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About Regen Power, Solar Installers

Regen Power

Regen Power was set up back in 2003 with the intention of being a market leader in renewable energy. The company has existed in Western Australia ever since, before expanding into New South Wales and Queensland in 2008.

Electrical contractors used by the company are certified by the Clean Energy Council, and they have installed more than 2,000 rooftop solar PV systems. During every installation, quality, the environment and safety are always at the forefront of what Regen Power does.

The company can complete both residential and commercial projects in urban and more remote areas.

Regen Power Solar Reviews

Misleading information and horrible service

The sales and quoting process was ok.
However, I asked for 6.6kW system quotes. Got a few options and I picked one with 22 panels as it's more affordable. I specifically asked the Sale Consultant if my roof would fit 22 panels and if he should send someone to measure it. He said yes, no need to measure it and sent me a picture of the plan.

On the installation day, the installer advised me that my roof could not fit 22 panels, maximum he could do is 20 panels.
I tried to contact the Sale Consultant to sort out but he wasn't available. I tried to be nice so I let installer go ahead to finish his job. I got nothing after it,
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Installed within the week giving go ahead Show additional information
Regen power were great, excellent installation team, friendly sales people and a the cheapest price as well. Have and would defiantly recommend them Show additional information
I have had great communication with the sales person who was always very responsive. After receiving initial quotations for a variety of different products within their range I've narrowed it down to a different product combination.
When I had a number of very specific questions at the end the sales stuff appeared to be out of their depth and at times I felt like I knew already more than he did.
The after sales service has been OK so far.
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Arun, the consultant was very knowledgeable, helpful and prompt in sorting out my questions.
The installation went very smoothly and the system is working great. Very happy.
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All in all a very positive experience dealing with Regen Power, from initial contact to job completion. No complaints Show additional information
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I already had a 1.5 kva and 3 kva installed previously. wanted a 5 kva system installed but Western Power (WA ) KNOCKED ME BACK AS I EXCEEDED 8.2 KVA. What I was looking for was 4 x 250 w panels to add to excisting 3 kva which was advice from them utilising allowed additional one third capacity. Have spoken to installer who are looking out for me to get some, so was looking for help in acquiring. On reflection I should have scrapped the 1.5 kva and had the 5 and 3 on roof keepingunder regs here in WA. Show additional information
Cant ask for anything better, signed up system on 11th March with the site visitor and got system installed in 1 week. Fast and prompt service.

I opt Longi instead of cheaper brands like Risen or Suntech and as my research said they are the best Mono panels in market who specialize only in manufacturing Mono wafers

Installers were on time and polite
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As other reviews here, I purchased Suntech panels but Longi was installed. System appears to be running well with the Fronius Inverter. I was not present during the installation as this installation was on a property that I rent out and the tenants will receive the benefit. I only learnt that Longi panels had been substituted when I received the final invoice. There was no discussion with me. A few hiccups along the way but got sorted. Corresponded with the Managing Director as to the lack of communication when substituting panels. More of my time spent in having to research the Longi panels. Whilst the Longi panels were a slight upgrade - however there were specific reasons I chose Suntech which Longi did not meet. Regen did offer to replace the panels but this is more of an environmental impact in doing so (look at the amount of packaging) plus the inconvenience). Better communication is required. No discount offered for the messing around and my extra time to sort out matters with them. The question is, would I use them again to replace the solar on my own home, yes I would. Show additional information
Deposit paid 29.01.19
2 to 3 weeks install time they said.
I removed my 1.5kw system of roof straight away.
Installer came to install 20.03.19.
I signed location and rebate forms.
Installer had Longi panels not sun tech as agreed in contract.
Installers paperwork had suntech whited out longi hand written over.
Regen offered $100 discount do longi.
Regen said longi panels cost them more.
Suntech to arrive in Perth first week in March.
Install them by 2nd week in March regen said.
Ha now they say they will install 18.03.19 ????.
I have asked for compensation for inconvenience and Loss of sola power.
Regen have not answer as yet i sent it on Saturday 9.03.19.
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Booked to have a 6.6 kw system installed to our house fronius inverter with 22 suntech mono perc 300 watt panels. Paid our deposit of $500.00 on the 12.02.19. Their rep attended photos etc discussed inverter location and reassured all good to go. Sub contractor rang to book job for the 20.02.19 subbies on time and had knowledge on equipment sorry can't put the inverter where the rep said it could be mounted ok will have to move it we went through the pre start paperwork and i noticed that the suntech panels had been whiteout on the paperwork and longi panels were to be installed, so much for a written contract when i rang regen the excuses followed ran out of suntech panels so we thought we would do you a favour really what about getting in contact with the customer rather than rolling up on site on the day of installation with the wrong equipment. NEXT phone call its our company policy to contact the client before the installation to advise you of changes had 8 days to inform me on changes not after i noticed the amended paperwork on the day of install NEXT phone call regen trying to cover up their mistakes by blaming wholesaler for not having equipment blah blah. NEXT phone call from manager ,we going to pull subbies off job so much for my time off can't wait to invoice regen for the loss of income so as a extremely bad experience with this company all i can say is read paperwork and my best advice is run baby run Show additional information
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Your info on the brands acceptable ( Kia - Bmw ) is what that helped me in my selection.
Keep it up Finn.
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Very professional. Excellent price! $300 cheaper than other quotes. I was prepared to pay more for the "better" European inverter but asked them to be honest and recommend instead. They were..advising me to take the Goodwe instead. ($800 cheaper) They would have given me the Fronius if I wanted...Both offer a 10 year warantee through the company. Installers were professional and worked very hard all day making sure my tiled roof was dead flat so that all panels woud sit perfectly..Electrical work was thorough and completed very professionally.
Arun the sales rep was always very helpful..couldn't do enough for me. Could ring him any time. Not pushy even over payments. I had to ring Regen to pay the balance after all was installed. 2 weeks later and all is well. Phone app works brilliantly. Every day I recieve an email summarising the previous days performance. Most days I am producing 40 kw+ beat that.....It is summer and I live in Perth. I have recommended them to 2 of my neighbours who have also gone ahead....Hope they give them the same service I got...
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Used Solarquotes late in the game, wish I had checked it first. Step 1 was Synergy, Step 2 was Google for Deals. Step 3 was solarquotes youtube and step 5 was solarquotes. By the time those three got back to me I was already essentially decided with one of the ones from google, but I was able to speak with the others to see if there was anything they had above what I had found. Show additional information
Mostly good, I chose the 6.6Kwh GCL panels with Hauwei Sun 2000L inverter which was the recommended system for me and it works very well. The not so good part comes from the installation, the workmanship was good but when it came to commissioning the Hauwei inverter the installer could not get the WiFi to connect but said that because both the green lights were flashing the system was operating OK and left. When checking online the supplied WiFi passwords were incorrect but I still could not connect to the unit. Further checking of the installation manual showed that the green lights were flashing indicating that the inverter had PV and grid power but was was not working, turns out that the inverter was not turned on at the master switch hidden underneath the unit. After following the power up sequence the inverter and WiFi worked OK. If I had believed the installer and not checked I would not have known of a problem till my next bill came in with NO difference to the regular bill. Show additional information
There was little information available about three phase systems. E.g is it acceptable to use a single phase inverter on a three phase house?
This is a purchase I would advise everyone to be fully informed before making a purchasing decision. I found the Solar Quotes site had the most useful information in the one place, well worth the time reading through it.
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Regen had no pushy sales pitch which I experienced from other suppliers
Regen provided sufficient information about the desired product, installation was scheduled quickly and the installation completed as planned and very professionally by the installation team
Regen has assisted me already with after sale support in regards to the wifi connection
Great price
Would recommend
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Customer service was mixed. We found Sam Muraleedharan excellent but after installation the rest of the team were not so good - slow to follow up on our queries, including the flickering inverter display that we could not read, and lacking in clear explanation of how things worked, what info we could or could not get from the app. All our queries were addressed in the end, after quite a few calls to Regen, and we are happy with the system which is delivering well. But we would have expected better service when spending several thousand dollars. Show additional information
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What a shambles of a company. Will not honour their warranty. They cannot find a record of our first installed unit that blew up! Now they have no record of the replacement unit being installed and don't want to know about fixing it even though it has a different brand name from that of the original install.! Did a Google search and now i can understand other frustrations. Be extremely careful when dealing with this organisation. All smiles when you hand over cash till you require warranty work and the attitude turns sour...Be aware! Show additional information
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Fronius 3 phase inverter with 6.6kw GCL panels Show additional information
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Very professional approach. Plenty of information provided and all questions answered during the quote. Installers arrived exactly on time and work was done by certified electrician. The whole installation team was absolutely fantastic. Show additional information
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Pricing is very competitive. Its much better than most of the other quotes I received from Solar quotes. They are also very informative on the whole process. I called them countless times and changed my decision few times but they keep sticking with me and helping me to decide the best system. Their technicians arrived on time and did a good job on the installation. Very happy. Show additional information
Solar quotes you guys need to review the retailers you work with. Quotes received was expensive plus not from so established company.

Regen was impressive from initial contact to installation. They gave best price on the first quote while other retailers( refered by solar quotes) came back and tried to match price.

Also, they did site visit before signup.

Keep up the good work Regen. Definitely recommend
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Install is due on 21st May.

Regen power in canningvale have been exceptional from first contact, to site visit, to booking for install. I trust the end product will be at the same level

Comparing to solar quotes suppliers, their professionalism is leaps in front. Also the end price for the same system panels and inverter is $450 better than your closest. Using same framework and same cable quality
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I purchased 2 x 6.4 kW systems for 2 properties. I found a limited number of companies that would instal outside the Perth metro area. Two of the companies provided by you were such. Show additional information
I chose a different supplier from the ones Solar Quotes suggested only because of price, i happened to come across a sale another supplier was having at the time of looking and it was for ther same equipment is was looking at getting. It was your site that gave me the confidence to choose these brands (Fronius inverter and 280kw Jinko panels) and also previous reviews from your site about Regen Power. Is not installed yet so i cannot comment on install or how it is performing. Show additional information
Great service - open and honest and not pushy. Would recommend to anyone. Show additional information
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I chose this company over others because it has been operating 14 years so is local to my area. Another I looked into had only been operating 8 months and already had a name change. Show additional information
Although I didn't go with one of the suppliers you referred I did find your website very help and informative. The only reason I went with a different supplier was because they had an advertisement in our local paper and they were very cheap. I also read reviews of the Panels, Inverters and the company itself from your webiste and found that they had pretty good reviews so I decided to go ahead with them. Show additional information
This installation was as good as the first time I used them. I was keen to use them again because I had a good experience the first time. The price was actually the lowest too for a 5kw inverter / 6.5kw panels. Show additional information
I did the usual ... three quotes from 3 companies based upon various advertisements I had seen online and the local community newspaper.

Regen Power were competitive. Plus I liked the fact they have been around for more than 10 years which gave me a comfortable feeling that I was not going to be scammed.

They answered all my email questions promptly and so I said yes.

Their installer was a sub-contract company who contacted me promptly to organise arrival times, etc.

On the day, when it was absolutely pouring with rain they contacted me to say that the conditions mean they couldn't install. Yep! I knew this.

They called back the next day to arrange an alternative date. On the day the 2 installers arrived and did a fantastic job. I couldn't fault them.

So... 24 hours after the install... I am happy.

I shall post a follow up soon.
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