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Tindo Solar Reviews

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About Tindo Solar, Solar Installers

Tindo Solar are the *only* Australian solar panel manufacturer. They are based out of Adelaide (Mawson Lakes) but have an installer network that covers the whole of Australia. Their "Karra" solar panel is actually an AC Solar Panel. This means that each panel comes with an integrated micro inverter. This reduces the voltage on your roof from up to 600VDC , to 240V AC which makes things a lot safer.

Also it means each panel can optmise its power independently, which typically increases your total power output by about 7% compared to conventional solar panels.

Tindo Solar Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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Overall very good experience in buying from Tindo. Delivered on all they said committed to do. I paid more for the system however, it is SA Made and believe in supporting Australian Made. Also went for an AC system instead of DC for scalability and distict advantages AC Systems has with microinverters on all panels. Show additional information
As the system has been in for less than a month, it is too soon to form an opinion on the performance as yet, we'll have to wait until the next account from our electricity retailer
Also, you should be aware of the Trustpilot review which I sent on or about the 10th of March, re my experience with your crew, the receipt of which was acknowledged by Johnathan
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System worked well for approximately 2 years then power bills increased. Checked Solar Bridge. All panels output low, several at zero. Called Tindo Solar early January 2017. Several calls and emails later I was informed probable micro inverter failure and that Solar Bridge had been sold to an Asian company. Over an hr spent conversing with someone in Manilla. 3 months later still nothing done. Will be taking case to Ombudsman. Show additional information
Very simple company to deal with not pushy came and gave us a quote left it with us answered all our questions and I asked a lot over two weeks while we decided. They have great service and the system is fantastic Show additional information
Wish I had made the switch sooner. Show additional information
Great team kept in contact with me even after the instillation Show additional information
Sales person was excellent sold us your company and the installer Luke was very good, both very helpful. Show additional information
Takes a long time to get data access and password Show additional information
The installers were all excellent! and there was no debris left on the roof. Only time will tell if the product will stand up to the test of time. Thanks everyone. Show additional information
Tindo have been fantastic the whole time, the only holdup on the solar was because of our power provider (Alinta). Tindo have been very patient and persistent with having to deal with them. Service by Tindo has been fantastic. Show additional information
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Communication was excellent any questions we had were answered straight away. Show additional information
The 3 installers who quoted from Solar quotes were all quite good, but we went with the panels made in Adelaide. Show additional information
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It actually took quite some time and many conversations to find out many things about what is provided and exactly what we could connect to the grid.
People say do your homework this is a MUST DO.
We had some suppliers wishing to install systems that would never had been allowed to connect to the grid (they were larger systems than the power supplier would have permitted) and three suppliers who tried to sell components (inverters) that by the time of installation were deemed non compliant.
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Very happy. Made in Australia Show additional information
I spoke to a guy, think his name was Tom a few years ago as i was looking for a property & asking about solar panels. He was very passionate about the quality of the TIndo product & full of information. The property i bought already had a 1.5kw system & no doubt it's a cheap Chinese job & always wanted to add to it. As the saying goes you only get what you pay for & if you want it to last & do the job properly you cant skimp especially with something like this. If the Chinese ones fail at some stage i will add Tindo panels to the ones i've just had installed. Show additional information
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Very professional company. The people that I dealt with were friendly and helpful.The process from the first phone call to the installation was outstanding. Show additional information
Some companies either did not respond to queries or responded up to two weeks later. Also some companies did not explore all options i.e. D/C systems as compared to A/C systems and some did not look at what are the real needs of the system to be installed i.e. size required to cover efficiently the energy needs but were prepared to spruik a system just based on ideas about the size requirements. Show additional information
Great explanation of how things work at quote and follow up questions answered promptly & clearly.Very friendly service. Show additional information
Installer explained in good detail how they installed the panels and followed that up with a detailed explanation of the operation of the panel and procedure to follow when doining electrical maintenance in the house Show additional information
Your website was very helpful in helping us decide on panel, inverter and finally choosing a supplier Show additional information
Pretty much the whole set up is outstanding sit back and relax knowing ur in good hands Show additional information
Sales rep was very knowledgeable in helping us make a decision on the type of system and his service was excellent. Show additional information
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I was treated very well with regular update at each stage of the process, the system was installed a day early the install date was the 3rd with the meter installed on the 4th which was amazing.
My only criticism is that the the site wasn't inspected before installation and and a couple of skylights were in the way and the position of the panels had to be moved to a less ideal position.
I am generally very happy with the service.
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The process has been going very smoothly and I have been well supported along the way for the installation process and commissioning of my system. It is progressing ahead of the originally proposed schedule.
Solar energy supply is a very competitive business. Initially Tindo's price was more than I was prepared to pay, but they matched the price of the alternative supplier of a quality system which I would otherwise have bought.
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supporting a local manufacturing company Show additional information
A year or so after installation, a visitor to my home mentioned that she noticed 'good looking' solar panels on my roof as she walked up the driveway. I thought my purchase was based on other criteria, but when I started the visual comparison with others, I agreed....the aussie panels look good too. Show additional information
Only 1 of your contacts made contact after the weekend and he was very good but i purchased a better system from else where. Only heard after 4 working days from one of the others and by then i had arranged for other companies to quote. Never heard from the 3rd contact until a week had passed. Show additional information
Tindo Solar - dealt with Hugh in Victoria. He is very knowledgable and was able to meet out needs with a 4.5kw AC system at a good price. Looking to see how our electricity bills will decrease. Wanted to support an Australian company with a high end product and was able to achieve this with TIndo. Show additional information
The system is due to be installed and I will update when it is up and going Show additional information
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The Tindo System seemed the most robust.
Tindo clearly separated a DC from an AC system, unlike most others who only offered DC systems.
They are local produced, support local industries, from the best sourced components.
Best long term guarantee of performance.
One company only offered 45% efficiency after 10 years, as opposed to 90% over the same period by Tindo.
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I was very pleased to find a company which made ( assembled ) solar panels in Australia . I am very keen to support industries such as this one, it's an area we should be doing a lot more in.
The website was very informative and the Rep I spoke with very helpful too .The installation was completed with no fuss once communication was set up . I know a bit more about solar power now and hope it has a bright future in Australia .
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I ended up using Tindo because they're local and supplied an AC system. There are so many 'here today gone tomorrow' companies out there it's hard to know who to trust with such a long term and expensive commitment. I decided to make an investment in local jobs and hope I am rewarded with a quality system that will stand the test of time. Show additional information
Tindo Solar spent a lot of time talking to me and explaining about solar power and the difference between AC and DC systems, which helped me make my final decision.. Plus, one of the other companies that I had out to quote gave the typical sales pitch and then offered me a massive discount if I signed right there and then. I don't do business that way, especially if it is a new industry and I am trying to learn which system will suit me. I heard a lot of rubbish about which system to use, and about Chinese solar panels over another countries solar panels. I think some companies try to blind you with science. Show additional information
I have just paid a deposit on Tindo Panels with SolarBridge micro inverters. I believe that I have opted for the best system available and although this is $2,000 - $3,000 more than a basic system I believe that it will pay me back with higher electricity yield, top quality Australian made panels and a 25 year warranty on the micro inverters (as opposed to a 5 year warranty on a standard inverter). Many thanks to Finn for taking an interest in what I was doing and giving me additional advice via email. I really appreciated his help and the info on the website. Show additional information
Tindo's salesman authoritative and helpful. Tindo's administration efficient and responsive. Installer (GTIS Pty Ltd) arrived on time, finished promptly, was careful to ensure the system would fit. He followed up needful information required promptly. Matter of fact and efficient. Show additional information
We - the Semaphore and Port Adelaide RSL - are still reviewing final options and have just completed a detailed roof survey with Tindo last Friday. We have yet to apply for Heritage approval through the Council, and are trying to pre-empt issues by working with Tom Long at Tindo before we finalise the application.
We will supply more info as this progresses.
To date, we have received three top-quality quotes from Blue Sky, Adelaide Solar Systems and Tindo Solar. Our main reason for going with the Tindo panels is their rugged construction, thicker anodizing (we have salt-spray issues) and local manufacturer.
The AC Panel option is one we are currently strongly leaning towards, partly due to simpler and more expandable configuration, partly for safety reasons and mostly due to the greater immunity from shading issues.
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System installed 4 weeks ago, Jemena has not reset the smart meter yet, have been told to expect another two weeks. So we are unable to rate quality and value until the system has been in operation for a few months.

We bought an AC system after reviewing your web site and other info re AC's better performance.
System is working and we can see what we a generating and using appliances during day time at the moment to use our own power.

The new 3 level time of use system, do you have any articles reviewing this system and its application to PV solar. We are now retired so are home during the day

Thank you for your site it was very helpful in our decision making.

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Great to be able to monitor the system all the time that links the solar panels to the computer programme and tells you how much power is being generated. We have only had the solar in for 12 months and we have been in credit since April 2013 Show additional information
At this time I have just paid a deposit. It was actually one of the salesmen from one of the three 'solar quotes' referrals who mentioned microinverter technology to me which then prompted me to do some online research, which led me to Tindo.

I have hesitated for so long to get into Solar Power because it seemed a minefield of dodgy operators, questionable technology etc. By choosing Tindo I have signed up for a system about $4000 more expensive than an adequate regular system- solar panels and single inverter, but if the technology does what it says, with 25 year warranties and the improved efficiency of microinverters, ease of monitoring of the output of individual panels, safer AC through my roof than DC I will be glad to have supported a South Australian manufacturer and employer.
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