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Solar Dynamics Reviews

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About Solar Dynamics, Solar Installers

Solar Dynamics is a Melbourne based company operating in the solar power and solar hot water fields. The company says that it is the sole distributor of the well known Chromagen brand. They also say that all of their installers are industry accredited and their systems are backed by a 25 year warranty. Solar Dynamics says that it has just imported from Canada a complete range of 250w mono crystalline panels.

Customer testimonials for Solar Dynamics are available, and include the following:

β€œ We are very happy with the system, and thank all the people involved in the installation for being efficient, professional and friendly.”

β€œI would like to take this opportunity to say thanks for the help and professionalism of the trade people on site, and for all the help and professionalism of your company. Thank you very much.”

β€œThe jobs were completed in a very professional manner, the solar hot water and solar power were fitted in a very efficient way. The follow up service was excellent.”

Solar Dynamics Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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Waiting on installation date! Show additional information
Good quote no BS , very patient with us in our procrastination over going ahead . But once decided every thing went smoothly the installation which was very difficult high pitched roof middle of winter 3 stories high colour bond slippery. The 2 electricians worked their ass off all day getting 28 panels up and all the electrics done - in my house not easy - electrical inspector was most impressed with the difficult job and commented that these guys did an unbelievable job in that he could not see the wires ie well hidden.. Tested A1 now arranging "Lumo" to get us onto the grid - appears electricity companies don't like you going solar looking for every little excuse to delay the inevitable but Solar Dynamics Warned me and are guiding through this finial stage. Unit appears to be functioning well even middle of winter producing 3.5 KW/Hr middle of the day.
Also minimal visual impact from the street and for neighbours. Happy Happy Happy.
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Have learned from the Electrical Inspector that he's worked with the installer (100% Electrics - Nunawading) for 8 years and they have never had anything but a +ve report. I also found them to be efficient, thorough and careful in their work. The supplier, Solar Dynamics, came to my house to complete an assessment and then gave me a three-options quote and then discdussed the ramifications associated with each before I made my decision. Follow-up assistance has been excellent. Show additional information
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Everything about Solar Dynamics was fantastic. Personal service, great explanation which system to buy and why, best price, prompt in every way. Highly recommended.

The biggest drawback with the whole process is that it is over 4 weeks and the Inspector of the system STILL has not forwarded the documentation to allow me to receive the feedin tarrif!! Very annoying and frustrating. I have emailed Dynamic a couple of times, always receive a prompt reply, and explanation. They are following this up AGAIN. Thanks
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I would recommend Solar Dynamics. Good advice and tips. Friendly service. My only reason for a lower score on the installation was a hiccup with the mounted location of the Inverter. An unforseen error I guess they couldn't get the cables to the first location so had to remount it to a second location leaving 3 dynabolts and two cable holes that are not very visible.
Other than that its all good!
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Actually the system will be installed in two days ie on Friday. The system is a 4.59 KW PV system and we are paying $6,200 for it. Show additional information
I had Solar Dynamics quote me on replacing my hot water service with a heat pump, upgrading my switchboard and installing solar panels. Wayne turned up on time a knew what he was talking about (he suggested the heat pump).

Their plumber did a great job.

Their electrician did a poor job on the switchboard. Circuit breakers not labelled. Lights in the garage no longer work. Open ducts. Still have not received a certificate of electrical safety. Electrician not returning my calls. Buyer beware I suppose.

Off to Energy Safe Victoria to try to have the issues addressed.

Obviously, I have decided not to use them for the solar installation.
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It is a little early to give rating correctly as I'm not connected to the grid yet, but so far all is working! Show additional information
Wayne was very helpful and explained everything in "Laymans Terms" so I could understand everything. Great service back up and support offered after installation. Show additional information
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Knowledge of AUSNET installation processes and procedures were extremely helpful. Show additional information
A friend has just asked me about my experience as she is planning to install a Solar system, I had no hesitation in recommending Solar Dynamics Show additional information
Excellent company to deal with Show additional information
Excellent explanations and advice re system choices.
Excellent follow-up and after installation support.
Very happy so far (it has only been a few weeks).
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Solar Dynamics pricing was comparable to other suppliers but it was their customer service that set them apart. Show additional information
Solar Dynamics was one of three companies referred by Solar quotes. All three were very good, however, Solar Dynamics were more thorough and offered more options. We had two sites installed, one in Hawthorn East, the other at Cape Schanck. The installer was a very professional tradesman, he arrived on time, was efficient, neat and tidy, polite and diligent. Once installed, the system was then checked by a specialist electrician, who complimented the installer on the quality of his work, being the highest standard he had experienced.

All communication with Solar Dynamics staff has been efficient and reliable. We would most certainly recommend Solar Dynamics
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Two suppliers sourced through your site. They both responded promptly with a house visit and gave credible advice. There was a minor price difference of $100 between them and in the absence of any other difference, I went with the cheaper. The system was installed smoothly and efficiently within a week of accepting the quote. That said, both demonstrated good service and value for money: the current grid supplier didn't respond to my separate enquiry until and a very reputable local electrician I also separately sought a quote from wasn't within $1000 of the two respondents through your site. Show additional information
Wayne explains in understandable plain English what the system will do I bought a hybrid setup Lee and the boys came to fit it in Newlands arm no problems and it runs very good Willem Show additional information
Informative with latest technology. Gave us a lot of confidence in making the best choice. Reliable and prompt installation. Show additional information
The product we purchased is of high quality and seems to be superior to other products on the market. We were very happy with the service provided. Show additional information
The rep came to see me within a few days, the alternative company just did the phone sales pitch and could not answer a few key questions - but they weren't too bad, and were cheaper. Solar Dynamics had it installed within a fortnight. Just a pity it took another 4 weeks for the inspector to come, approve, forward on paperwork to Simply Energy so we could actually use what we were producing. Solar Dynamics installers were also very good, ran me through the system, left the site clean, without lifted tiled or issues, and came when they said. Very happy with Solar Dynamics. Show additional information
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Will definitely recommend Solar Dynamics to friends and family. Show additional information
Show additional information
Very satisfied with salesperson {Wayne}. He answered all our questions and more. Informative re the panels & inverters that we were considering, and anything else that we/he thought might be relevant to us.
Installers arrived on time, and did a good installation and cleaned up after themselves.
No problems at all. Very satisfied all round.
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The sales person was lovely and advised us that this was an Australian company that installed here all the time so any follow up would be easy. The electrician who installed was fantastic and efficient and informative.
HOWEVER, the unit doesn't work so we are now continuing to pay for the unit and pay our electricity bill. When we contacted Solar Dynamics they said that post installation it has "nothing to do with them". So we are left with nothing more than to be told that a repair request has been put in but now we have to wait....the wait has been 2 months so far. VERY UN HELPFUL

Supplier Reply

The above comment is not entirely accurate. Yes the inverter had a fault. As soon as reported to our office we immediately actioned a service call with the manufacturer pursuant to their procedure. Once lodged it is up to the manufacturer to inform us and/or the customer as to the availabilty of a replacement unit together with their electrician. Regrettably the manufacturer took a bit longer than usual to replace the unit however we were in constant contact with the customer to keep them informed as to the status of their service call. The time factor was actually closer to four weeks (including a long weekend in that time).
We dispute that we were unhelpful as we were in constant communication with the customer.
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top quality advice from wayne sorting out our particular requirements, including using all black panels. great work from the installers. the whole job was done within 2 weeks of signing so very fast. very happy so far Show additional information
The system was fitted approx. 3 weeks ago. I am still waiting for ESV Inspector to inspect the system. My last phone call to the supplier stated the electrician who fitted the system was on holidays and would be back next Monday.
The Fronius inverter was giving problems when being set up. A phone call and ensuing instructions seemed to have things working correctly. The Inverter at present seems to be cutting out on very hot days when nearing its highest potential output. It goes into an error condition, but seems to resets itself when the temperature becomes lesser.
I was disappointed when inspecting the work area on the roof after completion of the job to find aluminium shavings left everywhere from- cut off adjustments made to the supporting beams, and the cigarette butts in the guttering (we are on tank water only).
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The personnel from Solar Dynamics were not only courteous, helpful and thoroughly efficient, they were excellent in advising and assisting on a wide range of energy generation and use. Their analysis of the household energy bills led to uncovering of discrepancies that saved us considerable sums of money even before the PV system was installed. The range of options such as panel numbers, panel placements, inverter type, etc, were outlined and suggested personalisations discussed (example possibility of installing an above-requirement inverter should we at some future time choose to install additional panels). Post-installation queries were answered promptly and effectively.

[Finn, this paragraph of course ought not to be published.] Several components of the process have sought feedback - SolarQuotes, the installer and companies associated with hardware. I have refrained from providing such feedback until the entire operation has been completed, is up and running. You would realise that not until inspections, conversions, etc, are finished and the energy supplier's first post-installation bill arrives can a customer fully assess how well matters have been handled. "Immediate" feedback, then, is unwise. For that reason I have not responded earlier to let you know that SolarQuotes proved to be a very wise beginning step for me.
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Of the 3 quotes you gave me - only Solar Dynamics responded quickly and in person. Solarworx asked for more information on-line and the Warragul company (can't remember their name) did not respond at all. Solar Dynamics spent more than an hour with us explaining everything in detail and worked out which system was the best for us - the entire experience as I said earlier changed my attitude on solar from a 'nightmare' to a 'pleasant dream'. Solar Dynamics is highly recommended (5*) in all categories. Also, your service/advice has been VERY helpful. Show additional information
Doug from Solar Dynamics was very knowledgeable and was easily able to cope with some non-standard issues such as the three-phase power we have here.

One disappointment is that a contract was never offered and the installation (to be finished later this week) has been done without my signing anything!

The inverter has been nicely installed in my garage and the panels appear to have been placed in nice geometric arrangements.
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Show additional information
Getting Grid connected has been slow. Show additional information
Everything went really well with the sale and the installation but as yet we have not received our first power bill so it's hard to judge if it's been financially worth it. But we are hopeful that this will be fantastic too. Show additional information
Only heard from 2 out of 3, solar my home no response, was impressed with both companies and sales people good level of knowledge, installation was professional and on time, no issues since, thank you great support. Show additional information
Yes I don't use hyperbole like "Fantastic" It is stupidly exaggerated.

I would have ticked Excellent.

Why don't you drop "Fantastic" or are you an ex-real estate agent
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Show additional information
We experienced a dramatic decline in our TV reception as a result of the Inverters used, during daylight hours. Solardynamics contacted the manufacturer of the Inverters who offered to pay for the relocation of our TV antenna. This was not possible due to its optimum position currently. A new filter from the Inverter people is being sent to us and will be fitted next Thursday at Solardynamics expense. Hopefully it will solve the problem. Wayne at Solardynamics has been very helpful during this process. Show additional information
From the sales rep to the installers to follow up with the office staff we cannot fault our experience with Solar Dynamics. Show additional information
We have used this supplier previously ,found them to be reliable ,cost affective and used quality products Show additional information
Don't fall for the pretentious over priced sell, its all from china.
The installer doesn't know West from North, yet he has been installing panels in the Southern hemisphere for 2 years. Furthermore one of the installers drilled 10 holes into my ceiling and after legal action was in motion through Victorian Consumer Affairs, we finally got them to reinstall the solar panels in a Northerly aspect.
I was fortunate enough to have an expert evaluation that highlighted many issues that deemed the installation to be of a very poor standard and the panels were nothing special just cheap Chinese panels paired with a basic fugly inverter. Solar punters beware this company is not accredited by the Solar Clean Energy Council and the repair costs are not worth the risk.
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Great people, workmanship great no problems all done within a couple of hours. Show additional information
The sales person was informartive, the girls in the office have been very helpful with any questions and if they can not answer the question they have no hesitation in putting you through to the director of the company who is Wayne. I might add he has no problem speaking with his clients and has been most helpful. Show additional information
Helpful with advice and after sales service - not the cheapest but came across as reasonable quality and good value for money. Show additional information