understand that you have concern over your solar output matter.

Can you pls send us private message to let us know what is your customer CRN number so that we can further assist you?

Once again we are very sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Thanks, Sunterra Team
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3kW Sungrow inverter. 14 Risen panels. Pulls 25+ kW on a good day. Despite delays due to availability of Risen panels & a silly salesman stating the alternative was a "free upgrade", I will state that I am very happy with this purchase. Show additional information
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All done with no hassles OR ADD ONS like some suppliers Show additional information
I chose a better quality inverter than their standard package with better monitoring (Fronius) panels chosen were Risen. The installation has been delayed due to illness of the installer then due to shortage of panels. I was offered alternative panels, but decided to wait as they were not a tier 1 panel and might have been ore of a risk long term. I have found the company good to deal with, helpful and straightforward, hopefully the installation will continue that process. Show additional information
Initially, was delivered incorrect panels but this was rectified promptly.
Installation staff including electrical contractors were very competent and informative.
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Had a solar sales person from another company come and spent hours babling about everything except the price till i nearly fell asleep. then his price made me pass out. Then Phil from Sunterra came round, got to the point and done deal. the panels (3kw) are producing around 13.5 kwh/day and its winter, and with my roof, the panels arent even pointing north. The installers were surperb and didnt mind curious me hanging around. Extemely HAPPY overall. Show additional information
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Most companies I contacted either took far too long to get back to me or didn't bother at all.
Sunterra did all the right things, they answered my call quickly, got a rep out quickly and he turned up when he said he would.
Installation was quoted at 6 weeks approx and was done on time (allowing for the Easter break).
My only concern was the fact that the installers did not do a proper clean up. I had to go around the garden picking up bits of plastic and cardboard etc and the panels and surrounding roof were covered with cement dust. The panels were installed only yesterday and today have produced 6 units and it has been high cloud all day until 2pm and fairly thick cloud from then on.
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Renewable Logic made 2 appointments and both were unsuccessful.
Austech Solar and 9 Planets Energy never responded.
Sunterra is yet to do the installation but so far, the Customer Service is good.
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Your service is good as the first step for anyone contemplating solar. I doubt most people would be able to educate themselves about the products and configurations available purely based on information from sales people. I spoke to about 6 to 8 of them and they ranged from reasonably good to very average. Show additional information