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Australian Home Services is a solar energy company based in Moorabbin, Victoria and claims to have been in business since 1985.
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Installer and Tindo terrible, avoid, Sydney

AHS installers broke tiles resulting in water leaks and damage (clearly outsourced installers)
We complained, but they never returned.
The actual electrician did arrive and rectify the poor work done by the installers, but only after saying we would report the works to ombudsmen.
First noticed problems 12 months in with reduced production, over time various panel/inverter units reduced production or failed, we did try contacting AHS, Tindo, Solarbridge, each would duck show us to the other, No one followed thru, we couldn't even get the promised monitoring app connected.

Since first trying to find a fix over 2.5 years ago most panels/inverters failed with the system managed not even registering 9 of 20, AHS closed, and Tindo have promised to fix things, have had an electrician attend for under an hour once in 5 months......

Tindo flyer promises a 25yr performance guarantee !

So much for an Australian company

Panel rating: 1/5
Inverter rating: 1/5
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We had 16 panels with Solarbridge inverters installed a 4 years ago. The inverters began to fail 2 years a ago and have been replaced a number of times.

Now we have yet more failures and 5 are off line, that was 6+ months ago ! Totalling all the failures we have now had 50% of the inverters stop working.

The installer "Australian Home Services" went out of business in 2017 so warranty fell to Sunpower/Tindo.

Sunpower said they'd replace all the Solarbridge inverters with Enphase but not the control unit. I told them if you replace all the MIs then you have to replace the monitor too. If you don't then it is "not fit for purpose" under ACC consumer law since the entire installation forms a system. They then agreed to supply a new monitor too.

Sunpower shipped the replacement parts but no installer has turned up to fix the system. I'm informed by Sunpower that Tindo are responsible for arranging the installer and I'm still waiting.

Given the other reviews on here having similar issues, maybe its time to consider action to be brought against Tindo for failing to honour warranty.

So, 8 months and waiting!
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This is the worst business I have ever come across. The sales person was very persuasive and the plan for the solar installation looked impressive. The solar installation was done on time and the installer did a terrific job. However - the downer is that the paperwork has not been submitted and a EWR Certificate NOT PROVIDED despite many phone calls and emails requesting the paperwork. As a result, we are now paying full price for the electricity and now paying for the solar that we cannot get a benefit from. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY. It is not worth the stress. There is NO after sales followup. All they do is play the blame game between the installer and the company and this has been going on for FOUR MONTHS and still get no results. **** STRESSED OUT **** ????????????????
I can only give one star for the installation only as the installer was terrific but the stuff up happens after it is installed. PLEASE PUT MY PAPERWORK THROUGH TO THE ELECTRICITY COMPANY!!!!!
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The only problem was the salesperson did not tell me about the extra expense of buying a new meter for the solar panels. In the end we went halves on the installation of the solar meter $300 so $150 each.

I am very happy so far.

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One really needs to do thorough research before selecting and installing solar panels. Ask heaps of questions. Make sure the installer knows what he is doing. My inverter has been put in the sun and I told him it needs to be in the SHADE ... he ignored me. I read the book after he left .... yes, even the book says it needs to be in the shade. I now need to pay and get some kind of shading for my inverter. Not happy.
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If there was more time I would have shopped around more, however we needed it installed ASAP to meet a deadline and they had heaps of work on so neither of us could negotiate too hard.
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