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About JinkoSolar, Solar Batteries

JinkoSolar solar batteries review

JinkoSolar is best known for its solar panel manufacturing prowess, but it relatively recently made a move into home battery systems. 

Jinko's flagship product for the home energy storage market is the "Suntank". The Suntank Battery was launched in Australia in July 2022.

Blackout Backup Capability

Incorporating a hybrid inverter (JKS-5HLVS-ABI) and offering both AC and DC-coupling methods, among Suntank's other features is backup supply to an emergency circuit - which could be a pretty handy thing to have for providing power to critical loads in a blackout situation. Operating in this mode, up to 4kW of power is available and switchover time is under 10 milliseconds.

Modular System,  LiFePO4 Chemistry

The Suntank battery system is a modular affair, with capacities from  2.56kWh with a single battery module (2.30kWh usable capacity) to 25.6kWh (10 modules - 23kWh usable capacity). 

To achieve 5kW power output under normal operation, at least 4 battery modules must be used. The modules are based on LiFePO4 chemistry, which is widely regarded as one of the safest lithium-ion energy storage chemistries available for home applications.

JinkoSolar has a solid track record for solar panels in Australia and it will be interesting to see how the Suntank fares over time in our particularly challenging environmental conditions. Just on that point, the operating temperature range for Suntank is -10°C ~ 50°C and the battery charging temperature range is 0°C ~ 50°C.

The Suntank is accompanied by a 10 year warranty covering both the hybrid inverter and battery modules. A SolarQuotes analysis of the battery warranty in mid-2023 found while it’s possible the battery could be good, the warranty isn’t.

The Suntank is listed on the Clean Energy Council's approved batteries list. 

Do you have a JinkoSolar Suntank home battery installed? If so, leave a review and rating.

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