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Redback Solar Inverter Reviews

Best looking system available for a solar and battery combination
Bought From: ACDC Energy
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18months old and multiple issues, battery trip outs, loss of wifi connectivity, the online monitoring service is very informative when working correctly, but data can't be trusted, date rarely matches smartmeter data or shows that we generate power at night (we could be millionaires with this!) Originally customer service were very helpful but after few months are issues evidently became a bore with no responses being received. With help of our installer they have now admitted that they are aware of all the issues prescribed by myself and others and that they are unable to offer permanent solutions...great. Premium inverter can't do its job.

Luckily our installer is now pushing them for compensation and a complete refund. Awaiting Redback to respond but our next step is Consumer Affairs.
Bought From: Sky Energy Systems
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Love the system, very reliable when power goes out but their inverter communication system is garbage and their support, contact and return support totally unreliable, don't hold your breath to hear back from them because you won't. No customer relationship, got your money and run as far away as they can.
Bought From: Solar Dynamics
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I have to agree with some of the other reviewers here. After having the Redback inverter for a year, it really is disappointing. Most of the time you can't communicate with the unit - this Ouija board they've built just doesn't work. The unit really is unreliable and not worth the investment - the cheapest inverter on the market would probably do a better job. Tech support are not responsive and issues just don't get resolved - it's not working again at the moment and hasn't been for about 3 months...

I'd encourage any potential purchasers to have a good look around before going down the Redback path. I wouldn't have gone with this unit if I'd known how unreliable it was going to be...
Bought From: Skyline Energy
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The inverter works fine - But software is glitchy and my battery keeps getting disconnected. Still working with Redback to get it up to performance. Support from Redback is poor, unresponsive and next to impossible to schedule an appointment with them.
Bought From: SAE Group QLD
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Our system ( 4600 Inverter, 5.3kw of 265watt Panels ) was installed in Nov 17 and some 6 months later a pair of Pylon batteries then a third about a month ago. ( money doesn’t grow on trees so the forth and final battery will come when I can afford it) Over the Xmas period our bill was reduced by 53% (3 months) now that we are into the worst of the solar generation it still provides more than 20% of our need. As far as reliability goes, I’m glad I chose Redback it works every day no problem. The follow up and support from the installation company has been a good relationship. I’m a geek so I love to chew Lee’s ear off. In the beginning I had a dozen questions a day and not once did I get the raw prawn from either the support crew at Redback, or Solar Dynamics in Braeside Vic. My biggest challenge is getting my wife to understand the concept of ‘Energy Management ‘ she just loves that kettle...
Bought From: Solar Dynamics
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inverter was installed over 6 weeks ago & only just started working due to waiting for parts, worked for just under a week & now not working, I suggest not buying one of these systems as everything to do with them is bad, bad service from the sellers, bad service from the installers & this to me is a direct reflection of the product, do not buy one!!!
Bought From: Wades Gas and Paint
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This is the best looking and tidiest setup I have seen as everything is contained in the one unit and not spread across the wall.
Everything is working very well . If I could afford a few extra batteries I would get them as I have now installed a pool and would use extra stored power.
Bought From: Solar Dynamics
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The Redback inverter is super robust and quiet, take some space but fits batteries in one unit. The problem people have (including me) is that 4600W is a bit of a squeeze for most households and it will trip out if you go over. This means adding dryer use with washing machine and dishwasher at the same time means no power for a minute or two until you lose an appliance or two. If its dark and you have no battery, you will be flicking switches to make that happen. The comms is tricky but you get used to the reconnection process, connect to the inverters own wifi then re-add the unit to the app, the data available makes it worthwhile - see how many Watts you are saving from the train.
Bought From: SolarHub ACT
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The RedBack app makes it easy to see current generation, consumption, feed to/from grid, and battery status. The online portal is great for historic (and current) data viewing. Very happy with RedBack inverter. Also very quiet (no sound) compared to systems we have seen at other houses.
Bought From: Tasmanian Solar Connections
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We have had this the Redback inverter system with backup battery for almost a year now. It has been nothing but trouble. The software is useless. We have been in constant contact with Redback but they haven't a clue. They are so busy promoting this so called "wonderful system" when they should be fixing the problems and actually making it work. Our battery is constantly shutting down. We continually get messages saying there is a major problem but they do nothing about it. We have to tell them. Useless system with little backup help from Redback. Has heaps of potential but don't buy it until they sort out all of the software problems. Was a waste of money for us. Note we have no problems with the installer. They have tried there best to fix a problem which has little to do with them. It is Redback's problem.
Bought From: Inverter Review Supplier Name Withheld
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Good inverter on paper, terrible in practice. Constant communication and battery trip issues.
Bought From: ITP Home Energy
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The communications link is garbage. Over a nine month period since my solar installation was given Ausnet approval I have had only ten days when there has NOT been a communication problem. Its communications with the storage battery cut out on a regular basis and I lose battery back-up meaning in dark or low sunlight hours I am buying power from the grid instead of using stored power from the battery even though the battery is charged. The battery then has to be manually reset meaning I spend part of my day back and to visiting the inverter to check the battery status. The comms link with my PC when I check the inverter status via the Redback website often shows that communications with the internet is lost and then I need to go to the inverter again to reset its switch and get the link back. This inverter is a real pain in the backside.
Bought From: Madison Australia Melbourne Other
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Bought From: Energy Aware New South Wales Show additional information

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