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About Redback Technologies, Solar Batteries

Redback Technologies solar batteries review

Brisbane based Redback Technologies was founded in April 2015 and among its partners is the University of Queensland, so it has mixed in with a pretty good crowd. 

Redback focuses on the development of solar and battery storage solutions for residential and commercial customers.

Its original product was the Redback Smart Hybrid System. This is an all-in-one modular system offering 4.8kWh - 28.4kWh storage capacity with 5kW output. It can be DC coupled and AC coupled.

The battery modules are rack mounted affairs manufactured by China's Pylon Tech, so the battery chemistry used is lithium iron phosphate, widely considered as being very safe.

The system is IP65 rated and can be installed indoors or outside. It also has a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) feature, so you can keep the lights on and other key appliances operating in the event of a blackout.

The warranty for the Redback Battery Enclosure (BE13200) installed in conjunction with a compatible Redback inverter was originally 5 years, but this was boosted to 10 years in October 2021.

As for the battery modules, the Pylontech warranty would apply, which is 7 years extended to 10 with registration. Just to be clear, we are still yet to sight a Pylontech warranty document.

There is also a three-phase version of the Smart Hybrid system.

Redback subsequently launched its Smart Battery range in 2021, with a 7.2kWh model (SB7200) followed by a 9.6kWh (SB9600) and 14.2kWh (SB14200) battery - the latter two to be available in November 2021. The SB7200 offers 3300W rated active power, while the SB9600 and SB14200, 4,500W. All Smart Battery models have a 10-year product warranty.

We haven't heard a lot about how Redback's solar storage systems are faring in real-world conditions, so if you have one installed share your thoughts on it by leaving a rating and review.

Redback Technologies Solar Battery Reviews

look great ; local company and hopefully good quality overtime
Bought From: Energy Solution Centre
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Redback three phase system, including emergency backup.

Very good system. Extremely impressed with customer service and tech support. I am a tech nerd, and I have asked them a lot of questions, which they have diligently (and patiently) answered everytime.
The overview given above for this product is out of date. Redback now offers a much larger 3 phase system, which I have installed. A very good set up and it works well, however I will probably upgrade the storage capacity and get more kWh in due course. The day after it was commissioned my suburb had a 45 minute blackout and my home office kept operating, including my US conference call with zero disruption, a big win.
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Bought From: Green Solar Show additional information

A good way to use my solar energy - at night

I have a 11.8 kwh Redback battery - 9.5 Kw solar panels - solar hot water drawing power direct from solar panels.
And I charge a 10kwh car battery also daily in the afternoon.
Installed in February 2021.
I have found that this battery system has performed flawlessly in this time, while the above systems were able to operate as they were designed.
The battery has got my house (2 adults) through the night on all but 4 nights to date. These 4 nights were on the 2nd day of 100% cloud cover days, when the battery was not able to fully recharge for the 2nd day.
These days were very poor solar generation days in my area. During these days/nights the house drew power from the grid as required.
If I had not checked my Redback app, I would not have known the difference.
The battery retains 20% of its power before drawing from the grid. For long term battery maintenance, I am happy with this value. My car battery has lost about 50% of its power over 6 years, so I guess this is what makes the battery last as long as possible.
Important to note - you have to have enough solar to make very thing work if you plan to just use your battery for electricity at night, which is what my idea was. ie know the amount of electricity you use on a daily level. But not wanting to totally go 'off grid'. I did not understand this fully before having my current system. I am grateful to NHCSolar for adding the maximum solar panels solar - for my wallet and grid connect.
The backup power part of the system has not been tested - lucky me.
The Victoria battery rebate helped me pay for this system.
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Bought From: NRG Solar - National Renewable Group Show additional information
There was once an issue that i wasn't even aware of. Their Support Team rang me and asked me to check if one of the lights on the system was flashing, confirming that it had already been reset. Amazing!
Bought From: eko energy
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Love the portal
Bought From: eko energy
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Bought From: NRG Solar - National Renewable Group Show additional information
looking forward to the savings
Bought From: SAE Group QLD
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