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About Solar Dynamics, Solar Installers

Solar Dynamics
Platinum Partner
Solar Dynamics is a SolarQuotes Client (what does this mean?)

Solar Dynamics is a Melbourne based company operating in solar power.

They say that all of their installers are industry accredited and their systems are backed by a 25 year warranty.

Solar Dynamics advises it has just imported from Canada a complete range of 285w mono crystalline panels.

Customer testimonials for Solar Dynamics are available, and include the following:

“ We are very happy with the system, and thank all the people involved in the installation for being efficient, professional and friendly.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks for the help and professionalism of the trade people on site, and for all the help and professionalism of your company. Thank you very much.”

“The jobs were completed in a very professional manner, the solar hot water and solar power were fitted in a very efficient way. The follow up service was excellent.”

Solar Dynamics Solar Reviews

Love the system, installation could be improved.

The price paid of $4,390 is after Victorian rebate and loan, and cashing in STCs. The system is 7.04kW of Sunpower P19 panels with a 6kW Fronius inverter. We also paid the $300ish for the Fronius monitoring module (which I feel was well worth it as I can monitor our electrical demand in near-real time).

Wayne from Solar Dynamics visited my house to have a look prior to quoting. He listened very closely to what it was I was trying to achieve with a solar power system and delivered on that. He was also very responsive in making some changes to the quoted system once I had learned more and spoken with other suppliers. In all, a very positive customer experience to this point.

The office staff were very helpful during the very trying time when Solar Victoria’s web portal went to hell in a hand basket, and I’m certain they (Solar Dynamics staff) were up to their necks in annoyed customers. They handled that situation very well and I was able to secure a rebate slot.

The installation was booked, but then moved at their request to accommodate other installations. I was called in advance and politely asked if this was ok, to which I said it wasn’t a problem as the installation was only moved a few days. The installers were polite, accommodating, and turned up more or less on time. The installation was completed by the end of the same day and everything was up and running.

At ground level, the installers appeared to have tidied up nicely with a few small items left here and there (I mean really small - easy to miss, so entirely excusable).

However, the situation was a little different up on the roof. My system is not a small one, so I wonder if they were rushing to finish that day. There are quite a number of depressions in my corrugated roof where the installers were not standing on the line of battens, though I understand this would certainly be unavoidable some of the time, so it’s just an observation. Of greater concern is the screws that were removed from the roof sheets (presumably to affix the panel racks) and not replaced leaving a hole and water ingress point. I found five screws missing; three in a line on one sheet at the end of the panel array, one on the ridge cap and one in a random other location. Several other screws were not sufficiently threaded in to engage the rubber gasket and seal the hole. I found a few of the original roofing screws in gutters so put them back in the holes myself, and checked all the other screws I could see to make sure my roof is water tight.

Substantial scraps across the roof sheets are evident, which will expose the sheets to corrosion. The odd nick here and there is alright, but where something has clearly been dragged across the roof and removed about an A4 sized amount paint is pretty careless and probably should have rectified somehow (even with silicone or a lick of paint). I’m not worried about aesthetics as my roof is not visible from anywhere on my block, but I am concerned about corrosion.

A slightly lesser, but still noteworthy, concern is the amount of swarf left on the roof from drilling new holes. Some of it was big enough to pick up as a sizeable clump, so the amount was not insubstantial. The problem with leaving swarf on a roof is that it rusts as it is not coated like the rest of the roof sheets, which in turn can rust the sheets over time. When I built my garage, I was very conscious of leaving swarf on the roof and swept the whole thing at the end of drilling. I would have expected similar from a professional installer as it’s a quick job at the time but cannot be done now as the panels are installed and in the way.

In all, the missing screws were nothing more than an inconvenience that I needed to address as I was on the roof anyway to clean gutters. The problem would be for a person who either isn’t as handy or not able to get on their roof to identify the issue.

That aside, the installation of the inverter and all the connections appear solid and professional. The inverter was connected to my WiFi network by the installers before they left, which I appreciated. I don’t have any concerns with the actual installation of the racking, panels or inverter; just the state in which my roof was left.

The system has been generating good power and I’m like a kid with a new toy constantly looking at the Fronius app (which isn’t brilliant as far as apps go, buts that’s a Fronius thing) to check the output.

I would recommend any of the providers that quoted my system, and I would recommend Solar Dynamics as I am very happy with the system that was designed and the price we paid - I feel we achieved very good value-for-money. I would only hope that the installers pay a little more attention during and at the end of the job.
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Quick Install Turnaround but Slow in Processing Paperwork

The own Wayne came out and did a site inspection was very good in explaining the process and providing me with expected generation numbers for each month of the year to ensure that it would meet our energy need. After getting the Victorian Government grant i was a quick turn around and i was able to get my system installed with in 2 weeks which was fantastic. But after that thing slowed down to a snail's pace. I had to chase up getting the Energy Safe Victoria inspection, once that was done they submitted the paperwork to my energy company. This took some time and i followed up with my energy provider and was advised this was because they need to send it back several times to be corrected. So its now only after 2 months that we have been able to finalise all the paperwork and now able to gain credits for all the excess power generated. Show additional information

Great Solar Installation experience. Very professional.

Sales quoting was great. Could not fault it.
Installation was great. Very professional Technicians. They did not mess around. Had the whole system installed and operational in 6 Hours.
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Good quality system

Quoting process was easy and responsiveness was very good. Installation was fast and neat.

After sales service for questions and queries was very good.
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Solar Dynamics are very well organised, down to earth and straightforward with their dealings. They contacted us to adviseof arrival times and kept us in the loop. Very happy with the service! Show additional information

Good installers

Customer contact and understanding of Solar Excellent arranged Solar Vic great

Installation was on time and to standard a little mess left behind

Installion included 9 optimisers

Starting that process now installed yesterday
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Very responsive to my calls and queries. Wayne was prepared to discuss my requirements and to EXPLAIN components, positioning of cells etc, type of cells ...reasons for components, feed in etc etc. Show additional information

Great service.

Knowledgeable, polite - prepared to guide, not push.

Skilled installers, good office staff providing prompt service which helped navigate the first day of Vic Solar's new system.
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It all happened when it was supposed to by a competent pair of helpful workers. Great! Show additional information

very impressive all round

great advise, prompt response, completed all paperwork and communications with authorities Show additional information
System to be installed within next ten days. Show additional information
I was very pleased with the professional, competent and friendly attitude of the installation contractors and the friendly and competent staff of the supplier. I found applying for the Victorian Solar Rebate Scheme the most difficult part of the whole exercise. I was lucky that I have a strong IT background, but I am sure many people of my age do not. Thanks to the Victorian Government for providing the rebate Show additional information
The whole process was stress free. Solar Dynamics where very well scheduled and the customer service was great throughout as well as after installation. Show additional information
Sales person for Solar Dynamics was very competent, no bs and called a spade a spade. Wayne made an appointment, arrived on time, gave an estimate and followed up a day or two later with a written quote. The other two companies only wanted to do everything by email and didn't seem to be able to come and look at the situation. Show additional information
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Have committed, but not yet installed. Show additional information
Very professional, prompt and efficient service from the office and installers. Show additional information
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Cost of electrical conduit and fittings not included in quote as I needed to lay new cable into a trench to/from a shed where panels were placed.
Also a good explanation for the need to lay a new cable (as it is to carry AC ) was never proffered.
Otherwise everything was done promptly and professionally.
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Good quote and installation

Wayne gave good advice on types of panels and installation. The price was what I wanted to pay and a system that fitted my needs. The office staff were good sorted out the paper work to allow me to get subsidy ( still waiting for payment, lots of emails) and inspections and connection to grid. Installers were good & tidy, cables hidden to meter box and polite. System works okay. I used Solar Dynamics because of the work they did for a work mate and and also his two sons. Their tilt frames cost was a lot cheaper. Show additional information
I have just had my system installed so my answers are based on my experience to date.
It will be interesting to see how the system performs over time.
Thank you for your assistance with obtaining quotes.
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We keep getting fobbed off from replacement units from China. There is no follow up unless we phone after a month of waiting, only to be told that they are waiting for China to replace them. After sales service is terrible.
They keep re-sending the forms etc but we are still waiting.
2 units went down in early December, it took 6 weeks to be replaced. When they replaced them end of January. My husband checked on-line & saw that another 2 units had stopped working, he immediately phoned them, they were going to check our system out & again replace the units.
It is now the end of April and still no sign of the units being replaced.
We have missed out on most of the Summer Sun this year, which has cost us a lot of money saving feed-in. Not happy at all.
If these units keep breaking down, then the right & professional, good business & customer service thing to do, would be to have spares on site for their quick replacement.
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Was a pleasure to deal with, Wayne was very professional and thorough with quoting me for what system I needed to suit my everyday needs , price was also very good! Was installed 2 days after agreeing to use solar dynamics with a 1 day install with no hiccups whatsoever! Highly recommend using these guys they will help you through all the aspects of getting your solar. Show additional information
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Great experience,no problems with anything. Show additional information
Definitely do you research!! Speak to someone that is knowledgeable with all aspects of Solar!! From all products such as panels, inverter to government paybacks and tariffs!! The Solar dynamics team are truly amazing and knowledgeable! Thanks again Solar Dynamics!! Good work Show additional information
The final decision was based on the best value for money solar system. Whilst I was keen to purchase the best quality system available, the package needs to save us money. There is no point in purchasing the best system if it ultimately ends up costing us more. Show additional information
Wayne from Solar Dynamics, and the office staff, were very helpful in responding to our endless questions leading up to our selection of a system and supplier. One of our questions was the likely lead time to installation, and Wayne estimated two weeks. True to his word, the system was actually installed two weeks after placing the order. Adding extra complexity and components a day or two before installation did not hassle Wayne and he did a good deal on the extras. The installation team were efficient, polite and thorough, even having to discuss relocation of one panel due to unexpected roof space limitations. The system has been installed for two days, the sun is out and we are getting effectively free electricity! Show additional information
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thank you finn, your advise was very helpful it helped me to understand and navigate the solar minefield Show additional information
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I have found Solar Dynamics to be an excellent company and I am very happy with the installation and performance of my new solar system. Show additional information
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System installed 2 days ago, so far everything seems to be working ok. Still awaiting Electrical Safety Inspection & Smart Meter re-programming etc. The folks at Solar Dynamics are friendly, helpful, patient, courteous, knowledgeable, prompt & professional. Happy to recommend the Team at Solar Dynamics. Show additional information
The install date was a bit slow to be set as it was over the Xmas period but otherwise the service was great. Show additional information
Although the system is not yet installed (due next week), the people at Solar Dynamics have been very helpful with each communication I have had with them. Show additional information
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The staff at Solar Dynamics - the men who did the installation - Brett, Scott & "Rowdy"; the Manager - Wayne, the Project Manager - Annette, and the front line person - Trudy, were all very friendly, competent and professional, and their on-going support and advocacy after the installation, was way over and above what one would expect - very impressive indeed. Show additional information
Extremely helpful with the end to end process for paperwork and getting the installation completed. Show additional information
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