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I purchased a 6kW system which cost $24k in 2015 and it's not performing like I was told it would, I too had a lot of problems with Ysolar ie not returning our calls, not following up their intents, for all you purchasers in the Northern Territory the 1300 569 245 does not work in the NT. You can reach Ysolar on their office number which is (08) 6140 7200. Anyone interested in getting together and as a group we can hopefully get something done and getting some answers.
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Y solar is the worst company to deal with. I'm having issues with my micro inverters and they just keep making excuses as to when they are going to replace them. I have decided to take it up with the building commission. In the meantime I'm paying extra on electricity bills cause it's not generating its full power & on top I'm still paying the system off. I'm disgusted with their service. Advice is do not use this company
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Like many of the other reviews, upon the installation process they were very productive and quick to install the panels. But post installation we noticed only 6/18 of our panels were working or none at all. It was very hard, nearly impossible to contact Ysolar, and emails from them were just as unhelpful with basic troubleshooting which does not work and when it doesn't work they stopped replying. After feeling defeated I pushed one last time to try get help from my product company which was Solarbridge (but is now sunpower australia) which was VERY helpful. They help fixed all my panels, replaced and sent technicians over at the expense of the product warranty (mind you, not Ysolar warranty). My panels are all working and my bills have been reduced thanks to the help of my product company. I would suggest anyone having these problems to contact their product company for help, rather than Ysolar. I have also noticed after becoming a bit more knowledgeable about solar panels from my local technician, is that Ysolar did not provide me with a some of the important documentation such as the certificate of occupancy and warranty cover, which should all be provided upon contracting with them. I emailed them requesting the documents and if they did not provide me with one I would report them to consumer affairs. After threatening them they replied to me promptly. But I noticed each time I've emailed Ysolar, I email different people/ staff in Ysolar, but the same representative seems to respond, his name was Justin, which I found odd.

Anyway I am having another issue as of today with one of my panels failing to produce power, so I have contacted my product company and issued a replacement micro inverter under yet again their expense, but they are not responsible for installing the inverters and fees of installation. They told me to contact my installation company (Ysolar) for assistance in sending a technician over to do the job, or find another company qualified to do it at my own expense. Hence, I have emailed YSolar, and if the are unable to respond or incapable to provide help with this issue (like they should), I have decided to terminate any further payment to Ysolar, and hopefully contract with a LOCAL solar company.

For anyone needing help or was experiencing the same problem as I was:
- contact your solar panel product company (should be written somewhere on your power manager box); just search for the number online.
- I also would also recommend you issue a solar panel inspection, to see whether installation was done correctly. I'm not sure how to issue this as my local technician helped me immensely and did it for us.
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Do NOT go with Ysolar. Having the solar panels has made no difference to our power bills. They recommended 1.5kW system and did not exercise due skill in assessing our energy needs. They kept pushing us to commit and we felt coerced to buy. While installation was fast and the tradesmen friendly, it has been a nightmare ever since trying to resolve why we are still paying the same amount for our power bills that we always paid, and any time we ring Ysolar they tell us to do meter readings and to shift our energy usage to when the sun is shining. Which we have done. Still nothing. After almost 18mths and lots of phone tennis between Ysolar and Synergy, we are fed up. We are going to the ombudsman.
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No one informed me of the installation day, they arrived mid morning, I was actually heading out for the day so they were lucky they came when they did otherwise I wouldn't have been home.

The Design Consultant was VERY detailed with his presentation on the design of the panels, the solar panels themselves & the installation process etc it was a little too indepth for our liking. He did inform us that it would take an hour but it was going on 2 hours when we finished up. After the presentation he immediately got out his order book which I didn't like and he put us on the spot. My partner agreed to it but I wanted to keep shopping around.

Quality of system; we are unsure as yet as we haven't received our bill since having them installed m.
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Fin I went Enphase micro s270inverters with Canadian solar p320 max power panels by far not the cheapest but just could not go past the quality and the micro inverters made by a very good company did my research on Enphase.Liked there warrantys and technology.I feel worth the extra money, quality always cost more but you get a better result I think any way.
I have read what you have said about micro inverter technology so that got my interest.
Regards Geoffrey.
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Their sales pitch about the 'loan' did not highlight all the hidden costs for admin fees and extra amounts payable - make sure you read the fine print. We paid cash because of this.

Our panels were all supposed to be North facing, but only half of them were. They did come fix it though.

One panel has been out a few times...

But the worst thing about this company is you can't contact them as they never answer the phone. We find it hard to get something fixed when they won't answer their phone!! Would never have chosen them in hindsight.
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After 1 year I am generating 119kWh for the 1/4 which is the sunniest time , the previous 1/4 cloudy 1,407 kWh no answer from Diamond Cell or YSolar I'm at a loss what to do , feel ripped off , furious . Can we do anything ? Anyone ?????
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What was interesting about the process was that each salesperson helped to fill in gaps in our understanding of solar power and how it works and the benefits and deficits of different systems. This enabled us to make a decision we are happy with because we could make clear distinctions between the different products based on quality of product, technical information and service. All the people we spoke to knew their products very well. And it was hard to disappoint the unsuccessful salespeople because we had enjoyed our conversations with them all!!
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Well oiled organisation, from sales to approvals to customer service to installation. Installation was swift. the system was up and running in 3 hours. The included electronic monitoring system should be fun to play with. the staff seem quite knowledgeable and efficient. They are all in a bit of a rush .
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Called up after 2 weeks of the installation, 6 microinverters not working,
Couldnt get hold of the manager, on holidays and would call after 2 weeks..
Pathetic service, would never advise anyone to use them.
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The sales involved in this industry is high pressure! Did not enjoy that aspect. I also cannot believe the discrepancy in quote prices. They make claims as to why; the competitor uses inferior product etc; but in saying that some of the companies where quite happy to change their quoted price quite significantly to try and match competitors, as a consumer it made it extremely hard to gauge the genuine costs involved!
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I purchased my 3kw system from the cairns branch the sales person Rodger was knowledgeable over all solar systems and after having gone through many other local companies it was refreshing and educational compared to the others.The system was more than my other quotes but considering it was raining yesterday overcast pushing 18.4kw is much more than expected and you would never get that preformence from a cheap single inverter system go AC modules no high voltage no roof or inverter fires just high output.Install was done surprisingly fast due to running AC modules and they monitor my system hard to fault these guys if had one gripe it would be I would be I wish I talked to them 1st ..Thanks Ysolar cairns
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Original Review on 30-01-2012:

Salesperson and office support staff seemed to have solid product knowledge. The company, YSolar use Diamond Cell, this has a 5year hardware warranty plus 25 year power output warranty, important when making financial decisions.
The cells are reported to deliver 10% higher efficency under low light with less chance of hot spot effect.
The inverter is a Samil and had very good reviews which did influence our final decision.
If there was a minus in the process, it was the installers leaving their packaging for us to dispose of. Not easy when you utilise the recycle bin regularly and collection is on a fortnightly cycle.
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Panel rating: 3/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 3/5
Customer Service: 4/5

28 months later we asked Jen: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

No, we believed with the number of sunny days we have we would see variances in the input/output but these figures never change.
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