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About Tindo Solar, Solar Installers

Tindo Solar

Tindo Solar are the *only* Australian solar panel manufacturer. They are based out of Adelaide (Mawson Lakes) but have an installer network that covers the whole of Australia. Their "Karra" solar panel comes as a DC panel or an AC Solar Panel with an integrated Enphase micro inverter.

Tindo Solar Solar Reviews

First account was in credit. Winter will be the real test. We would not hesitate to recommend Tindo Solar to any prospective buyer. We have been impressed with after sales follow up and we are also impressed with the monitoring system which informs us of the equipment's performance. Show additional information
The sales representative and the solar installer both arrive at promised quote / installation times and were very professional in their presentation. Show additional information
Installers were fantastic, turned on on same day as installation Show additional information
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After sales service has been very good Show additional information
Very happy with the way installation occurred. All went smoothly with SA Power Networks arriving on the same day so the whole process was seamless. Show additional information
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I was most impressed with all the people who came here and explained there services and gave us a quote. We just had the impression that Tindo although dearer would be easier to deal with being an all local company Show additional information
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My wife and I would like to say how impressed we were by the professionalism of the salesman, the team at Tindo and the installers.
Thank you.
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Why don't you return my phone calls!!!!!!!!!! Show additional information
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The best thing we ever purchased our electricity bill went from $600+ down to $180 per quarter if you haven't got the best solar panels from Tindo solar your flaming mad South Australian owned at Mawson Lakes from start to finish the whole experience was fantastic every one involved from the salesman Daryl to Jarrod in the office the guys who installed the system all professional on time every thing left neat and tidy if you don't get a Tindo solar system Show additional information
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Installer did not know how to connect it to the internet Show additional information
System works perfectly, installation was smooth and the sales team was super nice and caring.
After sales experience was great with the monitoring system and the customer service guys making sure i was happy with the product.
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I am absolutely disgusted with the after sales service from Tindo. We have a big system which is underperforming. Over half a dozen microinverters have failed, which they refuse to replace unless we pay for the electrician to do so. No monitoring system now as enecsys went into administration. Save yourself money & heartache & go with a different company. We bought our system in the first year they were open, to support the aussie market. Big mistake. Absolute garbage, esp when I'm still getting electricity bills over $1000. Taking it to consumer affairs. Show additional information
I bought from Tindo because it is a south Australian company and had heard it's service was very good. This has proved to be the case I am very happy with the system so far and intend to extend it to a battery. Show additional information
From our first visit to Tindo Solar, throughout the purchase and installation, plus follow up communications with Tindo we have had nothing but first rate experiences with them. We are very happy with the performance of our solar system which was purchased in June, and would very definitely recommend both their product and their personnel. We really appreciated the service we have received, and the fact that Tindo follow up to make sure everything is continuing to work as expected is another plus for them. Show additional information
They were very helpful and quick on getting the job done Show additional information
Tindo have been fantastic from start to finish. People need to look at the 'whole' picture when buying a system & research the price against:
1. Quality (of system & customer service)
2. Longevity of system
3. Performance (investigate this! Tindo OUT PERFORMS other products. The others use an advertising budget so people are familiar with the name)
4. Guarantee (how long will they stand behind their product?)
5. Future/Deals (Tindo offers GREAT deals, plus I can add to my system eg Battery/extra panels without any hassle)
6. Monitoring Service

Not only am I getting the BEST possible product/service for my money, I am supporting Australian made & can go to the factory to talk with the people!
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I actually thought Tindo was one of your 3 quotes....
Very happy with the 5kw premium system with lifetime solar analytics subscription. There were cheaper systems but I am very confident in Tindo's quality. Also I found your website very useful to cut through the minefield of information so thanks Finn and thanks Vince and the Tindo team.
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From the get go the sales person explained everything to me. We then needed to modify placement on roof which wasn't an issue at all.
The installers were fantastic and did a professional job in a timely manner. A local SA company producing quality solar panels for Australian conditions, what more could you ask for. Would not hesitate on recommending Tindo Solar to anyone contemplating the installation of a solar system.
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Hi Finn; I'm unable to comment on the system as it's not going to be installed until later this month.
I opted for the Tindo 275W panels (20 of) which should give us 5.5kW. Chose them because as you know, they're made in SA, and I didn't reckon a tier 1 panel made overseas would be any better.
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Best investment we have ever made.
Tindo have been absolutely fantastic to deal with right from the beginning of our enquiry.
Excellent service provided by everyone including the installers.
Excellent customer service as we as follow up calls.
Thank you to each and everyone at Tindo Solar.
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I would not hesitate to use tindo solar again and recommended them to my son who also had them install a system and is just as happy. Show additional information
I love the fact that Tindo is a local manufacturer of solar panels with performance geared to our climate. Show additional information
I spent a lot of time checking out solar on the roof, would I get my money back would its de worthwhile,I asked the salesperson a lot of. questions and received honest answers, I an now very happy about the decision I made to have them installed and yes they are so far paying for themselves, I chose tindo Solar for quality and an Australian built and serviced here by Australians. Show additional information
We went with Tindo Solar. We also got quotes outside the ones you referred. We went with Tindo as they assemble their panels here in SA and are owned by a long term business Cool or Cosy. Also supporting SA and 80 kms away if anything goes wrong. We bought 2 systems being 3.32kW for our home and our rental. One has been switched on and the performance so far is producing excellent results. The panels on roofs are near to north and start producing @ 8am to 7pm on a clear day at 26 degrees on the 8/11/17. Max production has been 24.5. This is way above prediction for November. Roof is prime direction.
Panels are Karra 275 with x1 Solax inverter with extended warranty. Systems were a little dearer and installation was a smooth process. All other quotes were good but Cool or Cosy have the longest business years.
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Tindo Solar have been exemplary in providing warranty support of our solar system, in particular replacing faulty SolarBridge micro-inverters. In addition, when SunPower unexpectedly and disappointingly shut down the SolarBridge Power Portal in March 2018 preventing online monitoring of panel performance, Tindo Solar provided outstanding support with a solution; specifically installing a Solar Analytics module which allows both online monitoring of panel performance and real-time power consumption on multiple circuits. Overall I have no hesitation in recommending Tindo Solar for the high quality of their locally manufactured solar panels and their responsive customer support. Show additional information
Two of the suppliers you suggested contacted me but only one actually sent a quote. There was no follow up when I didn't contact them after the quote. They really didn't seem interested in my business. Show additional information
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The system was installed less than two weeks from the quote and they also organize the meter from SA Power Networks which was installed less than two weeks later. Very happy with the system as it actually can generate higher than specified size. Show additional information
After 6 months we have managed to reduce our bill by 2/3. I see that as a good result. I have not given 5 stars as it's early days yet. Show additional information
Im giving an update On our 3.32kw tindo solar installed back in Nov 2017.
It has now been 5mths since installation. This system is performing extremely well. 1st quarter bill consisted of 50 days without solar and 42 days with solar. Bill total was $127.00 on 8th jan 2018. Just received our second bill 10th April and we are in credit even though the energy price increase and we also have ordinary storage electric hot water which we are charged that energy for heating through the night.
Performance is outstanding.
Had a grid issue back in early March where the inverter was shutting down for short time through a few days, but Tindo was quick to sort this out.
Having wifi on your inverter shows exactly what is happening during the day so you can relay information to the supplier.
Our system consists of 12x Kara 275 panels and a Solax tx inverter = 3.32kw. Best it's produced for a day is 24.2kw.
Our ave consumption is now 5.6 kw a day compaired to 15.51 kw this time last year.
I hope this information helps someone that is unsure about getting solar.
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In all our dealings with Tindo Solar, we have experienced courtesy from every person we have spoken to. When we thought we had a problem, it was solved efficiently and promptly. There wasn't a problem with the equipment, the problem was with S.A. Power Networks, who without telling anyone, used a bypass on a sub station while they worked on the sub station, without a regulator on the bypass and this caused very high voltages to come down the line. Our system was delivered within the time frame quoted and for the price that was quoted. Tindo Solar is a South Australian Company , this was another reason why we chose Tindo, because it was local and Australian. We have now experienced their excellent after sales service and appreciated being able to ring the Company and speak to a real person and not a computer. Keep up the good work Tindo. Show additional information
Having the battery with the Solar PV has made all the difference. The battery discharges every evening and charges up pretty quickly when the Solar is delivering Show additional information
It was a good experience; everything was explained, quality fit out and most to the applications to install the system was done. The installers were very professional and organised, they also cleaned up the site after the install. Show additional information
Happy with Tindo installation although the sales staff need a bit of polishing up. We have also informed them of the same Show additional information
Install was good, sales person was the best but terrible after sales and communication, and tindo also don't honour their word by paying out the referral fee for any person they are recommended to them, so won't be doing that anymore. Show additional information
Terrible after sales service. 18 months after purchase the micro inverters started to fail. I've been running at 30% spec'd capacity for over six months now with no repair in sight. A $16k system that I can honestly say is rubbish value for money. Show additional information
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I purchased 20 panels in 2013 with the Sunpower power manager. That power manager failed and was replaced in Dec15. Then it stopped communicating and I discovered only later that 18 of my 20 panels were working. Tindo replaced these inverters. They say they replaced all 20 but I have no way of verifying this. Then they said I had to pay for a new power manager because the old power manager would not work with the new inverters. They tries to charge me $550 for this. I offered 1/2 in early Oct 17 and the new inverters were installed at the end of Oct 17. They refused my offer and have been robo texting me (35 to date) chasing payment. I spoke to Consumer affairs and they advised not to pay. Now I have Tindo (Robert) threatening to disconnect the power manager and they claim that they don't know if this will impact on the panels and their generation. Amazingly bad public relations in my view and seems to be consistent with other comments. If you are paying more than other suppliers to assist a local SA company then you would expect better. Show additional information
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