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About SolaX Power, Solar Batteries

SolaX Power solar batteries review

One of Solax Power's goals is to be a world leader in battery storage development, production and distribution. That's pretty honest - some companies just outright claim to be even when it's clear they aren't.

As with many solar battery companies, its headquarters are in China - but Solax also has offices in Australia, the UK, Germany, The Netherlands and the USA. It's been around for a while, having its roots in a company called Suntellite Group back in 2003.

New generation Solax solar batteries are manufactured in partnership with a giant of the storage world, LG Chem (battery cells); so that provides a bit of reassurance.

In Australia, one of its major storage products is the TriplePower, a "plug and play" battery with scalability of capacity (to 25.2kWh) and charge/discharge power (to 6kW).

At the time of writing, Solax TriplePower batteries were only compatible with Solax inverters and are not off-grid capable. 

The other product is the all-in-one Solax Power Station, comprised of a cabinet housing an X1-Hybrid inverter (SK-TL) and one or two 3kWh or 6kWh batteries. The battery modules are also from LG and are NMC chemistry type (nickel manganese cobalt oxide). NMC tends to have a shorter cycle life and degrades more rapidly than another popular chemistry, LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate). 

This battery has back-up, but not off-grid, capability.

Additional specifications of  Solax Power Station can be found on our solar battery comparison table.

As far as pricing goes, Solax are one of the cheaper lithium-ion battery systems available in terms of cost per warranted kilowatt-hour.

Solax Recall

Some SolaX Power X-cabinet and PowerStation  models with cells supplied by LG are subject to a recall. Affected systems may overheat and cause a fire.

Solax Warranty

Solax guarantees the TriplePower will retain at least 60% of its nominal storage with 90% DOD (depth of discharge) for either 120 months after the commissioning date or for a minimum energy throughput of 13.5MWh (4.5kWh battery) or 18.9MWh (6.3kWh) - whichever comes first. However, an on-site inspection by a suitably qualified technician is required following sixty months of continuous use; which is probably a pretty good idea anyway.

For the Solax Power Station, there's a 5 year inverter warranty and 10 year battery warranty. It's not clear what the cabinet warranty is and other warranty details are also murky as the company doesn't have a related document on its web site.

We haven't seen these batteries in action over an extended period, so if you have a Solax system, share your thoughts on how it has been performing.

SolaX Power Solar Battery Reviews

Five months waiting for replacement LG battery

The LG battery in our Solax system is involved in the recall, which Solax have acknowledged and it will be replaced for free. 5 months later and Solax are still telling us they have no stock to replace our battery with. So we are bleeding money in wasted solar energy (and about to head into a Canberra winter) with a very expensive Solax system that doesn’t work to full capacity. I would avoid Solax as a general rule.
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I was told the batteries were used when there was a power outage but when the power goes out from the grid i still have no battery power
Bought From: Energy Options
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We are very happy with the performance and ease of operation of our new system.
Bought From: Natural Solar
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