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About Pylontech, Solar Batteries

Pylontech solar batteries review

Pylon Technologies, Co. Ltd (Pylontech) is a Chinese company that was founded in October 2009. It produces a wide range of battery systems - everything from powerbanks for small devices to containerised 1MW systems for commercial and industrial use.

Pylontech's residential offering are rack-mounted lithium-ion solar batteries housed in a cabinet that looks a little like a bar fridge.

In Australia, the US2000B Plus is the product currently available, which is a 2.4kWh module with 2.16kWh usable capacity. As for power rating, it is 2kW continuous per module, but this "stacks" with each additional module - so it can potentially have a lot of grunt. It looks like six of these modules can be stacked inside the "bar fridge" cabinet, which by the way is only able to be installed inside.

Given it's an inside only energy storage solution, it's even more important a comparatively safe lithium ion chemistry is used. On this point, the US2000B Plus delivers with lithium iron phosphate, widely considered the safest chemistry currently commercially available.

The US2000B is Emergency Power Supply (EPS) capable when used with a Solax hybrid inverter. Bear in mind EPS features aren't designed to run a full house, just some appliances in order to get you through a temporary blackout.

As for warranty, that's a bit tricky. Apparently it's 7 years that can be extended to 10 with registration. We say apparently as we haven't sighted a warranty document yet, so don't buy this product unless you do put eyes on a warranty (and give it a very good look over).

We have some pricing and specification details of the Pylontech US2000B that can be found on our solar battery comparison table. If you're an Australian owner of an Pylontech battery, share your thoughts on the system by leaving a rating and review.

Pylontech Solar Battery Reviews

Bought From: G Solar and Electrical Pty Ltd Show additional information

Great system and moneysaver!

After deciding to go fully electric in our new home ( no Gas usage or Gas appliances ) this was the only logic way to go. The battery system - 6x Pylon 2000US Plus Battery with 15kWh Capacity/13.8kWh usable - has performed great and worth every single cent. Combined with 10.56 kW Solar Panels / Fronius PV Inverter / Victron Multiplus II Battery Inverter and Victron GX System Control it was and still is right choice considering all aspects of energy generation and consumption. This should be in every home. Thanks goes to MyEnergy Engineering Lonsdale SA!!!
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Hybrid inverter/battery. Includes three 3.55kW Pylontech batteries to provide a 10.7kWh capacity.
Bought From: ECG Electrical
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Currently have 2 of 3.5kWh batteries installed.
Has backup circuit in Inverter which operates during blackout. Can run some lights, fridge and internet router etc up to 4.5kw.
Bought From: Green Sky Australia South East Melbourne
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Bought From: Volta Energy Systems and Storage Pty Ltd Show additional information
Bought From: Midwest Solar Power Show additional information
Bought From: Crystal Solar Energy Pty Ltd Show additional information
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