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About SMA, Solar Inverters

SMA solar inverters review

SMA Customer Service: 02 9491 4200

SMA are the big granddaddy of inverter manufacturers; with more than 90GW of installed capacity under its belt. Founded way back in 1981, the company is based in Germany, turns over billions and employs around 5000 people.

SMA solar inverters were originally only produced in German factories, but the firm went through a period in 2017-2018 where they manufactured their single-phase "Sunny boy" inverters, which are used in home solar solar installations, in China.

Then in December 2018, the company announced it intended to move manufacturing out of China. However, in May 2020 we were informed that SMA will continue to partly manufacture their Sunnyboy inverters in China and partly in Germany for the foreseeable future. What is manufactured where isn't clear.

Regardless of country of manufacture, if you want a safe bet, you can't go wrong with an SMA inverter. The only downside is that you tend to pay a premium for them.

The company has faced its share of challenges over the years in light of increasing competition and thinning margins, but seemed to be in a good spot in 2020, reporting sales increased 42% in the first half of the year - an impressive result given the extra challenges that 2020 brought to everyone. Preliminary figures for the full year released in early 2021 indicated 14.4 GW of sales, 26% higher year-on-year

According to the company, more than 750,000 SMA inverters had been installed across Australia by the end of 2020. Overall, the company has shipped more than 100 GW of solar inverter capacity globally to date.

SMA Inverter Warranty Notes

SMA inverters have a strong local presence in Australia in the rare event you experience an issue requiring warranty support.

However, you may find it difficult to be connected to the right person to help, as SMA's phone support system is quite opaque. At the time of checking (April 2019), calling SMA's phone line connects you with an automated voice-message that is directed at solar installers, with no prompts for inverter owners to be connected to a relevant department. 

If you ignore what the automated voice recordings tell you until you are connected to a human being, you will find the SMA team to be very helpful in answering warranty related questions.

If you're looking to find an SMA-certified installer to assist you with an existing SMA installation, you can use SMA's "Power Up" online service here.

As you will see from the SMA inverter reviews below, complaints about their performance or reliability pretty rare, which is why the brand is one of the most popular in Australia. If you're an owner of one of these inverters, feel free to contribute your review.

SMA Solar Inverter Reviews

The Inverter works extremely well, And I can look at the usage of the system through my iphone and the inverter is monitored by the installer for any issues with the system
Bought From: Sungain Solar Perth
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My old solar system had an SMA Sunny Boy inverter and the new one is the same brand but is physically larger. I am confident the new inverter will perform reliably and well and have great faith in German made.

Update: The inverter has been good however I had a lot of internet stability issues for the first 6 months it was up and running which necessitated on a few occasions for my home WiFi network name to change. Of course, that meant the inverter didn't recognise the network. Updating the network name in the inverter is not an easy process and I had to rely on my installer and SMA to fix this. As a consequence, my inverter was disconnected from my WiFi for some weeks and therefore I could not get any data on system performance. I felt quite let down by my installer and SMA at the time although my installer has somewhat redeemed themselves.
Bought From: Halcol Energy
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Bought From: Halcol Energy Show additional information
People stated to me that SMA were noisy. When up close it has a slight humm. It is a three phase inverter.
Bought From: Nextgen Solar Energy
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You can monitor usage via your phone app and a website
Bought From: Sydney Air and Solar Sydney
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Havnt had any problems
Bought From: Halcol Energy
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We already have an SMA inverter on a small system installed 11years ago and it is still going well, so were confident to install the same brand this time.
Bought From: HCB Solar
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Inverter seems to be highly efficient
Bought From: Australis Solar
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Bought From: Sungain Solar Perth Show additional information
This is a 6 kW inverter managing 7.35 kW panels with three phase power. I avoided Fronius due to others' comments on fan noise and the SMA works fine and is quiet. Online performance reports are easy to read and the data is private unless you want to publish. I had no problems setting it up to a guest wi-fi connection so it is isolated from the rest of our network.
Bought From: Green Solar Energy Sydney
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Bought From: Expert Electrical Nth Brisbane to Kingaroy Show additional information
Everything with the system seems fine. Got a small powerfully with the pool pump going all day and other household items. Very happy
Bought From: Perth Solar Warehouse
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Very compact and nice looking in red. But more importantly, efficient and quiet.
Bought From: Partners in Energy Pty Ltd
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Smart unit , neat appearance - with good WiFi connection
Bought From: Sungain Solar Perth
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Bought From: Ultimate Solar Solutions Show additional information
Still really have not received any manual on the invertor, what lights mean, what various switches do etc
Bought From: Solaray Energy Z2
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Bought From: Roland Lawrence Electrical Show additional information
Bought From: ProSolar Australia Pty Ltd Show additional information
Great Inverter - super quiet. however SMA need to invest in updating their website analytics and apps. The new app is pretty good though.
Bought From: Circuit Alert Electrical and Solar
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Bought From: Beyond Solar Show additional information
Bought From: All Green Environmental Solutions Show additional information
Performing exceptionally well. Exceeds my expectations
Bought From: Expert Electrical Tasmania
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Bought From: Green Wiring Show additional information
Cosmetically it looks nice, fanless.

I definitely took the higher end inverter with a somewhat entry level panels.
Bought From: Infinite Energy WA
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I haven't entered a price above as the price I paid included other things like a new power board.
Bought From: Expert Electrical Beaudesert to Warwick
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Bought From: Statewide Power Show additional information
Not impressed. My Sunny Boy (SB5000TL) was supposed to be the bees knees when I purchased it 10yrs ago. The monitoring was supposedly a feature but based on the exceptionally poor experience with this I wouldn't even consider trying a current SMA inverter. They might have improved but I would doubt the promises based on the first one, enough to not even give them a go.

Connectivity is is terrible, heaps of missing data that cant be explained by support and never solved even with parts replaced. The data that is available is extremely limited. LCD screen replaced twice since I've had it.
Bought From: Energy Matters
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Bought From: Halcol Energy Show additional information
Bought From: Infinite Energy WA Show additional information
The monitoring software should be better. i.e. It should provide details of how much electricity the Solar System is creating against how much is being exported back into the grid and therefore how much Solar net is being used. This should be easy to do but for some reason the SMA Apps and SunnyPortal only show how much electricity is being created by the System alone.
Bought From: Expert Electrical Townsville
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Bought From: My Energy Group Melbourne Show additional information
The SMA Sunny Boy portal for tracking performance is good but not great. It only shows production of KWh, not any actual consumption usage. Perhaps this will change once Energy Australia installs the Solar Smart Energy meter.
Bought From: My Energy Group Sydney
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10 kw Inverter and 370 watt Trina panels working without fault to date. Silent installation because no fan cooling.
Bought From: Platinum Solar Designs ACT
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Quiet and compact unit with Web access, Mounted in Garage makes a neat install.
Typical German quality design with the added benefit of being Fan-less so hopefully no Gecko issues.
Bought From: OTI Power QLD
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Bought From: Solar Wholesalers
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Good reliable performance. It has developed a bit of humming sound when on full load (was not present in first 6 months of operation). The user interface could use a bit of refresh (non-customizable and limited on-line trending capabilities)
Bought From: Perth Solar Warehouse
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Have had no issues. Connectivity to the internet is good and syncs with the app well.
Bought From: Solaire Connect
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SMA has 133 solar inverters in our database

Model DC Voltage AC Power Efficiency
1100LV400 V1000 W93.00
2000HF700 V200096.30
2500HF700 V250096.30
3000HF700 V300096.30
3600TL750 V360097.00
5000TL750 V460097.00
SB 2000HF-30700 V200096.30
SB 2100TL600 V195096.00
SB 240-US-10240 V24096.00
SB 2500HF-30700 V250096.30
SB 3000HF-30700 V 300096.30
SB10000TL-US 208 V1000097.50
SB10000TL-US-12240 V1000098.00
SB11000TL-US240 V1100098.00
SB1100U240 V110091.00
SB1300TL-10600 V1300 96.00
SB1600TL-10600 V160096.00
SB2000HFUS-30 208 V200097.00
SB2000HFUS-30 240 V200097.00
SB2500HFUS-30208 V250096.50
SB2500HFUS-30240 V250096.50
SB3000HFUS-30208 V300096.50
SB3000HFUS-30240 V300096.50
SB3000TL-US-22208 V305096.50
SB3000TL-US-22240 V305096.50
SB3000US208 V300095.00
SB3000US240 V300095.50
SB3300U240 V330094.50
SB3800TL-US-22208 V385096.50
SB3800TL-US-22240 V385097.00
SB3800U208 V350094.00
SB3800U240 V380094.50
SB3800US240 V380096.00
SB3800US-12208 V380094.50
SB4000TL-21750 V400097.00
SB4000TL-US-22208 V405096.50
SB4000TL-US-22240 V405097.00
SB4000US208 V350095.50
SB4000US240 V400096.00
SB4000US (CL)208 V330095.50
SB4000US (CL)240 V380096.00
SB5000TL-21750 500097.00
SB5000TL-US-22208 V457696.50
SB5000TL-US-22240 V505197.00
SB5000US208 V500095.50
SB5000US240 V500095.50
SB5000US277 V500095.50
SB6000TL-US208 V600098.00
SB6000TL-US240 V600098.50
SB6000TL-US-22208 V520096.50
SB6000TL-US-22240 V600097.00
SB6000U208 V520094.50
SB6000U240 V600094.50
SB6000U277 V600094.50
SB6000US208 V600095.50
SB6000US240 V600095.50
SB6000US277 V600096.00
SB7000TL-US208 V700098.00
SB7000TL-US240 V700098.50
SB7000TL-US-22208 V600796.50
SB7000TL-US-22240 V700796.50
SB7000US208 V700095.50
SB7000US 240 V700096.00
SB7000US277 V700096.00
SB700U120 V69691.50
SB7700TL-US-22208 V673296.50
SB7700TL-US-22240 V770096.50
SB8000TL-US240 V8000 W98.00
SB9000TL-US240 V9000 W98.00
SC 1850-US1000 V1661000 W98.00
SC 2200-US1000 V2079000 W98.00
SC125U208 V125000 W93.50
SC250U480 V250000 W97.00
SC500CP-US600 V500000 W97.00
SC500HE-US-MV (w/ Cooper xfmr)600 V500000 W97.00
SC500U480 V500000 W97.00
SC630CP-US1000 V630000 W97.50
SC720CP-US1000 V720000 W97.50
SC750CP-US1000 V750000 W97.50
SC800CP-US1000 V800000 W97.50
SC850CP-US (w/ ABB xfmr)1000 V887914 W97.50
SC900CP-US (w/ ABB xfmr)1000 V942040 W97.50
SI 3.0M-11230 V2300 W95.30
SI 4.4M-11230 V3300 W95.30
SI332432 330094.50
SI4548120 V2300 W94.50
SI6048120 V5000 W94.00
SI6048240 V42000 W96.00
ST36240 V36000 W95.50
ST48240 V48000 W96.00
STP 10000TL-101000 V10000 98.10
STP 10000TL-201000 V10000 W98.00
STP 12000TL-101000 V1200098.10
STP 15000TL-101000 V1500098.20
STP 15000TLEE-101 000 V1500098.50
STP 15000TLHE-101 000 V1500099.00
STP 17000TL-10400-800V 17000 98.20
STP 20000TL-301000 V20440 W98.40
STP 20000TLEE-10580-800V 20000 98.50
STP 20000TLHE-10580-800V 20000 98.50
STP 25000TL-301000 V25550 W98.40
STP 5000TL-201000500098.00
STP 60-US-10400 V59859 W98.00
STP 6000TL-201000600098.10
STP 7000TL-201000700098.00
STP 8000TL-201000V800098.00
STP 9000TL-201000900098.00
STP10000TL1000 V1000098.10
STP12000TL1000 V1200098.10
STP15000TL1000 V1500098.10
STP17000TL1000 V1700098.10
STP20000TL-US-10277 V20000 W98.50
STP8000TL-101000 V800098.10
SWR1800U120 V1800 W91.50
SWR2100U240 V2100 W93.00
SWR2500U208 V2100 W92.50
WTP 5000TL-201000V500098.00
WTP 6000TL-201000V600098.10
WTP 7000TL-201000 V700098.00
WTP 8000TL-201000V800098.00
WTP 9000TL-201000V900098.20
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