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Solar Dynamics Reviews

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About Solar Dynamics, Solar Installers

Solar Dynamics is a Melbourne based company operating in the solar power and solar hot water fields. The company says that it is the sole distributor of the well known Chromagen brand. They also say that all of their installers are industry accredited and their systems are backed by a 25 year warranty. Solar Dynamics says that it has just imported from Canada a complete range of 250w mono crystalline panels.

Customer testimonials for Solar Dynamics are available, and include the following:

“ We are very happy with the system, and thank all the people involved in the installation for being efficient, professional and friendly.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks for the help and professionalism of the trade people on site, and for all the help and professionalism of your company. Thank you very much.”

“The jobs were completed in a very professional manner, the solar hot water and solar power were fitted in a very efficient way. The follow up service was excellent.”

Solar Dynamics Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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To be fantastic at everything is not possible.
But the communication at the outset, was very good. Wayne answered all of my questions and queries. Not once did I have any reason to doubt his details.
I am not an expert, but as an electronic engineer, I did my homework.
The installation was very efficient. Lee, the installer, is very professional, and made a query about the panel install, and I agreed with his explanation.
He left the site clean and tidy.
He also explained the connection to Fronius re the data from my site.
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Cost of electrical conduit and fittings not included in quote as I needed to lay new cable into a trench to/from a shed where panels were placed.
Also a good explanation for the need to lay a new cable (as it is to carry AC ) was never proffered.
Otherwise everything was done promptly and professionally.
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I liked the way Wayne explained everything and compared the benefits and whether its worthwhile choosing between different products. It was very thorough without pushing me in a certain direction.
Installation was within 3 weeks and the installers were great too. So are Annette and Trudy in the office, always happy to help.
I do have high grid voltage issues that United Energy needs to fix and has nothing to do with my system or solar dynamics. It's a common issue that can be fixed. But despite this I see impressive production already. On sunny days, when I didnt have grid voltage issues my daily kw production is around 48/49.
I decided to go with Jinko Perc 310W. 26 panels and Fronius inverter (8.06kw system).The difference in production compared to LG panels wasn't worth for me to pay the extra $4000,- +. After research Jinko is a good standard product that gives me what I need.
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Very professional, prompt and efficient service from the office and installers. Show additional information
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All good, retailers are adjusting their electricity plans and prices to make solar a much less cost saving and the public don’t know this Show additional information
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From the moment they showed up, they were just really helpful. I have a nice steep north facing garage roof that he managed to squeeze twenty panels onto. The other suppliers that came and quoted all said it would be too hard, and that I'd have to install them on the east and west facing (shaded) roofs on the house. Once even told me he could design some racking to hold it all at the correct angle!!!
I paid a bit extra to get a sub-board installed in the detached garage, and to get the Fronius smart meter installed as well. The sparkies were a bit miffed about the steepness and height of the roof (and that the panels were sideways, so the rails were vertical and couldn't be used as a ladder), but exceedingly professional, even taking time to listen to my 3 year old rattle on. Good blokes, all around.
And then when I forgot to pay my invoice there was a really polite phone call which cleared it up!!!
Really nothing to complain about. Not the cheapest quote I got, but not far off, and really happy with the result. Have already recommended them to my parents and my in laws. Will continue to recommend them to anyone who'll listen. :)
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Very satisfied with this installer as in the initial contact was able to answer my questions and concerns about solar systems, options of size and equipment and the financial and other benefits to be gained. Moreover, I received valuable assistance from their office staff who also had a good knowledge of the processes involving the distributor and retailer as well as claims for rebates at both State and Federal levels. During the month following installation of the system I have been averaging 20kWh daily which is a good effort.

Would recommend Solar Dynamics to anyone thinking Solar.
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Annette and Wayne have been very helpful in all sorts. A customer service you can only wish for. Not much what we had to do at the end as they have provided and filed all nessesary paperwork.
The installation took place on the day as organized.
Would recommend Solar Dynamics to everybody who is interested to go for solar.
Thanks for your business Annette and Wayne - well done *****
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After contacting the recommended firms we chose Solar Dynamics on a personal recommendation and they were outstanding. The principal reason, apart from being price-competitive, is that we didn't have to deal with salespeople who were throughout the entire selection process dealing with all the companies that we approached, without exception, atrocious.
We were visited by Wayne who is the boss at Solar Dynamics whom we found tremendously helpful and whose sound advice actually improved on my already-extensive research. Installation by Wayne's team couldn't have been more seamless - they were punctual, professional, spotless and mistake-free. This in fact was another of the main reasons that we went with Solar Dynamics - they had their own team of installers, no contractors!
We installed a 6.3Kw system and it was interesting that a visiting electrician was not only very impressed by the quality of the components that Wayne recommended but also by the quality of the installation. We found that support and quality advice from Wayne's office was also first-rate throughout and after the entire process - hardly surprising when we discovered that we were dealing with Wayne's wife.
Thanks, our experience was all positive and we will strongly recommend Wayne and his team at Solar Dynamics to everyone
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Would recommend solar dynamics to anyone wanting solar. Knowledgeable honest and reliable couldn’t ask for anything more A+++++++ service Show additional information
Very happy with the quote and the installation of the solar system. Filled up as much space on the roof as they could with solar panels and have been nothing but helpful with my questions and concerns. When the blokes fitting the panels found a broken one, a new panel was rushed down from Melbourne that same afternoon with their sincere apologies. Show additional information
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I know most people would say how can it be that each response is ‘fantastic ‘ truth is, I did almost 2 years of ground work before committing to any thing. So it’s the truth. My advise, do the homework and you’ll be happy with the result. And, don’t get ‘just enough’. Show additional information
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The installer came at the appointed time, carried out the installation can cleaned up after.
Wayne, my contact was very helpful in re configuring my existing system together with my new 3.5Kw PV system giving me a total of 4.7Kw. Whereas the other supplier advised me to junk my existing system and replaced with a new 4.9Kw PV system, which would be wasteful and cost me another $2000 to $3000 more. Wayne, also went the extra step to ensure that I retain my premium feed in tariff. The installation went smoothly and I love my Fronius Solar Web App. Now, I can see my energy consumption and my PV production on my smartphone and desktop PC.
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The solar installation was quick and easy but getting our supplier to reprogram our smart meter is taking a very long time. Therefore we have not been able to use our solar power as yet!! Show additional information
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His team of installers were on time and they got on with installation as soon as they got to our house and finish that very afternoon.
They did not worry us at all.
His office did all the paperwork and all the necessary registrations for us on completion.
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Sales and Office customer service fantastic, but installers dissapointing. Start time was 8am but one of the electricians knocked on the door at 7.15am. They finished early, but left rubbish in the yard and on roof, and dirty marks on the inside trapdoor to the roof. Show additional information
I ended up getting 4 quotes, 3 through Solarquotes and one through a recommendation from friend that used Solar Dynamics through Solar Quotes. In the end it was all down to you guys at Solarquotes and we chose Solar Dynamics. They were great and the whole team are very friendly and always happy to answer any questions.
System is installed and working well. The installer/s did a great job and everyone including my electrician son in law were very impressed in the neatness of the install and cabling.
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They were very helpful and always followed up any queries Show additional information
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We found Solar Quotes to be very informative with all the information and product reviews we needed to make a decision. We were very happy with our chosen provider and found them to be very forth coming in answering our questions. Come installation day it was all straight forward. We are now looking forward to using solar power and drastically reducing our power bill. Show additional information
Solar Dynamics were a pleasure to deal with. Sound and patient advice, prompt quoting and very quick installation.
Also very good after sales service.
We would recommend them to other prospective purchasers.
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+ The Solar Dynamics sales guy that came to the house was someone who understood the whole process and could offer us several price/outcome options (micros vs 2 strings N and W) and explained the benefits of each clearly. He also explained about the future tariffs changing this July to favour afternoon feed in and so we got a couple of extra west facing panels on that advice.
+ would like to thank you for your excellent and extremely informative and helpful website. We have recommended it to our friends.
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The staff at Solar Dynamics - the men who did the installation - Brett, Scott & "Rowdy"; the Manager - Wayne, the Project Manager - Annette, and the front line person - Trudy, were all very friendly, competent and professional, and their on-going support and advocacy after the installation, was way over and above what one would expect - very impressive indeed. Show additional information
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The sales process was very low key ,no pressure, which with the knowledge demonstrated inspired confidence in the supplier. They have so far done everything they promised. I now have to understand how to manage the system and they will also assist with that. The ultimate test will be the next energy bill. Show additional information
Professional in every aspect. We would strongly recommend them Show additional information
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Very happy with your help and information you gave us thank you. Solar system is in waiting for power company to switch it on . Show additional information
A really good company to deal with.

We had a great experience from Sales to Installation as Solar Dynamics actually took an interest in what the best solution was for our house and our family and made it easy to access and implement. Thanks to Wayne and the team.
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The other people did not bother contacting me.

The Solar Guy was great to deal with and helped me understand some of the issues
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Good communication with supplier through their office and site visit. Proactively followed up after the installation to assure all went ok and if there were any further queries on the system and job carried out at site.
Tracking of solar system performance through the software/app advised has been great and can now plan our day to day use of power to optimise on the system installation and more importantly to offset the increasing cost of energy supplies.
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It has not been checked by an inspector yet so it is too early for me to tell at this stage. Show additional information
The three you recommended were poorly represented, gave wildly different prices for the same thing and generally recommended the poorer panels and inverters .
They engendered no confidence so I looked further afield . Solar Dynamics are terrific to deal with
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I upgraded my solar system and because the Fronius system has two input points was able to get rid of our old inverter but just hook the 1kW worth of panels still on the roof on to the new inverter. Previously they’d suggested to leave the full old system on as well, however this would have required me to upgrade my circuit board ($1100). By suggesting to incorporate the old panels I was able to put a slightly larger inverter on but get a full 5kW system for around $5500.
Thanks Solar Dynamics
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