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About eko energy, Solar Installers

eko energy

Reviewers report paying: $5,000 - $7,999 for depending on hardware choice and installation difficulty ( how is this calculated? )

eko energy (formerly Jim’s Energy) is part of Echo Group, a national “top 10” renewable energy solution provider. Established in 2007, eko energy has a proven track record for professionalism and quality, having installed over 8,000+ residential solar PV systems around Australia.

eko energy are proud to partner with local government councils and community organisations to deliver solar bulk buy programs, providing residents with viable renewable energy options.

With a strong focus on excellent customer service and quality, building long-term relationships and delivering expert advice, eko energy are an innovative and proactive team, proud to be a part of the environmental revolution.

Equipped with a portfolio of solutions to improve households’ energy efficiency and Carbon reduction, eko energy specialises in the supply and install of residential solar, energy storage, energy broking and energy monitoring systems.

Call today to arrange a phone or in home consultation with one of our Renewable Energy Consultants.

eko energy Solar Reviews

Solar Experience

We used Echo to install our home solar. Communication was clear and process easy to follow. Happily now receiving credits and consuming natural resources. Great to deal with and I believe Echo offer a quality product. Show additional information

Eko Energy fails with every complication

At the beginning of April, Eko arrived to install our 6.6 kW system on our flat galvanised roof. Four months later, at the beginning of August, the panels are back sitting on my patio and Eko is waiting on a part to arrive at the end of August with an unknown install date sometime after that (September maybe?). Here is how we got here...

After starting the first install, they were missing a part (panels and parts left on the patio). They returned a week later and installed the system albeit with flat panels instead of tilted panels as in our quote. They said it made no difference; we didn't argue (we didn’t understand the significance). In June, we received our first electricity bill after switching from solar and discovered we saved nothing and, if anything, our bill went up because our supplier AusNet forces solar customers to switch to an unfavourable time of use tariff (who knew about that?). Through our own analysis we discovered that the system worked for two weeks (9-23 April) and then stopped producing almost anything. We also were able to estimate that the lack of tilt cost ~2kW of production per day (about 10% of max production in summer) and would require much more frequent cleaning to maintain efficient production. Given the data and a persistent clicking sound we figured that the inverter had a fault. The error codes on the inverter (red and green lights) confirmed our suspicion. We conveyed all this to Eko, and after two weeks they responded that there was a faulty inverter, which would need to be replaced and, by the way, should be shut off because it was a fire hazard. To get this response took a lot effort and was rather stressful for my wife. Two weeks later they replaced the inverter and we finally started producing 10-12 kW per day; close to expected for winter and just over 3 months after install. About two weeks later they offered to come out and reinstall the panels at a tilt (ok, thanks). After disconnecting all the panels and piling them on my patio once again, they determined they were missing a part and would come back later. A week later, no contact until we pressed and they said they were looking for the right part. When we pressed another week later, they responded that they found the part but it will not be in stock with their supplier before end of August. Who knows what will happen after that?

This has been a lesson in how if things go wrong with a solar install, the customer will have to go to great lengths to correct it. For instance, after install you no longer deal with the install department but the “after care” department (who knew?). Then after care needs the install department, supply department, etc… to fix the problems. These corporate silos are just an example of the structural problems that slow how complications are remedied and throw the customer into a morass without an end in sight. No one person at Eko has taken charge to make things right and only the most immediate employee tells us what’s happening next. Every installer or electrician who has come to our home has been courteous and professional but they are not empowered by Eko with the solution (including the correct parts).

We wouldn't even be here without a lot of technical knowledge and effort by us the customer (my wife and I are both scientists). As far as Eko was concerned, they had installed a fully functioning solar system in April not the non-producing, non-tilted, fire hazard attached to our house. They never would have checked. Would a pensioner notice the failings and get traction with Eko to remedy similar problems? I don't know. Only by pressing and pressing did they finally check and change our inverter. Then they dismantled our system only to wait for a part they didn't know how to find and we are without our system until September or later (we do get to keep a pile of panels and parts safe from our dogs until then). These are difficult times and we would have been happy to be patient, but Eko's negligence repeatedly causes more failures not directly related to the global crisis. While it seems they eventually intend to remedy the installation they require a lot of pestering (dozens of emails and voicemails at unmanned mobile numbers) to get a response (usually late on a Friday). Responses are usually something like ‘we're looking into this and will get back to you’ with no response for a week or more until we chase them again for answers. Eko has made no offer to compensate for the errors of their installation (e.g. loss of production) or for the stress and time it takes to get them to consider fixing the problems. Maybe that will come. The end is not in sight for us, but I still hold out hope that it will end eventually. Is a six-month installation process (i.e. before October) too much to expect or is the length of the string just too hard for Eko to calculate?
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Wish we did it sooner

We use eko energy for our 3kw 14 panel system in November last year , the costumer service was spot on ! follow up was prompt & I was well informed right through the process . We had a few hick ups with the grid connection due to our power supplier in Altona running the grid at a very high level but the team tested the system found the problem and fixed it very fast . We are now producing more than 5 x the amount of power we use in the summer months and have enough credit to last most of the winter months so we are running at a very low yearly
Power cost .
I would highly recommend
Thanks guys
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Sensational installation and love the system!!

The team at Eko Energy have provided myself and the family a brilliant experience from start to finish with our solar system.

A true 10/10 from all angles.

Far exceeded all expectations from the first phone call to the day it was installed.

Could not recommend Eko any higher
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Great Service and System

Great service from start to finish
Turned up on time on the day they said they would
Worked quietly and efficiently
Cleaned up their mess
Prompt follow up from their office
I’ve been kept online when the grid went down and have had my electricity bill be in Credit
I couldn’t have asked for more than that
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Great product - super happy

Communication was great and installation was top notch. Really happy with how the product is performing. Show additional information

Easy to deal with and friendly installers - thank you

We recently had Eko install a battery at our home, just before the peak Summer period, and before bub no. 1 arrived! So glad we did it, as I’m now spending much more time at home. We've already seen a saving on our first bill.
Communication was really easy and the installers were on time (not often the case with trades) and friendly.
Thank you.
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Great service and fantastic installers

Very happy Ekoenergy and Tyler and his team. From quote to installation, the service was very timely and well explained. The installers were punctual and very polite. My place was left clean and tidy. Show additional information

Best solar provider in the business

The Eko team is second to none in the market. From first contact to after installation follow up to make sure everything runs smoothly, everyone in the team was polite, honest and the whole process was transparent. There are a lot of solar businesses out there and it is hard to find the ones who deliver quality and care about their customers years after the sales but Eko is certainly one of them. The system produces heaps of electricity to a point that we get money back. Would always and will go back to Eko if we extend our system and get a battery. Show additional information

Loving it

We had a Redback battery system (9.6 kWH of storage) and a 3 KW solar system installed by EKO Energy. The sales process was clear and they took some time to understand our needs with regards to usage and integration with our electric vehicle. Quote was clear and concise enough. The system was installed after a couple of months and it's been working well. We even had a power outage on our street and we were blissfully unaware! The install team were professional and I believe they are actually employed by the company so took some time to do it properly. A great experience to date at a reasonable price. Show additional information

Happy Customer

The quoting process in my opinion was thorough and informative in regards to needing optimisers to counteract shadying which would affect the whole system, as with optimisers it isolates the affected panels only. The installers were early, polite, informative and professional.
I found the whole service to be smooth and honest from start to finish that is why i have referred family and friends to Eko Energy as the install was a while ago i cant remeber the cost but after research i know i was getting value for money.
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Great system

The sales quoting was easy and painless. The salesperson didn’t try and sell me the biggest system. Being new to solar they took the time to explain it all. Even though I had at least 100 questions.
The installers were on time and prepared. We had a delay in the installation as it was raining when they came out. But I was called by eko to explain. I have saved at least 1/3 off the bill!! Couldn’t be better. A small hiccup with monitoring the system. But it was resolved quickly by customer service
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Overall very happy

Eko energy sales and support responded very quickly. Installation team very efficient and in time I impressed.Overall I am very happy with Eko energy. Show additional information

Totally misled by what the contract said how the layout was designed on the roof by what the installer actually did.

Sales and quoting ok, installation a nightmare with installer cancelling on short notice, a no show after a arranging alternative date, and turned up without notice to complete a week later! Quote was for 20 panels, 14 on north 6 on west eko salesperson said did not need string inverter to avoid shadowing on west, installer said there was shadowing and no room for 6 panels as he had to have them in an array that was the first time' array 'was mentioned to me then installer said could only fit 19 panels. After heated conversations with Eko and installer we got 20 panels on north roof but obviously as Eko energy had quoted in contract! Show additional information


Our solar installation experience was very good until the day we signed the contract and paid the deposit. For the next three months we literally heard nothing. In the end I rang twice daily and finally locked in an installation date a few days before we had to reapply. The system was installed with 290 panels instead of 275 which meant the system could nor operate until a week later when two panels were removed.
Since then I have found out that Ekoenergy were told by the distributor that our install would be based on no export. That is the system creates energy and this is used when at home but nothing can go back into the grid. I was not told of this and the predictions from Ekoenergy was to save around $700 a year - this would have seen the pay back for the install almost cost neutral. Now we are about $200 a month worse off for the next two years and may never be able to export to the grid!!
This may end up a job for Maurice Blackburn! So disappointed we went with Ekoenergy.
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Happy with our choice

Eko Energy have been informative and helpful. We are happy with the quality of the service and product we have had installed. Thank you Show additional information

Excellent job, thank you.

Over all I'm very happy with the process even though it took longer than expected. Two reasons for this - very high demand & the Corona virus preventing some panels from leaving the factory.
The quote process was all very easy (I dealt with Sam Q) and simple to get it actioned. Delays getting the system installed were primarily because of very high demand and just prior to being given an installation date, we were told the 360w panels we wanted were held up in Koren due to the virus. No worries, the ever helpful and delightful Anita came to the rescue (she was the one who called me) and a new quote using 325w panels, but more of them, arrived by the end of that day. Signed, sealed and sent back in the hour.
One week prior to installation I had a young man named Jack inspect the roof, garage (for the inverter) & power box. He determined my roof wasn't suitable for 15 panels on the first level and five on the second. Instead five would go on the second story roof and twelve on the first story roof - all to do with the roof structure. He spent a decent amount of time answering any or all of my questions to my full satisfaction. Very impressed.
The day of installation and the two guys who turned up (Cliff & Kyle) a little early (I like that) and started work straight away. They did an amazing job and worked right through until well after 7PM. They were kind, friendly, considerate, professional and very good. Little things like removing their boots before entering the house without being asked too is always a great start. Thanks guys, excellent.
I have recommended these guys to a friend of mine (he'll do his own research) this morning and have no qualms about doing so.
Some paperwork still needs to be done but that's all in hand and these things take time. One does have to remember the demand for such systems these days is very high.
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Terrible installation process

Our experience with Ekoenergy started out well with an easy quoting process and then thats when it all fell apart. Once we had paid our deposit we then had next to no communication about when our installation would occur or what the delays were. It took Ekoenergy over 6 months to have our solar system installed from original installation date. We had next to zero communication of why there were delays or what was happening. It was not until we started to contact the company on a weekly to daily basis that we did start to get any movement with our installation even then the process was slow and quite often had zero contact of delays or cancellations of installation. This made it difficult and we had to arrange for someone to be home each time the installation was booked in for and each time we found out of cancellation in the afternoon of the day and only after we would call to find out where the installer was. It took so long for our installation process that our state solar rebate code expired and we had to reapply. This is about the only time we had someone communicated with us regularly and the office was able to get our new solar rebate done quickly but unfortunately because it was delayed it was less. This caused more delays in the final installation date. When the installation finally happened installer was awesome but again Ekoenergy failed to send him the required amount of parts and he had to wait for more parts to be delivered to him and then he returned to complete the installation process. Installation was completed 8months after quote was given and deposit paid. This unfortunately cause us to miss the prime summer solar season and we lost out on having a solar system on our house during the prime sunny season. After installation occur it took over 2 weeks for us to hear back from Ekoenergy that our solar system had been connected and we did not receive any solar welcome pack or how to go through the monitoring side of the system. It required us to contact the inverter company to get access to monitoring, which is reputedly on its way. Show additional information

Very happy customer

The whole process was managed really well and I was kept up to date and informed by the energy company. I have since gone and recommended EKO Energy to other people I work with. The only issue I had through the whole process was with the power distributor regarding feeding back into the grid but this was not something Eko could control and they gave me advice on how to get this issue fixed. Happy customer! Show additional information

Fantastic job by Professionals

The Sales team were very helpful and the installation team were very professional in carrying out the works Show additional information

Great job and service

Very friendly staff at Eko Energy and installation was excellent and professional. Show additional information

Job well done

Sales and quotation process was quick, I was approved for the VIC solar rebate back in Oct’19 but the installation only occurred in Jan’20. Guessing the delay is due to them being busy serving other customers, the team at Eko solar displayed good professionalism overall, always responded to my queries, kept me informed on next steps and the workmanship of installers was remarkable as well they were able to accommodate my requests and also explained what to expect during the installation process and how the system works, everything went smooth just waiting for the grid connection to occur. Well done Eko Solar Show additional information
On time installation and flexible suiting our needs. Installers were friendly and were non intrusive. Show additional information

Would not recommend - poor service and communication and over price

The sales quoting when through an ethnic elderly group where most of the attendee are non English speaker are retired. The quoting my Dad house was $7,953 for a 3.66 KW which usually other retailer was around around $4K at the time. I was not aware of the detail until he asked my to follow up. The advise was poor, most of the solar panel were facing east so the solar panel can not utilised majority of the sun light during the day

My Dad pay the initial deposit in October 2018 and another deposit in January 2019 and multiple follow up (around 4 times calling and multiple email) before they arrange for the installation in later April 2019

After installation, we have to follow up up to 10 times (over 2 weeks period) before provide us with all the paper work to put in a claim for the rebate.
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Wonderful Sales and Installation

The sales person (Sam) was knowledgeable, efficient and friendly. There was no high pressure at all. Follow up with paperwork was as discussed with no delays.
The installer (Chris) was terrific. Communication was clear and on time. Installation was tidy and clean. Product and usage information was clear and concise.
We could not be happier with our dealings with Eko Energy.
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Would not recommend- inverted burned out and they won't return my calls.

Our solar worked for a few months then stopped working so we got an electrician to have a look. He opened the inverter and saw it had burned inside. Now they are saying we tampered with the inverter and won't take responsibility or return my calls. Really poor service and now we have no solar and a burnt out inverter.

Supplier Reply

Sometimes in the solar industry difficult situations present themselves. In this case the customer had actually breached the Fronius inverter warranty terms by opening the unit up themselves. This, of course, greatly complicates our ability to provide a replacement product because the cost of the replacement product may not be reimbursed. Whilst I understand the frustration of the customer in the delays that this caused, I feel a need to present a ‘counter argument’ to this poor rating. We are very proud of our 12 year history of exceptional service. Show additional information

Great installation

Installation was on time. Installation team was very friendly and provided lot of information. Grid connection happened smoothly. Show additional information
I usually can't be bothered writing reviews but Paul Williams and the team deserve a big thumbs up. Great knowledge, honesty and service. Thanks once again Show additional information
Our interest in Solar Energy was sparked by our attendance at a presentation by Positive Charge (a non-profit organisation promoting clean energy) organised by Monash Council.
We were referred to eco-energy by Positive Charge for the Solar pv System Installation, and Kez Hassan was our first contact. Kez visited our house and spent a considerable amount of time to assess the sight and to help us choose a suitable system. He also helped with our online application for Victorian Government Solar Rebate. We found Kez to be very knowledgeable and also an excellent communicator.
The installation team headed by Ilia Korovin are also exceptional. The installation was done very neatly and within a short period, and we were delighted by the performance of the installed system from the very first day it was commissioned. The amount of power generated even on a cloudy day is very impressive.
It is a delight to see a young, very professional, and enthusiastic team headed by very competent professionals deliver high quality – green - high tech products to Victorian households.
We appreciate the enormous pressure on the installation team caused by the increased demand and high workload. The delay in delivering the system in a timely manner is therefore understandable, but needs to be communicated clearly.
Finally a big thank you (and our apologies) to Kez Hassan and Ilia Korovin for your timely and reassuring responses whenever we got agitated with delays.
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The system has worked very well until now (May 2018). Local supplier provided good service. Accessible by phone. Show additional information
Purchased the system from Eko Connect, they were superb across all your measures. Price was also sharp. In regards to the three quotes obtained throught your service, I was very impressed with David from Solar my home. He was very professional, interested and informative. Appreciate the follow up. Regards,Richard Show additional information
I requested information about the fixing of the panels to trimdek roofing sheets. I have this roof now for 26 years, zinc- alum sheets dont mix well with other metals and I needed to be sure there was not going to be a problem. I was given photographs of installations on similar roofs
and given to understand that there would be special brackets used, insulated from the roof sheets and made for the specific sheet type.
Well, I have worked for over 40 years with sub-contractors (EKO are using subys, but never made an attempt to hide that fact) and I was prepared for something to go wako. The suby arrived nice punch of yung fellows. No special brackets. One phone call and Eko had brackets on site within the hour. Together with an apology for the delay and the overside. It turned out to be a very good Job.
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Could probably go with 5 - Fantastic for Value for Money and Quality of System but don't want to go overboard yet.

Geoff Keast of Keast Electrical was very helpful and knowledgeable.

Rezeko Pty Ltd gave us a deposit plus two year payment option at no interest with a monthly administration fee which is very customer friendly.
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Installation was organised by a relative and took a couple of months to eventuate. However, the actual installation was very professionally done in a morning. However, placing the inverter close to aerial cabling was a mistake, as it interferes with digital TV reception. The construction appears solid and the system generates well on the few sunny days that we've had lately. The electrical inspector advised of a 3 month wait for the new meter. Show additional information
Only two firms (out of 6) were willing to come out and explain the system and give us a quote there and then Show additional information
Unlike other recommended suppliers Eko Energy were very prompt with a reply to my request for information and gave me very good initial info plus followup as requested.

Their salesman was prepared to spend time on the 'phone clarifying queries and appeared to give straight forward answers without "flowering".

Contract was clear cut and precise and they have honoured their part of the bargain.

The system was fitted on 31st Jan 2011 and although connected I am awaiting my supplier to fit the Smart meter.

During a short test by the inspector on a sunny day it was making 3.2Kw and building.

At this stage I am satisfied I made the correct decision in my choice of supplier.

In my mind only time will tell if I made the correct decision in having the system fitted at all - we can only hope as I guess a lot depends on what future decisions are made by governments.
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I had Rezeko Energy Pty Ltd trading as Ekoenergy solar supply and fit a 2kw system for a much better price than all others that I contacted and I got the type of panels that I wanted as well. I think that I may have said to you earlier that there is a lot of cheap and, I think, nasty types of panels being pushed out there and if people don't do there research there will be some people very disappointed with what they end up with. My system is rated at 500 volts in peak sun hours and on a cloudy day with no sun under test it produced 430 volts so I am happy with that.
Don McKinnon
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There is a lot of them out there who just want your deposit and not able to give you a fixed price from start to finish as they won't come near your place except via Google Earth! The industry needs stricter standards in what they can say and can't say to prospective customers.
While Rezeko haven't installed the system yet I was happy with a 5.55kw (30 panel) system with 3 X 2 KW inverters for $17600! Nicholls was over $19000 for a 5.1kw system so they were a second place probably including service and quality of system!
Thanks for providing some competition as in the end I got over 6 quotes! Nicholls was valuable for the information but you didn't have much on your books to compete for this area. Goodluck with this rapidly growing industry!
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Excellent customer relationships. Always willing to answer questions and explain in layman's terms.

As with all suppliers it is very hard to compare as they use different panels and different inverters, but as a "gut feeling" I felt this was the best value for money.

Their personal intervention and interaction was excellent.
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The industry is 'ignorant'. Questions asked by 'receptionists' which are not at all relevant to the task at hand. Supply dates not achieved. Can give details if required. Show additional information
The smart meter is going to take 40 working days to install. The digital meters we have at the moment may add the solar power created onto our account. The digital meters were not made for solar power so we were told to leave them off until the smart meter is installed. That is quite disappointing that we have to wait so long for the power to be put back into the system.
I was also disappointed with trying to speak to the power supplier to get information off them to make sure we would get the .66 c feed in tariff. I was on the phone twice on hold for 50 minutes plus, and then they would give me no guarentees that we would get the high feed in tariff.
I just wait and hope.
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I found it was very complicated to compare one system to another, they could not even agree on average hours of sunshine, and quotes seemed to have various extras in or out. Ekoenergy was prepared to lower their price in regard to elevating brackets which we did not need in our situation.
I felt I was getting a fair deal from them and accepted their quote. I cannot answer the question of value for money:I am satisfied here, but other conditions could apply elsewhere, and my recommendation would be misleading.
The system is not switched on yet, but the panels and inverter appear to be well made, so my 4 star rating for quality of system is based on this, and not proven performance.
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The system isn't installed yet. However, all is running as scheduled, good customer service, great value for money, EkoEnergy weren't too pushy for a sale, so far very happy. Solarquotes .com.au were a fantastic help from start through, with small but very useful tips where and how to save power here and there, which I found extremely important to establish prior to installing solar panels. Highly recommend Solarquotes.com.au Show additional information
The brackets used to install the system under the tiles has resulted in stormwater damage. Tiles were lifted about 20mm and not re-sealed. Show additional information
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As we have an old style meter we have immediate benefit as the meter reverses when panels are generating. Unfortunately ETSA will not install the next stage until end of September so there will be no payment for unused energy until then but at least we do have immediate benefit.

EkoEnergy took care of all paperwork even contacting ETSA on our behalf and we had nothing at all to do. Electrician sent was first class and done an excellent job. Only had our system for three days so haven't found anything going wrong but from our experience so far would expect quick response to any problems .
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