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About Sonnen, Solar Batteries

Sonnen solar batteries review

Sonnen is a German brand that has attracted quite a bit of attention in Australia, partly due to manufacturing (well, assembling) batteries here - in South Australia.

Founded in 2010, Sonnen GmBH was one of the first suppliers of lithium ion solar batteries for home use in Germany.

About sonnenBatterie Eco

The company's flagship product line is the sonnenBatterie Eco (yes, the weird caps situation is annoying), which translated simply means 'sun battery' - clever, huh? For some reason, things always sound cooler in German.

The sonnenBatterie is an all-in-one unit - sort of. It includes AC battery inverter built-in but requires a solar inverter. The unit can be AC coupled or DC Coupled with 3-phase hybrid variant.

Various capacities are available, for example the 9.43 - which  actually has 15kWh nominal capacity, 13.5kWh of which is usable (same as Powerwall 2). The 9.43 has pretty low power output capabilities, a maximum 3.3kW.

You can view more specifications on our battery comparison table.


Sonnen battery owners in NSW, QLD (Energex region), SA, ACT, TAS and VIC have the option of joining sonnenFlat, which enables them to receive a guaranteed annual allowance of electricity from the mains grid for a fixed monthly fee, with supply charge included.

Pricey Batteries, But Okay

At the prices Sonnen charges, its batteries (like many others) currently won’t pay for themselves under realistic conditions within the warranty period (10 years or 10,000 cycles, whichever comes first) if purchased directly from the company.

Cheaper prices can be had from the company's partners; but you'll still need to crunch the numbers to determine if a Sonnen battery is right for you financially-speaking. 

A significant reduction in cost would certainly help Sonnen achieve its stated vision of a "world in which everyone is able to cover their energy needs with decentralised and clean energy sources".

Another disadvantage, depending on your situation, is the sonnenBatterie Eco is indoor-rated only - it can't be installed outside. Other than that, we haven't found much to complain about, except for some of Sonnen's claims from time to time that we've found to have been a little optimistic.

The product is good and the company seems stable - so if you're happy to fork out the extra cash and are aware of its limitations, a Sonnen battery could be a suitable energy storage solution in your situation, and you'll be helping to support Australian jobs too.

If you're an Australian Sonnen owner, your opinion of your system would be valued by other visitors this page - please leave your rating and review.

Sonnen Solar Battery Reviews

Bought From: Adam Solar Show additional information
The Sonnen Battery Unit has the inverter & all the smarts built in so we know exactly where we are with the system via their management app, work nicely & just don’t have to worry about it, typical German Engineering solid & reliable ????
Bought From: RK Solar And Consulting NSW
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Too soon to comment on reliability or backup capability.
Bought From: RK Solar And Consulting NSW
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Great service. Offers an app to see how much power has been used, which is one of my favourite features.
Bought From: Natural Solar
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So far we are very happy with the Battery. It is wonderful seeing the amount of the day we are running under our own power and not purchasing from the grid. Looking forward to seeing the savings add up over the months and years ahead.
Bought From: DQ Electrical Pty Ltd
Show additional information
With our time constraint, there wasn't much of a choice in the type of battery. We were also applying for a Government subsidy. I had previously attended a Sonnen information session and thought the Sonnen was up to speed but still think about the Tesla and think about whether or not it would make a difference in performance and cost.
Bought From: NRG Solar - National Renewable Group
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Bought From: Perfect Solar Power Show additional information
Bought From: Natural Solar Show additional information
Bought From: SAE Group QLD Show additional information
The app is a bit crappy.
Bought From: Natural Solar
Show additional information
Quiet, it does its job. Performs well, during the night, the battery powers our home quite adequately. No more depending on the domestic mains for nightime power.
That in itself, is a bonus !
Bought From: Green Solar Energy NSW
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Bought From: Natural Solar Show additional information
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