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About Solarbridge, Solar Inverters

Solarbridge solar inverters review

Solarbridge manufactured microinverters. Solarbridge was acquired by SunPower in 2014 and SunPower was using these microinverters on its AC solar panels up until 2018. SunPower then sold this part of its business to another microinverter manufacturer, Enphase Energy.

Solarbridge Solar Inverter Reviews

replaced twice before we gave up and installed Enphase
Bought From: Y Solar
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They install the solar panel on my roof and completely forget to connect with grid and production app set up which is 5 weeks now. When the matter is sales they call you every hour to get solar and then after, ignored . They keep luring me saying 'will do will do' but when? Spoke to sales SAME NO RESPONSE then spoke to someone meant to call before 7am as promised not a word or damn call. I don’t know if they will ever connect app or grid connection or they just meant to put panel of roof then goodbye
Bought From: SolarBridge
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On 05.09.2014. In my house has been installed 3kw Solar Bridge system including:
-Solar Bridge power Manager model SPM- 104 wersion3.0.2
-Solar panels (12) Photovoltaic ET-
-Inverters Pantheon Solar Bridge P250LV-230-AU-0005
Monitoring system by Tindo no longer available.
In good sunny day system provides only 450w.
Check on display off the Solar Bridge power manager, module data and found: from 12 only 2 modules working,
- module 1- 0.0w , 31.67vdc , 0.05A
- module 2- 0.0w , 31.87vdc , 0.00A
- module 3- 1.6w , 31.99vdc , 0.11A
- module 4- 208.1w , 24.85vdc , 8.64A
- module 5- 3.4w , 31.91vdc , 0.17A
- module 6- 1.8w , 31.87vdc , 0.12A
- module 7- 0.0 w , 32.12vdc , 0.02A
- module 8- 0.7w , 32.03 vec , 0,08A
- module 9- 201w , 24.25vdc , 8.57A
- module 10 - 1.9w , 31.99vdc , 0.12A
- module 11 - 0.8w , 31.89vdc , 0.09A
- module 12 -0.6w , 31.97vdc , 0.08A .
Table president showing good conditions of the Solar panels, but 10 micro inverters show faults.
All papers brochure from Suppliers and installers also states 10 years warranty . Diamond Cell Solar which installed my system not longer exists, leaving thousands customers without warranty services?
Lapic Marijan.
Bought From: Diamond Cell Solar
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We bought this particular system with the assurance of a long 25yr panel & integrated microinverter warranty. Turns out that every company involved with the system we purchased in 2014 have since folded, leaving us with no warranty cover at all. We have a 6 panel system installed, 4 out of the 6 modules have now failed and it's only been 6yrs since install.
Bought From: A.I.R.E. Solar
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Bought From: Australian Home Services Show additional information
Solarbridge microinverters fitted to each panel. Display on Control Box has the ability to read out current performance of each individual panel (also available on software on computer but I have yet to have an ethernet connection arranged to provide this function).
Bought From: Tindo Solar
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Solarbridge has 2 solar inverters in our database

Model DC Voltage AC Power Efficiency
P250LV-230-AU18-37Vdc238 95.60
P250LV-230-AU*****18-37Vdc238 95.60
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